Yay! Talk about extreme coupon deal!  I didn’t have time to run to Staples to get my free paper last time.  No worries because I can get it this week! :)  Become a Staples Reward member, buy your paper and then mail in your rebate  or enter it online. The rebate will print on your receipt.  You will receive a check that you can just take to the bank! So it really is free.  This deal is good until 4/9.

HP ColorLok Paper $5.99
Limit 2
Use $1.00/1 – ColorLok Technology HP Paper – (coupons.com)
Pay $4.99, Receive $4.99 Rebate
Final Price: Free

Thanks, Savin the Family Money

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45 thoughts on “Free Paper at Staples”

I went to get this deal on Sat, as it was back on. Boy did I choose the wrong staples :/ the cashier called the manager when I handed the coupon because I guess the manager had told them to not accept them. She was pretty adamant about the coupon not being legit and being fraud because someone could make infinite prints. I tried explaining that each has a different number and if she actually looked at it, she would realize she’s wrong.

The lady was very very rude and even said, “you guys come here with these coupons and they’re not good”. Well excuse me lady, but it’s my first time bringing a coupon to Staples…EVER! needless to say it’ll be the last time (at least at that location tehehehe). couldn’t believe her and the embarrassment she caused me, I mean i wouldnt care so much about $1, but she ticked me off when she generalized and said you guys…that was highly rude and felt profiled! Naturally I let her know that you guys are a lot of people and that I don’t tell everyone to got there with the same HP coupon, and that I don’t run a club for her to be accusing me of whatever she felt I was doing.

In the end she told the cashier to go ahead and accept the coupons, but I would’ve been happy to walk out empty handed had she done the opposite. So frustrating.

Picked up my free paper today :) YAH!
I’m horrible at remembering to send in rebates. I love that you can do Staples rebates online. Looking forward to receiving my two $4.99 rebate checks in 4-6 weeks!
I would have never known unless I read it on here. Thank you!

After reading about the problems some people had with this offer,
I visited the staples website and there’s a live chat option to ask questions. I asked if I could use a printed mfg. coupon from online even though there is a mail-in-rebate offer and the representative said yes.

I picked two of these up tonight and I was able to redeem two coupons without a problem. Thanks for tipping me off! I never would have known I could get free paper!

I went today and bought one. I used the coupon, and after rebate Im still paying .51 cents, because I live in California and have to pay for tax. But not a bad deal.

I called ahead to make sure my staples would take the coupon and asked if I could use the coupon plus get the rebate. He said, YES! Woohoo! What an awesome deal! You can not buy one ream for this price anywhere. Thanks so much for posting!

I picked these up last night. What a bargain !! Thank you Krazy Lady !! lol :)

What do you have to do to get a Staples reward card? Can it be done in the store when I go to purchase the paper? Do I need to wait for a card to be mailed to me first?

Thanks for sharing this again! Great deal

The rebate number is different from the one that was offered in March…so there shouldn’t be any problem when submitting for the easy rebate this time.
Between having a son in college and my printing coupons, my household goes through many sheets of paper.Almost free is good!

Did anyone purchased it and was this same with the previous one or different. I want to buy this time as well, so wanted to confirm before buying. So that we will receive both mail-in rebates.

Can somebody Please help me.. I use google chrome and firefox to print my coupons and sometimes IE… When I select the coupons that I want to print it will only print in color… I go into my printer settings and change it to black and white and no luck.. Still prints color coupons.. Any help would be greatly appreciated..


You probably need to change your entire printer settings. The coupon printers do not let you see the print settings each time they print in order to prevent you from printing multiple copies. I went to My Computer, Printers, and Settings and changed my default to fast printing or simply black and white if you prefer that. When you print other things, you will have to remember to change the settings, but if you’re printing a lot of coupons regularly that ink starts to add up! It’s worth it to change it only when you’re not printing coupons.

Is this rebate a limit 2 like the last one?

My staples had it for $5.99, rebate for $4.99, so $1.00 after rebate. Not free, but still a good deal.

You need to print the $1 off coupon to make it free.

yeah my staples was the same too only a dollar off of 5.99 from the store and with this coupon made it 3.99 so it was not free but hey it was better than paying 7-8 bucks for it normally which i don’t ever buy it full price ever.

Rebate form says 2 per name/address/household. Does this mean limit two per person in your household living at the same address OR limit 2 period? I would think if it’s per person in your house and you are a family of 4, you would be limited to 8 packages of paper total- my guess is that’s how you stock up?

hoyfam, you don’t have to be a new rewards member, this is for any member. As for the stockup symbol, here’s what KCL says on Day 7 of “10 Days to Become a Krazy Coupon Lady” under the “Beginners” tab:

“Lastly, some deals limit how many you can purchase. So, for example, if toothpaste is free, but the store limits that you can only purchase one, we’ll still use the 6month+ stockup icon, simply to indicate that the price is as good as it gets.”

Do you have to have a Staples Reward Card to do this?

What if you already are a Staples Rewards Card member? Do you still qualify for the rebate? How does this deal warrant the “stock up” symbol if you are only allowed one rebate per household?

As a teacher, I am able to submit online rebates and receive the rebate via Paypal. You have to get all the way to the final page before you submit (i.e., the page that shows a picture of a rebate check), and you will see a hyperlink in blue that asks if you prefer another method [Paypal]. Click there, select the option, and wait for Paypal! Then you don’t have to worry about the check getting lost in the mail…

Gail go to coupons.com or if you have a swagbucks account you can print it off from there.

As far as using the coupon and the rebate together I think it just depends on what store you go to. Each one may have a different policy. $1 for paper still isn’t a bad deal though!

If this coupon is printing out an unlimited amount for anyone else you can print it off on swagbucks and leave extras for other people to use. Then when they redeem them, you get swagbucks! :)

Does anyone have a link for the coupon?

Click on the link from KCL. It takes you to the web site of coupons.com.

I went when they had this a couple of weeks ago. Staples is not allowing use of both the coupon and the rebate. You do better getting the rebate so that is what I did. I did send a complaint to Staples.com since Staples is not loosing $$ over this. I would call ahead. The asst. mngr told me that as soon as these went on sale last time that they got work from HQ not to accept both rebate and coupon.

really? i did this deal a few weeks ago and they accepted the coupons, no problem. i’ve never heard anything about staples not accepting coupons when a rebate is also available.

I was able to use both the coupons and get the rebate also. I guess it just depends which store you go to. I was also able to get about 6 scotch tapes for free (on sale for $1 and use $1 off coupon) and they didn’t give me a problem. I went one day and bought 2 then went back and got 4!

I too used the coupon and got the easy rebate last time. As long as the rebate ID is different this time (I’ll double check on the receipt before I leave the store) then it should work. If the ID is the same, then I’ll just return it right away.

No problem using both at my Staples!

The Staples in Missoula on Brooks took the coupon and gave me the rebate form.

I tried this today at my Staples here in Houston. The cashier told me that her manager told them not to accept the coupons. I went ahead with the transaction because $1 per pkg. of computer paper is great.

I used the scotch tape coupon last week. The girl looked at me kind of funny, but took it. It rang up with no problem.

Huh!!?? Isn’t that fraud?

Why would it be fraud? I was buying scotch tape and using a scotch tape coupon. I was just pointing out that they do take coupons.

I’m wondering the same as everyone else! I did this last time and submitted for my rebate. The rebate said 2 per household. So will I be able to submit another rebate even though I already purchased 2 last time?

I’ve done it three times now. The “one per household” means once per promotion.

Does anyone know about their coupon policy? Last time I tried to do this they didn’t want to accept my coupon.

tried to use my coupons today for this (since I’m printing things on scraps at this point…) – they told me that “staples policy is to not accept manufacturer’s internet coupons.” Never had that problem before at staples, but if that is the case (I sent an email to their corp office to get a written policy), then they lost both my personal and company business. My officemax has much better service and does take all coupons.

I wish we had this store in our town :-(

Online the price is $7.99 for that paper. Where are you seeing $5.99?

Its an “in stire” deal…it only rings up 5.99

Does anyone know how often you can participate in these paper rebates?

I did this last time so would i be able to do it again or is it still considered the same rebate as in one per household?

You can do it again!! It’s a new sales cycle, and has a different rebate number.