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7 thoughts on “Save $0.50 on Parkay Product”

I’m concerned about a deal printed on here about Bisquick. Your post under Albertson’s that says “Bisquick 20oz-$1.50” ends up being .50 with coupon doubled. On the only coupon I can find it says “save .50 on one when you buy 40 oz or larger.” I just wanted to know if this was a misprint or is it the 40 oz that’s $1.50 to start? Thanks so much for your help! I’m a newbie :)

Kroger has a coupon you can load onto your kroger card for free eggs with the purchase of 2 Parkay butters. They are 10/$10 this week, so with this coupon doubled that’s FREE BUTTER and FREE EGGS!! Thanks!!

is this deal still going ?

My Kroger in TN had this on sale this weekend for $1.00, and I had my .50cent off coupon, which they doubled also, making this free!

Here in Louisiana Brookshires is running Parkay stick butter on for 1.oo this coupon will double making it free!!!

I have a B1 G1 free Gillette Bodywash, I also have a $1 off coupon for Gillette ProSeries Skin Care Product, can I use them together?

it depends on how your BOGO coupon is coded. the numbers beneath the barcode end in “01” then it will only attach to one of the two items, thus, allowing you to use the 1.00/1 on the other item. if it ends in “14” then it attaches to both items.

your stores coupon policy will also tell you if THEY allow a $$ off coupon on a free product. (or any coupon for that matter).