I love coupons!  Through couponing I have tried new products that I absolutely LOVE! One of them is Better Oats. I love the Raw flavor and I have become addicting to have them for breakfast every single morning. Just add a handful of brown sugar and some butter and it’s delicious! Right now you can get a $1.00 off coupon for Better Oats on Facebook.

Better Oats $1.33
$1.00/1 – Better Oats – (facebook.com/BetterOats)
or use $1.00/1 – Better Oats – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.33

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27 thoughts on “Save $1.00 on Better Oats, Only $0.33 at Target”

I have a coupon for a free box of better oats but I just can´t find them I live in mission texas. If anyone knows where I can find them please let me know :)

Went on the Better Oats website to the “Find Better Oats” tab and it is NOT available at Target – the only store for me in Michigan is Kroger. Update this promo – please!

It’s available at every Target within a 20 mile radius for me, so it’s not incorrect…just maybe not accurate for your specific location.

Never seen this brand at my Target nor other stores. I love The Krazy Coupon Lady but I think they should expand to states and local areas. That would be great if they had The Krazy Coupon Lady>California>San Diego

I didnt find this at target however i did find it at Albertsons on sale for $1.25. I absolutely love this website i never knew that it was possible to save this kind of $$ on everyday items. I probably would never have tried this brand however with the coupon how can i pass up trying something new. Thank you to all of you who have showed me a new way of shopping. Thank you KCL for all the advice.

My local Stop and Shop carries them, got my coupon and will buy some this weekend!

paid 25cents for mine-not bad! looks delicious, thanku!

Winco sells them for $0.88 each, so it will make it free!

Anyone know if these are gluten free?

I’m so frustrated right now, I can’t get this coupon to print. Why? Can someone type idiot proof directions so I can get this?

thanks folks.

Just got 6 boxes at Kroger in GA for free!

Thanks for the second link everyone. I added it although the first one still pulls up for me!

They have them at Fareway and HyVee here in Iowa, not sure what price they are latey…

I am getting the blank page too! Guess I will try again in the morning. Maybe it is all the people on facebook about the royal wedding hogging up the lines.

Love Better Oats! They make Quaker oatmeal look more like mushy baby food. Don’t know how I had put up with Quaker all these years! Lavish (Dark Chocolate)is my favorite flavor, but I usually save it for my daughter who loves it too.

Bummer the coupon is not coming up on facebook… Just a blank page on Special Offers

HEB has it too. $1 reg price

So excited about this one! Curious what other stores might have them for $1. :)

Albertsons has these for a $1 right now too!

Target in the birmingham, al area doesnt have these

I don’t know if you shop at kroger but I think they have them on sale for 1$ right now which would make them free.