$1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs – (coupons.com)

There is a HOT new coupon out for a $1.00 off 1 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs!  Oscar Mayer hot dogs are on sale at Safeway through tomorrow 4/12 for $2.00. Or you can find them at Walmart for $1.97 or $0.97 after coupon.


Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1.99
$1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs – (coupons.com) (zip 20910, Foods, pg.3)
Final Price: $1.00


Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs $1.97
$1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Selects Hot Dogs – (coupons.com) (zip 20910, Foods, pg.3)
Final Price: $0.97

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15 thoughts on “Cheap Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs at Safeway & Walmart!”

Angus are 5.29 each

The angus are not part of the sale… they are 5.29 each..
just sent hubby to the store…my mistake 😛 sigh
one more reason why I should only be the one who does the shopping…
10.58 for two packs of hotdogs!! ouch!

Ouch indeed! You could return them if you’re close, just tell them that you husband didn’t realize they weren’t part of the $1.99 sale.

FYI to anyone who can get to Safeway before tomorrow – the Turkey dogs and the Nitrate Free meat dogs are labeled Selects AND are on sale for $1.99 (Angus were not $1.99). Makes them $.99 with the MQ, I just picked up 4.

anybody know how much are these select hot dogs at Target or Kroger? thanks

The Selects are only $3.00 at Walmart, they would not apply they coupon to the regular Oscar Mayer dogs when I tried.

It will be for the Turkey, Angus and Beef hotdogs!

I buy the Turkey dogs anyway so $100 off is Great!

Ditto on the “Select” distinction. Im fairly certain the Selects are more expensive than the standard line…

This coupon is for the “select”, I don’t see that listed as being on sale at Safeway.

OK – Here’s my question for this coupon. It says “select” on it – and they do have a few “select” hot dogs (turkey,angus) so can this be used on regular Oscar Mayer hot dogs? I don’t want to use it on the incorrect item. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

i can’t find the coupon either. :(

i GOT IT :)
Amber E,
use 20910 zip code
it worked

This is not showing up for me even under the 90210 zip. Could it be gone already?

I’m not seeing it either. Tried a few different zip codes.