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Shopping with The Krazy Coupon Lady: Step by Step by Step

When Krazy Coupon Ladies go shopping, we always (okay, usually) have some sort of reward (RR, EB, +Ups, Catlina) from the previous week that we use and that helps keep our out of pocket expense low.  Many people just buy what they want at each store, using the rewards from the previous week to keep their expenses down.  The first week of couponing is the most expensive.  This expense can be lowered by dividing up your transactions and rolling your rewards from one transaction to the next. We thought you’d like to see a step by step instructions on how to do some of this week’s deals without having those rewards.   We hope this will help our new readers out and show everyone that you can spend relatively little each week to obtain some great product and start building your stockpile.  We’ll start with $25.00-let’s see what we can buy!!  If you’ve never shopped at one of the drugstores with coupons and you are nervous to try it, this is the week to do it; we’ve got it all planned out for ya!  


1st transaction:  

Noxzema Disposable Razors, 4 pk $3.99
Use $2.00/1 Noxzema Spa Shave 4-Blade Shaver 4-pack, Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver 4-pack or 8-pack, Premium-Pivot Twin Blade 12-pack or Bikini Shaver 3-pack from RP 5/1  

Bic Soleil, Flex 3, Flex 4 or Comfort 3, 3 – 6 pk or Hybrid Advance System $5.99 (I bought Bic Soleil Bella 3 pk)
Use $3.00/1 – BIC Soleil Bella Razor 3 pk, any – (

G-U-M Eez-Thru Flossers, 75 or 90 pk $2.00  

Paid: $7.98 including tax, received $3.00 RR for Noxema, $2.00 RR for Bic, and $2.00 RR for G-U-M Eez  

Transaction 2:  

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System $9.89
Use $4.00/1 Gillette ProGlide Manual or Power Razor PG 5/1  

Buy 2 Tylenol Precise Cream or Heat Patch, $8.49
Use $3.00/1 Walgreen’s May coupon book (takes off $6.00)
And Use 2- $5.00/1 Precise Pain Relief products - (  

Mailer, 4×7 – 6×9 inch $0.39 with in-ad coupon-bought 3 (these were my fillers)


Milk Duds, $3.00/3 -gotta have my candy for the movies with popcorn!  

Total:  $12.90 including tax, use $7.00 in RR from first transaction,
paid $5.90, Receive $5.00 RR  

Transaction #3:  

Right Guard Total Defense 5 or Dry Idea Antiperspirant/Deodorant, 2 – 4 oz $2.99
B1G1 FREE Dry Idea or Right Guard product, any max. value $4.49 from RP 5/1  

Noxzema Disposable Razors, 4 pk $3.99
Use $2.00/1 Noxzema Spa Shave 4-Blade Shaver 4-pack, Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver 4-pack or 8-pack, Premium-Pivot Twin Blade 12-pack or Bikini Shaver 3-pack from RP 5/1  

Total: $5.80, including tax, use $5.00 RR from Transaction #2,
Paid $0.80, Receive $2.00 RR to use next week  

Total Spent: $11.48, $2.00 RR remaining for next week  


Transaction #1:  

Buy 2 Colgate MaxClean, Smartfoam, MaxWhite or MaxFresh, 6 oz $2.77
Use 2 $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste from SS 5/1  

Paid: $4.50, Receive $5.54 Extra Bucks  

Transaction #2:  

Bic Soleil Shimmer Razor, $6.99
$3.00/1  Bic Soleil Razor from SS 5/1  

Soft Scrub Total Bath & Bowl Cleaner $1.99
$1.50/1 – Soft Scrub Total Cleaner – (  

Right Guard Total Defense Body Wash 13.5 oz, Right Guard Sport, Xtreme, Total Defense or Dry Idea Deodorant, 2-4 oz $2.99
B1G1 Free Dry Idea or Right Guard Product from RP 5/1  

Final Price: $8.33, Used $5.54  EB from #1 transaction
Paid: $2.79, Receive $3.00 EB 

Total: Paid $7.29, $3.00 EB remaining for next week


Transaction #1  

Buy 2 Crest Toothpaste $2.99
Use 2 $1.50/1  Crest Pro-Health or Crest Sensitivity Treatment and Protection Toothpaste 4.0 oz. or larger from PG 5/1  

Revlon Beauty Tools, 40% off
Buy 2 tools including Crazyshine Nail Buffer and emery board set of 2, cost $3.56

Butterfinger Snackerz 2/$1.00
Use  $1.00/2 – Butterfinger Snackerz, Available at Walgreens or Rite Aid – (  

Paid:  $7.16, Receive $4.00 +Ups Crest, $4.00 +Ups Revlon, Submit for $2 SCR  

Transaction #2  

Revlon Foundation $9.99
$2.00/1 Revlon Face Product, any from SS 4/10  

Buy any candy bar 2/$1.00  

Final Price: 9.32, including tax
Use $8.00 +Ups from #1 transaction
Pay $1.32, Receive $5.00 +Up, Submit for $2 SCR  

Total Paid: $8.48, $4.00 in SCR, $5.00 +Up remaining   

Final total paid out was $30.66-okay, a little over $25.00 but I have $4.00 coming back in SCR’s so that makes it almost $25.00, right??   We also have $10.00 in rewards left so actually we bought all of it for about $15.00 for about $90.00 worth of product (using sale prices).   That’s an almost 85% savings!!  Wahoo!!  I hope that helps some of our new couponers see how we roll our rewards.  This isn’t necessarily the best possible deal one could do, it’s just the way I chose to shop this week.  One of the fun things about couponing is that there are a myriad of paths to take-all with the same goal-saving money and building a stockpile!  

Now if you are an aspiring KCL, this is a GREAT way to start at a drugstore! Good luck! 

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82 thoughts on “Shopping with The Krazy Coupon Lady: Step by Step by Step”

  1. Erica says:

    Thanks! This is exactly what I was looking for. I am a “virgin” trying to do my first Walgreens transaction this week. I wasn’t sure of the best way to approach the RR…now I know :-)

    Your site is AWESOME…thanks so much for all your work

  2. rav says:

    I bought 4pk precise patch $8.49and used $3 off instant value coupon plus $5 off manufacture coupon from tylenol site then also I bought fusion proglide gillette blades $9.89 which were on sale at register rewards $5 plus I had the $4 off coupon .. total came to $7.99 basically my cost $2.99. ($8,49 + $9.89 – $12 in coupons =$6.38 + tax = $7.99 – $5 register reward = good deal $2.99 ..savings $17.

    • rav says:

      I also realised I saved a total of over $57.63 at walgreens today, I had $8 made in register rewards I used and then mfg coupon totaling $24.49 and wag $25.14 (pepsi cans were on special 4 12pk for $14 plus one free diet 12pk $17.64 saved there which ended up being about 23 cents per can.) I think I did good yea!

  3. Lara says:

    Thank you for breaking up the transactions. I keep hoping you’ll do more of this for those of us still getting our knees (I’m past the feet) wet. You’re amazing!

  4. Tanya says:

    Just wondering are the coupon inserts different according to where you live because I can’t fine the noxema razor coupon in my 5/1 RP?? Thanks!!!

  5. Miranda says:

    I just started couponing. Walgreens has the Tylenol Precise on sale for 4.99 and you can get a 5.00$ from the website.

    Free! :)

  6. Reezy says:

    There is a $1/2 Nestle Candy in the 5/1 SS – making you not limited to 2 coupons per computer

  7. Robin says:

    Will you do these scenarios each week?

  8. Marty says:

    I have hit my Walgreens a few times this week looking for the Noxzema Razors but haven’t been able to find any and I have called every single Walgreens near me with no luck. Does anyone know how the Rain Check would work in this scenerio? I was told they would give them to me for 0.99 or substitue them for any other ones they have for 0.99.

  9. elizabeth says:

    Hey! I just hit gold at wags tonight. I was picking up the GUM flossers and the cosmetics girl said some were ringing up at .75 and still giving you the 2.00 RR! It was only the blue ones!!!!

  10. Katie says:

    When you use a in-store coupon like the 3 mailers you bought for .39 and they scan it does that count as just one coupon even though it makes the price .39 for all 3 thus giving you 2 filler items?

  11. Trisha says:

    Hey KCL,

    Just a thought about the totals you list at the bottom of the post…

    When you say at the bottom of this post that if you include your rewards, you only spent $15.00, does that mean next week when you use those rewards to pay, you won’t include those rewards as money off your total? If you do, then you’re double counting that money.

    I see this a lot on coupon sites…someone says I spent $15.00 (including the coupon to use for next week) and then next week when they spend the coupon, they say I spent $15.00 (including the coupon from last week). Counting it both ways is actually convincing yourself you saved $20.00 when in truth you saved $10.00.

    My husband caught me on this a long time ago and it’s something I picked up, without thinking about it, from coupon sites, where they do the same thing.

    Just a thought, for you and your readers.

    I enjoy your site very much and have saved so much money following the deals. Thanks for all you do!


  12. Meagan says:

    I did really well (IMO) for this being my first extreme couponing experience.

    Walgreens Trans. 1:
    Noxema Razor (1)
    BIC Soleil Razor (1)
    Gilette Fusion Power Razor (1)
    GUM Flossers (1)
    Paid around $13 (estimate, as I bought a script and soda too)

    Trans. 2:
    BIC Soleil Razor (1)
    Gilette Fusion Power Razor (1)
    GUM Flosses(1)
    Paid around $4 after using RR’s (again, estimate as my shopping partner added a RedBull)

    Then CVS..
    Trans. 1:
    BIC Soleil (2)
    Paid $8.41 after BOGO 50% off and coupon

    Trans. 2:
    Soft Scrub (1)
    Ponds towelettes (2)
    Paid $1.67 after EB and coupons.

    So overall, for the day it was $27, but I still have $11 RR left, so really only $16. Walgreens was out of the Noxema Razors (got the last one) and the RG body wash, so I got rain checks for both.
    Going to head back tomorrow to get my first aid case that they “didn’t know how to get for me” when I bought my products, hopefully they’ll have more razors or bodywash by then.

    What I’d really like help with is how to do this with food coupons at the grocery store, I’m having a hard time getting started there….help anyone?

  13. Julie says:

    I must say that my local Walgreens was fully stocked with the Right Guard 5 Body Wash. Why? Because they are on sale BOGO…and they refused to accept my BOGO coupon. After a few diplomatic phone calls the manager was informed by corporate that she needed to accept my coupons. Oh, and she never did put the sale price on the shelf! I should go see if they still have a few. She ran all the other customers away.

    • Fran says:

      Just had a horrible experience at Wal-greens myself. They would take my BOGO free coupons; but they said I had to buy one and get the other one for free. I explained to them they are advertising this as a BOGO free and I have a BOGO free coupon. Nonetheless, I left Wal-greens, very frustrated and disapointed. I left all my products and came home and wrote to corporate asking them to please explain their BOGO free policy. Hopefully, they will respond.

  14. Karessa says:

    I’m new to this and haven’t hit my WAGs yet (well I did to ask for the coupon booklets and only got 1 of the 3.No infant care or the brand one). I’m a bit confused about the RR. Is it like a cash back that you can use for whatever products on your next transaction/visit?I get that you don’t want to use an RR on another same product that will give you an RR cuz then it won’t give you another one (I think) but I want to make sure I understand exactly what an RR is before I go in to buy. Thanks!

  15. Alla A. says:

    This was my very first week of krazy couponing and it went really very well with the Grace of God. I was soooo nervious, yet excited and had kind of mixed feelings. As soon as I hit my WG store the anxiety disappeared automatically. LOL. Maybe cuz I love shopping, IDK. I did not buy many things but very few things that I liked and needed, like cottonelle tp, razors, hair color, the glade starter kit & the renpure shampoo & conditioner. Tried both shampoo & cond. today morning and llllove the smell. Well, like many of you, I also got confused at times and the cashiers made few mistakes, but I till tried to straighten up my transactions there and there. Missed 2 or 3 of my RR’s in some stores, they either did not print well or even at some stores the cartridge would finish as soon as I get my 1st or 2nd RR. (Of course they had to load a new carridge so that I get the rest of my RR’s) The WG mngt in most stores said their machines need a repair or someth. else. No doubt the cahiers and managers were very very helpful & friendly so that made my first experience wonderful. I just wanna let other coupon newbies know that don’t be afraid of couponing at all. It’s such a great way to save some bucks for the future of our kids or other family members. I would also like to thank the krazy coupon lady site administrators and Heather herself for helping someone like me to understand the art of couponing. Thanks you very much guys!!! Oh, almost forgot, my husband asked me to thank you guys too, for helping me get a part time job like this one, cuz I did not have one. Now I am a busy bee…. XOXOXOXOXO

  16. MARISOL says:

    I had a horrble experience at both walgreens and CVS! both they are not very user friendly. I feel i get ripped off whenever i go to either one.I’m sticking to grocery stores instead

  17. Kim N. says:

    KCL I think you meant Extra Bucks for the CVS deals instead of RR. I knew what you meant and I’m sure most everyone understood but you my have a few confused newbies. Thanks for all you do!

  18. Raina says:

    How do you post a brag? I signed up and every time I log in I get sent back to the main page so I signed up again under my husbands e-mail and the same thing happens! I found some great deals but can’t share them with you… so sad!

  19. Gwen says:

    I totally dough balled my first Wags RR trip. No $2 RR for the floss printed, but the $5 for the razors did. I used it on my next transaction , which had 1 of the same as the first, and no RR :( I feel like it was an epic fail :(

  20. Tiffany says:

    I’m glad you posted this. The coupon shows aren’t showing people that the person shopping and spending $2.97 on over a $1000 bill have spend a few weeks collecting Catalinas! I’ve had so many of my friends get discouraged because they watched that show, and then can’t get a 98% savings. I’ve tried to explain to them their first week might be 40%, then the next week 50% then 70% and THEN the 98% transaction!! They expect to get 98% right out of the gate! They really should tell people that.

  21. Amy says:

    I cant find the noxzema coupon.. I looked n 2 newspapers and cant find it. Help??

  22. Alisha Parsons says:

    This helped so much. Wish you would do this more often:) Thank you

  23. Maribel says:

    I live in a test area for Bonus Points instead of RR. The bonus points go on your card instead of printing out like the RR. They’re thinking about doing this everywhere! And it sucks bc you usually get very little back in terms of dollars.
    It takes two weeks after you get your card to be able to see your balance. ANd two weeks for the bonus points to get on your card after you make your purchase!!
    I’m going to stick to CVS for my drugstore purchases!
    Here is a link about the bonus points.

  24. Chrissy says:

    Does using the WAGS Coupon Booklet count as a coupon?

    • Mary says:

      At my walgreens, I can combine a walgreens coupon (it will say at top of coupon) and a manufacture coupon for the same item. You can not have more manufactures coupon (which is also what a RR is) then items. But walgreens coupons do not count.

  25. Sarah Smith says:

    how do the SCR work at rite aid?

  26. Jennifer says:

    *Nate, (sorry)

  27. Jennifer says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I started couponing and reading your site daily, after the Nick show. I have really saved alot. I have spent alot of time organizing, buying, printing, cutting, etc. Shopping has been the hardest part. I make lists for the different stores, then when I am able to get to the store usually some things are empty shelved or cost more than I planned. So I adjust to what is on the shelves while I am at the store, which turns into more time shopping. I hope to get to the point of spending less time while spending less money.LOL. I went to 3 different Wags on Monday. My Wags was out of almost everything on sale. I stopped in another city on my way somewhere. I was asked to leave the store and could not purchase but a couple of items. The manager and assistant manager refused to sell me aleve pills which they had locked up. They had me wait for them to get a key. I waited over ten minutes to finally have someone look at me like I was stealing. They were nervous of me with my binder and RR rewards worth $5. I got off of the razors. I was able to get a couple of mother day gifts for little or free. The cashier alerted the manager. When I became aware of this, I commented about their store policy, I smiled and said ok I will leave, but you will put things away that are in the cart. I went to another Wags and finished my shopping.

  28. nicole says:

    Great. I did some yesterday too, but I wish I would have seen this first, then I might have done a better job, since it was my first time doing this. All in all, I did okay and got great deals.

  29. Spaz says:

    So Register Rewards can be applied to the TOTAL amount, including tax? I hadn’t realized this.

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      Rewards cannot be used on tax, machine will beep when you have used all allowable. You always have to pay a little OOP at the drugstores!

  30. Kris says:

    I did the transaction where I purchased a gillette razor and had a lollipop as a filler. I used the MFR for the razor and used a $3 RR for the lollipop. I did NOT get my RR for the razor! Why is that? Did i do something wrong? The cashier said it was because I used an RR on the transaction and if you used one you didn’t get another one? Is that true? They have a new manager who is extremely rude and knows nothing about coupons.. she actually accused me of coupon fraud because I was trying to use my MFR for the razor and an RR for the lollipop! I was appalled! ;(

    • Jen says:

      Who was your Register Reward from-the one you were trying to use(the manufacturer?) Was it from Gillette or Proctor and Gamble? I’m not sure who the manufacturer is for the Gillette Razor but if you use a Register Reward from the same manufacturer, a new Register Reward will NOT print. That’s what’s pretty tricky about Wags and Register Rewards. Just to make sure, many times if I’m buying a razor and have a Register Reward I received from a different razor I had purchased, I will not use that Register Reward…only because I’m not sure if they are from the same manufacturer.

  31. mandi says:

    Ok Silly question I have been to CVS now twice and still have no idea how the ecb works…. does it go on my card or do they print out?? I am sooooo confused!!! LOL Same with Rite aid.. I just found out we have one in the town i moved to but a little intimadated since i dont know how it all works…

  32. stephanie says:

    Okay I was wondering on the razors both Bic and Noxzema, Gum ez and a few other things if the ad does not state that you will get back those RR for these items is it just for some parts of the US and not others. Mine saids bonus points on these and not RR. Sorry if this is confusing.

    • Mandy says:

      You must be in one of the test markets for their cards, you are correct you won’t get the RR’s just the bonus points. I used to live in Kansas City, which is one of the test market areas. I really disliked it when they changed that last year and hope they don’t make it a nationwide thing as well as change it back for those testing it out. The points add up and you can cash them in for things like a Walgreens coupon, but it isn’t nearly as good of a deal as the RR’s.

  33. amy says:

    i want to thank you for doing this for me and all of the newbies out there. i had a lil mix up at my walgreens when they were out of the noxzema razors ( i did get a rain check :P) but that threw me off.

    • Jgo says:

      I didn’t buy any of the Noxema Razors this week but isn’t there a Register Reward on them? Since you got a raincheck you won’t get the Register Rewards thought, correct?

  34. Jody says:

    I am still learning, but I love Riteaid! I saved so much this week. In addition I keep getting the $3 survey receipt. I did 3 transactions so I could use my UP rewards so I got 3 survey receipts. Thanks to rolling those rewards I spent $10 on the first transaction out of pocket and $1.98 on the second and $0.03 on the third. I made it home with baby formula, milk, 2 power razors, 2 beauty tools, 2 cans of tuna, and 4 tubes of toothpaste. I saved $57! Walgreens was good too, but they are more difficult to shop at. Im still learning with them. CVS is horrible about stocking their shelves around here, but I do pretty good there too WHEN I can get the products. Thanks KCL for helping us out! I am so excited and loving saving so much. My stockpile is growing already. I hate paying full price for anything now. My next goal is to start shopping for our local church and food pantry! :-)

  35. Brooke says:

    @Target they had a better deal on the BiC razors &Wal Mart had a better deal on the Noxema.. This was in my shopping this week!

  36. Anna says:

    I was so happy to go to Wal Mart today and the Noxema razors I got had 2 bonus ones in it and another coupon for $2 off of the same razor. The only thing was that it wasn’t on sale but I still got them for less then $2.

  37. Linz says:

    O-M-GEEE I needed this yesterday!! :) lol I spent hours trying to figure out my WAGS transactions and I was almost in tears at home and the store over whelmed with coupons and trying to get the right RR back to roll to my next purchase…but I learned a lot! I feel more confident now, and WAGS is harder than all the others, but it still payed off! I’m also glad to hear that your first week is when you spend the most OOP. It is true, b/c now I have a few RR to use for my next run. Also a fun newbie mistake-I went to kroger tonight and none of the prices were matching, I finally asked for the weekly circular and the nice employee let me know it started tomorrow. :) I’ll be dreaming of coupons tonight.

  38. Jan says:

    Do you do all your transactions one right after another or do you do one and go to the end of the line? There is always a line at my walgreens of at least 3-4 people so I feel bad if I am there doing multiple transactions but I also don’t want to take the time to go to the end of the line. How do you do it?

    • Sherry says:

      I try to wander around the front and watch for a lull in customers at the register, and then I do them back-to-back in succession. Invariably someone will walk up when I’m in the middle of it, and often roll their eyes… usually until they hear the total, LOL.

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      To be honest Jan, I usually buy everything at once, using my rewards from the week before. Once in a while I’ll split a transaction in two but never more than that just to keep everyone happy. There is also another Wags nearby so sometimes I’ll do part at one and part at the other. I just wanted to divide it up this time to help the new couponers figure it out!

  39. Donna Sindle says:

    To keep things simple for me, I use my Register Rewards to buy things I need to buy anyways, such as milk and soft drinks or toys when I have a birthday gift to buy.

    • tracy borgialli says:

      Rr state on them that you can’t use them to purchase dairy products along with a few other items…take a look at them before you get to the register. I was embarrassed to find this out the hard way! ;)

  40. adrianna says:

    She bought the mailer envelopes (called fillers) so that she was able to use the RR. As long as you don’t have more M.C. than items then you should be fine. So if you are using regular M.C. on all items and you want to use RR on top of those then you would need to buy some small cheap fillers so that your amount of coupons don’t exceed your amount of items. You can buy a cheap single piece of candy or just a pencil, it doesn’t matter what the price is. So if you had 3 items and were using coupons on all 3 items and also wanted to use RR to help pay for those 3 items then you would need a filler item in order to use that RR because it technically counts as a fourth coupon. I hope that helps. It’s hard to explain these things sometimes.

  41. Dori says:

    thanks so much for this. it explains in detail how to make this work. i have been KCL for about 3 weeks and LOVE it. i am learning more everyday how to save my family $$$. i cant believe i used to just toss in the buggy anything i wanted and not think twice. no wonder they are mutli billion companies. lol. i love your site and thank you for making it easy for me to shop and save. :)

  42. Jennifer says:

    My Walgreen’s told me That if I used RR’s on items that give RR’s that I wouldn’t get any back….???

    • kriszta says:

      yes, if you buy the same product.
      the trick it to use different RR on different product.
      like you buy noxzema first and then pay with that RR for bic razor.
      i hope this helps.

  43. Lisa says:

    So this week I tried the whole RR thing. I have to say I did great! I can kinda see what you guys are talking about. I spent about $30 and saved over $100. I don’t like saving the RR/ECB’s only for the fact I’m afraid I will forget about them and they will expire which would mean money lost so I kept rolling mine.

    Thank you for all your tips! =)

  44. Nancy-Lee says:

    I am confused… I didn’t thnk I could turn in WAG RR’s as payment for a transaction that is going to produce RR’s at the end.

    • Joi says:

      You can’t do it for the same item that you got the Register Reward from in the first place, but if there are 2 items that you want and they both have the same $ amount in register rewards, then you can alternate buying them and paying with each others Register Reward. Hope that was not confusing. Basically, You can use a register reward on any item that produces a Register Reward, as long as it’s not part of the same deal you got the first register Reward from.

    • Kristy says:

      My friend explained this to me. When you get a RR, it will say .. “Thank you for choosing ____” If you bought Noxema razors and got a RR for that purchase it most likely says “Thank you for choosing Noxema”. If you had other items in that purchase that you received rewards for, then it may have the name of that product instead. The key is to look at your RR and see what it’s thanking you for. If it says Noxema and you want your next transaction to inclue Noxema razors again and once again receive RR, then it won’t work. Bump them to the following transaction. Hope this makes sense! Good luck!

  45. Whitni says:

    My walgreens only let’s me use one register reward when I’m paying… How did u use 3 RR when u paid out(the ones that added up to $7)?? Isn’t a RR like a man coupon!?? So that would put u at using more coupons than items even with your fillers. Just curious if I’m doing something wrong.

    Please help

    • Jodi says:

      The manager of my Walgreens said that they don’t allow more manufacture’s coupons than the number of items purchased, and the RR count as a MF coupon. So if you buy 4 items and have a coupon for each, you can’t use your RR’s. This put a major cramp in being able to ever use my RR’s. SO frustrating!

      • Katie says:

        What about store coupons? Do they only allow one manuf. coupon or RR per item or is it one manuf. coupon, RR or store coupon per item? In other words… if you stack a manuf. coupon with a store coupon do you need a filler?

      • Carissa says:

        I think if you add a filler item it will work. I like to take a couple extra filler items up to the counter just in case. I think if you have one extra item above the number of coupons then you should be good – especially when using the RR. Hope that helps and if I’m wrong – someone please correct me! :-)

      • DaTwinzMom says:

        At my WG you cant have more coupons than items, so, i have 5 items i CANT have 6 coupons(rr included) So this is where the filler items come in, its not a $ amt that they are looking for necessarily but # of items.BTW if you have a BOGO coupon (like the Right Guard one is right now) BOTH of the items count as one item because its a BOGO, least thats what they told me!! Usually they have .39c caramels at the registers so i just toss one of those in!! Hope this helps and doesnt confuse u more!!

      • stephen says:

        Yea this was my first big week in couponing and I had a few issues with this as well. It wouldnt let me use more coupons then there were items. But luckily the cashier was nice enough to help me out and force the register to take them. But now I know for next time. But this policy really makes it hard to use the RR for good deals.

        And CVS only makes it harder my linking their reward bucks to the specific member card you earned them with. I had a nice transaction plan all worked out between me and my wife and it got shot to heck because of that. Guess I didnt read All the fine print on each stores policies. Thought I did.

      • Autumn says:

        I had that happen too! I think it was actually something weird like the number of coupons exceeded the number of items. I probably could have found a few more things that were under $1, maybe that would have worked. Not sure

    • Joi says:

      The Register Rewards count as a manufacturers coupon at Walgreens, and they only allow one Manufacturers coupon per item, so what you do is buy small filler items like candy a pencil, anything that is super inexpensive, or something you would buy anyway, that you don’t already have a coupon for.(she bought the mailer envelopes as her fillers at Walgreens). Rite Aid does not require this, you can use a manufacturers coupon and as many +UP rewards as you want and only buy one item. Hope this helps.

      • Angela says:

        if you use the mailers as your filler item doesn’t the little coupon for mailer price count as 1 coupon?SO if you needed 1 filler item and used that offer u would have to buy 2 of them?

    • Katie says:

      I was wondering the same thing. My walgreens lets me use multiple RR in one transaction but not more RR and coupons than items. I think I would need more fillers than TKC lady has listed.

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      You are soooo right! Forgot my movie candy!! Have you ever mixed milk duds with popcorn? Like eating carmel corn!

      • Mary says:

        Anything I purchase with a Wag coupon like the mailers I can also use a manufacture coupon. (or RR) So at my Walgreens purchasing three mailers with the wag coupon, also allows me to use the three RR from tranaction 1.

      • deb says:

        Have never thought of that before mixing the two, sounds so yummy, thanks for the tip!

  46. Laurie says:

    Our Walgreens have started a policy where you can only get register rewards for an offer once a day instead of once a transaction. I’m actually kinda glad because I was tired of them never having the good deals in stock. They actually had everything on my list this week. A person could probably go back later in the day and they wouldn’t remember you but you can’t do one transaction right after another anymore

  47. Morgan says:

    If the krazy coupon ladies could do a break down of each post for Walgreens and CVS that would be so helpful…If they had enough time. I tried my luck at Walgreens the other day not so lucky but I did get some good deals.

    • jessicabutcher80 says:

      I love Walgreens. I sit down on Sunday afternoons between church and figure out my strategy for the week with it. Sometimes i find a few more savings besides what she has posted. I saved over 50 dollars last night there. i was shocked!

  48. Kelly says:

    At Walgreens, if it says 2/$7 and then you get $1 Register Rewards back, do you have to buy both items in the same transaction, or can I buy 1 item for $3.50 and still get the $1 Register Reward back?

    • The Krazy Coupon Lady says:

      If the reward is on a 2/? you have to buy both to get it. There is no card attached to your rewards to keep track of what you’ve bought like at CVS and Rite Aid. At those two stores, you could buy one, realize that you need to buy another and the reward would print. Hope that helps!

  49. Sonya says:

    I’ve been Krazy shopping now for a couple of months and I’ve never automatically rolled a reward. Usually I just save them for the next weekend. Lately, especially at WAGS, the RRs expire quicker so something will have to change. Tyvm for sharing this!

  50. Amy says:

    This was my first time at couponing! At CVS I did the 2 Colgate toothpaste @ 2.77 and 2 Right Guard Deodorant @ 2.99 w/B1G1 coupon. I paid 8.53 and got 7.54 in ECB. My second transaction was 5/$5 life waters w/1.50 off, 2 Bic Soleil razors (our store had B1G1 1/2 off) w/ 2 $3.00 off bic razors and ECB. I paid $0.96! Making my total shopping spending $9.49!