Glade Automatic Starter Kits are $8.99 at Walgreens this week and if you purchase one you will get a $3.00 Register Reward back. Plus today a new $4.00 off coupon came out to use on Glade Starter Kits. Add this to your shopping list this week for only $1.99! Pricing and rewards are good thru 5/7.

Glade Automatic Spray Kit $8.99
Buy 1, Receive $3.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
$4.00/1 – Glade Automatic Starter Kit – (
Pay $4.99, Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Final Price:  $1.99

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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30 thoughts on “Glade Automatic Starter Kit at Walgreens, Only $1.99!”

I am here to update from a previous comment about going to wags & them only giving 1 rain check per person. I called corporate & since then the store mngr called me back & told me to come get my rain checks & a FREE 12pk of my choice soda. This makes me happy so now that the store is educated on RC’s I will continue shopping there. :)

Our Walgreens had this on sale for 5.79 with the $4.00 coupon and the $3.00 register reward it was $1.21 moneymaker!

Got this deal this week but honestly, this thing is a POS. I’m so glad I only spent $1.99 and not $8.99. Dont feel bad for those of you who didnt get this deal.

Went to Walgreens yesterday I got all my deals but they would not accept my (2) 50cents off coupons for Cottonelle! The coupon says 4 pack or more but they wouldn’t let me use it? I was already doing like 4 different transactions and driving the poor boy crazy so I just said OK but theat was a dollar! Anyway I was just happy to finally find a wasgreens that actually had the products!! Keep in mind this was the 4th Walgreens I have visited this week!!

Times like this I wish I had a printer :( Can’t print these coupons at work because I can’t download the coupon print exe at the office. Any way to PDF them?

I am having some of the same difficulties, I purchased the carefree pads with the coupon and did not receive the RR, this week purchased the Bic Soleil, head and shoulders and Noxzema disposable razor and didn’t get rr’s for them. When I compared my list from thekrazycouponlady and the Walgreen’s advertisment. The advertisement states for the bic 600 bonus points, head and shoulders buy 2 set 500 points and the noxema 1000 points. I am not sure if the rr’s are regional or something. Not sure about the points either, I know that if you accummulate a min of 2000 you get a $5 reward (coupon) on future purchases. Maybe, you will have some answers, please.

We have 2 Walgreens nearby (deland, FL…don’t shop at one on New York Ave) and one didn’t even have this item. The other WAGS did…no RR though. It rang up $5.49, used $4/1 coupon and paid $1.49. YAY!

I mean that I don’t shop at the one on New York. Too far when I have 2 others so close.

The coupon reads “$4 off ANY glade starter kit”. Would that include glade sense and spray as well? I’m asking because it’s not the one pictured on the coupon. Thanks.

Shayla thats absolutely wrong your RR shouldve printed out. I just went and got the bic soleils and used my $3 coupon and my register RR printed out. Its printed in their ads to use mfc they put final prices in the ads minus coupons and RR. You should contact the store manager and if they dont help you out i would contact corporate. There is no point in shopping at Walgreens if you cant use a mfc and still get the RR their products are overpriced. I hope they fix this problem for you its not fair that you spent time clipping coupons going out of your way to get an advertised deal.

Thanks Svick! I appreciate your support, and glad to know I’m not alone in my outrage! :)

Was the 2.99 RR that you used from previously purchased Stayfree product? If so the computer assumes you already got your RR and will not print another one.

I received the same verdict from my walgreens. I had two glade coupons for 4 bucks so I did two seperate transactions. I did not receive register rewards for either transaction. I was also, miffed!!!!

Can someone please explain something to me? Last week, I purchased Stayfree maxi’s which were on sale for $2.99 (with a $2.99 RR), and also used a 1/$1 MFC from my Sunday paper. I received no RR and was told that when I use a MFC on an item that has RR associated with it, I will not receive the RR (due to the fact that the RR’s are MFC’s as well). (I’m not savvy in the ways of Walgreen’s RR’s.) Does this sound right to you guys? This week I noticed that in the current Walgreen’s weekly ad, it advertises items with RR’s, and final prices after MFC’s and RR’s are applied. I’m a little miffed about getting the what I feel is “the run-around” from my Walgreen’s, and think I will just stick to CVS (which is where I normally shop) from now on.

i got the glade automatic yesterday, the coupon wasn’t scanning for me, it kept saying it didn’t match my item- but i made sure they were the same, so i had to have an employee enter it in- i was worried she wouldn’t do it, but she did!

i saw thatif you use your rr’s to buy the same product again you wont get more rr’s, if you use rr’s from one product to buy a different product that is supposed to give rr’s will you get them? ie use a register reward from glade to pay for the cottonelle, will you still get the cottonelle rr?

okay, tried it, used register rewards for one product to help pay for another product that will give register rewards and it worked. you just cant use register rewards on the same product to get more rr’s.

And you have to be sure and not use it to buy a product the is made by the same company. For instance a Colgate toothpaste RR to pay for some colgate mouthwash that has a RR, or the mouthwash RR will not print.

I did this deal today and I didnt get any RR with my reciept so did the cashier do something wrong or does it go to your card? I did the Bic blades to and those didnt come out right either?

In the ad it said nothing about getting the RR just said you would get 800 points so does that translate into 3.00 RR? I am new to the RR as well and dont fully understand them and how they work.

At my Walgreens in Hoover, Al, this is actually ringing up as $5.49 ($12.99 on shelf) although no RR printed, this is an even better deal at $1.49!

Can the RR for the kit be used, in a different transaction, to pay for the cottonelle and still get that RR?

Yes you can use the RR from the kit to be used on the cottonelle in a seperate transaction and still recieve the RR for the cottenelle.
Just remember if you have a Manufactor Coupon on the cottonelle you will need a Filler item like a cheap pencil or pack of gum to use the RR from the kit on. Hope that helps. :)

Can I get more than one RR for different items? Exp: $4 RR for cottenelle and $3 RR for Glade equaling $7 in RR. or will only 1 RR print per transaction for one or the other so I’ll either get the $4 or $3 RR.

YES… You will recieve BOTH RRs for the one transaction. :)

this is awesome. i will use the rr to buy the toilet paper on sale!

I’m wondering the same thing… And do RR’s have to be used on the same exact item, or can you use them for anything in the store? Thanks for clearing this up for us newbies! :)

No, your RR do not have to be used on the exact same thing and if you do use them on the same thing another RR will NOT print out. So, you are better off saving your RR for the next week (or items that you need…es: milk, eggs).
The price $1.99 is AFTER the RR…so you will actually be paying $4.99 but then you get back $3 RR, so it is “like” paying $1.99. Also, be sure if you are purchasing more than 1 of these, do seperate transactions b/c only 1 RR will print out per item per transaction.
Make sense?!?! :)

I’m new to couponing at Walgreens & I’ve read up on the 101 for the store, but I’m still foggy on how the RR works. The first time I run this deal I’ll use the $4 coupon and pay $4.99 then the RR will print. I can’t use it for that order so I have to get a second Glade, another coupon, THEN use the RR to get it for $1.99, right? Thanks for the help in advance! And thanks for all you do!

You will use the coupon and pay $4.99 and a Catalina coupon (Register Reward) will print out that’s good for $3 off anything the next time you come to Walgreens. They are usually good for around 2 weeks. I make a weekly trip to Walgreens, so I just use my RR the following week to save on whatever I’m buying that week. (Some people will do multiple transactions in one trip to make immediate use of their RR, though). So, in essence, you are getting the Glade freshener for $1.99 since they are giving you $3 back to spend on whatever you like in their store. Hope that helps!

Megan, thank you! that is a perfect and simple explaination! I appreciate it!