With the Extreme Couponing premiere set for tomorrow night, here’s another exclusive sneak peek into one of the stars of the show!  Tiffany Ivanovsky will be on the first episode, tomorrow night and on the Today Show in the morning!

Meet Tiffany Ivanovsky

Tiffany is a Texas housewife extraordinaire and the mother of seven children ages 13 to 9 months!  In addition to full-time motherhood, she works as the director of a private Christian preschool.  Tiffany has been couponing for about two years and she estimates, “since we’ve been extreme couponing we’ve saved close to $40,000.”  During the Extreme Couponing premiere episode she explains that she coupons so that she can pay for seven college degrees someday without taking out any student loans!  Go Tiffany!

Tomorrow night you’ll see Tiffany and her husband shopping at their Texas Kroger store. I asked Tiffany how she prepped for her big debut, and whether or not she had to pre-order any particular products.  She let me know that she didn’t buy more than 10 of any one item, so her prep was nothing out of the ordinary.  Tiffany had to avert a catasrophe during her episode, when she and her husband learned that their Kroger store’s coupon policy has just changed!  (For those of you who are Houston, Texas Kroger shoppers, you know that things are continuing to change there, for reasons which obviously shouldn’t be attributed to Tiffany!)  Like the rock-star Krazy Coupon Lady that she is, Tiffany was still wildly successful, in spite of only being able to double or triple one of any coupon.  She and her husband, Paul separated their purchase into two transactions, totaling $1104.35!!   Tune in to see how much she saved!

Tune in to watch the all-woman premiere with back-to-back episodes: Wednesday, April 6 at 9 & 9:30 p.m on TLC.

To connect with Tiffany, visit her blog!

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Hi. I am totally new to the couponing world and I need HELP!!!!!!!!! Got any suggestions?


Hi. I am totally new to the couponing world and I need HELP!!!!!!!!! Got any suggestions?


Hi. I am totally new to the couponing world and I need HELP!!!!!!!!! Got any suggestions?


OK- so I can’t believe that no one has brought this up yet- but one of the couponers Jaimie on Extreme Couponing has been accused of coupon fraud. I didn’t believe it but then looked at the article:


Pretty horrible. I also second that I don’t like that the expense of obtaining 100 coupons (using a clipping service) isn’t included. And I WISH they would showcase couponers like me- I never have more than a years supply of something, would never clear a shelf of mustard, don’t keep paper towels in my shower, and would never try to commit fraud. Still- I cut my bill from $1,000/month to about $325/month and get likes of great items for free, ethically!! I want to show this in a good light- and I believe Joanie does- I love when she showed us her ‘real’ stockpile (not with the $600 of items that she bought for the shock at the store)- it is bigger than mine- but not unreasonable- take over your life and home category!!

Suzanne, you must have missed the whole entire post related to her and the 200+ comments. It’s off the site now.

LOL- I guess I am a day late and a dollar short!!! I was so surprised not to see anyone comment about this!! Thanks!

I am just starting couponing but what I don’t understand is how is it possible to get that much for practically free. Isn’t there limits on items? I also was wondering so if soup is 4/$5, can a coupon be used for each can? is that how it works? I just started and would like to learn how to maximize my savings.

You can use a coupon for each soup if it’s 4/$5 a can. As long as the coupon allows it! You can use them however the coupon states along with the stores sales- that’s how we get the best deals!

I watched the first two episodes and had to shut it off. This gives couponing such a bad name. Seriously, these people are bordering hoarders and I think it’s appropriate that the show premiered after Hoarding: Buried Alive. I don’t need 35 bottles of Malox and 1000 boxes of cereal to make myself feel fulfilled. This is a joke.

All I know is my husband would not be caught dead arguing with girls on a couponing site. hahha!!! Man up and get a life, Kent!!!!

Yah… he’s a jerk! ie, kent. Go ahead.. bash this. And then go back to SD — wherever that is since you’re so bent on telling everyone to go there! Moron!

Kathy, SD is slickdeals. At that site it seems the bashing of the ‘mommy blogs’, especially this one, is promoted. Many ‘slickdealers’ check out the mommy blogs, copy and paste the deals on SD and claim THEY found the deal or coupon matchup. They also quite often will bash this site for disclosing a deal because now all the mommy blog readers will clear the shelves. When I see someone bashing KCL I figure there’s a good chance that they are a slickdealer. And Laney, as far as me “arguing with girls on a couponing site”, you really don’t want my wife to make comments on this site regarding KCL bashers. Hope you’ll trust me on that one.

Thanks, Kent, I’ve not heard of that sight and I figured you were not referring to South Dakota! It explains a lot now. :)

hmmm, sounds like Kent spends a lot of time on mommy blog websites. No job? No life?

Kim, yes I spend a lot of time on ‘mommy blogs’, mainly this one, the one that you are also on. However, the term ‘mommy blog’ is usually used at sites like SD and is used in some cases as a slur or in a demeaning manner. As far as a ‘job’, no I don’t have one. My wife and I are self-employed. We don’t actually have to work for a living like you do. We do however have a wonderful life working together and searching for deals together and shopping together. Just this evening picked up 19 Purex Crystals and 1 OJ FREE. Then went to Wags and did 9 transactions. But thank you for asking and being concerned.

that answers my question right there and explains it all ladies! :o)

Kent, the difference is no one else is bashing others for their opinions. Just you! Anything anybody says that you don’t agree with, you bash them. And of course, you’ll bash this one. That’s your style.

I’m done! You’re not worth it.

samantha says: Riase (sic) your hand if you think Kent should be band (sic) and People can have opinions that differ from your’s (sic). Yes Laura and Samantha, only your opinions are valid.

We have never had double or tripple coupons in our area -EVER. We have no Rite-Aid, CVS, Krogers, or Target or KMART. I shop at Safeway, Walmart (rarely), and one WalGreens. I can coupon just fine, sometimes it takes longer to find a good sale. We have four children and are also foster parents so the number of people in our home changes frequently. I have KCL coupon binder and use it. We have one newspaper that does not carry all the coupons, frequently I order coupons and print coupons. I do use Wal-Greens to stock up on shampoo & toothbrushes as well as other drug store items. I have taken our $600.00 grocery bill and cut it down to $400 in the first three months.

I do agree though after seeing the shows this season, this was rediculous. Who needs 62 containers of mustard? I think that the first shows with Joannie and the other lady who really were shopping for a week were reasonable and did teach me alot, these were shows for Extreme Ratings. I will not be watching the TLC show anymore. I will still continue to coupon.

Yesterday in Safeway, I was buying $9.00 worth of snacks for my daughters softball team. I had two coupons and the cashier asked if I had seen the show, I told her I had and would never wipe them out of 62 bottles of mustard, whether the get paid for them or not, no one needs that. I also told her that I knew one lady on this new set of shows had to have permision to waiver the coupon policy – so it is not all real. I do think in some way this show will have a negative impact on couponers. We will probably start seeing limits on items and other things too.

The coupon policy changes in TX, hey Walmart just changed their policy too. They constantly change.

It is funny though that hoarders was on before and after extreme couponing…just saying – I have a stock pile closet, just not to the extreme of these four. There is nothing stored in our bedrooms.

Riase your hand if you think Kent should be band from commenting on KCL? His comments prove that he’s a drama filled trouble maker. He appears to still be in high school by his lack of maturity. Seriously, Kent, grow up. People can have opinions that differ from your’s.

why does it seem to be men that get on here and post nasty things?! Why is he on this website in the first place?! Makes ya wonder?! No ESPN or Outdoor Channel Kent?!

This is for all those that can do nothing but complain about how little they are saving because of awful sites like this and TLC spreading the info about couponing. I agree. Based on a detailed Excel spreadsheet of purchases during May 2009 through December 2010 we only saved 69.49% at Walmart, 96.52% at Rite Aid, 101.86% at Walgreen’s, 103.62% at Target, and 121.2% at CVS. With these tiny savings I was able to purchase the overpriced meat and milk at Ralph’s (Kroger) without a coupon. However, I am so upset, I am hereby demanding a full refund from KCL for all the money I paid you to view this website. It is obvious to anyone that I have not received any value for my money and you don’t even take coupons!!!!


Do you EVER have anything nice to say? Your comments are always putting other people down for their opinion. You act like a jealous lover over KCL. Are you married to Joanie or Heather? I seriously doubt it. They’re big girls, they can take care of themselves. Stop slamming everyone for having an opinion that’s not the same as yours!

Laura bloviates the following: “Do you EVER have anything nice to say?” Not to you. Go back to SD.

I’m curious to why the need of excessiveness? I understand the importance of saving money. But perhaps greed sets in? Buying out papers, Buying out product to where no other customer has purchase items, causing the poor store clerks to work even harder, wasting plastic bags, who do you think pays for the d/t???? It’s not just “free” money. Maybe to you, but gee, I wonder why the grocery store stopped doubling and tripling. Such a shame. But great you have 100 boxes of pasta, care to share? Hope some of that that is dated with an expiration is donated and not wasted.

I can honestly say that I am no longer going to be coming to this website. I have enjoyed reading the Krazy Coupon Lady and learning how to enhance my couponing skills – but the fact is – Kroger DID change their coupon policies because of what is happening with the TLC show. I live in Houston and am being affected by the loss of doubling and tripling, and it is going to hurt me BIG time. Kroger’s public press release said some crap about people not using coupons, therefore they would get rid of doubles and triples. Um, really? What sense does that make? For one, every time I go to Kroger’s I used coupons, and I see tons of people using them. A friend who works for corporate Kroger’s told me that they are almost 100% positive that the Extreme Couponing crazy IS to blame – but obviously corporate didn’t want to say that was their reasoning. The fact that almost ALL of these stupid extreme couponing shows take place at KROGER – and have been taped there for MONTHS – just goes to prove that Kroger saw the writing on the wall and got smart. You can’t blame Kroger – they don’t need to be screwed over by greedy consumers who come in and buy $1,800 worth of groceries for $100. The store only gets reimbursed for face value, folks – so them doubling and tripling was coming out of their pockets.

So thanks a lot to the greedy people at this website and at TLC who just ruined it for people like me who coupon responsibly. You mark my words – before you know it, paper coupons will go the way of the dinosaur. Manufacturers will start to phase them out because of this disgusting fad.

i agree i think that this site has become all about extreme couponing now. all glory, no consideration for others trying to coupon.

The reason Kroger stopped doubling coupons in the Texas market is becasue they were the only store in the area that DID double coupons. Kroger was losing money when they didnt have to becasue there was no competion in the market of other stores doubling.

Actually, Randall’s doubles and triples in Houston. They only do one coupon per transaction, while Kroger would allow 3, but it’s better than nothing.

“A friend who works for corporate Kroger’s told me”. Katie is the only one in the know on this subject. I suggest that all the blogs shut down TODAY so no additional people will learn about couponing. Only those that have already benefited from this site should continue to use coupons. Of course Katie will not see this comment because she said “I can honestly say that I am no longer going to be coming to this website”. Bye Katie, Bye Bye, so long.

Honestly, I was disappointed that TLC didn’t count in the MIR’s that they had on the cereal for their total. They never counted anyone’s cost of papers or even that very first woman who spent $70 buying the coupons online. I just think it isn’t a very accurate way of accounting for what was spent. :(

I was upset that her show didn’t take into account her mail in rebates on the cereal. Her total should have been way less then they showed. They didn’t add in the cost of papers either, or when they had the hour long special they didn’t add in the $70 for the woman who bought the coupons online. It doesn’t seem like a realistic accounting total to me. :(

Hi Tiffany, I love what you are doing and the way you are helping others to do the same and save money. I am an internet retailer and if you go to my web portal you will be able to shop using coupons without cutting them out. Some are actually added as you check out.This is a new concept on the internet so it is being upgraded daily. And we are prefecting a UNIVERSAL SHOPPING CART.
This a simple sign up. Just add your email adress and shop. CASH BACK, COUPONS, and a percentage for refferals.
Thank you. and Best shopping to you!!1

I’m not really happy seeing this show come to light. I have been couponing now for 2 years and I see how much harder it is now using coupons then it was a year ago. With shows like this it’s only a matter of time for the deals to GO AWAY….. Not only with stores like Kroger not doubling coupons but Walgreens are now putting limits to there deal in the store much like CVS. I use to be the only coupon lady at all of the stores now I see many other women just like me with there binders buying the same stuff. I want everyone to get a deal like me but I think that this show will only add to mine and YOUR coupon problems and that makes me worry about the future for us coupon shoppers. :(

Like someone earlier said, be thankful that a lot of you have been able to double and triple coupons and have the great stores. Where I live, we have no doubling, tripling or any of the good stores. We have to drive 30 miles to the nearest walmart!

I live in wisconsin and we don’t have any kroger stores. We do have pick n saves which will double up to 5 $1 coupons with a purchase of $25 only on Saturdays and now we can double on Wednesday. Does kroger have any limitations how many coupons you can double? just wondering…

When i did my Walgreens shopping today 2 of my coupons didn’t go through so cashier had to call the manager over. He looked over my purchases and manually entered it in and said it worked, but said that they have been getting a lot of fraudulant coupons from people copying them. He also stated that there are tons and tons of coupon sites that are not legitimate and most people print them unknowing that they are not legit. He felt that coupon policies will change but how it will change time will only tell. That is why it’s so important to read the coupon and make sure your buying exactly what it says.

I do agree with the above post that with shows like extreme couponing the couponing world as we see it today will be rewritten.

Argh! This whole thing makes me ill!! I am in the Ft Worth Texas area and I hope they don’t start this no doubling or tripling thing. I do love looking at these blogs and shows. They have been very helpful. But don’t tell me that these stores aren’t privy to this information too. They might be losing money, who knows. I do think that these blogs and especially these TLC shows are hurting the couponers. It’s just a fact. I’m a regular couponer. I don’t have a massive stockpile and I don’t run from store to store chasing the free items. I do use coupons and I do get super excited when I save money. But I also expect to pay for items that I’m buying. Not be overcharged. A realistic price and a coupon that makes it a better deal suits me fine. I don’t have to have the item for free or under $1. Stores are getting wise to the extreme couponer and it’s hurting us all.

I agree Amanda! I live in DFW area too and hope the Kroger issue doesn’t spread to our neighborhood! I wasn’t impressed with Tiffany or her husband…when you have stockpiles in your bedroom and the kids play area, there is something wrong. Reminds me of people in the 60’s preparing for a nuclear attack! It is definitely “extreme” behavior and not normal!What about the lady who called in her friends to help with the transaction? I can’t believe the manager advised her to call them in! In most stores (and without the cameras), they would not allow it! I am happy to save $40-$50 on my grocery bill and that takes a huge amount of time and planning!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Kroger’s isn’t reimbursed for the doubling, just the face value of the manufacturer coupon. They were probably losing a lot of money from doubling. With the increased popularity of couponing, I’m sure that many other stores/and or manufacturers will change their policies, too. TLC has a huge presence in America..who hasn’t heard of John and Kate Plus Eight or 200 Kids and Counting or What Not To Wear? In this economy, people are going to especially love this new show. I’m very happy for Joanie and Heather and their success, but I’m sure the couponing world is going to change now. Businesses in America are looking ruthlessly for any ways to cut costs, and if couponing becomes a liability to them, they will probably change the couponing rules.

Hello, I would like to know how people who don’t get the double and triple coupons, get the items so cheap? Can this really be done? If so how? I too will be watching this show and hope they can show us normal people couponing and still getting item’s cheap. ( with only one or two cart’s full of stuff )
Thank You Krazy Coupon Ladies

In my state of Nevada, All the grocery stores here have never doubled or tripled coupons and 2 of them are Kroger affiliates. So the ones that are complaining about your state and your Kroger stores not doubling or tripling coupons anymore, well like they say “it was a good thing while it lasted” so just be grateful for that. I know it’s going to be a big adjustment, but guess what,everyone has to adjust with what life throws at them and you take that and make the best of it. I want to thank KCL for this wonderful site and all the help and knowledge she has graciously shared with all of us regarding couponing.

I am with you on this one; none of our stores double/triple coupons – and it’s OK.I am learning every day how to save money for my family, thanks to these Krazy Coupon Ladies and all the time they put in helping others

Nothing ever lasts, good or bad. So, I am so happy to have found couponing and so please that women like Tiffay are willing to share their success. Now, let’s go couponing before more changes occur :) !!!!

Yes, the stores do get reimbursed, but with the new found publicity and printables….who knows how many dishonest people are mass copying coupons that can land them frees….then the store not only doesn’t get reimbursed, they are doubling it.

I’m sure there are reasons for drastic changes as the more publicity to people who don’t CARE about couponing…the more that will break the rules, screwing us all in the end.

It is odd how the Houston area just changed their policy a few weeks after the episode was filmed. I’m sure TV crews, Calling for permission to do “huge transactions” make executives says WAIT A MINUTE>..this gal is going to walk out with $1000 in groceries almost free and this is televised? CHANGE THE POLICY QUICK!!!!!!!!

I love the rack that she’s standing in front of… any idea what those large containers are on the bottom? I think i have an idea of what they are, but if they are what i think they are (long term food) and she got them with coupons, i would LOVE to know how as we are starting to get some long shelf life food as a “just in case” of a catastrophic event

Shelf Reliance shelves… they’re awesome

I noticed the shelves were Shelf Reliance, are the large containers on there their food brand? Thrive? It looks like it, anyone know how to get that food at a discount? We would love to get more, we’ve just been buying 1 or 2 every couple of months to build up our stockpile

I think a lot of people forget that the majority of the time, the store isn’t losing money. Most coupons I use are manufacturer coupons, which the store is paid back for. And then the times that the coupons are from the store themselves – well, that’s their marketing decision, so they shouldn’t be upset about it.

Why would the stores change their policy, they get PAID for the coupons!!!!!!!!!!! People have been doing this stuff for years, the internet has just made it easier, and The Karazy coupon Ladies also, so more people know about it.!!!! I will never STOP using coupons!!! I sincerely Thank TLC and the people who were on the first Extreme couponers show because they inspired me to use coupons!!! I am on month #4 and I have a pretty good stock pile growing everyday!!

Tara–Stores only get paid for the face value of most coupons. So, when they double the coupon it’s like they’re giving you a store coupon for the other half. It seems like most of the coupon policy changes are away from doubling coupons.

I think whenever a store doubles or triples a coupon, it is out of their own pocket. They will only get face value from the manufacturer.

these shows are bad for all those that coupon, the point of couponing is to save money not to get everything free and for company to lose profit. COMPANYS WILL NOT PUT OUT COUPONS WHEN PEOPLE ABUSE THE SYSTEM.

No matter what everyone is gonna have a comment or two. But you know be nice. No one person is the “cause” for stores changing their poilices. I’d almost bet that these stores that do “change” their policies will be changing back when shoppers go to other stores. Because you know for every store that stops doubling or changing their policy there is another one just waiting to say “come to us, we’ll welcome you with open arms” I’m just saying LOL

Shelia I am praying that is what happens, I now have to drive 15 miles one way to go to HEB a diff grocery store. BUt you know what, if it will bring back the doubling and tripling so be it! LOL I woudl be interested to know what city tiffany is in, and if her store has stopped as well, I know tohe post says it only does one of like coupons now, but I wonder if now it has changed?

I am upset at the fact that now Krogers will be featured in this show giving them publicity rather it be good or bad! I started my couponing in jan and with a krogers literally .02 miles from my house, i made it my regular store, I am now so angry at the fact they have changed their policy in texas, that I will no longer be shopping there for ANYTHING! I know it is not tiffanys fault nor TLC, I am just mad at the timing ahahahah. Krogers made an extremely poor business decision, and now they will get publicity and then make people mad at the same time cause they no longer have this policy in houston. Well I guess it will bring light to the fact that they changed thier policy to not doubling or tripling at all! Maybe it isnt such a bad thing after all :)

I do believe it is a little bit her fault and tlc because the point of couponing is not for people to be taking stuff out of the store for free, if everyone did it, its just like stealing.

Using coupons to get items for free is not stealing. The store gets paid back by the manufactures for the coupons used and stores that give out coupons is a marketing strategy and it’s their choice. Just like it is our choice to use a coupon and get the item for free or to not use it and have to pay for it with our hard earned money. Even if “everyone” used coupons, stores would not suffer. But not everyone is going to use coupons, and most people that do use coupons don’t use them for everything they buy. I honestly don’t think that this show is going to hurt the average couponers, it’s just another reality show and I doubt that it will be overly popular anyway; like many have said, it’ll be a short-lived fad. I think it’s great that these people are able to get so much for so little, but most people aren’t willing to put in the time and effort it takes to utilize coupons to get their products for free or less.

I believe that these shows allow couponing sites a higher traffic volume which ultimately benefits the sites. However the average person using coupons will ultimately suffer because of the publicity. If I remember correctly an arcticle was written on this site sometime ago about what your “cashier wish you knew.” One of the more obvious and sound points was to not make a spectacle of yourself when you get overage on items in the store. What on earth do you think programs like this do. The average store employee has no idea the lengths you can take coupons. I have several family members that work for a major grocery chain,trust me I know. It would be better for the families trying to save a buck for these shows to go away. It would also do some of the sites some good to stop publicizing these shows if they want to help the families involved. If people do not notice the gradual downward spiral in good deals at stores they are deluded. I have kept records for 5 years. Think back, and use your own advice.

Kroger had already came out and said that because of this show they are changing some of their policies. Its not because of Tiffany personally. its the show. :( I think about all the shows that say “do not try this at home”. why do they say things like that? because dumb people will try it! this show should say something like this. because most people dont have the mental aptitude for shopping $1000 at a time, and then WITH coupons, and when they try, they make the stores mad, and it hurts us, the couponers, in the end. :)

Really, Superbob0000? I haven’t seen Kroger say any such thing about the show. Perhaps you could back that up with a link to such a statement…

Actually au contraire Bob — I just read a study today that said the typical regular coupon user is college educated and has a household income of $75,00-125,000. That is an above average income bracket, so I highly doubt that people who coupon regularly are stupid.

Yup!!!! College student here that uses statistical strategies for maximum savings!! ^_^ But I do understand why you are saying “dumb” people out there. I will not explain for you should be “smart” enough to know what I mean, let me just say you are what is referred to as a typical American, lol!
Also as a college student my income is no where near that at the moment T_T.

Kroger actually came out with a statement saying that it was NOT due to the show at all. In fact, they said they had been planning the coupon change for months.

They said that only 1% of their shoppers double or triple coupons, but 19% use the gas program. Therefore they would rather invest the money from the coupon program into smething that more of their shoppers could benefit from.

I’d be interested to see the link as well…

I can hardly wait! :) I keep checking the dvr to make sure it will record in case I am too busy and miss it. I should be on that show LOL, you should see the stockpile I have, my neighbors and friends will attest to all the stuff I have given them LOL. I’d be way too shy though.

Go Tiffany and Paul!!! I would love to see a stop into Walmart as well! :)

Yeah…that looks like the I heart the Mart guy! Awesome!

It is him and his wife. Been following them for months now.

I just wonder if a lot of these couponers are not spending more than they can afford on “good” deals. I noticed the Ivanovsky’s house is now bank owned, and I realize that their groceries were near free this time, but with the large stockpiles they have is that always the case? Some of these coupon people are paying tons for the coupons and sill spending up to a hundred dollars a shopping trip for items they admittedly do not even eat. I coupon myself, and have extra on hand when I can get it cheap, but I am not obsessed nor compulsive about it.

Is she is the Houston Kroger area? that area just changed their policy to no more doubles….ironic timing.

I think these shows and these huge purchases are shedding light to some stores and making them rethink their policies :( Great entertainment = changes to our shopping trips = NO FUN

Okay, I can admit I have never even stepped foot into a Kroger, although from all the deals posted I WISH we had one here. The best we get is Pick N’ Save and they will double 5 coupons up to $1 only if your order is over $25. A little hard to save that way some days.

But what I was going to say is that I had e-mailed a few stores and companies on what their opinion is of shows like Extreme Couponing and although, I didn’t get a response back from a lot of the larger names, one did really stand out to me:
“If coupon use increases the overall sales of the store this will be a win – win for Festival and shoppers alike. Increased traffic and sales means we are able to grow our product selections and more aggressively price sale items in our stores. It is important to note than many of the shoppers in TLC’s program shop stores that have double coupon offers/days. Festival does not offer coupon doubling.” ~ Festival Foods, Customer Care Manager

I agree! I found the first show entertaining but I haven’t enjoyed the attention that is now paid to the extreme couponing. My stores have gotten tougher since the first show (and the accompanying appearances on talk shows). I know couponing benefits the supply chain (both manufacturers and stores) but at some point it costs the stores/manufacturers more than they get back in increased sales/market share…and then it’s going to stop.

Wow. I’ve been couponing regularly now for about 3 years and I have saved thousands I estimate too but it’s all over many transaction never purchases of these large amounts but it’s good the boyfriend and me so it’s amazing to see what some people can pull off. I enjoy donating but I also love how each month I’m purchasing less and less and eating a lot more from the pantry/stockpile items.

Lorie, not trying to he rude here…but, you are on this site for a reason as well. To learn, get ideas or assistance with extreme couponing. In today’s economy, every little bit helps. Its like shopping at TJ Max’s versus shopping at Nordstrom…why pay more for the same item when You know You can get it less somewhere else. Why not stock up on items when there is a great deal on something? Yes, some people may be exploiting “extreme couponing” but if you are on this site specifically, heather and Joanie started this as a way to help others learn how to help provide for their families by spending less. The lady featured here has 7 kids!!!! She didn’t buy more than 10 of each item. I commend her for that, but again, she has 9 total mouths to feed…SHE is not the reason that your store changed their policy!!! Again, I say all of this respectfully.

I agree…well said :)

All in all, extreme couponing HELPS the economy and moves money around. I could never spend $500 in one trip but coupons make that possible.

I agree with what your are saying but these shows , especially the TLC ones, are shining a big light on couponing. And I do believe it has been in a negative way. It’s unfortunate though. I am relieved that this lady only bought 10 items and I’m glad she didn’t call ahead and get a bunch of stuff for free, etc. We need more normal couponers and less of the extreme. And no matter how many mouthes we have to feed, we ALL want a decent price.

Really people?! I can’t believe that people are so selfish out there, that they are upset that people are getting sooo much stuff free! I think its jealousy, personally. I mean, so what. What I would like to know is exactly how they did it. I think you are probably just mad that you didn’t think of it first. We are all out for the ultimate deal, let’s not criticize the people who are actually making the most of it! You go girl…Get your coupon on!!

Really people?! I can’t believe that people are so selfish out there, that they are upset that people are getting sooo much stuff free! I think its jealousy, personally. I mean, so what. What I would like to know is exactly how they did it. I think you are probably just mad that you didn’t think of it first. We are all out for the ultimate deal, let’s not criticize the people who are actually making the most of it! You go girl…Get your coupon on!!

Looking forward to the show! Just be glad, all you doublers & triplers out there – the stores in my locale do not double/triple coupons, ever. So creativity plays a huge part in saving and stockpiling.

I have to agree. None of my stores in CA double or triple coupons, ever. I guess if you had that option, you’d surely miss it once it was gone. I have never been able to save more than about 1/3 of my grocery bill which always frustrates me in comparison to some of these extreme savings examples. But I need to remember, most of the time, these extreme savings have doubled/tripled coupons. I do the best I can with the options I have.

isnt it just houston-area krogers…or is it spreading to dallas area too?
that will be a darn shame!

You’re right, Kelly. Tiffany told me Houston area Krogers are the ones going through the changes.

You might know the answer to this:

Do the manufacturers have a contract with stores regarding the doubling of coupons? One of our local stores has said that the stores “eat” the cost of the double coupons and only get reimbursed for the face value of the coupon plus handling, but some coupons say ‘Do Not Double’ so I wonder how exactly doubling a coupon works. If the store was responsible for the amount doubled, why would the manufacturers print ‘Do Not Double’ on some coupons? Thanks in advance and thanks for all you do! You are a true inspiration! :)


I went to my Kroger (Chicago suburb) tonite to pick up a few things. Had 3 $.55 coupons (which should all double) and non of them doubled. I was in such a hurry I didn’t even realize till I got to my car. So I guess Northern Illinois Krogers don’t double anymore either :(

I just received a letter informing me that our Texas Krogers will no longer be double or triple coupon values. Starting April 13 they will only give face value. I do not know if I will be able to do as well as so many people who post with their double and triple value coupons. Any suggestions?

you have been lucky. i live in so. california and we haven’t had souble couponing for years. i just started couponing the last month again and can’t wait to learn more from the pros.

I’m in SoCal too….I believe Ralphs will double up to $1. Its a Kroger subsidiary, so who know how long that will last. I try to get all I can at Target and then Sprouts for produce and meat.


i wish i had cable to watch this show

I can’t wait. I always get a big kick out of seeing other ppls stockpiles. I get a case of the green envy LOL and think to myself “One day that will be me” 😉

I too LOVE to see pics of others stockpile! I have been couponing about 10 months and have a huge stockpile (HELP… I CAN’T stop! )
I am looking forward to a sunny day (weekend?) to clear out the garage and rearrange so I can make “better more organized” sense of what I have. It isn’t all that bad… just over flowing due to mis used shelving for TOOLS etc… hahah


Attention Stock Pilers…… My son and two of my cousins are in the military. I often send items I either don’t/won’t use or some of the “stock pile” to Afghanistan for the Soldiers. Even if my family doesn’t need it they can give it to the Chaplin for other soldiers to choose from. Please also consider the Homeless shelters, food banks and High School Athletic boosters. Our High School loves it!

I don’t understand how to get savings so high. The best I got was 58% at Giant Eagle on a $450 total. Here in Pennsylvania most places take 1 coupon per item and only double up to 99 cents. How do you get fresh produce, dairy and meats?

58% is a great savings and it is more realistic to how people really shop. I was disappointed in the first extreme couponing episode that none of the couponers bought any produce. I only saw one fresh chicken, and a few yogurts. Otherwise the food was a bunch of pantry items and snacks. 1000 free candy bars may look great on TV, but doesn’t make sense in real life!

I agree. As an athlete I was disappointed to see so many processed foods like cereal, candy…

@ Vee – I live in Texas as well (North of Houston) & I have been trying to figure out what to do next after the Kroger policy change. I have been price matching Food Town ads @ Walmart. I have to say, Food Town has better prices on the products my family buys .. Combine that with a coupon/sale, and VIOLA! Savings in my pocket.

Do you mean Food Basket? I only ask because I live north of Houston and I don’t know where a FoodTown is located. But, Food Basket in Oak Ridge seems higher in price to me, with a very limited selection. What I do love about them is that they are never crowded and you have the hometown feel.

I am also in Texas and find that krogers prices are so much higher than other stores. The other day I saw a glade starter kit for 12 bucks when they only cost around half that at other stores. They also try to lure you in with their “buy 10 of anything and get the discount deal” I prefer to do my shopping elsewhere!

it is atributed to her and this extream couponing. every store is really cracking down on us and making it hard on us. i hope its worth the popularity for us not being able to use coupons as freely.

No, it’s not attributed to her at all. Kroger issued a release, they had been working on the policy for months, long before any of this happened. To even get approval to video in the store is a long, hard process. The manager over the entire state of Texas was there during all the filming, and everything Tiffany purchased had to be pre-approved by her. She had to have a coupon list to present as well, detailing every coupon she was using. It would be bizarre to blame one individual when this show has been going for months, and there are PLENTY of other extreme couponers out there besides this one Mom.

I agree that Kroger has been cracking down. I sent an email to the corporation letting them know how disappointed I am in their new policy. I also let them know that with a Meijer, CVS, Walgreen’s and Mister RX across the street (and 4 $ stores) they are not my only option. I’m also lucky enough to have Wal-Mart and cubs 2 miles away. We have 4 children and 5 pets that I provide for and I have to save as much as I possibly can while providing as much as possible. I work for in a hospital and haven’t received a raise in 2 years and have pay $500.00 a month in medical benefits. I explained that I am sure they hate the “extreme coupons” but they can either deal with it or lose customers. I included my Kroger plus card number so they can check the drop if they would like to. The only thing I hate about it is that I love using the fuel station. If I can get .60cents to $1 off a gallon of gas I’m thrilled :) I hope that if enough of us email our concern/decision to them they will reconsider.

I have been couponing for the last year or so, and pretty much only buy what I need when it is free or near free. I know with the Kroger in Houston not doubling anymore I have found a few other stores that are. The Food Fair on 1960 at Ella doubles to.50 and triples to .35, Randalls does also but only on 1st item, so need to do several transactions.. a pain, Brookshire Brothers in magnolia and Montgomery double to .50 and triple to .39 (never seen a coupon though for this value hmm) And Food Basket in Spring has similar doubling and tripling policy, but their sales are very limited and prices tend to be rather hih, not to mention they have a limited supply of items. I know there are food towns around not sure what their policies are though.

Go Tiffany. I’m very excited to see this. I also live in Texas and will have to refigure out my shopping since the Kroger’s in Texas will no longer be doubling or tripling coupons. Major bummer. I’m also glad and excited to see her shopping the way I do. Not preordering and with 2 transactions for $1000 worth of groceries should be very interesting.