Gain Fabric Sheets are only $1.87 at Walmart. You can use the $1.00 off 1 Gain Softener or Sheets coupon to get a 40 ct. for only $0.87!

Gain Fabric Sheets, 40 ct $1.87
Use $1.00/1 Gain Fabric Softener or Sheets from RP 4/17
Or use $1.00/1 – Gain Fabric Softener or Sheets from PG 5/1
Final Price: $0.87

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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33 thoughts on “Gain Fabric Sheets at Walmart, Only $0.87!”

This is nice, but where is tha actual coupon?!?!

Just used the coupon from the P&g saver and it worked with no problem :) hope you all use it too! good deal!

thought it was just me not getting the coupons i cant get any of the ones listed what i’m i doin wrong?

What is P&G?

Found the coupon for the Gain,I live in Richmond, VA. The coupon shows a picture of two green bottles of Gain detergent.Good for one detergent or Fabric Enhancer (dryer sheets).

I got the coupon…Richmond, VA…can’t wait to stop in and see how much my Walmart has them priced for.

I did not get either the gain or soap insert in the 5/1 P&G…..Im in Puyallup, WA….Weird

I live in Ferndale and am a transplant from Az. where do you get the inserts? Does it have to be a Seattle paper?

when the heck did they start calling fabric sheets “fabric enhancers”? lol

Fabric Sheets are considered a fabric enhancer and the coupon should work just fine. For all of you who didn’t get the coupon we are sorry. Coupons can vary by region just like store prices.

@ Elizabeth, Tanya,& Brianne: Fabric enhancer includes the liquid AND the sheets, I have done it all the time with no problems at any store!
@ Magen: Yes it will be free, I have done it at rite ait when their Stayfree pads were BOGO. It worked with no problems or beeps at the register, BUT, still print out your policy wherever ystore you go to just in case a cashier gives you a problem, hope this helps!
@ Mellisa: The ivory soap coupon does in fact incluse the soap if you read the print, it is for either or! Hope this helps!

Thank You! 😀

My walmart manager told me that the fabric sheets was considered a fabric enhancer or softener. I asked before I bought them to make sure I was using the coupon correctly. The coupon didnt beep or anything at check out either. But I know that sometimes they will not beep even if they are for the incorrect item so i just wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing!

I thought I didn’t get the coupons either. But they are sneaky little things! The gain is on the page that has a blue bar on the right saying “save up to $7” The soap you have to look really close cause it is a really small picture and it has body wash on it, not soap.Mine also says enhancer, but I’m taking it in and tiring to get the softener sheets :)

the boxes of dryer sheets say “fabric softener” which i would consider an “enhancer” :)

Ugh :/ Mine saids One Gain Detergent or Fabric Enhancer too. I never even got the Ivory bar soap. No coupon with Ivory anything on it. I did get Irish Spring though. Oh well, I still got some other great deals this week :)

Then, cut them in half, too. 1/2 a sheet works just as well as a full sheet. Really double your money :)

I do that too. I heard about it and thought I’d try. 1/2 a sheet really does work as well as a full sheet.

The coupons in my PG 5/1 is 1.00/1 off Gain Detergent or Fabic Softner…Not Sheets.

Really bummed about this:(

Try leaving a fabric softener sheet in your car as an air freshener. It works great and is inexpensive. In fact, you can still use it in your dryer!

If a store has a sale of buy one get one and I have a coupon for buy one get one, will it be free??

Not in mine either!
Ugh so frustrating!!!!! I really needed dryer sheets. Guess better luck next time. Maybe next weeks paper will have some.

I’m bummed I didn’t get the P&G coupon for this item either.

My coupon from 4/17 is only 25 cents off the sheets and the one from 5/1 is for 1.00 off but not on sheets, only on detergent or fabric enhancer.

does fabric sheets count as fabric enhancer?

I had the same question.

I did not get a lot of then to! Makes me made lol

None here in Lee’s Summit, MO either.

I live at the ozarks and we arent getting the coupons here that she is telling us about, Its about enough to make me stop the couping, any advice out there???? I live on missouri.

I didn’t get it either from the PG 5/1

geeze, so many coupons that i didn’t get! weird =\

I didn’t get it either .

I am having a real hard time finding these coupons and I have the circulars that she is telling me about. I am getting very frustrated. I cant find the one for soft soap or the one for the gain,and now that I think about it I couldnt find the one for the ivory soap either and I have the circulars!!!!I dont know if its my area that I live in or what.