I have been wanting to try this. I am going to pick some up this week with my New Target Coupon!

Mio Liquid Water Enhancer, 1.6 oz $3.49
Use $1.00/1 – Mio Liquid Water Enhancer, 1.62oz or Larger, Target Coupon – (target.com)
And Use $1.00/1 Mio Liquid Water Enhancer from SS 3/27
Final Price: $1.49 each

Has any had an opportunity to try this?  The flavors all sound so good!

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The sweet tea has a good taste but leaves a little after taste. The strawberry watermellon and peach tea are awesome! No after taste. This is quickly becoming a family favorite. We’ll be taking this with us on vacation to save a little money on drinks. Hmmm…a no brainer…free water + a little MiO = a great deal vs. $10.00 per meal for drinks. WINNER!!! :)

my coupon from the paper few weeks ago expired 4/30/11 :(

Got this tonight in Fruit Punch at Target and just tried it. It’s fine, tastes pretty much just like Crystal Light or even Kool-aid, I doubt it would last 24 servings like the pack says but oh well. I wouldn’t pay full price for it but if I find it pretty cheap somewhere I will pick up another one.

We liked it enough to probably buy it on sale. Watch grocery stores–I just picked up several $1 off Qs from a tearpad in our local Brookshire Brothers (TX). They have an expiration date of 12/31/2011! Can’t beat that…so I’ll be watching for great sales!

I have the strawberry/watermelon flavor and I found it’s refreshing and it stops me from wanting soda pop. So I like this product. I want to try the teas next.

Is it just me or is target only allowing 1 coupon print now??? I can never seem to get 2 once I print it the coupon is gone :(

I tried the free sample and it’s rather like “liquid kool-aid”. It is good, but I wouldn’t buy it unless it was free or almost free. I’ll be using my target coupon with MC, but then probably won’t buy it unless that deal happens again. I looked for it at my last Target trip, but couldn’t find it. I’m going again right now and hope I find it.

why is it so hard to print your cupons

I love this and if you don’t want your Target coupon I would really love it, email me at kittikatkitty@comcast.net

i also received my free sample in the mail which was fruit punch. the flavor was ok but i hate water and this made it taste like watered down koolaid with no sugar so even worse than just plain water. think ill stick to my flavored carbonated water from walmart :)

I love this stuff, I have tried all of them except the sweet tea. I recieved the strawberry/watermelon in the mail and was surprised that I actually liked it I usually hate watermelon flavored stuff. The only one I am not super fond of is the berry/pom it is a little bitter altough I still drink it b/c it tastes better than plain water. I am pretty excited to see a deal on this :)

my husband recieved a soda stream for x-mas and loves to add the MIO to his bubbly water to make a fruity soda! thanks for the tip!I happened to actually be near a target today so i stopped by and snagged most of the awesome deals you have been posting and stumbled upon another awesome one ENDING TONIGHT!! the Purina ONE dogfood/catfood coupons expire today and 5lb bags are at target at an intro price for $7.49 + the $3/1 MFC and the $1/1 Target mobile coupon. $3.50 for a bag of dog food that my gluten intolerant doggie can eat! AMAZING! also Cesar doggie treats on on a price cut for $3 and there was a $2/1 MFC (printable) a while back that expires on the 23rd. Oh and the fuze drinks that are free at Albertons right now are on price cut for $1 at target right now for those of you who don’t have an albertsons near them (like me!) so after the $1/2 MFC they ended up being $.50 ea. all around a successful trip to target today…man i wish they would open up one by me! living in the middle of nowhere is not conductive to good sales!

ps~ while taking atvantage of the $.49 mustard deal i noticed the Kraft Miricale whip on price cut as well for $.99 (squeeze bottle) only the Miricale Whip (not reg Mayo) so after using your $.75/1 MFC from 4/10 SS that is some mighty cheap $.24 Mircale Whip!

Found some blinkies at publix (or was it tearpad?0 and a target coupon for $1/1. I’ve been waiting for publix to put them on a sale to stack, but I think this will work next monday at Food giant who just started doubling on mondays to $1 and taking some competator coupons (i know they will take [publix, but I’ll have to double check on target)

$1/1 doubles to $2
$1/1 target

so, .49? I’ll try it for that if that works.

Our store Price Chopper had a store coupon for a $1.00 off and I combined it with a manufacturer coupon for a $1.00 off (which doubles). So I paid 99cents for this new product. I love them. I bring a bunch to work and they will last me awhile. You don’t need to add much to a glass of water. Also my son and his friends like it with all there sports. Easy to pour in and shake. All and all I got a great deal on this.

Thanks for the info! I am going to save mine a couple weeks and see if there is a sale on them to put with the coupons to make it even a better deal ;o)If they don’t go on sale before the expiration I will go ahead and try them.

I got the berry/pomegranate in the mail & love it!!! Tried the peach/mango at the supermarket the other day – love it!!!
I put 2 squirts in a pint sized glass of water. Definitely will get more than 24 servings out of one bottle. Thanks for the heads up on the target Q.

I’v tried the pomegranet one. They are really yummy!

How do i print the TArget coupon more than once?

I have tried all the flavors of MIO and I love the Strawberry Watermelon but they are all pretty good!

I was wondering if the Mio coupon is still available on the Target website? I cant seem to find it! : (

I love cantelope/cucumber water. Just put some of those fruits/veggies in some water overnight and it’s soooo good!

Now there is an idea worth investigating!! Thanks Kim for the awesome idea! No propolene glycol, artificial sweetners or dyes. How much more natural can you get and still get water to taste good?!?

Unfortunately my son is severely allergic to yellow food dyes so we try as a rule of thumb to keep things that are loaded with artificial food dyes out of the house. I hear this stuff is really good, but wishes Kraft would make a clear version. I printed the coupon with no problem anyway – maybe I will offer the coupon to someone who buys the stuff.

These are awesome! Our Target had a deal last week, buy 2, get a 24pk of Poland Springs free, so we took advantage.

I did 2 $1/1 target & 2 $1/1 manu. Making it $2.98 for all 3 things or 99 cents each!

I’m pretty new to couponing, this is going to be one of my first purchases. The little icon suggests a 3 month supply due to the nature of the good deal, but the website only allows me to print up one coupon. How does everyone accomplish months worth of X product with the limitations on printing coupons?

Two weeks ago, our target had a sale if you bought 2, you would get a 24 pk of zephyrhills free. Used 2/$1 off from 3/27 and they were on sale for 2.99 so made it even better!

I tried to get them at the Natomas Target when they had the buy 2 get a free case of water.Needless to say I had to get a raincheck. I got an even better deal since the Target Q had become available. I got 8 mio and 4 cases of Arrowhead water I also bought the renuzit crystals refill bag on sale for 2.08 with a 3.oo mfq and paid $6.02 out the door. I love the strawberry watermelon and the sweet tea is great I have yet to try the berry pom

I have tried everything,and still cannot find the coupon. Is it only for certain areas? I clicked on grocery on the left & still its not showing up.HELP!!

I bought the tea and the berry flavor and love them both! When I bought them Target had them on special buy 2 get a case of water free. I keep them in the back of my van and use them at baseball games. I have four kids playing so we spend a lot of time at the field and this costs pennies as opposed to the $2 a piece Gatorades at the snack shack!!!

The Fruit Punch tastes like Kool-Aid
The Berry – Pom is pretty good!
The Sweet Tea ROCKS!


I also got this when they were giving away the water. I tried the iced tea. I liked it, although I dont think its 24 servings like it said because when I did one squeeze, it was kind of weak so I did more. It tastes more like the “sweet tea” as opposed to other tea, like crystal light. I use it at lunch at work now and put into a bottle of water. I keep it in a little side pocket on my purse and it works out great for me.

We have the mango-peach, strawberry-watermelon, and the berry-pomegranate. My fave way of using it is to add 2 drops to nonfat plain Greek yogurt. It’s great in water, too of course.

Love this stuff. I think it will be a diaper bag staple. No refrigeration needed and the double click lid makes it spill proof. I love that I can just add a splash to water and give it to the kids (or myself) and they are mostly getting water. I also love that it is Sucralose and not aspartame sweetened. Yay!

Hubby loves this stuff! I don’t think it’s the flavor he loves as much as the convenience of being able to squirt a few drops into his big water bottles and adjust to his own taste. He’s even getting the guys he works with hooked on it :-)

Looks like the Mio TQ has reached its maximum # of prints. :( Oh well

“The use and effects of propylene glycol have been thoroughly researched. It has been used safely for more than 50 years, including adoption in health-sensitive applications such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, where the molecule mainly serves as non-active ingredient or carrier of other substances.

Studies have proven that propylene glycol has a very low degree of toxicity. In the body, propylene glycol is rapidly converted into lactic acid, in a similar manner to what happens with with sugar (energy) in the muscles during sports.”

I don’t know why this didn’t show up the first time I tried posting.O-well. I can’t find the coupon on Target’s website. The berry pomegrante is really good.My 4 year old loves it and so do my husband and myself.We use about 2-3 squirts though verses the 1 or 2 it recommended.

This product not only has propylene glycol, but artificial sweeteners and coloring.

Sure, ingested in low doses, no problem, but lots of foods have these chemicals hidden in their long ingredient lists making for high levels of chemicals being eaten by the modernized public.

It is ridiculous to purposely eat this stuff in the name of flavor.

(BACKGROUND: Worked with nationally- and internationally-known experts in the fields of human health and cellular nutrition.)

Love love love this stuff. I like that you can add as much or as little as you want since it is in liquid form. My son drinks more water because of it and it doesn’t have that fake artifical aftertaste and it doesn’t have aspartame in it either!!! Can’t wait to get such a good deal on it! Thanks!!!

I got a free sample of the purple one in the mail – it is great! I got the strawberry and fruit punch on sale at target a few weeks ago – they are more like kool aid and I didn’t really care for them. And they say 24 servings, but I got a lot more out of it.

The display at my Giant had a pad with tear-off manufacturer’s coupons good for $1/1. Same as the one they printed in the newspaper a few weeks ago, but with a different expire date. Those who like it (I think Ill stick with Crystal Light, myself), should keep an eye out.

First of all, it is ethylene glycol is used in antifreeze, propylene glycol is food grade and is safe to drink alone. I bought the peach tea, and really like it. Would buy again, and I might just go back and get some more before my coupons expire.

Finally a smart person!!! People are idiots, I wish there was a requirement of high chemistry. All this talk about chemicals and most people don’t really understand it for themselves. Oh well, people well continue with their stupidity and nothing we can do about it…

I must be getting good at this couponing thing because I bought mine 3 days ago. Just like that. I haven’t tried it yet, but with all the comments I will try it right now………(trying)………..not too bad. I have the fruit punch one. However, the comment earlier bothers me about the anti-freeze…Hmm?

Ok, I have looked through the coupons about 4 times now and can’t find it. Is anyone else having this problem?

I heart me some Mio! I too first tried it when the free water Target deal was happening. Last week I scored free water at CVS so I can continue my new favorite. :)

I just won an auction on eBay for a bunch of $1 off coupons. I’m going to double them at my local market to buy them cheap to ship to my adopted soldier stationed in the Mid East. I think they will love ’em. :)

If you have lots of great deals on things like toothbrushes, etc & don’t need a scary stockpile of ’em….look into adopting a soldier. You are paired with a deployed soldier & send care packages. I love it because I can indulge my couponing hobby and help out. :)


Cool! Thanks!

In response to the lady that wanted to send MIO to her soldier overseas – I work at the Post Office and noticed that the samples sent out came marked “ORM-D” This marking is for chemicals that have restrictions on how they can be mailed. Before you mail, you will need to check – you may have to send this item surface mail…or you may not be able to send them out of the country at all – Just check before you mail!

“The use and effects of propylene glycol have been thoroughly researched. It has been used safely for more than 50 years, including adoption in health-sensitive applications such as food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, where the molecule mainly serves as non-active ingredient or carrier of other substances.

Studies have proven that propylene glycol has a very low degree of toxicity. In the body, propylene glycol is rapidly converted into lactic acid, in a similar manner to what happens with with sugar (energy) in the muscles during sports.”

We had the berry Pomegranate flavor and everyone in my family liked it. I bought the the strawberry watermelon and the peach time one last week when Target had the buy 2 get a free 24 pack of water deal and have a rain check for another set since they were out of what we wanted.I can’t find the Target coupon though.=/

Thanks for posting this!!! Most people don’t realize what all soda has in it either. I personally love this stuff! My kids are crazy over it too. I am going to stock up on this deal!

I’ve tried the berry pomegranate, strawberry watermelon and sweet tea…hated the first two, but I’m addicted to the sweet tea. I’ve been doing this deal at Publix w/the Target coupon. Also, re: propylene glycol, it’s used in about a million different things, is used as a less-toxic form of antifreeze, and it’s impossible to digest a toxic amount through food or supplements. Antifreeze is an organic compound in water- which means water is half of antifreeze, does that mean you’ll never drink water again?

I got the free fruit punch in the mail and love it. No high fructose corn syrup and great taste!

I like the tea ones. I didnt like the fruit punch one but my 10 year old does!

I tried the Berry Pomegranate flavor when it came in the mail. I didn’t much care for it, as it smelled and tasted like cough syrup. Maybe the other flavors are better?

Also have to add that my 3yr old loves this stuff…he ask for water w/ flavor.

My husband LOVES the sweet tea. I just received the strawberry/watermelon in the mail yesterday – gotta go try that :)

I really liked the mango peach and peach tea. The best part of these is you can add as much or as little to your water as you want! They don’t need to be refridegerated so I cary one for resteraunts or the car when I run a lot of errones.

My teenagers love this stuff! I like the peach tea. I like that you can control how strong/sweet or weak the water will be. Most diet teas are too sweet for me.

We have had the peach/mango and the strawberry.. they’re good. I haven’t opened the pomengrante/berry one yet.

I just bought this yesterday and already love it. Mango peach is the way to go. And this price rocks!

I have all flavors, but pomegranete. I like them all, but the sweet tea it tastes too bitter. My favorite is the strawberry watermelon. I had 6 of them from the coupon deals at Target and I got 2 free cases of water for buying them like 2 weeks ago. I generally do 4 squirts per water bottle and shake.

I also got the free sample in the mail of Fruit Punch and it’s just ehhhh. I wouldn’t waste my money on it personally.

I tried this Berry/pomegranate and really liked it…until I read the label. Third ingredient proplyene glycol, you know what is used in antifreeze!! I won’t be purchasing this product. EVER!

Anyone else print the coupon once and then have it disappear when you were trying to print it a second time?

Yes it happened to me and I was really disapointed!

I tried this a couple weeks ago when they had it Target when you buy two you got a case of ice mountain water free and I had two $1/1 coupons so I paid $5 for two of the and the case of water and I was a bit dissappointed..the taste at first was on but I thought it had a kinda chemical aftertaste..yucky

I thought the same thing at first and it was because I had used too much. Try a smaller amount and see if it’s better.

I’ve tried the sweet tea and the fruit punch. They are both really good, but the sweet tea is my favorite (fruit punch stains my lips). I wish there was a way to ration the servings, though.

ehhh i just bought this at target with a coupon and i wasn’t impressed…. thought it would be stronger, i tried the fruit punch…

We did this deal last week. We bought two flavors but have only tried the Sweet Tea so far and it was definitely worth the $1.49. Although 2 weeks ago, we got two other flavors (used the $1 Manufacturer Q and got the free case of water with the in-store special). So, we actually have 4 flavors on hand. The Peach Mango was really good too – and I don’t even like Peach that much!

While I was looking for this coupon which I couldn’t find I found a great coupon for 2.00 off Scotch Fur Fighter Floor tool and you can pair it with 1.50 off mfr coupon from this site http://www.3m.com/us/home_leisure/petcare/coupons/petnewslettercoupon.pdf. So happy as I was just needing something to get the pet hair off my couch and I almost paid full price yesterday but decided to wait and see if I could find a coupon for it.

My sister tried it last time we had coupons for it. She and her family really liked it! I’m sure she’ll take advantage of this deal. :-)

Is it just me? Am I missing something?? I can’t seem to find this coupon @ Target.com.

I just found it, to make it easier go to the left hand side and click on Grocery. This should make it easier to find. Good Luck!

I have several flavors of this and LOVE IT! The Fruit Punch does taste like Koolaide..but the best thing is NO calories and NO sodium! I tried getting the flavored waters, but lots of them have just as much sodium as diet soda and that is what I was trying to avoid!

when will it be free? LOL

I’m with you. I printed five coupons off last week but I’m waiting for a sale. A few weeks ago they were giving away a case of water with the purchase of two. I’m sure they will drop the price or do another promotion before the target coupon expires.

My husband had to buy some of this the other night. He got the Fruit Punch. It is pretty good, I agree it tastes like kool aid. I thought it was pretty sweet though.

We got a free sample of it in the mail, and my 7 year old, and 4 year old really like it. I tried it and it’s pretty good. They sent a fruit punch one, not my favorite flavor, but I picked up some more at the store (I’ve only tried the sweet tea and fruit punch they were ok, but I can’t wait to crack open the strawberry watermelon and mango peach). Albertson’s had them on for $2.99, I used my $1 off coupon, and doubled it. I keep one in the car, and if we have to stop and get fast food, I just order the basic chicken nuggets for the girls and a cup of water which is free, and dump some of this into the water. It’s zero calorie, no sugar, and the girls think it’s kool aid.

They had a booth set up in a grocery store near me & I was able to taste the tea flavor… it actually tasted like tea. They also gave me a coupon for it after I tried it.

My teenagers LOVE this stuff. We’ve tried four flavors so far and they’re all really good.

I received a sample of the “Fruit Punch” flavor in the mail…It just tastes like Kool-Aid to me. Kinda disappointing. Nothing I personally would ever spend money on. At least this is a decent price if you want to try it :)

I received a sample of this in the mail. It is great for people that hate plain water(me). I had to add some Truvia to it to make it sweeter.

These are actually pretty good. It would compare to Propel fairly well.

I was excited to receive the full-size sample in the mail as I do want to drink more water. The taste was good, and I liked the convenient packaging…


I looked at the ingredients list and decided I wasn’t going to purposely add PROPYLENE GLYCOL, FAKE SWEETENER, and ARTIFICIAL COLORING to my insides just for the sake of flavor! I threw the full bottle away and the $3 in coupons I had for it.

There are lots of alternatives I can add to my water to make it taste yummy without having to make my body work harder to get rid of more fake and harmful chemicals.

I believe this can make you crave sugar. Doesn’t sound like a good ingredient to put in the body. How many of us eat ice cream and the igredients they put in that to make it freeze.

Love these, turns Brita water I carry to work everyday into a treat!!! yum and only paid 1.49 for quite a few bottles of flavored water at a snap!!!