I’m very, VERY excited to see this new coupon from Heinz for vinegar!  😉 This coupon is good for either Heinz Distilled White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar.  Take it over to Walmart and score this great deal:

Heinz Distilled White Vinegar, 16 oz $1.12
$0.50/1 – Heinz Distilled White Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar, any – (heinzvinegar.com)
Final Price:  $0.62

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18 thoughts on “$0.62 Heinz Vinegar at Walmart!”

i price matched this at walmart on monday. got each bottle for .49 but didnt actually pay for them becuase i also used my similac coupons and got money back. :)

just wanted to make sure i clarify …. i used the walgreens ad… and also my walmart is in kentucky so i didnt have to pay any tax on this purchase becuase of the no food tax.. does anyone else live in a state with the same no food tax?

Oh! BTW it comes in a huge jug at Save A lot :)

This is always a low price at Save A Lot, I’m taking my coupons there. If you go on their website you can print a $5 off $25 coupon. They take any manufacturer coupon, so check it out!

This is $1.50 at Kroger thru 4/24, and my store doubles, so $.50/a bottle for me.

I thought walmart dident take printable coupons.

Thank you so much my husband just told me we were out of the Apple Cider so off I go to get my deal:)

Publix has these for $1. FREE after coupon is doubled!!

thanks for the tip. Just saved me a trip to walmart.

I want to say that Joanie and Heather do an awesome job getting us these deals every day. It makes our couponing so much easier! Having said that, when did we all of a sudden become “extreme couponers” and not “KCL’s”. And the deals are “extreme” instead of Krazy” lol. I guess being extreme is more popular, but I kind of miss being Krazy. Just saying…

Yeah. I liked the ‘Krazy’ deals too. Extreme sounds …so …extreme. But maybe that’s so when new couponers google extreme couponing the KCL website will pop up.

Yes, I’m also interested in what exactly makes this such an “extreme” coupon. I’d definitely say it’s a good one, but I wouldn’t classify a 45% savings as “extreme.”

I actually opened the comments on this post to say the same thing. I’m a little annoyed by the “extreme” coupon references. I know it’s the new IN thing to say given the television series.. but I don’t like buying into the marketing hype of couponing. I coupon because it’s fun and saves my family money.. not to be “cute” or “extreme”. So basicially, I love you KCL but PLEASE STOP the “extreme”. Thanks

Just wondering how do I tell if any coupon can be used on multipul products. I have seen some that say only one coupon per customer per purchase. Is there a way around that??

How weird that I just ran out of apple cider vinegar last night after filling small bowls and covering them with tight plastic with holes in them to attract the outbreak of fruit flies this spring!! Thanks for the heads up…I’ll definitely use this!

Lynne, we are having issues with the bugs as well. I recently read online to put shallow bowls of the apple cider vinegar around and it will attract them. Does covering the bowls with plastic wrap and putting holes in it work any better?? Thanks!

The holes let them in, but they have a hard time figuring out how to get back out! Good luck

next week at Walgreens the 32 oz. will be 99 cents! 50 cents after Q