Video: How to find coupons from your Recycling Center!

Many of you have asked about how to find coupons without paying for them! Well, finding coupons at your Recycling Center is one of our favorites! Watch our video to learn how! 😉

  • Find the best day of the week to look for coupons.
    • This may vary by the area or drop-off schedules if your city sponsors home recycling pick-up.
  • Tools of the Trade
    • Gloves that have good gripping (e.g. kitchen/ dish washing gloves)
    • If you do not wear gloves, make sure to bring some Clorox or Lysol hand wipes (Lucky for you, you got them free with all those coupons you found!)
    • Other good items include a stepping stool, a Pik Stick or EZ Reacher, and a bag or small bin to hold your inserts. High heels are optional :)
  • Make sure to sort through each pile just in case the inserts are hiding between pages.
    • Check the dates on the spine of the inserts to make sure you’re getting current ones.
  • It’s best to supplement your newspaper subscriptions with recycling diving, then you can count on having a steady number.  If you only get coupons through recycling, you will have different numbers every week.
  • Don’t rummage through a dumpster that reads “Private Property, Keep Out!” The best places are public dumpsters or community recycling centers. You can find local centers online here and here.
  • Remember to donate your extra Sunday newspapers (after you get out the inserts) to your local recycling center, school classrooms, or pet shelters (for kennel liners).