How to Organize Your Coupons: Binder Method
Joanie and I LOVE to organize our coupons with a binder! I organize mine by date and Joanie organizes by category! You can print our Coupon Binder Category PDF for Free!
Enjoy the video!

Buy a Quality Binder

  • Invest up-front in trusted name brand binder
  • Use an office supply store coupon to lower out of pocket expense
    • Best time to buy: August and September at Back-to-School sales

Two Methods: By Date or By Category

  • By Category
    • More time up front, less time shopping
    • Smaller binder needed (2-3 inch)
  • By Date
    • Less time up front, more time getting ready to shop
    • Larger binder needed (5 inch)
      • Look for a binder with a crease to be able to expand if needed


  • By Date
    • Tab dividers to separate by week
    • Sheet protectors, 100+ pages
  • By Category
    • 9 pocket baseball sleeves. We recommend about 60 pages.
  • Pencil pouch
    • Small pair of scissors
    • Calculator to estimate total cost or figuring price per unit/ weight
    • Writing utensils

How to Start

  • Tear apart inserts at seams and stack like pages
  • Staple pages together

How to Organize

  • By Date
    • Write dates that insert came out on each page
    • Insert each page into its own sheet protector
      • Put junk ads back to back to save on space
  • By Category
    • Cut out each coupon from stapled pages
    • File coupons within categories
      • Print off binder categories from our free PDF download on
      • You can use tab dividers for each category for easier sorting
      • Sometimes coupons will need to be cropped or folded to fit

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It’s not working.

PDF not working

The PDF file isn’t working…….HELP!!!!!

Pdf file is not working, can you email me the pDF

The pdf file is not working says file not found

If I organize my binder by date, then how do I find clearance items in my binder? Do I need to make a spreadsheet? Thanks! Beth

If I organize my binder by date, then how do I find clearance items in my binder? Do I need to make a spreadsheet? Thanks! Beth

Amazing video! You guys are wonderful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. This has definitely been life changing. =)

Amazing video! You guys are wonderful and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. This has definitely been life changing. =)

I organize by category since I want to be able to find a coupon quickly in case I find a great deal not on my shopping lists. I start on couponmom and create my list then on to krazycouponlady to compare and tweak. I use a zippered binder with an accordian file on the inside left cover and a pocket on the right. I put the store ads, coupon policies in the accordian side. I put the shopping lists and the coupons I know I am using in the pocket. I clip all the coupons in the ads even the ones I know I will not use. I keep an envelope in the pocket addressed to Coups for Troops and put the coupons I will not use and those that have expired in the envelope. When it gets full I seal it and mail it. Commassaries on our military bases overseas allow our service men/women and their families to use expired coupons up to six months after expiration date.

Do they still do this for the troups? If so where do u mail them too?

This video was so helpful! Thanks for sharing it. :)

I am apparently really weird since I organize my binder alphabetically by brand and keep a spread sheet so I can quickly look up coupons if I see something while I am shopping. I also have a separate section for pets. Mine is a binder like the kids take to school, not an accordion binder, I use the plastic baseball card sheet protectors to slide the coupons in. Its super easy to just flip to F for folgers to see if I have a coupon if I see it somewhere on sale.

I also have a section in the back for each store I go to regularly, that I keep a copy of the coupon policies for that particular store, I also keep any up coupons or coupons specific to that store (although they all go on the master list alphabetically so I don’t forget about them) in that section.

I just started doing this three weeks ago and am currently averaging a savings of 43% on every grocery bill. I am so excited about this, this will ease our budget a bit and I have found I really like doing it lol!

I do stock pile a bit, I am aiming for a 6 month supply of things right now, I don’t really have room for more than that right now. Thanks so much for all the great information you have provided that got me going in the right direction!

This was SOOOOO helpful…I’m new to couponing, and right now I’m staring at my kitchen table a little overwhelmed with all of my cut out coupons. I think the category method is for me, thank you so much for taking the time to do this for a newbie like me! :)

I organize by category and put them in the pockets they are a little long but still allows me to se the other coupons above

What do you do with the printable coupons when you organize by date?

Hi i have a question, i recently started the coupon thing and its been great so far the only thing is that went im printing coupons it doing it in color and some of them waste a lot of ink How can I print black only I already set up my printer preferences to black but still is printing in color Help please

Up until about a month ago, I had my coupons organized in a spring folder by category. It was organized but somewhat time consuming at the store to shuffle through them. I wanted to start a binder but never got around to it until recently. I now have a beautifully organized binder by category and brand using baseball card sleeves. It saves me so much time at the store and I don’t leave home without it.

One thing I cannot get over is all the stares I get at the store. Especially at Target (my favorite store). Some people comment how organized I am. Others throw crass comments my way saying that I am wasting time and money on my “coupon games”. If only they knew how to use coupons properly, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge.

I am have no idea where to post this, but I am looking for HELP! Where can I find good coupon match-ups for MEijers in Louisville, KY? Does anyone know good websites? Thanks!

Thanks for the great video. I find it very helpful to help me set up a binder. I only been couponing for a week now and in that week I found a lot of coupons on the internet. Since last Sunday there werent any coupon inserts, I am really looking forward to see this Sunday’s. Right now I use an envelope and its really annoying going through the coupons with them sticking together. I hope a binder will help me.

Okay, so what I want an article written on (or even some HELP from your fellow readers!) is how to plan your shopping trips! I know how to look at the coupon matchups, and decide which ones I want. But I just dont know how to organize everything onto one page so that I know what coupons to use, and how many of each thing I need to buy. I’m tired of taking 15 minutes in every aisle to make sure I didn’t forget anything, or miss any deals!

If it matters, I use the binder by category method.

Someone, HELP me! :)

I start off at and make my list for each store and print them all out. Then I head over to The Krazy Coupon Lady and click on each store I have a list for and write at the bottom of the page all the deals that weren’t on and cross out any deals from that were better on KCL. Then I flip through the adds to see if there are any deals special to my area. Then I get all my coupons out for each store and put them in a baggie with the list and put all the baggies in my purse.

The category method works the best for me. I prefer doing this because I usually don’t have much time to make my shopping lists. I also use a zipper binder so that all of my couponing stuff is together and tidy. On Sunday I clip and file my coupons. (Using a desktop paper cutter makes cutting 6 newspapers worth of coupons super quick and easy.) I also make all of my shopping lists on Sunday. When I’m done, everything goes back into my binder. My binder goes everywhere with me, so if I’m out and have a chance to stop at a store I’m completely prepared. And I don’t miss any unadvertised or surprise deals. I have 2 kids under 3 and my husband is deployed, so I rarely have spare time throughout the week. So it’s easier for me to dedicate one day to preparing for the whole week.

I have a binder, but instead of baseball card holders, I use photo refill pages. I mark a letter, A-Z, on each pouch and then the month at the top… At the end there is usually a couple open, so I mark them with Catalinas or coupons that cover two products. When I am shopping it is so much easier to scroll through April and May and sometimes June coupons for A.. for Aveeno and see if I have any. I can fit a bunch in the refill pages too and if you get a lot and think they might spill out, then I just take a clip and close the end.

Thanks so much for the great information! I just started 2 weeks ago, and printed out the pdf to begin filing through category. I’m just starting to add coupons so it’s great to get it started and filed well in the beginning. Since I’m a newbie – I’ve found myself using the category method and then on Sunday coming up with my shopping list (which was very small anyway since I’m “testing” out coupons and seeing how RR and Catalinas all work. Normally, I’ll put my few coupons in an envelope for each store, as well as their coupon policy – so at the register I pull out coupons (and more chances than not – pull out their store policy). I have a feeling when I get experienced enough to start on major grocery trips, I’ll have pocket expandables with coupons already in hand. Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to take out the Big Binder in the store then – you won’t know what they’ll have on sale or peelies until you get in there – and that’s where our handy binders will really be useful. Thanks for all the information!

I use a zipper binder with 9 pouch baseball card holder sheet if I have same coupons put old one in front new one in back (expired first front) I have separated sections category plus sheet covers put extra in. I always try to help out next shopper specially if thy have an item I won’t use.I do this not only for my family for my job I work for a home agency helping my clients save money!

Man!! Am I the only one who has their binder organized alphabetically (by brand)?? I find this the easiest way to find what I need quickly. But I love reading what everyone else is doing too!

I also have many different kinds of pages in my binder. I have 1,2,4,6, and 9 pocket pages. I use them for all kinds of different purposes, and I love it!! I went to a local baseball card store to get mine. The baseball card store was also selling used 9 pocket sheets for just $.05 a piece!! Such a great score!

Nope, I do it too! I love doing it that way because it makes sense to my husband, so he can help me when I fall behind!

I must say that was a great informative video. I’ve learned a lot so far on couponing. I just recently started helping my parents cut coupons out. Infact I’ve learned so well that the other day I purchased two Iron Man action figures that were around 5 dollars clearanced and used two 3 dollar off coupons I got from and by doing that I saved myself a few bucks. My next plan is to buy a binder, baseball card holders, and category tabs. I have to say Heather I am amazed how you carry that behemoth binder of yours around lol. You must get a lot of exercise from carrying it around so much lol. Thanks for the helpful video Heather.

Just by trial and error I’ve started to do kind of a combination of both methods. I felt like I was wasting alot of time by clipping coupons for products that I don’t use, but at the same time, I wanted the coupons still on hand in case a great moneymaker came up, or I saw something on clearance. So now, what I do is I clip all the coupons I know I will use, even if the item wasn’t on sale. Then I just slide the weeks insert, organized by Smartsource or Redplum with a sticky note with the date, into a full page sheet protector at the very front of all my categories. Its working for me so far, but I do have to admit my binder is kind of busting at the seams and I have a 5in! Oh…and I just started about a month ago! I just think so much of this is working out the kinks in finding the method that works for you. Just like the categories I use. I started out with Joanie’s list, then I found myself removing a few categories and adding a few that worked better for my shopping habits.

Here’s a great tip if you find yourself changing the names of your categories: I had bought the category dividers that are just plastic and you write the category on them with a sharpie. Well, instead of then putting a sticker on the tab of the ones I changed, I just used a cotton ball with a little nailpolish remover on it to remove the permanant marker. Works like a charm!

My husband and I have been waiting for the chance to get out and get my binder..until he found the perfect solution at home…a dvd/cd binder. It’s a super sturdy binder and the slots are the size of a dvd; so to me it’ll be easier to slide cpns in and if i have a store and manufacture cpns, i can put them side by side in the same pocket.

I see that a good idea to use a CD binder to a certain point until I would need to add more pages. I have two CD binders and I know you cant add more pages to them.

I have used the category-method, ad found it hard to have the time to clip and file all of those coupons!! I never thought of separating by page, stapling, and clipping. I switched to the date method, but again never though of separating by page. Love the tips, and all of the deals!!

Stapling the pages together…Genius! I never thought of that either, and I cannot tel you how many times I’ve gone to cut a stack of the same coupon and somehow, no matter how hard I hold those things they always seem to shift and I end up shearing off part of the bar codes or expiration dates. I will have my stapler on hand from now on, for sure!

I bought the business card sleeves instead of the baseball card ones. They open in the center and I slit the top of each pocket open with my scissors so that it is like a flap. Catalinas and printables fit in there really well because you can use two pockets across to hold one long coupon and you don’t have to trim or fold them.

OMG! i just got 4 packs of the baseball card holders for a dollar each at DOLLAR TREE! if you have one near you call or go check it out so instead of paying $5 at target if you can find them (which i didnt) i just found them for a dollar so the same amount you get at target for $5 you can get for $3 at the DOLLAR TREE! so happy

Thank-you Heather for the great video! I will using my Staples HP Paper Rebate to get my binder :)

I use the Hybrid.. I have inserts in the back and cut coupons up front and a spread sheet yes I’m uber odd lol :)

I have a night job were I get plenty of time to organize :)

I use a combination of these two methods. I started out with categories but got really far behind clipping, so I started the date method. The problem with that was that I was missing coupons. I’m very visual and really don’t like having to go to a database before every shopping trip. So, now I do both. When I first get the inserts, I sort them and file then in a binder by date. As I have time, I clip and put them in my category binder. It also keeps everything neat and tidy. It may sound like more effort and time, but it really works for me.

I just had to transfer all my coupons from my old system (an accordian style folder shoved inside a makeup clutch with all the ad’s and booklets) to a binder. I got most of my page protectors off amazon using swagbucks credits (hehe) and bought the one’s that got me a total of two extra months of free prime shipping with amazon mom.

I did get the 9 pocket pages, and I also bought 4 pocket “curreny” pages. These are WONDERFUL for the catagory method. no folding required for the larger coupons and TEARPADS. I also had a bunch of full page protectors from back when I was in college and my scrapbooking days (man I need to work on that …). I also found an old zipper binder in my college backpack (yeah, 4 years later and it still has my books in it lol!)

thanks for the video, it was informative. All though I will tell you this, I was about to go INSANE putting everything in my new system. It took almost 8 hours, but completely worth it (I had 3 copies of the 4 insert paper and didn’t put away the weeks before that either, so I was behind anyways). Be prepared to put in the time for either method. (although my time was split chasing my coupon loving toddler snatching them off the kitchen table!)

Help! The video is not showing up for me. I see the title of the post but the screen is blank where the video should be. Any ideas what’s going on?

A couple of other things that might help for those using the Category method for their binders. I cut out pieces of colored construction paper to put in all of my binder pockets so that I could put coupons on both sides – and it greatly helps to break up the pages in the binder – you cannot see the other coupons through the clear pages. This took awhile since they pretty much need to be the same size as the pocket, but is WELL worth it.
Also – you can find web sites that sell different size inserts. I use 8 pocket inserts and to me they are MUCH better than the 9 pocket ones – I found them on Mom Saves online.

Ordering from MomSaves is quite pricy so I got my 100 pages of 8 pockets from Amazon instead ($20 incl. shipping).

But I do give her the credit for giving me the idea of trying 8 pockets. I didn’t even know 8 pocket existed. I love my binder and am very proud of it. It’s so easy to use. I have the bad habit of looking at what others are buying so I can offer them free coupons. With my coupons organized in categories it usually take less than 10 seconds from the time I spot a product to the time I pull out the right coupon(s).

Eight (8) pocket baseball pages are WAY better!

I personally would not recommand, nor would I ever go back to, the 9 pocket baseball pages! All the cutting, trimming and re-trimming totally take out the fun in couponing!

I bought Ultra-Pro brand 8 pocket pages from, 100 pages for about $20 shipped. Each pocket is 2 3/4 inch in height and 3 1/2 inch in width, so I no longer have to fold most coupons. And with the printable coupons, I simply fold them in half! Pockets opens on top (on the wider, 3 1/2 inch side) so it’s super easy to put in and take out coupons, and easy to stuff multiple (10+) coupons in each pocket. I use 3 inch binder with zippers (Case-It brand with sJust thought that those sick and tired of 9 pockets should be aware of the options.
houlder straps), which now holds about 80 pages. This works perfect for me as I get lots of coupons from dumpster diving.

SORRY! Re-writing the last paragraph:

…I bought Ultra-Pro brand 8 pocket pages from, 100 pages for about $20 shipped. Each pocket is 2 3/4 inch in height and 3 1/2 inch in width, so I no longer have to fold most coupons. And with the printable coupons, I simply fold them in half! Pockets opens on top (on the wider, 3 1/2 inch side) so it’s super easy to put in and take out coupons, and easy to stuff multiple (10+) coupons in each pocket. I use 3 inch binder with zippers (Case-It brand with shoulder straps), which now holds about 80 pages. This works perfect for me as I get lots of coupons from dumpster diving.

Just thought that those sick and tired of 9 pockets should be aware of the options.

I love the video…my question is how in the world do you only get a 2 or 3 inch binder (like Joanie’s) if you are getting six sunday newspapers…I have only been couponging for three months but when I started I followed your instructions hence getting the six sunday newspapers…but my problem is my binder is five inches! Like Heather’s, except I am using the category method…and it’s not full of expired coupons either…I go through it about every week as I am putting my new coupons in and take expired ones out! Help! I have yet to find a “good” bag big enough to lug this thing around in but wouldn’t dare leave home without it???? Any suggestions??

The same thing happened to me. I finally purchased a second binder. One has food items (ending with candy) and the second has household and personal items (starting with Reynolds/ziploc).

On a fluke I put my binder in a reusable market bag and to my surprise worked perfect. Handles are long enough to carry over my shoulder and is sturdy enough to lug around my lil giant.

I also use the category method with the 8 pocket baseball card holders. I also put printable coupons from stores like target into each category and if they are stackable, then I put them in the same holder as the MC. This is so much easier for me. I clip at night when kids are in bed as I do not have time to clip much in the store. When I go to CVS or Wags I usually know what I am going in for, so I will pull those coupons out and place them in my small accordian folder in my purse and leave my binder in the car. But if I run across an awesome deal, my binder is just in the car. It does take trial and error to see what works for each individual. I cannot imagine trying to sort through the folder that is set up by date. I have a terrible memory and would not be able to rememeber on the spot which month or insert a coupon came out. I would just have to miss that deal.

Hi Vee,

We’re doing exactly the same thing! (see comment below) 8 pocket inserts in the big binder, and small accordian for Wags and CVS! Ha ha! I do have to run back to my car to grab more coupons a few times but it’s better than having to make another trip back to the store.

I really tried the binder method but being very ADHD I just couldn’t sit long enough to file all those coupons in those baseball card pockets! I now use and a few other online sources such as this blog to do my sale/coupon match-ups to show me exactly which coupons I need each week. I then clip what I need from the newspaper insert that is filed by date. This is soooo much easier than lugging around a huge binder and I don’t spend forever trying to get all those coupons filed away under the correct categories! There is only one drawback. You will not have your binder with you if you come across a deal and need a particular coupon. Personally, I don’t stress about this. Most of the time, the deal is still there when I come back. If not, oh well, it’s worth it not to carry around 20 pounds of coupons daily! With all of this being said, whatever method works to save YOU the most money, go for it!!

The accordian method works best for me (not clipping the coupons and filing them by insert date)…no time for this tedious binder stuff…and I still save as much as everyone else!!! :)

I like the category method. My sister and I shop with out binders b/c I have been into a store and find something on sale that wasnt advertised and not have the book with my coupons in it. But still like to hear how others are doing things :)

I organize my binder by category, and I also have some blank pockets for Catalinas. Some other things I found helpful to keep in my binder include: 1) Post-It Flags — use these to mark items I want to price comp at Wal-Mart! 2) My binder is the zip type binder (keeps coupons from falling out, and it has four little pockets on the inside front cover. I have labels for these a) Walgreen — I keep my WAGS monthly coupon booklet in there, b) Target, c) Wal-Mart, and d) miscellanous (I use this for whatever other store I might visit this week(CVS, Kroger, K-Mart). I organize my shopping list by store, and clip the coupons together in the store’s pocket. That way, when I’m at Target, I have all my Target coupons together with my list AND all my other coupons too (you NEVER know when you’ll find a great deal!. In the back of my binder, I keep scrap paper (from Internet coupon leftovers) to make my lists for various stores, large coupon books — like the WAGS Spring Beauty Guide, and any information about rebates I am waiting on. I love, love, love this binder. It has a mesh pencil pouch in the front (keep my calculator, paper clips, Post-It Flags there) and I added another pencil pouch (pencils, scissors, & highlighters — again, for price comparison). I am enjoying couponing because I am so organized!

I would like to know what I can do to get a coupon from a Facebook item.
I don’t belong to Facebook and really don’t want anything to do with Facebook. Why do some companies only give out coupons that way? Not fair to us that aren’t Facebook sauvy.

I ended up setting up a facebook account just for coupons. I didn’t put in any personal profile info. It is there just for me to “like” a product and get the coupon. I have no friends (LOL) connected with the account.

I did not know you could set up a facebook account without putting any personal information.

I actually used my middle name and maiden name so ppl wouldn’t search for me. My e-mail account allows me to set up alias e-mail account names attached to my regular e-mail account. So, that’s the only personal info my facebook acct has.

I have a Facebook just for coupons! You can put in any name you want, so just make up something. My husband and I don’t like Facebook because of the ease of getting into trouble with exes or something of that nature. I would rather have a solid relationship with Hubby than fight over Facebook drama all the time! But I do have the one just for coupons and I don’t even have any friends on it, lol!

i got everything for my binder including the binder at goodwill…only cost me 99cents! love the simplicity of this..i was just using an envelope and having to look through all my coupns to find the ones i needed! thanks for all the tips!

Thanks for the video :) Did you know you can get binders, scissors, pencil bags, etc free at any waste not center? I get about 150 avery binders (in all sizes) free every year for my classroom. They are usually brand new. Whenever I see people buying that stuff it makes me cringe, lol.

What is a waste not?

I divide by category, so the date binder seems like a mess! If you’re in store, and decide you need eggs… how would you find the coupon? As much as I coupon for specific items, if I see the eggs and realize we need those, I wouldn’t want to flip through that.

Thanks for the video. I tried to organize my binder by date & I found it harder. I switched to categories & its easier for me. Yes, it is time consuming to cut & insert in the binder but I do that when the kids are in bed & I am watching TV. I find that having my binder with me when I shop, I find more savings. Just yesterday alone, I was at Walgreens & saw a Bic Disposable Razor on clearance for $1.29 & happen to have a coupon for $2.00 off….I got it for FREE! If I didn’t have my binder with me, I would have missed out on that deal. Just something to think about for those that pull out their coupons based on their list.

I file alphabetically by brand. I use A-Z tabs and baseball card holders. I also like filing all my store coupons with everything else so that I know when I have a stack! It takes a lot of work up front, but I have everything with me when I go shopping. I have a 5 inch binder now (started with a 2 inch in January and it got too small too fast!) and while it’s heavy (my husband nicknamed it bohemeth) I have been able to score some awesome deals on clearance finds!

When you organize by date what are you putting on the tab dividers? It says to use the tabs to organize by week. What exactly does that mean????

I use downloaded pdf from this website to put all my coupons in catagories. then at the back of my binder I have a printed paper with like albertsons, one for target, basically one for each store I go to, in its own plastic protector sheet. so each week I make a list in a spiral notebook for what I am going to get at each store, then I pull the coupons out that I am using and slide them into the protector sheet labled with the store I am using them at. plus behind each store protector sheet I have more baseball card sheets for catalinas, and store specific coupons. works great!

I actually organized my binder alphabetically. I used A-Z tabs (from Walmart) and I can easily find “Huggies” coupons under “H” and “Covergirl” coupons under “C” for example. I LOVE it. :)

Awesome idea! From years of working in an office, I’m used to filing things alphabetically. I would like to try the binder system but I don’t know that categories would work. Alphabetically may work for me!

I’m new to couponing and I’ve found a slightly different way to organize that is really easy. I organize my coupons alphabetically by brand name. I also have a section for restaurants and stores that have their own coupons. When I make my shopping list I go through and pull the coupons out and put them into the store section. So if I’m going to Walgreens I’ll put all the coupons I need in the Walgreens section and I’m ready to go once I get there.

That sounds exactly like how I organize mine. I have a 4×6 accordion file that I added alphabetical inserts to. I file everything alphabetically by name brand (if it’s a get x free with purchase of y, I put it in whichever brand/product I’m more likely to want to buy). I also separate out the individual store coupons with my primary stores (Albertsons, Walgreens, Target, CVS, and Walmart). I also have one extra pocket in front for miscellaneous ones like ToysRUs or the craft store, and if I’m flipping through and find a coupon that expires in the upcoming week that I don’t want to forget about I’ll move it up to the front section.

Thanks for the video! I love watching the videos. They really help!

THANKS for posting this. You would laugh at my coupon set up. it involves paperclips. Need I say more?

I have mine in an accordion file by category and then paperclipped by sub-category, and I love my system! I don’t claim to be an extreme couponer, though. I only get one paper and only spend 2 hours per week maximum cutting, organizing, looking for deals, and shopping. If you don’t have the incredible volume of coupons that hardcore couponers have, paperclips work just fine!

Paper clips are a must for my coupon organiztion. First I put all the same pages together like in the video. Then I staple them together. I got a really nice stapler from Staples with a rebate. Then I put a paper clip on each coupon. My husbands cuts them all out for me with a giant paper cutter and throws all the paper clipped coupons into a big pile. I then sort out the coupons into piles of categories. That way I’m not wasting time flipping back and forth through my binder to find the category for each individual coupon. I also have tabs on my binder for each category so I can always flip right to what I’m looking for. I can’t imagine using my binder with out those! Why only use those for the date method? Then I put a few of each coupon into my binder and the rest stay in the paper clip and get put in my filing cabinet in a folder under the corresponding category. That way it is so easy to find each coupon and if a store decides to do a triple coupon day I am so prepared because all my coupons are clipped and ready to go. I also use the paper clips in my binder if a coupon keeps falling out. The only downside is my two year old keeps getting into my stash of paper clips and I am finding them all over the house. lol. At first I was only cutting a few of each coupon and keeping the rest stored away as whole inserts but that slows me down when I am planning my shopping trips. It really doesn’t take much longer to cut all the coupons. Well the giant paper cutter that can cut through 400 sheets of paper at once helps quite a bit. It was only $100 online plus free shipping. It has saved us so much time. And I find the more organized and prepared ahead of time the more I save. And my binder zips shut and has a big strap so I can carry it like a purse. Keeps my hands free for my two year old.

I use a hybrid method. The coupons I know I will use I clip and put in the catogory method by expiration month and the ones that are left in the insert I save in a file with the date written on the front of the insert, this way if a super deal comes up I can go and get the coupon that I did not clip.

This is what I do as well. I cut coupon I need and instead of a big binder I have 2 2-up photo albums; 1 for food and items I generally buy at the grocery and the other for items I generally buy at CVS. The photo albums are a bit easier to manipulate in the store. I also have a plastic folder with pockets organized by store. The rest of the inserts get filed just in case I read about a great deal.

I really like this idea! Right now, I have many coupons in my binder I pretty much know I’ll never use. UNLESS….I get those items for free! I hate to throw any coupons away, so I think I’ll give this method a try. Thanks for sharing.

By category works best for me. I know the Walgreens ad has razors on sale so I flip right to the Shaving section. Bam! There it all is. By date would confuse me because wouldn’t you have to flip thru each page in case there was a coupon from a month ago that you could use better? And just the thought of lugging that huge monster with me would make me give up on coupon’ing too easy. It’s interesting how different ppl can be and yet it all works for them! I liked this video thank you!

You print the coupon list from and it tells you which insert and week to get the Q you need! But I didn’t print it right away and I have had to stand there and look, or call my husband and make him look online for me!

Wish I would have seen this video before last night. LOL finally got my baseball card inserts from Amazon and went through about 21 packets last night and put into my binder (category style) so it was a LOT of clipping and folding to fit. But I like that better, I have 3 young kids and have no time to sit and clip coupons in the store if I find something last minute. I’d rather get it all cut on a Sunday night when they are all in bed. I never thought to rip out each page individually like she showed here and stampling together. That would have saved some major time. Well I know for next time :) Now I just need to buy a really nice binder….I’m using a photo album 3 ring binder right now till I get a better one.


wait till the after school bargains are out and you can get a really nice binder(even one that zippers closed) for cheap!! get any thing you need then , that is the BEST time to do that kind of shopping!!


I use the category organization and I love it – I used to be the accordian file and that was a nightmare, the coupon binder download forms were great! thank you

i store my internet coupons or large coupons behind the page for that category :)

from an new couponer….what is a “catalina?”

I had the same ? a while ago. Helen its the coupons that are printed at the register when you check out.

Catalina coupon machines located at register, dispense long receipt-like coupons that may be used on a future purchase. Catalinas, refer to the coupons themselves which may be manufacturer or store coupons. Some Catalina coupons are advertised and some are generated based on consumer behavior.
You will get a Catalina printed out after you do an advertised transaction. It is a coupon for $_.__ off your *next* shopping trip at that store. They usually expire 2 weeks from the day you do your transaction.
I like to use my Catalinas for buying things like produce (stuff that you don’t usually have coupons for).
It cannot be counted toward the purchase of things like alcohol, tobacco, lotto, gift cards, etc.

hi, a “CATALINA” is a free coupon that your store will print out at the end of your transaction. it could be for anything. used anywhere**usless it states it for a specific store**

(hope this helps)

I used the category binder method for 2 years and it was really hard to keep up with. I never shopped with my binder anyway because I knew which coupons I was going to use ahead of time ( I pull them out to keep in a small accordion pouch that I always keep in my purse, organized by store and a few categories of things that are always on sale, like produce, perishables and baby products, and high value coupons that I know I’ll use before they expire) and I always have my kids with me so it wasn’t practical.
Now I keep a filing cabinet by my computer desk and in hanging file folders throw the inserts by date and publication. On the tab I’ll write the date written in either blue (SS) red (RP) purple(P&G) or green (general Mills). It’s so so so much easier this way, especially because I’m always getting inserts for various dates. I highly, highly recommend this way. When I see a coupon to use, I can easily cut it and place it in my coupon holder that stays in my purse. Catalinas I keep with the store they go under in my little coupon holder, as well as internet printables, because I don’t print coupons until I am going to be using them.

where did you get the accordian pouch? :)

Target dollar section!

I have the same question as Heidi. I have a ton of internet coupons and catalinas that I have no clue how to organize.

A suggestion: Buy yourself those three ring hole punchers for the internet coupons so you can cut them out when you need to and you wont have all those loose coupons. And for the catalinas get the picture inserts,(a little bigger than the baseball ones) and categorize by store.

I can’t find a way to easily download/print coupons from the internet (with bar codes.)

Do you have any info to share re getting savings from the internet?

What do you think about doing surveys. Can one really make any money or are most just a waste of time, and a way to have your email address made public for circulation of junk? Suggestions?

I am leaving my teaching career at the end of this May, and will have about 1/3 of my current income! (I am single…no family to shop for.)
thanks much for your attention!

How did you get involved in the wesite/info/blogging you do? I assume you must make an income from the supplies you sell? But, I can’t imagine you would get that much. I am just curious, and have been myself trying to find a home-based niche to make a part-time income….

Helen Norris (Carmel, IN)


send me your e-mail and I will send you some info on your question

Sandra here is my email address, can you send me some information also?
Thanks, Linda

Thanks so much for the video!! I’m new to this all and was placing them in a school box… Great idea binder!!! If placing them by date do you still place the like coupons together?

My binder is a mess! I’ve only been couponing for 2 weeks and have a ton to organize and this really helps!

I love this method of organizing!! it takes a little more upfront time, but i can EASILY find a coupon if i need to while in the store, or look to see if i have one available for a product.
This past week i found some nice durable plastic dividers in Wal-marts clearance isle. I got 5 per package and each package was only $0.50!!!

Thanks for another informative video. I’ve been couponing for quite awhile and always enjoy watching a refresher to keep me up to speed.

One question: When you are filing by date, where do you store the internet coupons that you’ve pre-printed? Like a hot coupon that you need to print before you need it or it will be gone or coupons that you’ve cut thinking you’d need them on a shopping trip but didn’t end up using?

I’ve tried switching to file by date to save upfront time but I ended up with too many loose coupons & didn’t know where to put them.

I can’t figure out how to print coupons from the internet (w/ bar codes.)
Do you have to download something for each company, or just one program for all.
Please shar…thanks!

Helen, I mainly use the coupons that are located on here and I only had to download the coupon tool bar from to get my coupons to print. I do have an issue every once in awhile with my second set of a coupon not printing but that is very rare.