This week Tostitos chips are Buy One Get One Free at Safeway.  My Safeway had peelies on almost all of their bags “Buy Any 2 Tostitos, 9-13 oz, Get a free 2-Liter of Pepsi”.  When you stack this with the $0.55/1 newspaper coupon for the Artisan variety you’ve got yourself a good deal!

Tostitos Artisan Tortilla Chips 9-13 oz. $3.99
Buy One Get One Free
Use 1 $0.55/1 Tostitos Artisan Recipes Tortilla Chips, any bag from SS 2/27
Use Peelie Buy 2 Tostitos Get a Free 2-Liter of Pepsi
Final Price: $1.14 each, when you buy 2 Chips + 1 Pepsi

Thanks, Jess for the heads up on the newspaper coupon!

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24 thoughts on “Safeway: Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tostitos Chips, Plus Free Pepsi!”

make sure to do separate transactions if buying more than 2 bags of chips and pepsi product 2 lt. the coupon states one per transaction. i had loaded a just for u unlimited price for these chips so it was $3.08 instead of $3.99 -.55/1= $2.53 for 2 bags of chips and 2lt

Watch out for the hang tag on this one. It is a Safeway coupon, and while my cashier did scan it, and it shower up on the receipt above the grocery section as have being scanned, it did not adjust the price down to zero for the Pepsi 2litre. I had to be reimbursed at the service counter for this one.

I just did the deal at Safeway but had a hard time finding the peelies. I finally found them in a small promotial section for the products. There were no peelies on the chips in the chip aisle. Just wanted to share in case you run into an issue finding the peelies. I use my $0.55 off 1 bag and got the other bag and the Pepsi for free. YAY.

sorry for the confusion ladies…my Safeway does not double Q’s EVER as i know most will do. so the manager lets us use coupons on a B1G1 item that ends up being free since his store does not double, very kind of him. The tostidos coupon is only for the artisan tostidos which are included in the B1G1 sale of tostidios at safeway. Only the black bean ones were B1G1 at my store. Not the other flavor, but they are yummers!

When I log into u coupons i cant find the grapes. anyone having this problems or have any suggestions???

So here’s where I am confused.. my coupon reads .55/1 tostitos artisan brand, you and other blogs keep saying to use this coupon on Sunchips or the above Tostitos chips. Being a newbie how does that work?? they specifically have an artisan chip bag shouldn’t that coupon only be good for that bag? Please explain what I am missing. THANKS!

This blog post (since the update) specifically says to use ONE on the ARTISAN chips.

Okay people you can use one coupon for the bag you are paying for but yes not the free bag.Then use the peelie for the Pepsi. That is how she has it posted!

Per Safeway policy you cannot use any Q on a Free Item. You would be able to use 1 $0.55 Q on the item you are paying for but not the free bag of chips.

People are right, you can’t use a second coupon for the free bag, but on areas that have them, one could use a double coupon and get for the most part, the same deal!

The Safeway Policy is very clear ans states that you cannot use a coupon on a free item, I hope this is a mistake you made because it’s not good to mis-informed people and to embarrassing that you cashier hands you back the coupons you don’t suppose to use….

Doesn’t the Safeway coupon policy state that a coupon cannot be used on the free item. Thus only one chip coupon can be used?

Yes. I tried to post this before, but my comment didn’t show up? See item number four (4) of the Safeway coupon policy. It states that we cannot use a coupon against a free item. :-(

..still $1.72 each and a free 2 liter of Pepsi doesn’t sound that bad! 😉

Yes, it does (this is the third time I am trying to answer you..two posts did not show up and one was removed/just disappeared?

Montgomery County, MD had a hang-tag coupon on the Pepsi’s instead. I also used a $1/2 Artisan Tostitos that I got from one of the inserts.

mine are disappearing too. i am looking for the u load coupons for grapes and cant find it at all on the site, any suggestions?

I thought you can’t use a free q on items tHat are bogo per the policy

I thought you can use a free q on a bogo sale per the policy?

Thanks for posting this! I am a newbie to couponing and it really helps me to learn this by seeing it and having it explained to where I understand it!! Mucho thanks!!!!!

I updated the post to include that coupon, thank you again!

Jess, thanks for the heads up- I am going to look for that coupon now! :)

WHOA! do not pay $3.99 ladies! there is a $.55 off coupon for artisan totsitos from sundays paper 2 sundays ago i belive! use 2 $.55 off coupons plus the free pepsi peelie and get each item for $.96!

Cannot use two coupons against the two items out here at our Dominick’s. The coupon policy states that it will not allow the application of a coupon against a free item. I tried when they had a spaghetti sauce deal. Buy one get one free of Barilla pasta sauce. They would not let me use a coupon for each sauce. They all sort of gathered around the checkout lane, surrounding me and telling me that that would be like giving everything away for free. That is why B1G1 deals at Dominick’s are not such a great deal out here. I would rather shop at Jewel(Albertsen’s) – no hassle whatsoever for using one coupon per item on B1G1’s. Here is the Dominck’s policy if interested –