Have you checked your Kraft Taste First account lately? I did last week and found a coupon good for a dollar off Kraft Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philly. I just checked it again and voilà! a coupon good for a free Breakstone’s 100 Calorie Cottage Cheese Snacks!  If you’re not a member sign up here. It’s a great program that often offers free coupons to try new Kraft items.

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24 thoughts on “Check your Kraft Taste First Account!”

  1. Kelly-Edmondson says:

    Look under “Offer History” to see if you received something. Yes it seems the more you participate and go back after you receive an offer and take polls you will receive more.

    For those of you not getting any offers from the get go I would check your account settings. Try emailing Kraft Taste First to see what you need to do to receive offers

    • CJ says:

      I’ve emailed them several times. Once they said the coupons are totally random. Once they said it’s based on how much you participate. I check my account frequently, have answered all the surveys (although I dont see how they think you can rate a product if they dont give you coupons to try it) and have done everything else on the site I can find. I’ve been a member for almost 2 years and have never gotten a free coupon. Yet other people report getting a free coupon for almost every offer, and a lot of people seem to get a free coupon as soon as they sign up.

  2. Sara D says:

    All I had was a $1 off coupon.

  3. Mona says:

    thanks! I cked my account and I had a free product coupon!

  4. sue says:

    I got a $1 coupon not a free one, I’ve never received a free coupon and this is the first one for a money amount and I’ve been a member for a longggg time.

  5. Suzy says:

    No offers available for me either. I take all the surveys too just in case. What are we doing wrong?

  6. Marion says:

    $1 off coup

  7. janie says:

    I click on the offer and nothing happens…I do not like the Kraft web site at all…they need to make it easier to follow.

  8. Layla says:

    The only offer I have ever had was to take a survey. This one was on kreft with philli. cheese. No coupons?

  9. lori says:

    i just check this no offer or coupons currently. i have not receive my two other free product coupons. i just don’t understand why is it taking so long to get or not having the offer for cottage cheese.

  10. Sarah says:

    It is so weird because i never have any offers…. Is there something you have to do to get them? Like reviews or something. Just wondering because I’ve been a member for at least a couple months and never get any coupons.

    • carmen says:

      Sarah – if my memory serves me correctly, the offers are based on answers that you give them when you first sign up…

    • nicole says:

      I read somewhere the more you participate and use there site, the more offers you get. :)

  11. Theresa says:

    Mine had no offers at this time.

  12. Melinda says:

    I believe the term you’re looking for is “voilà” as opposed to “wa la.” Voilà means “there it is” (among other things) in French:


  13. Sara says:

    Mine wasn’t for a free one, it was only for $1 off.

  14. Katie says:

    This came up a few weeks ago for me, right around the time other people were getting free Kraft coupons. I was super excited, I love cottage cheese but it rarely goes on sale, at least around here.

  15. Brandy says:

    Got it! Thank you for the reminder to check my account!

  16. Kristina says:

    I signed up for this about 6 weeks ago but have received no coupons, offers, nothing. Where, in your account, do you find the offers?