$5.00/1 – Enfamil Gentlease, A.R. or ProSobee Formula, 22 oz or larger – (coupons.com) (zip 16214 pg. 4)

Here is a new coupon to print for Enfamil Infant Formula on coupons.com.  Use it at Walgreens this week thru 4/16 for a great deal.

Enfamil Infant Formula Premium, 23.4 oz or Gentlease, 22.2 oz $21.99
With in ad coupon, Limit 3
Use $5.00/1 – Enfamil Gentlease, A.R. or ProSobee Formula, 22 oz or larger – (coupons.com) (zip 16214 pg. 4)
And Use $2.00/1 Enfamil Infant Formula Powder  22.2 oz or larger from Walgreens Infant Care Booklet
Final Price:  $14.99

Thanks, Have Fun Saving

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19 thoughts on “Enfamil Infant Formula only $14.99 at Walgreens!”

Just wondering about the checks that the formula companies send out… do the stores count them as coupons???? I have tons of checks AND coupons and I’d be one happy momma if I could use them both on the same product!!! :)

I have tons of $5 Enfamil Rebate Forms.. \Anyone wants it?

Just a heads up that Kroger also sent out a 5$ coupon for any size/type of Enfamil not long ago. I’m planning to combine these two!

Try changing the last number on the zip code, thats how I got it to work. I dont think it was on page 4 either.

I can’t find the coupone once it opens the link. Any suggestions.

Your able to use 2 Store coupons? The in ad, infant care, and a an IP? I didn’t think they’d let you.

Hi Ashlee,

Yes you can use both the in ad coupon and the infant care coupon with a manufacturer.

I went to coupons.com, used zip code 16214, printed the Enfamil coupon, went back to coupons.com to print another coupon,I have twins, and the coupon offer was gone???? Is this normal?

Also, when the coupon printed, it printed a whole page of advertisement in color, this really uses a lot of ink – how can I stop that in the future?

Hi Jodie,

Usually on coupons.com after you print the first one it will then move to the last page. Check on the last page to see if you see it.

As far as the advertisement goes, try selecting black & white when you go to print.

Do you know if you can also use formula rebate checks, in addition to manufacturer and Walgreen’s coupons? I was informed at Publix last week that you can use all 3 there. They view formula rebate checks from Enfamil (or Similac) as a form of payment, so you can stack them with manufacturer and store coupons.

Yes you can use all of them but its still cheaper at my local Walmart to use a $2 manufacturer coupon and the $4 or $5 rebate check…My local Walmart its $32.98 for the 23.4 oz double refill pack so with both the coupons its $0.58 an oz now thats if you buy the refills to refill the tub… I am not sure how much the tub is by itself, but if you have the tub already its cheaper at Walmart

Do you know if you may also use formula rebate checks, in addition to manufacturer and Walgreens coupons? The lady who checked me out at Publix last week, informed me that you can use all 3 at their stores, as rebate checks from Enfamil are considered a form of payment, not a coupon.

Hi Leigh,

You should be able to, but you might want to check with your Walgreens to make sure.

Do you know if you can use this coupon with the Enfamil checks they send out? My Walgreens runs them through as a check, but I’m not sure if they count as a coupon.

Most stores have a copy of the Infant Care Booklet at the registers.

Not sure why my previous posts aren’t showing up? Anyways…is anyone up for a coupon swap? I don’t have any children so the diaper and formula coupons get recycled at our house. I have some if anyone needs them or is interested in a coupon swap. Thanks!! :) Email me: akhgton@hotmail.com

Coupon swap? I don’t have any children so I don’t use any of the formula or diaper coupons that come in the inserts if someone needs them or is willing to trade for them? :)

Can we still get the Infant Care Book??

Mine didn’t have them, but the lady on the phone when I called looked them up and gave a bunch of different ones to me. WHen I went in I just had to tell it to the cashier.

Playtex Nursers 8oz(she said they work on drop ins and nipples too)–5518
Huggies Little Movers–5519
Pampers Cruisers–5521
Walgreens Premium Jumbo Diapers–2844

Hope that helps. I got all this, printed out my $5off and when I went in I was so distracted trying to make sure I remembered to tell them the code for the W diapers that I forgot to tell them about the enfamil. Oh well. Maybe I will call and see if they can give it to me when I come in next time. My walmart did that once when I forgot to give them all my coupons.