I got an amazing deal at Target!

4-boxes of Ritz Crackerfulls
2-2oz of KY
3-5 count Allegra meds
4-Degree deodorants

Under $1.50!!

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41 thoughts on “Under $1.50!”

  1. Debbie says:

    I don’t understand how on the show they can use so many coupons in one transaction. On alot of these coupons it says only 4 per transaction. I am new to this so maybe I don’t unerstand yet. But, I am happy so far with my savings even though they are only about 30-40%. :)

  2. Laura Wyzykowski says:

    Wow. I am upset. I am a newbie at coupons and after seeing the extreme couponing show I was amazed at what was saved! But now I know why. I feel mislead by the show. It does appear to me that fraud was involved. Like they say, if it is too good to be true it often is! It is upsetting that they had to go to such extremes to show some savings. It leaves me wondering if coupons are worth it in the end. Right now I shop at Aldi’s and they have great prices, but not much for produce or deli. And I dont have to work at it all week. How do you justify the coupon savings vs. generic savings at a superdiscount store? Is it worth my time, really? I would love to hear some of your ideas.

    • Bob F says:

      I agree to an extent. The shopping they do at the store and wipeout shelves of product is wrong. Taking 30 hours is also crazy but if this is what the people do for a living good for them. I like the Krazy coupon lady as she tends to keep it all under control. Nathan and the rest are just too much to the point is an embarassment. Going to my l;ocal store coupons planned out in an hour or less and save 60% is good enough for me. Would you agree?

  3. lisa brown says:

    please help me! I registered and I can not figure out how to edit my profile. I need to fix my avitar and fix a spelling error. I can not find an edit button any where.

  4. Kristin says:

    Kristen do a search on the internet for Coupon Fraud Extreme Coupon and read all the articles that are surfacing about J’amie the lady that wore purple on the show and bout all that mustard. Well she used coupon fraud on the show for her entire purchase and was busted for it. (its under investigation as we speak.) She used what is called coupon decoding. which is actually tought in the The Krazy Coupon ladies book. Which is shocking to me. read the articles and you will see what coupon decoding is. It is not legal from what I just found out of the past few days. Being new to couponing I am glad that I am learning what is right and what is wrong quickly so I dont get in trouble or STEAL like J’amie did

    • Laura Wyzykowski says:

      Maybe soon we will see Jamie on “I almost got away with it!” :)

      I went and read the article and I have to say it doesnt look good for her. It seems like an addiction she has to extreme shoplifting. I wonder why though the store was not on to her since she was using a million coupons and getting so much for free. Did they allow her to committ fraud on purpose for the show? Did they get paid back by the show? Just wondering… what do you guys think. It sure seems to me that the store was acitng negligently by not checking the coupons more closely.

  5. Teresa says:

    Yeah, I have to say I enjoyed couponing even though it took me forever to get my binder organized. I feel like I helped contribute to my families grocery budget until the extreme couponing show. This craze has made it so difficult for me to get the savings I was getting. With gas prices so high and now grocery store limiting the qty you can buy, ridiculous! I guess one man’s fortune is another’s misfortune.

  6. Kristen says:

    What is the decoding method? I’ve never heard that term before.

  7. Kristin says:

    I have to say something. I love this website and all that I get from it. but I have to say one thing with all this extreme coupining fraud that is being talked about. In the book from The Krazy Coupon ladies they teach you how to decode and dont tell you that it is fraud. I used there decoding method to buy cereal a few weeks ago and now I see that I was tought to fraud. I do not appreciate that. I think these women are great and are teaching us alot and are helping me and my family who are really down and out right now. But to see that I could of gotten in trouble or possibly when to jail at some point if I continued to do the decoding thing. When all I was doing was something that someone else teaches me to do from their book is shocking to me. Any thoughts.

    • Brandi says:

      I JUST finished reading their book so it’s still fresh in my brain. They show you how the codes work so you can match things up if you are questioning if the product matches the coupon. They NEVER condone the practice of decoding for coupon fraud and multiple times encourage the reader to be honest in their couponing. In fact, at the beginning of the section where they break down the anatomy of the coupon (Titled “Grey’s Coupon Anatomy” it says “Misuse of this information or efforts to circumvent the computerized scanner constitute fraudulent coupon use.” So to say they never informed you of fraud in the book is actually not true.

  8. Kim says:

    Got the target coupon for $2/1 allegra but the manufacturers coupon for $4/1 says you can only use it with 30 or 45 ct. How did you get allegra for free?

  9. Alexandra says:

    How did you stack the Allegra coupon, it says on the coupon it cannot be combined with any other coupon?

  10. Amber says:

    I don’t know…. i went to my Target yesterday and The Crackerfulls were not on sale :-( That was in vancouver, WA I was frustrated yesterday because I went to all the stores and didn’t really find any of the deals that everyone has been bragging about. I am very new to this and am just learning. Hopefully I will get better at this. Right now it is hard because I live in a rural area. closest walgreens is a 30 minute drive one way and walmart & target are at least an hour one way so… I have to plan my trips carefully :-) Thank you for all of the tips! You all are Awesome!!!

    • Angela says:

      Hang in there. I am in Portland, Oregon so not far from you. I have only been doing this for about 2 months. It gets easier. You will run into good checkers and not so nice checkers. Take your stores coupon policy with you and make sure you read the fine print on the coupons and follow it. I have dealt with checkers that make me want to give up but I see how much stuff I have gotten for really cheap and free and it makes it worth it. For me it has been a crash and burn experience. is a good website to check into. They are based out of the North West. So they will have local prices/stores to the best of their ability. I hope this helps.

  11. Tonya F. says:

    Okay, I am in love with the Crackefulls and I have $1 off coupons. I checked everywhere, then called the manufacture, they said there is no $1.50 off coupon for crackefull. So PLEASE let me know where you got that coupon because I want it!

    • No $1.50 coupon?! Mine came in the Sunday Washington Post!

    • dieburnbot says:

      You’re not alone. I’m in the San Francisco bay area and the San Francisco chronicle only has a 1.00 off as well. I think the 1.50 off might be regional or something. Raley’s (if you have one near you) has them on sale for 2.00 this week, so if you really love them I think 1.00 for them isn’t too bad. :)

      • louise says:

        In Texas it was $1/1. There was a free tasting at Albertson’s giving away $1/1 coupons. Unfortunately they were priced at $3.50 per box. Will patiently wait for a better deal ;-)

    • Mel says:

      I live in Tampa FL. The $1.50 crackerfuls were in the 4/17 ss. Winn Dixie had them bogo $3.59 this past week. Got 10 thirty cents each.

  12. sherri says:

    ok im so excited. At cvs they had kids aquafresh toothpaste on sale 5/5 i had a dollar off coupon for each which made them FREE. had 3$ off on bic advanced 4 pac razors at walmart they were on sale for 3 so i got them free at walmart had a 3$ off coupon for splenda 80count they were 3.98 i pd .98 a piece yeah!!!

  13. kay says:

    A Safeway checker didn’t want to take my 2nd manf. coupon. I bought 4 packages of breakfast sausage, used the store “super coupon” and then tried to use 2 1.00/2 Manf. coupons. She held on to the 2nd coupon and said that I couldn’t use 2 per purchase (she actually used the word that she couldn’t “double” it???). She said that it wouldn’t even ring through the cash register. I told her that I always used multiple coupons and always purchased the required amounts. I asked her if she could try it anyway, she did and of course it DID ring through. After I got home, I realized that she did this with another item that I bought 2 of and she didn’t even give me back the valid coupon or even mention it.

    I worked at a grocery store while in college and we had many hours of training before hitting the floor. This makes me wonder what in the world is going on out there in grocery land.

    I was pretty upset when I left the store and considered calling corporate, but with jobs as hard to get as they are, I didn’t want her to lose her job. Her attitude was that she was teaching me a “lesson” and that I was a slow weird old lady. I am 50 and have an MBA – she was about 18. Ah, youth!

  14. chandra says:

    I have a ? all of the coupons that i print off the internet say limit one coupon per purchase. so how can you use a target coupon printed off the internet with a manufacturers coupon?

  15. Tricia says:

    If you go to walmart you can use the kotex U thin liners coupon on the smallest size box wich is $1.24 so with the $1.00 off coupon you get them for .24 cents each. We also used the bogo coupon on the airwick bathroom spay at walmart they were regulary priced at .97 each so we got 12 can for about .48 cents each. All coupons were from 4/17 inserts. We just started this week and we are already hooked!!

    • Brandi says:

      Rite Aide has the airwick this week B1G1 free… so stacked with the B1G1 free coupins I got 4 free

  16. Jessica Brown says:

    When I went to Target today to purchase the degree, they told me that the coupon said “One per purchase” which meant I could only use one coupon per transaction. I calmly explained that was what it meant if it said one per transaction NOT purchase. One per purchase means I can use one coupon per item. She eventually called over a manager who said the same thing as her. So I told her to ring them up separately and she told me she can’t double manufacturer coupons. I explained there is no doubling going on as I had 11 manufacturer coupons and 11 thing of deodorant. UGH!!!!! I left without them and I was LIVID!

    • shana says:

      I had the same thing happen at my Target last week (Fairview, OR). I called the corporate office the next day. It took talking to a supervisor there, but they said I was right and called the store to explain it to them. They also told me that I could call them from the store if there was a problem again and they gave me a case reference number so we wouldn’t have to start from the beginning again. Be persistent, it’s worth it – for vindication and your fellow couponers:) Good luck!

      • Sonya says:

        Shana, the very same thing happened to me. I DID go to the store and I DID have them call the number. After a telephone conference, the manager informed me that they stand by the limit. He said that even though they are a chain, each store has the authority to limit coupons as they wish. End of story — a sad, sad story. Call around though. I found another Target that does allow me to use all the coupons I want. It’s worth the longer drive.

  17. Keiko says:

    What is the stock up or buy price for U by Kotex pads?
    CVS ad has 2(14-18 ct) for $7 and I have 2 $1/1 (2 for $5)is this a good deal?

    newbie Krazy

  18. Umm this was my picture, but it says it’s posted by Amber???

  19. h sandifer says:

    what region are you in? i have coupons for these crackerfuls but have found them to be pretty pricey in south louisiana

  20. JAMES says:

    amber which coupons did you use? thanks!

  21. AMY says:

    Hello,\yes please let us know what coupons and where you found them…

  22. laura says:

    hi! nicole can you tell us what coupons you use.

    • ok here’s the coupon break down:

      $3/1 KY (they were only $2.68 a piece so they were free)

      $1.50/1 Ritz Crackerfulls (on sale for $2 a piece, so they were $0.50/box)

      I stacked a $1/1 manufacturer coupon with a $1/1 Target coupon for Degree ($1.97 a piece so they were free)

      Stacked $5/1 manufacture coupon & $2/1 target coupon for Allegra ($6.78 a piece so they were free)

      • AMY says:


      • jenni says:

        two targets in our area now are only excepting one manufac coupon and one target coupon per checkout due to the extreme couponing show

      • Candice says:

        I am afraid that many stores will start to do the same thing if too many people jump on board…I hate to sound selfish, but I worry that there will be a huge short term rise, everyone will change policies, and then most people will quit because it is more time consuming than they thought, but we will still suffer the consequences.

    • jamey says:

      newbie here.. i have a coup for b1g1 head and shoulders and another for 2.00 off.. can i use both of those ?

      • Bob F says:

        should not be an issue in most stores. The bogo can be stacked as long as its not for an item on bogo and you get both free anyways.