Tomorrow’s paper has 4  inserts!  There will be 2 Smart Source and 2 Red Plum. Get a sneak peek at what’s going to be in each of the inserts

These are only the highlights from this week’s inserts. To view the entire list visit Sunday Coupon Preview

And don’t forget about the hundreds of coupons on our Printable Coupon Database, including those from, RedPlum and SmartSource

Smart Source #1 

$1.50/1 Excedrin 80 ct
$1.00/1 Gas-X
$1.00/1 Act bottle 16.9oz
$5.00/1 Allegra, Allegra-D or any Children’s Allegra
$0.50/1 Dannon Greek 5.3 oz cups 

Smart Source #2 

$0.75/1 Cheerios Cinnamon Burst
$0.75/1 Desitin no trial size
$0.50/2 Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers or Roll-Ups
$2.00/1 Enfamil or Enfagrow large size powder 22.2 oz
$1.00/2 Farmland Breakfast Sausage Links 

Red Plum #1 

$1.50/2 Bertolli Pasta Sauces
$1.00/1 Cheer Detergent any
$1.00/1 Degree Men Adrenaline Series Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant
$1.00/1 Nivea body lotion 8.4oz- 13.5 oz
$2.00/1 Nivea Express Hydration Lotion or gel 8.4oz – 13.5oz
$3.00/1 Nivea for Men body wash 8.4fl oz- 16.9 fl oz 

Red Plum #2 

$1.00/1 LOreal Paris Skincare Product
$0.70/1 Kelloggs FiberPlus Ceral, 11.5 oz
$1.50/1 Kibbles n Bits Dry Dog Food, 14 lbs or larger
$0.50/1 Lawrys Spice Blend
$1.00/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothbrush
$1.00/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste


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27 thoughts on “Sunday Coupon Preview: 4/17”

Someone stole my coupon inserts this week! No Nivea in the local papers that I bough. Anyone willing to trade their Nivea? This is our fave bodywash!

Hi I live in South florida, I bought a total of 5 papers, 4 sunsentinal, and a palm beach post..In my sunsentinal no nivea for women, but in the palm beach post it had a nivea for women. so I went out and got more of the palm beach post paper. Maybe if your county have more than one paper you should buy one of each to compare.

I only had the $2 off lotion and another $1 off for the Nivea here in Florida. Which stinks b/c they had it for $3 at Walmart. I could have gotten it free. :'(

I’ve been checking for the Nivea coupon and it’s not on there. Does anyone know how I can get one? Thanks!

Why wasnt the nivea coupon in the redplum for sunday 4/17?..Im from texas,do some states get it and others don’t?

I’m in Alabama and got all four inserts. I did get both Nivea $3 coupons, but didn’t get any of the oral care ones, nor the Crackerfuls or Wheat Thin Stix. That’s really frustrating.

Also, if any of you are heading to CVS, I went last night and it appears the Gilette shaving cream coupon from last week isn’t a matchup with their current promotion. The register would only take it if I bought the exact can pictured on the coupon.

I think my favorite coupon this week was $1/1 Degree deoderant, trial sizes included! My favorite Degree scent only comes in the trial size for whatever reason. So yay, now I can get one for free. Still bummed about the crackers and toothpaste though.

I just got the Sunday Chicago Tribune and only received the 2 Smartsource inserts. Why is that?

I just got the Chicago Tribune Sunday paper and only have 2 smartsource inserts, NO redplum….why is that?

No Nivea coupons in my inserts either. Why is that?

I got 2 red plum and 2 smart source – Only one nivea coupon for $2 off lotion and another for $1 off lotion. Not a $3 off coupon in site! :(

from auburn ,wa here and only seemed to get the 2 SS in the early edition *sat* and this mornings *sun* paper :o( will go take peeks insid some papers later to see if im just getting silly papers!! but im soo sad no nivea coupons!!!
have a happy day everyone!

I can’t find the bodywash in either resplums I am mad

I’m sad. I didn’t get any of the Nieva coupons in my ads. I’m missing several of the good ones…

Well it seems that the Sunday paper in Frankfort, KY just gives you LAST weeks coupons. I got up extra early and bought 6 papers only 2 get home and have the same coupons as I received last week in the mail.

I didn’t get it either

I didn’t get any either. It sucks when you are looking forward to the coupons and they aren’t in there!

Is this nationwide that there will be 2 of each in the paper?

I hope I get all four inserts! Seems like I don’t ever get the same amount as everyone else.

Is the $3 off coupon for Nivea only for the Mens body wash? Can I use for the other Nivea body washes?

Kelly- I just tried linking on the links and they worked for me so maybe try it again and see if it pull them up.

Thanks I have updated! There are 2 of RP and 2 of SS. If you click on the links you will be able to view everything in each insert.

In Maine, I also got 2 Red Plum and 2 Smart Source.

There are actually 2 of each this weekend! 2 SS and 2RP

where is the nivea coupon? you sad is in this peaper.

The title says “Sunday coupon PREVIEW.” They are just listing a few coupons that will be included. Hope that helps!

I’m in DC and got 2 different Smartsource AND 2 different Redplum inserts from the Washington Post (mine come on Saturday)

The printable coupon database page isn’t loading. On both internet explorer and google chrome, both reporting errors on page. Plus I tried from both of my computers.