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Free Nivea Lip Balm at Safeway!


WooHoo!  Use the $2.00 off 2 Nivea Lip Care Products coupon to get 2 free Lip Balms for free at Safeway this week!  It’s on sale for $0.99!

Buy 2 Nivea Kiss of Moisture spf 4 Lip Care $0.99
$2.00/2 – Nivea Lip Care products – (
Final Price: Free when you buy 2

Thanks, Anna

90 thoughts on “Free Nivea Lip Balm at Safeway!”

  1. Brandi

    Is this in the Weekly ad. I cant seem to find it. I have a genaurdis in my area. Usually I can find the same deals.

    1. Karen

      I can’t seem to find this on either.

      1. R.C

        I haven’t seen it on at all either, and I’m on every day. I love Nivea lip care stuff, so I would have definitely printed them. Oh well, maybe next time.

      2. Jodi

        I can’t find this coupon…I love Nivea..Oh well

    2. Celina

      1. Lori

        I can’t find this coupon either. :(

      2. Sweet thx!!!! :)

  2. Krista

    yay excited! when does the sale begin? :D

  3. AJ

    Does the Nivea Lip Balm deal end on Tuesday?

  4. Ramon Jose Rodriguez Maximilo Ponce De Leon Smith

    Believe it or not, if you look closely at the bottom end of the Nivea Lip Balm, you’ll notice that it has an expiration date. Therefore, I would suggest limiting your personal inventory to less than 1000. Afterall, any more than that would be ridiculous!

    1. Kim

      Oh Ramon…. did that snarkiness make you feel better about yourself?

      1. Ramon Jose Rodriguez Maximilo Ponce De Leon Smith


      2. Chas

        The dictionary defines “snarkiness” as “rudely sarcastic or snidely disrespectful”. Are we reading the same comment from Ramon? I thought that he cleverly used exaggeration to humorously make the practical point not to get too many lip balms for your stockpile in view of the fact that they have expiration dates and may spoil. If anyone was rude and/or disrespectful, it was clearly you! Perhaps your bombastic vocabulary would be better suited for posting a comment regarding the Stayfree deal at CVS this week, (at least until your hormones regain their balance), instead of using your venom to attack Ramon!

      3. Rochelle

        It’s alright Kim, I know how people like gang up on others, it’s best not to comment on negative comments.

        PS. My Nivea doesn’t expire until August of next year, so I’m sure my family of 1000 will use all of there’s by the summer of next year…better yet, they’ll be gone by in the end of the frigid winter.

      4. Chas

        Rochelle, are we living on the same planet???

  5. This deal is going on now! I don’t think it is in the ad. I just happened to find out from Anna and then double checked and sure enough I was able to get 4 for free! This price will end 5/1.

    1. Krista

      thank you! :)

  6. Katie

    I was very excited to go to my local Safeway in Crescent City, CA to find this deal. However, they do not carry the Nivea Lip products :( I was very sad…but something new will come along tomorrow!

  7. Jen

    Was going to Safeway tomorrow to buy my sunday papers. Will take my coupons with me when I go. TY!

    1. Nancy

      Jen, there will be no inserts tomorrow, FYI

  8. Jamie

    Hope they put them on sale somewhere else safeway here.

  9. Mary

    The new May issue of All*You magazine also has a $1 off Nivea lip balm coupon! So… you could get three free!

    1. Natalie

      Thanks Mary!

  10. Lauren

    I just got back from safe way… GREAT DEAL!!!!

    The older lady at the register tried to say I couldn’t use the coupon bc it was more than the items were worth but I spoke right up n she ended up making the coupon for the exact 1.98 that they were worth…. Yayyy

    Also got my week of frozen lunches for $1 each… Great savings!!

    1. Jen

      My cashier tried to do the same thing and I asked for the manager. He told me that he couldn’t do it either. I just sent an email to corporate with his name and that he doesn’t know the store’s coupon policy. (Of course I didn’t have it with me to show him :( )

  11. Vanessa

    Does any one know where I can get more coupons for it? A clipping service maybe?

  12. Andrea

    Hi I was wondering how long this was good for? I am visiting my boyfriend in MN from the 30th until the 7th was looking for some good deals while I am there (I live in Canada and couponing is NOT the same here lol)

  13. Shanna

    I ran to my local Safeway and they were clean out this morning!! I will have to pop back in each morning (next to my son’s daycare) to grab a few.

  14. Kendra

    No Nivea lip balm in Lane County, Oregon…bummed. Had 4 people trying to help me. They’ve never heard of the product. Guess we don’t get enough sun here :)

    1. Shannon

      I know the feeling!!!! I went to the one in Salem and nothing! How sad we Oregonians need soft lips too :(

      1. Gwen

        None at the 122nd/Powell store in Portland either. Said they *used* to carry it, but don’t anymore. :( Guess I’m SOL

  15. Nevada

    I just bought 2 of these yesterday at Target for $2.98 each :( BUT they did have bonus packs so instead of one, there were two in each pack!

  16. mel

    Where are you guys finding them? I looked at the registers and the face care/make up isle but I couldn’t find them :(

    1. Cheryl H

      i had 2 coupons, so i got $4 off. I found them in the make up aisle… I don’t have a Safeway here but have Tom Thumb and was so happy to get 4 of them this morning and included them in my kids Easter baskets. Love it when it’s free. I’m enjoying this so much!~ :)

  17. Tess

    YES! I found them at my genaudies. It was awkward to find in the shower gel aisle. I almost walked away but in the corner was the original Nivea Smoothness. I never go to our Genuardies bc the prices are so high, but i’m glad I did today.

  18. Emma

    Went to Vons in San Diego and they wouldn’t give it to me because the coupon value was greater than the items. I told them they could probably adjust the coupon or items and she didn’t want to. It’s her loss.

  19. Cristina

    Can anyone tell me if you were able to find the colored ones? The red or yellow ones? I’ve got the pink ones and the blues ones from a sale at riteaid awhile back. thanks

  20. Tina

    I was able to find Nivea at Safeway in Portland,OR. I had 2 coupons, so I was able to get 4 for free! They were located on the shampoo/lotion isle. Since they can’t give money back (.04) on the overage, they dontated the money to people with disabilities. What a great deal!

    1. Gwen

      Tina, which store? They don’t carry it at 122nd/Powell. :(

  21. This deal runs through May 1st. If you go to your Safeway and they are out then get a raincheck. When they have them back in stock the will honor the sale price.

    I only found them in the blue color. They were in the makeup and shampooo aisle.

    Don’t fret if your Safeway doesn’t have them I’m sure a deal will pop up at another store before they expire!

    1. nacole

      I went to three Vons in my city and they were all out of the lip balm. I asked if they gave rainchecks for items NOT printed in thier ads and they said no they cannot give rainchecks unless it is printed in thier ad. Is this right or are they wrong?

  22. Manuela

    I could not find the coupon on, did you guys use a certain Zip?

  23. Tatiana

    Where can I find the coupon? I searched through and can’t find it : (

    1. T

      i found the deal via my zipcode: 98501

  24. SDH

    I wasn’t able to find the coupon either!! NO!!!

  25. Tiffany

    I live in Northern Cali and I bought 5 Sunday papers yesterday. Not one of the papers had coupons in them. Did anyone else have that problem?

    1. Sylvia

      KCL & all the other bloggers had announced before the weekend that there would be no coupon inserts on Easter Sunday.

      1. Tiffany

        Oh ok thanks, I didn’t see that announcement.

    2. Kathy


      Just FYI, coupons are (almost/99%) never in a Sunday paper during a holiday weekend. So I don’t even bother buying the paper that weekend.

      1. Tiffany

        Kathy, thanks for the info. I am new at this.

  26. I just found you today, and I am excited. I printed this coupon out the other day on a whim. Now I will have to drive over to Von’s to find the lip balm. I forgot to pick up coffee at Target, so at least it will be worth the trip.

  27. caitie

    cannot find the coupon on!!!!!! whats up????

    1. jamie

      There on facebook under coupons

  28. Dani Clark

    My Safeway doesn’t carry Nivea chapstick. :( Couldn’t get the strawberry deal either.

  29. Sandra

    Caitie…try the 90210 zip code…I was able to print some out this morning using that zip. ??? Also, my safeway only had two nivea lip care items left. I was able to use my coupon and get .02 cents back. So, they paid me to take them out of the store..amazing. Does anyone know if walmart would match this price???

  30. kat

    I just tried 90210 zip and i cant find the coupon. Is it still there?

    1. lulu

      I was just looking for it and can’t find it either. I saw it yesterday, but I was out of ink in my printer.

  31. Rachele

    My Safeway doesn’t carry these :-( But since Wal Mart price matches, could I use it there? Would I need proof of that Safeway sales price? Can anyone explain how this might work? Thanks so much!

  32. Mandee

    Rachele…Walmart will only price match if it is in the ad. They won’t price match an in store sale. My DH is a manager and I’m a cashier. You don’t have to show the ad, but if the cashier has a question they need to be able to find it in their ad. (all registers should have ads on them…or at least available to them) I hope that helps.

  33. Rachele

    That helps VERY much to know, thank you so much :-)

  34. anna

    my 3-4 local safeways do not carry the lip balm anymore! I am so bummed. Anyone know of another store by zip code 22182 that might have this promotion?

  35. Beth

    Tried several zip codes on….. this coupon is not avail. :(

    1. Debbs Seattle

      goto Nivea facebook. as of 11 am pacific time on Wednesday.

  36. tristan

    I was able to get the coupons printed a few days ago but will be holding on to them in hopes that there will be a good deal around my area, I am from Alabama and no safeways around this area, if anyone hears of another location with a good deal like this let me know :) Loving the help i get from this site, I have saved so much money in the few weeks I have been doing this you guys are great!

  37. Went to the site for this coupon and there is no such coupon. Any suggestions?

    1. Debbs Seattle

      Just got posted up on facebook for $2/2 Q’s

      1. jamie

        have you had any luck finding the nivea on sale in the seattle area? i live in tacoma and i cannot find it on sale at all!

  38. Angie

    They are not on sale at my Safeway!

  39. Esther

    Went to 4 Safeways and each were cleaned out. Hooray for rain checks though!

    1. macole

      Did your store give you a raincheck? I went to a few Vons and they said they could not give me a raincheck because it was not printed in thier ad. Just curious. Thank you.

      1. Esther

        macole – Yes, my store gave me a rain check. They were really good about it. I wasn’t aware that to get a rain check, it has to be printed in the ad? I would look up their policy and challenge them.

  40. Karen

    I went to Tom Thumb today to use my coupons for the Nivea lip balm, and the cashier pulled out Safeway’s coupon policy and told me that the printable coupon would not scan because it was worth more than 52 percent of the product price. She said “That’s Safeway’s coupon policy.” Anyone else have this problem? I see many of you having success with this deal. It’s so frustrating to run across roadblocks!

  41. Michelle

    Does anyone know if this sale is still running?

  42. Jess

    Fred Meyer had them for $2.89 each. They had hang tag coupons for $2 off ONE Nivea lip balm. I grabbed a couple coupons hoping they go on sale before the hanging coupons expire in mid May. If they do go in sale they will either be free or really inexpensive.

  43. Arleen

    Do you guys think that they might go on sale at Walgreens, CVS or Rite aid

  44. Debbs Seattle

    Another $2/2 Q just popped up on Nivea FaceBook, so if you got your one now you can get 2 more on this.

  45. Robyn in ATX

    Anyone else having trouble with Randalls(Safeway affiliate) letting you use the coupons. I went to my Randalls tonight, and was told that they would not let me use my coupons, bc the amount the coupon would take off was for more than the price of the items. I have called corporate, and was told it was up to the “Store” Manager. The lady that told me “No” was a Customer Service Manager, not the Store manager. I have emailed corporate as well. I am looking forward to printing more off of Facebook, and calling the store manager in the morning!!! Uggghhh!!!

    1. Annie

      The Randalls in Cedar Park is the worst with coupons! One of the managers did not let me use a coupon because the item I was buying was not “pictured” on the coupon. Ugh! :(

  46. Nancy

    I’m in Southern CA – my Pavilions (Von’s Affiliate) has them at full price. Do some affiliate stores have different promotions?

  47. jEN

    I just scored this deal at my Safeway (even though most of the other prices did NOT match up….oh well). Ended up getting 6 for free and still have 3 coupons left…just didn’t know what I’d do with 12 lip balms! ha!

  48. Jamie

    I found my nivea coupon on facebook under coupons. ALSO i was wonder if anybody in washington has had luck finding the nivea on sale??? & what store?

    1. Kelsey

      They had a tag (sold out) on sale in downtown vancouver for them.. i got a raincheck

  49. Robbyn

    I got mine today at the Safeway in MD, but had to pay $.20 for taxes. Great deal!!

  50. I got 4 today for 8.25 cents each because of taxes. A great deal!

  51. Sarah

    I got 4 for free!!

  52. Jana

    I could not find at my Safeway, there weren’t any by the other chapsticks and lip balms.

  53. jenn

    I had to get a rain check and have the store do a special order. They finally came in and now they said I can’t use the sale price and my coupons. The manager told me that I can get them for free and they can’t pay me the 2 cent difference. I am upset since these were suppose to go in a huge care package to my husband and the people he is deployed with in the desert.

    1. Jenn

      I ended up calling Corporate and explaining what was going on. The lady was kind enough to call the Safeway store I was at and explain to him that I am mailing these to Iraq where my husband is for the next 5 months. I am making care packages for everyone in his shop and I can’t afford to spend $30 on one item. I as so thankful for her now all I need to find is sunscreen for cheap.

  54. Phil Bettencourt

    Well if your like me, you thought you missed this one completly. I checked our Safeway and they were not on sale, then Target and no go, WalMart and no go there either. Then out of the clear blue I looked up and there it was at Target, but it was a 2 pack for the price of a one $2.59

    Target Price
    Nivea Lip Balm, 2pk $2.59
    $2.00/1 – Nivea Lip Balm
    Pay $5.18
    Fianl Price $.80 each

    Well don’t you know then the Super WalMart has them

    Nivea Lip Balm, 2pk $2.47
    $2.00/1 – Nivea Lip Balm
    Pay $4.94
    Fianl Price $.74 each

    Now to get those Coupons and get over there and pick them up!!!!

    1. Phil Bettencourt

      Yes that was a type o

      it should have been $2.00/2

      Sorry :)

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