At CVS there’s a great Extra Bucks promotion on Right Guard and Dry Idea.   Use your B1G1 coupon to get either cheap deodorant or body wash! Offer is good now thru 5/7!

Right Guard Total Defense Body Wash 13.5 oz, Right Guard Sport, Xtreme, Total Defense or Dry Idea Deodorant, 2-4 oz $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
B1G1 Free Dry Idea or Right Guard Product from RP 5/1
Pay $2.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 2

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55 thoughts on “Right Guard at CVS, Only $0.50!”

I used the B1G1 coupon this evening in a Hawaii store but did not receive the ECB at the end of the receipt. I talked to the manager who was very friendly but equally useless. I showed him the add where it said the deal includes the B1G1 and $1 ECB which he agreed but tried calling corporate but unable to reach anybody (probably cuz the time difference). I got a phone number he gave me to call in the morning. I may just end up returning everything, we’ll see how it goes.

This has happened to me before. It is extremely frustrating. But in my situation the manager was able to manually print the EB…after a lot of discussion! I would return the items if you don’t get the EB. They need to honor their ad and do something for you. But if they don’t take it all back. Good Luck!

Well, I called the 1-800-SHOP-CVS number this morning and the customer representative I spoke with was very kind. Basically, she told me that the offer in the RP national circular is not valid in Hawaii :(
She also went further and said that all offers in national circulars like RP that offer Extra Bucks aren’t valid in Hawaii.Can anybody validate this?
As a courtesy, they were kind enough to issue me $1 ECB for the inconvenience. I’m relatively new to “extreme” couponing and I’m finding it extremely difficult in Hawaii. Prices here are usually a lot higher for many of the offers and many items are not carried in stores here.

Look for special ones with a free 2oz body wash wrapped with it

I used my B1G1 coupons at my Walgreens with the same deal BUT I got 2 seperate reward dollars for $2.00 each. Paid $2.99 for 2 & got $4.00 in rewards. Made $!

Didn’t get this coupon in my Las Vegas paper either. No Red Plum inserts at all.

The CVS in Merced, CA, wouldn’t take the BOGO coupon. There were about 6 people behind me at this point so I didn’t argue it. Especially since CVS informed me they didn’t want to accept the printed out COLOR coupons I had..someone had come in with a ton of copied black & white coupons and made out like a bandit. Since they allowed me the color coupons, I let the BOGO go. Just be aware, Central Valley peeps!! 😉

Which Merced newspapers (sunday) have the coupons?

My husband discovered that our local Kroger had this same deoderant at $1 each, so with the coupon it was 50 cents. The same price as CVS, but NO limits, and no messing with ECB. It’s worth checking your Kroger to see if they have it- it was not an advertised special (as far as I know).

When I did this transaction, the register deducted the regular price of the deodorant (up to $4.49) instead of the sale price. So that made it a moneymaker!

Another coupon that wasnt in my paper…

Question-So i go to CVS and use my bogo then @ the register do i get the ec before i cash out and use them or do i recieve them after i have paid out?

The ECBs print out at the bottom of the receipt, after you’ve paid. You can do another immediate transaction with more stuff, and use the ECBs, or you can hang onto them next time you shop. They usually don’t expire for about a month.

Unfortunately, It wasn’t in the Star Telegram in Fort Worth, TX…. Bummer!

hey thats were i am from..and i didnt get it either….do u understand this couponing thing do u know about any other deals? email me at

Hi Jan,

Melissa in Fort Worth-

Not my paper on the RG. Did you see the Nestle candy coupons?

You should try buying the Dallas Morning news Sunday papers also. This coupon was in it, and I get most coupons talked about on this site as well. Just FYI.

So bummed! This coupon didn’t come in my city’s newspaper. This is the only deo that my husband can use because of skin irritation…was hoping to stock up..does anyone know where I can get my hands on some of these coupons? :(

What’s your e-mail? My husband is going right now to get me papers and I stocked up on these last time they were in the paper – plus I like it better when he smells like Old Spice. :) I’ll send you mine.

You are so thoughtful!!! is my address!! My husband and son react to Old Spice so I would be happy to send you the old spice coupons I get.

We got the coupon in South Central PA.

It’s also in the San Francisco Chronicle and Daily Republic.

Does anyone know if it’s in the West Cost paper?

It is in the Sacamento Bee.

It’s in the SF Chronicle.

Be careful, I bought papers from 2 different states as I live in a border town, and 1 RP insert had the Right Guard coupon and the other didn’t (but this was from the Sat. edition of the paper). So not sure if all papers will have it.

Unfortunately this coupon does appear to be regional. We did not get it in the DC/Montgomery County MD area Washington Post.

Good deal! My DH will only use gel deodorants.

You have the stock up icon on this product but it appears that the limit is two? Is there away around the limit of 2 so I can stock up on this product? Do I need to sign up for multiple CVS cards?

The only way around it is to use a different address (and name, I think). I used my (dear 91 year old) Mom’s…I use her card to get her free stuff she needs after I’ve scored with the ECB stock ups! I’ve even done FOUR back-to-back transactions….one with my card to get ECBs, then another with my card to use them on regular old sale/coupon stuff….then the same scenario with hers! :-)

They just hand out the cards and do not require you to give a name at that time. I have 6 cvs cards and only one of them has my name on it. I use them all. Only once have I had an anal cashier that tried to make me put my name on it and I declined at that time and went to someone else.

@ Tami….I did mine online and printed them out, for both me and my mom. Maybe that’s why I could only get one per address…OR…(blonde alert) I could be thinking of Rite Aid! hahahaa (I did them both in relatively the same time frame…..)

okay im new to this and this ? might sound dumb but the coupon in good for several products and the extra bucks are limited to 2 is that per product lke could i get 2 deoderants then get 2 body washes or just 2 period

okay the sale is is for several products not a coupon sorry is it a limit per product or on that bunch of products

In this situation, whatever you decide to buy you will only get 2 sets of $2.77 EB. So you won’t be able to get them for 2 deodorents and then again for 2 body washes. You just get 2.

So this mean we could only get 2 deodorants per transaction to get the extra bucks? could we even do it more than once? They have a nivea lipcare buy $15 get $5 back and you can do that several times.

When CVS puts limits on their deals it means PER CARD. They keep track of all of your purchase through your extracare card. So once you’ve bought 2 of these and received your $2.77 EB twice….no more EB will print out even if you tried to buy more deodorant.

The Degree Deodorant wound up being free at big Y

my coupon expires 4/30

FYI: This is also unrelated to this deal but I was shopping @ Kroger this morning & the Brut deodorant was on sale 10/10. I used my 1/1 any Brut product which made it free. Not sure what insert it came from but the expiration date was 5/31/11 & it may have been regional in live in Indianapolis

Where can I get the B1G1 Free Dry Idea or Right Guard Product from RP 5/1

Get this Sunday’s paper. It’s coming in the Red Plum coupon insert!

Bought a lot of papers based on info from KCL and did not get a lot of coupons listed! We live in Indiana and DID NOT GET THE RIGHT GUARD, NOXEMA RAZORS, OR HEAD AND SHOULDERS!! What is up with that??

I live in Indianapolis In and we didnt get the red plum insert in our paper Sunday. I bought three papaers and got two smart source and a P&G and Pepsi/Lays coupons.
Got some good deals just not this coupon :(

I understand that some coupons are regional. We didn’t get the BOGO in Louisville, KY. Question: Is it normal to also have price differences in coupons? I noticed several of your coupons were for different values and my $4 Olay Q actually had three items of purchase required.

Where do you find the BOGO?

It’s coming in the Red Plum insert in this Sunday’s paper, 5/1. Hopefully it’s not regional and everyone gets it!

My CVS has these for 2.49 so after Q and ECB I’m getting them for about .24 each. YAY!

I’m looking at the ad now, and it says you only get $1ECB for this offer…

You get $1 for each Right Guard product, limit 2. So by using your BOGO coupon and getting 2 products, you get $2 ECB.

Oh… I’m dumb. haha Thanks Misty!!

A bit unrealated to this, but my local Big Y (Manchester C.T) is selling certain kinds of Degree Invisible Deodorant for only $1.00. I think that the RP 4/17 $1.00 off any Degree Deodorant coupon would make them free.

I did not have this coupon when I was there shopping yesterday, but I will try it today as I have 7 coupons.

Hey Kevin! I’m also a CT native couponer and I LOVE these ladies but have trouble matching deals at grocery stores since we have Stop and Shop, Shop Rite, Big Y etc. up here. Are there other websites that can help us new englanders?

I agree. I am in Texas and I have a difficult time matching up coupons also. We do not have any stores in town that will double them either. Everything is not always bigger and better in Texas. Does anyone know of any sites that would help?

Me too. I am in Haddam CT and I wouuld like to see our stores on the list, like Stop and Shop, Big Y, Price Chopper, and I LOVE JOB LOT! I save a lot by shopping there, it is a salvage kind of store and I can use my coupons there! I saved 97 dollars and spent 136 last week. My fist attempt with coupons. They guy behind me asked if he was gonna see me on TV! LOL