$6.00/1 – Olivari Olive Oil, 51 oz, – (allyou.com)

Woohoo! You can get a $6.00 off coupon for Olivari Olive Oil on the All You coupon site right now!  This coupon can be used on a 51 oz size which you can get at Walmart for $12.48. At this price you are getting olive oil for $0.12 an ounce! Perfect because I’m out and this is a great stock up price! :)

Olivari Olive Oil, 51 0z. $12.48
$6.00/1 – Olivari Olive Oil, 51 oz – (allyou.com)
Final Price: $6.48

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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42 thoughts on “Save $6.00 on Olivari Olive Oil, Plus Walmart Scenario”

coupon is GONE….love the whole coupon tv show and how it has made it ridiculous for anyone to use them now. All my local stores refuse to take almost anything and nothing is ever available to print out. People will ruin anything you give them.

the coupon is gone people.


Those bottle are HUGE-MONGOUS I am so very very thankful to you sweet ladies.

My walmart said they didn’t have the 51 oz bottles too. i called back and asked for a manager and lo and behold, THEY DO CARRY THE 51 OZ bottles they were on the ground level. got 4 bottles. they are super super super super big (think a small bottle of laundry detergent) and the taste is amazing, we were expecting crap, but nada, it’s really really good. I had just run out of oo too!


I tried to find this using all the tips (zipcode, etc) above but could not find it at all. :-(

I just got this at our local Walmart in Las Vegas today but they are priced higher at $13.98 than most of the ones i read here. It was still a good deal though because with the coupon they are cheaper than the Walmart brand olive oil that i used to get to save money. Thanks Krazy Coupon Lady for the tip.

Olive oil is way cheaper at Aldi’s and just as good

I found it under 97006 and printed 2!

Oh, KCL, I can’t thank you enough for sharing this one. I was paying 12-15 dollars for an olive oil bottle this size! My two were the classic, not extra virgin, and they were 4.54 each. Wooohoo!

I was so excited and went to Walmart with my $6 coupon. Shopped some other stuff and didnt check my recipt utill i got home. (Newbie misstake?) My coupon had not been scaned… Bummer!!! Anyone else that got that problem?

Went to Walmart and used this coupon today. I hate couponing at Walmart because it is always a fight. My issue is that the coupon wouldn’t scan and since it was an internet coupon they assumed i was trying to rip them off. They eventually took it but told me that in the future they wouldn’t accept an internet coupon if it wouldn’t scan. When i read through their coupon policy later i noticed that it said the coupon must have a scannable bar code. so my question is if a coupon doesn’t scan (even if it has a bar code that should) is it not considered “scannable”?

Just wanted to let everyone know about a great way to save on how much olive oil you use. I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond, but they have it other places too, it is called “MISTO”. You put olive oil in it and it has this pump action that enables you to use it just like PAM spray. Really saves on how much olive oil you use when cooking. I live near St. Louis, MO in Illinois and I believe it was $9.99 and I used a 20% off coupon and got it for $7.99. I love it!

Thanks a bunch for sharing this tip Mrs Ronery :)

i don’t understand the concept of using area or zip codes to get coupons.can anyone please explain to to me.thank you very much

When you are on the coupon website there is a little box on the left side where you can enter a zipcode. Different zipcodes can have different coupons =) Hope this helps.

I printed 4 coupons using 2 different computers. I’m so excited!! I’ve been building my binder over the past 2 days and i’m going on my first “Krazy” coupon shopping trip tomorrow. Any advice? :)

My printer only printed a bunch of letters and numbers on the top and no coupon. Does anyone know whats going wrong? It says that i got the coupon but its not printing right..Don’t want to lose out..


this has happened to me and I have a MAC. I just used a different computer same printer and worked fine. I have yet to get my problem fixed. :(

Glad I printed a coupon yesterday and went yesterday to get this. Only 1 left on the shelf at my walmart plus it was only priced at $10.98 for the big bottle..so I only paid $4.98! Great deal..cashier tried to act like she scanned it abd put it in her drawer and I checked the receipt before I left her. I ashed about where was the $6.00 Off coupon. She didnt scan it. So I got $6.00 cash back! Them Walmart cashiers are sneaky!

I am unable to print. just showing a white window.
updated mozilla foxfire to version 4…..now nothing.
can someone help?????

Picked up 2 for $5.54 each. Thanks so much Passion for Savings. Love these websites!

For those that can’t find it, its under the ALL YOU category. :)

Could anyone scan this coupon and email it to me? My printer wasnt set up right and it says I exceded my printing limit even though I didnt get a coupon printed. I would be so very grateful. shellwearmouth@hotmail.com.

I also wanted to let anyone with a rite aid pharmacy in thier area know there is a link on heyitsfree.net for free 10ct breathe right strips at Rite Aid coupon expires on 5-29-11. http://www.heyitsfree.net/2011/05/03/free-breathe-right-strips-at-rite-aid/

Scanning it and emailing it would be coupon fraud

I’d try contacting Coupons, Inc. Scanning it would be fraud because each coupon has a different number. It has the information of where and when it was printed encoded. So they would know that it was copied. But it never hurts to contact the company.

Bummer, we have no Walmarts near me. What is a good price for olive oil in general? I can get a 17oz bottle for $3.50 at my local trader joes.

I was just at Walmart and on the clearance racks at the back of the store they had a couple of bottles of these for $8! With the coupon I only payed $2!

can we use the olive oil coupon other than Vons store? I do not have von

Do they carry this at Neighborhood Market Walmarts..and do they take the coupon there?

My Neighborhood Walmart (TX) had only the smaller ones. The coupons is for bigger bottles (51oz). So I guess I will have to drive to the Super Walmart.

Look under zipcode 90210. I just looked again and it is still there. If you don’t see it under the foods category look through each page. I found it one the 11th or 12th page this time.

To stock up you will need mulitple coupons. Which means you need more computers or have friends and relatives print more for you!

With all due respect, if it is the intention of the manufacturers to restrict coupons to a print limit of 2 per customer, is it appropriate or even legal to encourage others to circumvent the offers by instructing them to use multiple computers?

I live in central NJ and was unable to find this olive oil at Walmarts by me. I don’t think they carry it here. Was a shame because it’s a huge coupon!

I ask my brother and sister and sometimes my mom to print them for me. :-)

Is there a way to find more of these coupons? How does one stock up with only two coupons printable to each computer? I’m new to this so I’m not sure. Thanks for your help!

ask others to print for you, use different printers if you have more than one (or one at work?), sometimes using different internet browsers will let you print them

I just got some Crisco last week for $.17/oz. I may try this anyway (if I can get the coupon to print). We go through a lot of olive oil.

This is the best tasting Olive Oil I have found yet! Love it! THanks!

I live in WV (Inwood) after coupon i only paid $ 4.97. So i bought 2.

I am new to couponing. You said you went and picked up 2 bottles of the oive oil. Do you need 2 coupons for that?

Thanks! I had to go to WalMart today anyway, so this works out perfectly! :)

What a great deal! TYSM for posting this, I am gonna pick up some tomorrow.

WOW, i only see $1, what zip code?

I found it on page 2 with the area code 90210 =)