I’m always on the lookout for extreme coupon deals on paper towels and toilet paper. This week you can get a 6 pack of Scott paper towels at Walgreens for $2.50.

Scott Paper Towels, 6 pack $5.00
Use $1.50/1 – Scott Paper Towels 6 or more – (scottbrand.com)
And use $1.00/1 Scott Paper Towels from Walgreens coupon book
Final Price: $2.50 or $0.41 per roll

Thanks, eeendeavors.com

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43 thoughts on “Walgreens: Scott Paper Towels 6 pack $2.50”

i just wanted to say this is a monthly deal.
i got 5 pk of paper towels in the last 2 weeks no problem. and i gave a coupon for the cashier too :)

How do you get these coupon books and infant care books, etc…do you have to get them instore? Or can you sign up to receive them in the mail? do they come in a newspaper?

I WILL NOT shop Walgreens again after the embarrassing scene the manager caused over a coupon. I went in to buy 1, yes only one, package of Scott paper towels. i had the Walgreens in ad coupon and a manufacturers coupon. Of course the mc would not scan and they call over a manager who looked at it and announced to myself and the 3 people in line behind me that the coupon was “FAKE”. He said he had been extensively trained and it was missing dots from the upper right hand corner and therefore was fake. Needless to say, I left without the paper towels and with a very red face. I will NOT be going back to Walgreens :(


I tried to use the scott manufacturer coupon and the coupon from the walgreens coupon book and they said I could only use one of the coupons since they were both manufacturer coupons.

This seems like a great deal, but Walgreens has another toilet paper on sale called Big Roll.
According to the WAG coupon, there are only 68 sheets on each roll, so that would be paying $0.006 per sheet, while Big Roll has 1,000 sheets. It’s on sale this week, $1 for 2, so it’s $0.0005 per sheet.
That is a HUGE difference in price. The quality of Big Roll might be a bit lower than name brand TP, and this Scotts is a green product, which always costs more.

I just thought I’d let you know ^_^

WHOOPS–I made a mistake. I was looking at the Walgreens coupon booklet and I realized it didn’t say Scott toilet paper, but paper towels.
I’m sorry about the mix-up. *blush*

I went today and stacked the store coupon ($1) with the Internet printed manufacturer coupon ($1.50) and got the deal for $2.50! The Catalina machine also printed out a coupon for $2.50 off the pack of 6 Natural Paper towels, so I’m going to go back and get another pack using the $1 store coupon and $2.50 Catalina (manufacturer) coupon… I’ll pay $1.50 for the pack – that’s $.25 per roll! Great deal!

Well, I’ve just started couponing and made a stop first at Petsmart and everything went perfectly. Got a 20 lb bag of cat litter and some premium cat food samples all for .63 then it was on to Walgreens for the Scott Paper towels. What a disaster that was. I had a 6 pack, yes, they were the Naturals and my husband had a 6 pack. I then handed them the 1.50 internet coupon and the 1.00 April savings booklet coupon. She then proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t use the 1.50 one because it was for 6 rolls or more. WHAT? I then counted 1,2,3,4,5,6, there are 6 rolls and she proceeded to tell me that I had to get 6 or more single rolls. Needless to say I was mad, frustrated and left the store.

I went to walgreens and got 2 packages of the papertowel. i paid $5 and then i got 2.50 coupon for the natural paper towel that was printed out after the purchase. so i put those in the car and went back in the store and paid 1.50 (used 2.50 and $1 from april book) for the next package.

I noticed that the coupon in the coupon book for the towels states that it is a manufacture coupon good at Walgreens. That is why the $1.50 coupon is beeping. The register does not want to take 2 mnf cpns for the same product.

Yeah, but it is an instant value coupon which according to their policy can be stacked. Man. coupons start with a 5 or a 9, and these start with 0. It stinks that so many are having problems with the store stacking. I have the policy with me in my coupon file,just in case, but have not had to pull it out. My Wags stacks and the register doesn’t beep. I think the register has to be programmed to take both or else it will beep.

I haven’t tried them yet, but we go thru paper towels like crazy at my house, so I went ahead and got them for a good deal. $2.50 for six is pretty good in my book. If I don’t like the 2 packs I bought, I won’t buy them again lol!!

I got 1 package of these paper towels today with no problems, with 2 coupons- no beeps. but I got only one 6pk because I wanted to give them a try first. Well, I am not happy with them.:-( Of course, it’ll be cheaper to use these instead of the ones I always buy but I was hoping for a different experience… Do you guys really like them?

Do i need a filler for this purchase since I’m using a manf. coupon and a walg coupon? Because today i went to my walg and bought it and used both coupon and add candy as filler incase it didn’t work…if I don’t need a filler then I would save a bit more…

They were on sale for $4 at my Wags so I got mine for $1.50!!! YAY gona go back for more!

I went today and they have them on sale for $4 at my Wags!!!! so I got them for $1.50!!!!YAY!

Yay! I went to Wags and the paper towels were right at the front door.

walgreens has a nation wide coupon policy that you can download. google it and it will pop up.
by walgreens own policy, they will accept one manufactures coupon and one walgreen coupon per item. (2) coupons per 1 item.
walgreens coupon are the one’s in the monthly printed books that come out every month and also in their own flyers that come out in sundays paper.
either one can be found when you first walk in the store.
i carry my coupon policy wherever i go.
just today i also was given a hard time with the scotts paper towels, i handed them the $1.50 manufacturer along with the $1.00 walgreens coupon out of april’s booklet.
i bought 4 −6 rollpackages of scotts and handed 8 coupons. 2 coupons for each package.
once i whipped out the policy and showed it to them, they had a change of heart.
the manager even took it to makes copies for the employees.
but in the end 24 rolls of scotts… my net cost $12.50. a sweet deal.
i guess walgreens doesn’t brief managers or employees on their own policies. (sad)

I’m new at this and have a question re: the policy for using 2 coupons. The policy above for Walgreens states that 2 coupons (mgf and Wlgns) may be used in conjunction unless otherwise stated. On the coupons in the monthly booklet (e.g. Scotts Natural Paper Towels) the fine print says Not valid with any other offer. I’m wondering if this means that we cannot use a mgf coupon with this sale? Does this make any sense?

i went yesterday and got this for $3. there are 2 wags near me and i usually go to one. yesterday was my frist visit to the other and no problems there either. i got a $30 bill down to $15 plus $3RR!!

Ok so I went today to get this deal and they would not let me use both coupons. They said the register only will accept one and so I had to pay $3.50 instead of the good deal of $2.50! Not happy with this store they have sooo many rules! It never works out for me!

sorry for the late response but i went in and tried the same thing and got a beep there cashier told me – the amount of items you have is the amount of coupons you can use so she told me to purchase a .33 cent candy and then the coupon went throught

In my experience give the manufacturer coupons first this includes the register rewards which are manufacturers… Then hand them the Walgreens April coupon booklet and the walgreens Ad that has some of there coupons in… At My Wags I don’t have to cut out any of their coupons.. I just show them the book and they take their scanner and scan the UPC code… It works great…

I went today they wouldn’t let me use both coupons. Used the 1.50 and got them for 3.50

Quick question….do you give them the internet coupons first, or the coupon from the Walgreens book? I’m just trying to prevent the dreaded beep from happening.

Just bought these today and paid $4.. (I had some RR that I needed to use) will go back and get more with these coupons… thanks for the post 😉

My Walgreens carries the naturals YAY!! I’m glad because I jsut don’t think it’s right to use a coupon for something it’s not for…I don’t need the deal that bad :)

It was in my ad this week and my store didn’t even carry them. Not even a place on the shelf where they would have gone. Strange. Hoping to try another store later this week.

I used this yesterday at my Walgreens, they did have the Scotts Naturals in the 6 pack, but they were not by the other Scotts towels.

I had no problem finding the 6 pack Naturals yesterday. Going back for 4 more packs with the addition of these fine $1.50 off coupons. (Yay for 2 computers!)

I am new to using the book coupons at Walgreens and was wondering how you get more than one when the coupon states one coupon per customer per offer?

Also new to Walgreens.
Can we use more than one Walgreens coupon book?

It worked for me today! Love it!

I was able to find Scotts Natural Paper Towels on the Walgreens website

heads up: these scotts paper towels coupon is on naturals. walgreens stocks the regular scott paper towels.
since walgreens tends to scrutinize coupons, this may not work.
each time this deal comes up, sometimes it works and other times when the cashier reads every word on the coupons, it’s a no go. ymmv on this one. :)

I went last night and paid $4 using the walgreens coupon book. Didn’t know about the other coupon. The walgreens coupon is for Naturals so if you can find some at your walgreens the deal will work.

It didn’t work for me they told me the register will only accept one coupon. I don’t like this store it drives me crazy! I had to pay $3.50 instead of the good deal of $2.50! Not happy!

I had the same problem. Apparently the coupons in the monthly walgreens coupon book are considered manufacturer’s coupons. They wouldn’t accept both the coupon from Scott.com and the Walgreens coupon. So I was bummed. Is this always the case with the Walgreens coupon book? The cashier said only the coupons in the weekly ad can be used with a manufacturer coupon.

Been to a couple walgreens… can’t find the 6 pack!! Only 12 or 4.

Thank you so much for this website ladies!!! I actually stacked the store coupon and the one from the newspaper insert and got this for $3.00 earlier. I had no problem.

Now with the link you provided I can now go back to get them for $2.50!

Ann, as long as you make sure you have at least as many items as coupons this should not be a problem (coupons include RR) What I did was use a 1.00 store coupon, a 1.00 manufacturer, and a 3.00 RR. SO what I had to do was buy 2 other items (filler items)in addition to the paper towels to not exceed coupons over items. I purchased 2 Cadbury Easter candies at .39 each and only paid 1.65 for all!

I got some today at my Walgreens but I paid $3.00. I used the $1 coupon in the 4-3 SS and the one in the April coupon book. Wish I could have seen this $1.50 coupon first tho!

Will the store actually let you use both of the coupons mentioned? It does say one coupon per customer. I am new at this sorry.