I am so excited about these new Oscar Mayer Coupons!  There are four NEW coupons on coupons.com!  The one that I’m most excited about is the $1.00 off Lunchables coupon.  We also received one in today’s Smart Source as well and if you have 4 you can pick these up for just $0.74 each at Kroger!!!

$1.00/2 – Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Any – (coupons.com)
$1 .00/2  – Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh or One Pound Shaved Lunchmeat, Any  – (coupons.com)
$1.00/1 –  Oscar Mayer Lunchables with Fruit, no drink – (coupons.com)
$1.00/1 –  Oscar Mayer Sandwich Combos, Any – (coupons.com)

Buy 4 Oscar Mayer Lunchables with Fruit $2.49
Use 2 $1.00/1 – Oscar Mayer Lunchables with Fruit, no drink – (coupons.com)
And use 2 $1.00/1 Oscar Mayer Lunchables with Fruit, no drink from SS 5/15
Pay $5.96, Receive $3.00 Catalina
Final Price: $0.74 each when you buy 4

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31 thoughts on “New Oscar Mayer Coupons, Plus Kroger Scenario!”

Can not find the lunchable coupons. My local store has a 10/10 sale going on right now and I would love to get ten coupons!


These lunchables are on sale at target for $0.99. I just got 6, used my coupons for $1.00 off and got them all free! This is in Arlington tx

Pamela, I live in NE too :o) Couln’t find them either :o( Got the ones in the paper and ued the hot dog one at Hy-Vee, only paid $.50 each!

I tried to print these coupons today & they aren’t showing up? Am I doing something wrong, I live in Nebraska & these luncheon meats are on save for $2.49. HELP ASAP!!!

I tried to do this deal on Thursday and didn’t get any catalinas back :(

Has anyone been able to find the Oscar Meyar with fruit lunchables for $2.49 at Kroger? I just returned from Kroger and they were $3.79. I talked with the manager and he said they were not on sale for $2.49…help! Thank you!!

can I use the other Oscar Mayer lunchable coupon $1 off from 5-15
it says on one package of any Oscar Mayer sub or flatbread sandwiches,cracker combos or new sandwich combos ?

I tried to use the scenero that the KCL posted and the hateful lady at my Kroger said that I could not do it like that. PLEASE HELP!!!! I left all of my items sitting there.

Our Kroger no longer has these on sale in the buy 10 and get 5 dollars off deal so where can i get a good deal on them this week? We don’t have a Walgreen’s but can get the ad honored at Walmart. But it looks like the ones with fruit and no drink are not the ones on sale at Walgreens. Help please!

I looked through my smartsource twice and didn’t find this coupon

I used them at walgreens, they are 2/$3 there, so use two coupons for $1 off, you get them for 2/$1, BUT you get $1 Register Reward back meanin FREE

You may of either picked up a paper that was missing one or your area didn’t get them. I went out and bought 4 papers…2 from my machine by my house (don’t buy all 4 there because other people want a paper too) and 2 from the gas station as I was on my way off the hill (we live in a tiny mountain community). I checked each paper and 3 out of 4 had all the inserts one from the gas station was missing the red plum so I just walked in to check with the clerk if it was ok to exchange my paper and he said sure…grabbed the next one and it had all the inserts.

Question please:

ok so I got the sunday paper this week and the only coupons I saw in there were from red plum. this deal states “SS 5/15” – ahh where do i find the SS coupons? I thought they were in the newspaper?

I live in Southern California and this week at our Stater Bros they have a deal with these and other Kraft items buy three listed and get $2 off instantly limit of 4 electronic coupons per household so a total of 12 items. I went there yesterday and got this:

4 lunchables with fruit, no drink 2.49 each
2 Oscar Mayers sandwich combos 2.99 each

(4) 1.00/1 lunchables printables
(2) 1/1 Oscar Mayer printables

Total: 5.94 or .99 each

I also got these things in the deal I posted which aren’t on this post but thought i should include them (obviously thought about it after i already posted…lol)

2 Fig Newton Thins 2.99 each
2 Ritz Crackerfuls 2.99 each
2 Jello-temptations 2.49 each

(2) 1/1 Fig Newton Thins from last weeks insert (not sure which one)
(2) .75/1 Ritz Crackerfuls printable
(1) Free Jello temptations from Kraft First Taste
(1) 1/1 Jello temptations

Total: 5.95 or .99 each

I have a krogers but what are catalinas? I don’t think my krogers have that? Thanks on advance for the info.

Melissa- Catalinas are those little coupons that print out when your done. Alot of people just leave them hanging at my Kroger and I grab them up!

I live in Louisiana and hese size lunchables are on sale for 1.5 at Dollar General this week so I price matched at Target and got 4 with fruit for .50 each

I did this last week and did not receive a catalina. I thought this was over.

I was going today as these were still 1.99 if you bought 10 – ended today. Making them .99 each. Fingers crossed – raincheck if they are out.

We also still have these 1.99 if you buy 10 through Wednesday. So if I can gather 8 coupons and throw in 2 pastas, I would pay $8 total. Would I get 2 Cats to print???? Or should I stick to 4 lunchables and 6 other for each order?

Nevermind. I see the cat ended yesterday. Missed that one. I’ll still get them at $1 each though. These are great for lunchboxes.

@gina….call or go to customer service at the store…..I had that happen at Giant Eagle and they just printed one out there for me

Aren’t these both manufcturer coupons? Don’t have a Kroge, but we do have a Ralp’s. Do they allow 2 different manufacturer copons?

They are both manufacturer coupons but she is buying 4 and using 4 MQs…she is just using 2 different sources for the same coupon. Two she printed and 2 she cut out of this weeks insert.

Krogers is the parent company for Ralphs

I did this deal tonight but no catalina printed out…..I think the machine was broken How to I contact them…..

I believe today is the last day for the catalina. They might have cut the time off early for the catalina.

Where did you get the 2.49 price for the OM Lunchables? I just sent DH on a run for me (love that man!) and when he returned I checked the receipt and they rang up as 3.79. I did check they are the ones without drinks. Is this possibly a regional sale or is this a register error?

Oops! Just realized this is a Kroger price, not an Albertsons price. My mistake.