Well it’s May 1st and as we promised we have new coupons!  Among the many new coupons out here are a few of my favorite. Five new General Mills Cereal coupons! I’m crossing my fingers for a good cereal deal because I’m starting to get low…

$0.75/1 – MultiGrain Cheerios – (coupons.com)
$0.75/1 – Cookie Crisp Cereal – (coupons.com)
$0.55/1 – Trix Cereal – (coupons.com)
$1.00/2 – Big G Cereals – (coupons.com)
$0.55/1 – Honey Nut Cheerios – (coupons.com)

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4 thoughts on “New General Mills Coupons!”

all of these links lead to just the basic website… couldn’t find any of the coupons.

none o fth coupons listed were there.

Can you combine the x$/2 cereal coupons with 2 x$/1 coupons when buying 2 boxes?

No you can’t…you can’t combine a manufacturer coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Hth!