$3.00/1 – Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder – (coupons.com)

WooHoo! There is a new $3.00 off 1 Glade Lasting Impressions Holder coupon available on coupons.com!  This week through 5/21 they are $6.99 at Walgreens plus you will get a $2.00 Register Reward when you purchase one.  Use the $3.00 off coupon to get one for just $1.99!

Glade Lasting Impressions Holder $6.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Register Reward
$3.00/1 – Glade Plugins Scented Oil Lasting Impressions Holder – (coupons.com)
Pay $3.99, Receive $2.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.99

Thanks, Hip 2 Save

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38 thoughts on “Glade Lasting Impressions Only $1.99 at Walgreens!”

Hi Amy,
You can use receive RR for every transaction that is supposed to spit out RR at Walgreen’s but, you can not use a RR on the same items. For instance in your case you purchased Gillette Pro-Fusion with the first transaction and it gave you a $5 RR, but in the second transaction you also purchased Gillette Pro-Fusion. The computer will allow you to purchase and use previous coupon, but it recognizes what you are doing so it won’t give another coupon. What I have learned to do is stack my purchases at Walgreen’s. For instance, in the first order I would purchase my toothpaste and Gillette Pro-Fusion, in my second order I would order my body wash and toilet paper. I would use my RR money from my first transaction on the second and my RR $ would still print out for my second transaction. Hope that helps.

I hope this is the place for this question. If not I apologize…I am a new KCL! I went to Walgreens tonight for a big haul. I THOUGHT I had it all figured out how to capitalize the most on RR’s. I split my order into two transactions. Here is where my confusion came in. On the first transaction I earned $5 RR on a Gillette Pro-Fusion Razor. I used the $5 RR on the next transaction. I bought another Gillette Pro-Fusion Razor, but could not earn the $5 RR on the second transaction. Can you only order the RR once? Can someone please help clear up my confusion so that I don’t make the same mistake again? Thank you in advance!!!

My Target has the lasting impression holder on price cut for $4.89. $1.89 after coupon!

If you use 3/$1.00 off coupons for the scotch tape that is on sale for bog2 free, you will make a $1.00 so you can use that toward the purchase of the Glade Lasting Impressions thats on sale right now for $6.99, then use a $4 off glade coupon (for any glade automatic starter refreshener) so your OOP will be $1.99 plus tax but then you get the $2 RR…so FREE…

I bought this item and I ended up spending 3.99 because my RR did not print out. It was still a great deal but I wonder why I did not get my reward.

In light of some of the responses here, I wonder just how long couponing will last. What I mean is, stores are already getting more strict and, in some cases, just plain stupid, when it comes to using coupons. Some stores won’t allow you to stack a store coupon w/ a man. coupon anymore. RiteAid told me yesterday that w/ all of the oral B things that you’re to get a 2.00 reward on each, the tag said, limit TWO. I asked an associate if that was two PER BRAND, or two PER ITEM. He said ITEM. Nope, it’s two per brand. So, not such great deals when you don’t get your rewards. When I started couponing, it was SOOO easy, and now more and more stores are being picky on how many rewards you can get and it’s not per item anymore, it’s a whole brand. Stacking couponing is becoming a headache, stores are stocking less of their sale items, people are committing coupon fraud left and right, I see it every time I go into the stores. Some do it intentionally, some have no idea what they are doing is wrong because they don’t understand the ins and outs of couponing. It’s just becoming a headache, and the people that DO use coupons correctly, who really rely on their great deals to get by, are those who will suffer in the end. With the show, SO many have started couponing which is both good and bad. W/ the extra money shelled out by manufacturers for all of the extra coupons being used, and so many being used incorrectly, I wonder how long before couponing becomes next to impossible. At least to the extreme standards anyway. I hope that is not the case, and like so many other things, people get into the big rush of it and eventually will tire of it, fall of the bandwagon so to speak. Which will be good news for those diehard couponers out there!!!

I’ve trying to print coupons off coupons.com & they will not print!! I’s so frustrated!! I have a Mac & use Safari. I’ve tried going through Firefox & Google chrome, and still won’t print. It says it is installed, but never prints…… anyone else have this problem??

OMG! I have this same exact problem on my mac. It is obviously on my desktop, but it says that it’s not. The weird thing is, I used to be able to until just a few weeks ago. It is so frustrating!!! Grrr

LOL Funny how many Quacks responded to this matchup I Love It…If I was your cashier I would catch the difference from coupon to item and not let you use them for Items NOT listed on the Q…must be using self checkouts or some nitwit is your checker and needs more training…its kinda up to the associate to know the policies but I still Dont Condone using Q’s that way it’s just your addiction taking over…LOL….yesterday at target I used the Buy Gillette Body Wash and get a free Gillette Deoderant with the 1/1 gillette or old spice body wash target coupon and 2/1 Gillette Body wash mfg Q and I gave the cashier 1/1 Gillette or Old spice Deoderants Target Coupon and somehow i got them both for like .26 cents…The cashier had to adjust the price of the deoderant down I guess coz it exceeded the amount of the body wash…The reciept is so hard to read….I did those items first to see if it actually worked I wonder if I had another Item in the transaction before the Q’s Were entered if the overage wouldve applied…..Talk about OFF TOPIC HaHaHa…;)

I’m Having the same geographical problem here in Las Vegas NV..Nivea Body Wash went back to 3.99 at my Target and thier Nivea Lotion was $1 more then the current match up stated…and never found a peelie for Colgate Pro Clinical Either :( and thats my fav too….If anyone has 2 extra pro clinical peelies and wants to trade let me know I have all RP’s P&G’s & SS’s since the beginning of May about 15 of each (Mailroom Trash Bins Are The Best ;)….I’m really a newbie but this site has made it so easy ;)THANX Krazy Ladies! Brokesnojoke@gmail.com

Hi my question is what geographical area are you out of, I twice went to the target in my hometown and looked for the deals that were on your website, and no luck. Thanks :)

CVS has airwick ultra starter kit for $5.99 use the $4.00 off coupon and pay $1.99. I bought 3

Worked for me! got it for my mama! :0)

Please Vanessa do not abuse coupons!! You are killing it for the rest of us. Forget everything that lady you met told you, she is incorrect and if you do that you are honestly stealing from the store and the manufacturers.

is there a list of manufacters that allow this? febreze airfreshner coupons .50 and 1.00 worked on gain liquid soap deal at walgreens. If anyone knows of any others i would appreciate the info.. = )


Please start a website to provide us with this wonderful info. You could call it couponfraudbyvanessa.com.

still fraud…you can’t do that! i may work at the register but will hurt couponing in the long run! most people in this economy can’t afford to be hurt by the mistakes of others – we all need to save money for whatever reason! Please please just use a coupon for what it is intended for!

I met a extreme couponer at walgreens yesterday.. she explained to me that you are able to use many coupons on other items than what they are intended for.. for example: Kelloggs cereal coupons on pop tarts and Nabisco on Oreo. Loreal hair color and or makeup coupons on Loreal shampoo. Like the $5.00 coupon in this Sundays paper worked on the Loreal Shampoo deal making them 2 for .99

It sounds like what the couponer you meet was explaining to you how she is commiting coupon fraud. Coupons are intended for the exact product it states on the coupon only!!

OMG! That’s fraud!! That is exactly what the big controversy is over with J’aime that was on Extreme Couponing. PLEASE do not listen to this lady!! PLEASE read the coupons and follow what they say. Yes, there are bar codes that will scan but it is fraud and the store will not get reimbursed and therefor will make couponing tough for all of us that need to save some money!! Good luck but at least you posted for us to tell you NO!!! :-)

This didnt work at our Walgreens (southeast/coastal GA) because it wont print the RR when u use a coupon :(

It was 9.99 at my walgreen’s so I passed but I got a lot of other great bargains so I can’t complain.

The Walgreens ad for Southwest Washington State has the Glade Air Freshner for $6.99 with card and 800 bonus points. $3/1 coupon and a $3 rr will make it .99 otherwise not that great of a deal for OOP.

Just got back from Walgreens and got this deal! I then used my $2 RR I got and put it towards the softsoap deal walgreens is having. I got $4 RR back from that and was able to buy my mineral makeup for BOGO free practically! I LOVE COUPONING!!!!

Coupons.com is printing $3.00 off Glade. Where is everyone finding $4.00 off?

Also wanted to add I saw on the news last night that Walgreens across the country are begining to impliment a new policy. ONE sale item per visit. Period. Not 3 batches in seperate transactions..ONE. My friend was at our local Walgreens this morning, and they had signs on all the big items this week, such as the Old Spice Body Wash and Softsoap.

i just got back from walgreens and had 3 separate transactions with no trouble at all (all sale stuff w/ register rewards)…maybe it is starting at stores that are at high risk for loss prevention management.
sometimes the news makes things sound worse than they really are! this would just cause walgreens to lose sales. that makes no sense b/c not everyone walks in with coupons and might just want a sale/good deal. who knows…


I would download the Google Chrome browser. It’s quick and easy. I tried using Moxilla Firefox on a 2007 windows vista and it wouldn’t work. Google Chrome has worked like a charm! :)

For some reason, Coupons.com will not let me print coupons. I had no trouble in the past. It says my Browser will not support it. Any suggestions? I have Windows XP media center edition version 2002. Thanks

Karen, you can use 1 manufacturers coupon and 1 store coupon on one item. So you can use a printed off manufacturers coupon from coupons.com or any other source and combine that with 1 store coupon.
(such as Walgreens, Target, etc.)

This is the only time you can use 2 coupons to buy 1 single item :-)

So, I have a question. Are you saying that I can print a coupon off coupons.com and combine that with a coupon I get out of my Sunday paper for the same item and use it. In other words, I can use 2 coupons for 1 item? Please help.

The answer is yes and no… You can only use one MFR coupon and one store coupon on any one item (two coupons). You cannot use two MFR coupons or two store coupons on a single item anywhere. But in the Glade sense and spray scenario you only need one coupon, the $4.00 printable and you will pay $2.99 for the item and the register will print a $2.00 register reward to be used on future purchases. I hope this clears things up.

Oops the link didn’t post:( The $4.00 off Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit Printable coupon is on Coupons.com.

I found a good deal on Glade Sense and Spray at Walgreens.
Glade Sense and Spray $6.99
Buy 1 get $2.00 Register Reward
Use 1 $4 off Glade Automatic Spray Starter Kit printable at
Pay $2.99, receive $2.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.99

The Scotch tape coupon will print 3 times, so if you use all 3 it’s a moneymaker. I did the deal today and it was a $1 moneymaker! I used that dollar to help pay for the Scotch envelopes that are also on sale.

Uh…hello. We are talking about Glade Lasting Impressions here, NOT Scotch tape! Please try to keep up!

What she is saying is that if you do the tape deal along with the glade scented oil holder instead of paying the $1.99 it will be ONLY $.99, because you make a buck on the tape!!!! UM DUGH

Wow James…having a bad day?