Many people are finding Dove Men + Care Body Wash on clearance at Target for $1.98. You can use the $1.00 off coupon at and the $1.00 off from the 3/27 Red Plum to get it for free!  Please keep in mind that clearance prices vary greatly and so you may not want to make a special trip to the store:  unless you call ahead, live very close to the store, or your husband is really stinky.

Dove Men + Care Body Wash, $1.98 clearance price
Use $1.00/1 Dove Men + Care product from 3/27 RP
And use $1.00/1 – Dove Men + Care product – (
Final Price: FREE!

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures

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47 thoughts on “Dove Men+Care Body Wash Free at Target!”

Yay I found one on clearance today and got it for free :))))

I have all my coupons buy our targets are priced at $5.19.,… will hold off until price is reduced.. No deal for me..

Kimberly-I did do separate transactions-individual purchase-on two different days just to see what would happen-maybe it is a clearance issue but this is not stated in the policy that I can see…

I went to my local target (near San Diego, Ca) and the dove mens care body wash was on sale for $ 1.98 and I had a target coupon for 1 dollar off and a manufactured coupon for 1 dollar off. I planned to use both to get the body wash for free but the cashier said I could not use both coupons since the item was a clearance item.? I used the manufactured coupon and got it for .98 cents which was still a good deal but wish I could have got it for free.

they were all gone at my store, knoxville TN
i picked up 1 last week for $1.38 (they had a lot) and hoped it will go lower, i guess i waited too long :(
i managed to get 4 of the dove deo for free :)

This is my question also-I bought one yesterday but could only use one coupon-all the target coupons seem to say limit one coupon per transaction.

Val….to get my 5 body washes I did them in individual transactions. Worked without issue.

I got the Target coupon but it says coupon may not be combined with other promotional codes. Does that mean I cannot use the Manufacturer’s coupon with it?

I scored 5 for FREE also!! Yippee!

I was able to print off the Target $1 off coupon from the website today, along with $1 off mfg. coupons from the mfg. website. My Target has the Dove Men Care body wash clearanced for $1.98 each, so I picked up 3 of them for FREE!

Fairview, OR Target still at 3.38. And I have heard that the coupons do disapper after a certain amount (colletively)have been printed out from the website. Not sure if it’s true but you guys are right, I no longer see it anymore and I just printed one this morning

I did the deal, but I had huge problems with my checkout person.

OK, went through all the pages of the coupons twice, it is definitely not there for me.

The coupon is still available on I just printed it off less than an hour ago. Was on page 14 for me.

I went to Target on Southport Road in Greenwood, Indiana and they have it listed as price reduction. Now advertised as $3.97 was over $4+ before. I passed on this deal since my local Target does not have it for $1.97. Good luck everyone.

The Target coupon for this expired on 4/5

I was at my store earlier this week, there must have been over 25 bottles of the body wash left in the clearance and a whole basket full of the trial size deoderant! The cashier was coupon friendly and didn’t adjust them down so I did:
6X 03-27 RP Dove Men+Care Wash $1.00/1
12X 03-27 RP Dove Men+Care Deodorant $1.00/1
Total before discounts: $17.88
Tax: $1.07
Target Card 5% Discount: $0.89
Coupons: -$18.00 (1 Q had to be adjusted down to .88 cents since the rest of the total was my 6% sales tax)
Total OOP: $0.06 :) Now that is pretty rockin’!

OOPS! That is supposed to say Total OOP was $0.18 cents
and total coupons taken off was $17.88 😉

Oops…made a tiny mistake there 😉

2 days ago I bought Revlon Tool $2, and printed out $5 and $2 Revlon tool $5 for 2 and $2 for one, I did twice using the catalina coupon and still printed another $5 and $2.. I ended up got 8 for free… Ceheck your local target, use your $2 revlon tool… and see if you can get $5 and $2

thanks for the response, i cant beleive someone has to go through and mail them all…crazy.

Also Target doesn’t have a strict print limit, but they do have one. If you have printed the dove before it wont be there, i also think there are regional limits as well.

If I buy 1 extra without coupon, will they have to adjust coupons?

FYI, I think the coupon is gone. They probably have a limited number of prints and it’s probably maxed out already.

I saw these at Target this week but knew I’d probably be able to print a coupon for it. Now I’m kicking myself for not printing them earlier! :(

I live in Northern California and found a whole shelf of these at my Target for $1.98 and the coupons worked perfectly. I also found the $.50 Travel size Dove deodorant – but the cashier would not allow the $1/1 Man Q. BOO! Oh well.

I did this deal a few days ago…printed the Target Q on Wed, already had the RP Q, and found the deal on Thursday! Got 2 free!

Choose the category Personal Care. Then choose the coupon that ssys “Select Dove Mens + Care”. It will print with a pic of deodorant but is specifically lists body wash as one of the items you can use it on. For the manufacture coupon I went to scroll to the bottom and you will see the link for the coupon. You will be able to print two.

I can’t find the coupon anywhere on targets website :(

i found mine in the spotlight section. i think you have to go through all the coupons. that’s how i did it.
hope this helps

I clicked on the link for the Target $1 off coupon, but the coupon is not there. This happens most times for me in regard to the Target coupons. I see your post was from the 8th and today is the 9th. Would Target have taken the coupon down or am I just doing something wrong? Thanks for your help!

Has anyone been able to find the Target coupon in the last day or so? I know these were on the Target website at one point, but I cant find it now. thanks!

Jessica, Try sorting by “personal care” and the coupon is on page 1, for me. Hope that helps!

is the target coupon the one that says save 1.00 one dove men+care product, it shows a picture of deoderant but doesn specify what men+care products? when i printed it it printed weird too, may be because im low on ink. idk. but it has the picture and barcode and experaton but missing the amount of the coupon.

I picked up 5 of these last night for FREE. My target still had them marked with a clearance sticker of #3.38 but I took them to a scanner and it said $1.98. With the target coupon for a dollar and the manufacturer coupon for a dollar, I scored them for free.

I am a book keeper at my store and I send our manufacturer coupons in weekly for redemption. We add the coupons up ourselves and tally it up on a coupon redemption sheet and send it in to our company. If any coupon is expired or whatever they send it back (which costs us quite a bit…so we try to catch what we can if not they do). There is no way that we could take the time and read the fine print of each coupon since we don’t know what the customer purchased. But our registers are set up to not take the coupon if they do not have the item so it will beep and we cannot override we have to cancel the coupon and give it back to the customer.

I am new to this whole cuoponing thing, so I have a stupid question…What is Red Plum?

red plum is a coupon service they have a website or they have packets of coupons that come in your sunday circular.

At Albertsons. We have to send each of them in to the manufacturer, if not the store doesn’t get the money back. I’m not sure if someone reads through them. But they have to figure out where to send them.

im not sure if anyone will see this so i might post in a few areas… What happens to all these coupons? Does someone at the store have to read all the fine print and send each one in or is it electronic tally? My reciept just show MANF so how does the store deal with my 100’s of coupons?

ugh i need a printer

I only had the Target coupon for the $1 off, our RP 3/27 didn’t have that coupon in it, but still got them for 98 cents!

At mine in Birmingham the are on clearance fore 3.32. I did this deal, but paid $1.32. Still a good deal considering it’s my husbands favorite!

I had actually found those on sale for the same price last time I was there on thursday and decided not to use the redplum coupon yet. I do have one question…on I could only find a coupon for an 18oz Dove Visible Care body wash item for $1.50 off. Will this coupon apply to the mens body wash that is on sale? If so, the body wash will be a $0.55 money maker each!!!

No, even if the cashier allowed it, that’s the “coupon fraud” everyone is talking about.


If the coupon says “$1/1 off of X”, you cannot buy Y or Z with it unless it says so.

Oh okay thanks. I actually ended up finding the correct coupon. I think’s website changed at 12:15 this morning because when I checked at that time, the specified coupon was available.

my Target (in Marion,IL) has Dove for Men travel sz. deodorant’s on clearance for 50¢ ea. Since the $1/1 Dove Q does not have a specified limit, I was able to get many travel sz’s for FREE + tax. They just adjusted the amt. of the coupon down, as stated in their Target Coupon Policy.

I tried going to the coupons, but I couldn’t find this one, am I missing something?

And if you missed the RP on 3/27, you can also go to for the $1.00/1

i looked and looked and i cant seem to find the target coupon on the website.