B2G1 Free Duncan Hines Premium Cake Mix wyb 2 Duncan Hines Frosting – (smartsource.com)

Thanks, Passion for Savings

Grab this coupon before it’s gone!  If you buy two Duncan Hines Frostings you can get one Duncan Hines Cake mix for FREE!  This is sure to go on sale soon at one of your favorite stores.  The regular price of Duncan Hines Frosting is $3.19 at Safeway.

Buy 2 Duncan Hines Frosting $3.19
Buy 1 Duncan Hines Premium Cake Mix (Free)
B2G1 Free Duncan Hines Premium Cake Mix wyb 2 Duncan Hines Frosting – (smartsource.com)
Final Price: $2.12 each

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12 thoughts on “*HOT* Duncan Hines Frosting & Cake Mix Coupon!”

I used this coupon at walmart . . regular price for the frosting is $1.50 each and the cake is $1.16. They gave me $1.50 off so I spent $2.66 total for all three.

brownie coupoon came in sundays paper redplum or smartsource .50 off cvs has them on sale for 1.00 so the brownies would be .50

Where can I find supreme creamy coconut frosting. None of the stores in my area carry it.

Question…I also have a $1 off Q on just the glaze. Can I also use that since the glaze is what I’m paying for to get the mix free? Thanks!

I know in your previous post you were complaining about a person commiting coupon fraud, however on the last advertised SIMILAC deal you posted it was a money maker at Walmart. This can NOT happen! Walmart would never give you more money off a product than it is priced at in the computer and any good cashier would notice you were over the retail amount for said product they would have to “price modify” your coupon. Please don’t make such complaints about others frauding the manufactures’ coupons when you yourself teach that you can “MAKE MONEY” purchasing ths product with a coupon. And by the way, if you don’t receive the coupon in the mail from a company you actually are spending money to retain the coupon to use in the store, therefore causing a “OUT OF POCKET” (OOP) expense. So NOTHING IS FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Ralana, Walmart’s coupon policy clearly states: Coupons may exceed the price of the item. Change may be given or applied toward the cost of the basket purchase.

You can print it here: http://walmartstores.com/download/4730.pdf

a very gracious reply to the above Heather.

Have a Safeway question-
Just looked over my receipt and saw an additional discount
that states BASKET Copient Trans Disc that was for $10.10. I have no idea what this is or how I got it-Do you?

After a quick prayer I was off to the store-
It was quite amazing as we are on a very limited budget this week and i thought I went over on my order. Because of this discount I spent exactly what I had for food.

Thanks Lisa!

I have NO idea what that discount is! Anyone else know?
What a blessing to your family though, don’t you love when it works out like that!? :)


Where is the brownie coupon?

I’m a little confused. The final price of each of the three items (if you use the coupon max of $1.50) is 1.06 per item. These cake mixes are usually between $1.25-$1.50.

I buy this frosting frequently and the regular price is $1.45. So I assumed you added two frostings together.

The coupon also states you can buy just one Comstock or Wilderness can and get the free cake mix.