I absolutely love Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Products!  They don’t go on sale often so if you like them as much as I do we’ve got an extremely good deal for you! If you buy four cleaning products you will receive a Target Gift Card for $5.00. This is an unadvertised deal so you may not find it at your Target.  To get the best deal on this you will need two computers in order to print 4 coupons.

Buy 4 Mrs. Meyer’s Surface Wipes $3.99
Use 4 $1.00/1 – Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Household Cleaning Products – (smartsource.com)
Pay $11.96, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price $1.74 each when you buy 4

Thanks, Totally Target

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31 thoughts on “$1.74 Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Product at Target!”

I didn’t see a sign about a gift card at Target, so I assumed there wasn’t a promotion. My Target only had dish soap and hand soap…and they were $4.59 and $4.79, which wasn’t worth it, when Method was $2 (2.49 minus .50 coupon) and the Greenworks stuff is only a dollar. I’m glad to see so many deals on vegan products, I can’t take advantage of most of the deals!

where do I get the $1 coupon? which site?

To my dismay, my Target didn’t have the surface wipes. They only had the dish soap & hand soap. I wasn’t sure if the coupons would work on the hand soap (since they say Household Cleaner) so I opted to get the dish soap (but it wasn’t 3.99, it was 4.09 on sale). So, my purchase was $1.84 each, but still a bargain!! And the smell is divine! 😀

I don’t see this coupon-can someone help?

I’m in the same boat as Tricia! =( Except I was removing old versions of Java because I was getting the big S only- but now it tells me there was an error printing. I was so ready to go up to Target and get some Annie’s and Mrs Meyer’s. Boo.

I cannot print Smartsource coupons- ever! Does anyone have any tip on how to get them to print? All I ever see is the message saying that it’s printing and then it flashes the Big S and on and on forever with nothing printing.

Love it! We’re expecting our first child in July and I’m trying to buy non-toxic cleaners. I’ve already gotten rid of our Swiffer, I now use a Libbman freedom mop with just hot water and some vinegar for our floors. Now I’m using up the rest of my lysol wipes, and will get 4 of these to stock up.

And then I’m going to get the Green Works deal while I’m there.

Hopefully my Target has both deals!!

Plus I can use my $5 gc I got from the Pedigree promo last week!!

when does this sale end? My husband does not get paid til next week.

Is there a limit on how many you print? Why can’t we just print 4? And if there is, how would I know that? (new to the whole couponing revolution!)

With printable coupons they have a limit of two. You print the first one and then hit your browsers back button to get the second print. If you repeat that again it will tell you you have reached your maximum allowed prints. Each computer you own has the ability to get two coupons. :) Hope that helps!

Okay, maybe a dumb question, but I’m new to the whole couponing thing. Why would we need 2 computers to print 4 coupons? Is there a limit on how many you print? And where would that be stated if there were? Thanks!

My local Grocery Outlet (Bonney Lkae, WA.) has Mrs. Meyer’s Dish soap in Lavender and Lemon verbena for 74cents each!!!

I can’t WAIT to take advantage of this deal!!! I can never take advantage of the nearly free or free cleaning products b/c they aren’t Non-Toxic! I LOVE this deal!!! I saw this yest. on Totally Target & was printing away LOL :)

So does the cashier know to give you this gift card at checkout or do you have to send in the POF to recieve the gift card in the mail?

Janice- You can use the coupon and get the giftcard on any of the Mrs. Meyer’s products. This is just the best price/deal I found on their products.

Not all Targets carry this brand so it would be a good idea to use the store locator on the Mrs. Meyer’s website before driving to a Target for this deal. http://www.mrsmeyers.com

At my Target, the counter sprays have $1/1 coupons hanging on them. That should help those who can print only 2 coupons.

Does it have to be just wipes for this to work?

You are forgeting to subtract the 4 coupons. 😉

Wow I hope my brain comes back after I’m done being pregnant! LOL! Thanks guys! :-)

When you use 4 $1/1 coupon, that brings the price for each item down to $2.99. So, $2.99 x 4 = $11.96. Hope that was helpful! =)

4 x 3.99 = $15.96
$15.96 – 4.00 + $11.96
$11.96 – $5.00 gift card = $1.74 out of pocket for soap.
You can’t use the $5 gift card on this purchase but you can get something free with the $5 or apply it on another purchase….thus the $1.74 out of pocket for the wipes.

You are forgetting to take off the $4 worth of coupons, each item is $3.99 before them.

Ann, you forgot to subtract the $4 in coupons.

I’m still confused as to how you get $1.74 per product? If you’re only printing off 4 $1.00 off coupons, and each product is $3.99 that’s $15.96 then minus the $5.00 Target gift card, and divide that total by 4 products is $2.74. What am I missing? Help! :-)

You forgot to subtract the $4.oo in coupons you used.

Try this:
4 products at $3.99 is $15.96
4 $1 off coupons makes it $11.96 (Your out of pocket)
You then receive a $5 gift card which brings your total to $6.96
$6.96/4= $1.74 per product

Your math was correct but your weren’t subtracting the $1off coupons.

$3.99*4=$15.96-$4 in coupons=$11.96-$5 store credit=$6.96 for four items, divided by 4= $1.74 each.

$3.99×4=$15.96 -4 $1 coupons=$11.96 -$5 GC= 6.96 /4=$1.74 each

I checked the math. 3.99 each x 4 items = 15.96 – 4 in coupons = 11.96 total – 5 from gift card = 6.96 / 4 items = 1.74 Your math’s just off, hon. ; )

Thanks for the tip, not sure if I can find another perons to print this coupon for me so I can have 4 of them. I would sure like to take advantage of this…