Head over here to print a coupon to add 2 Bacon Strips to your meal at Denny’s for free!

One coupon per check.

Thanks, Regular Mom!

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7 thoughts on “2 Free Bacon Strips at Denny’s”

  1. Phyllis says:

    OMG Ramon and Sara you crack me up! lol I totally needed it too, thanks!

  2. tikitommy1960 says:

    I LMAO when I saw this to. Never eat bacon unless in Vegas at a buffet but give me a break ” two strips ” of bacon as a promo ? Denny’s should be embarrassed to ask for a coupon for this. What next 8 ounces of FREE GAS !?

  3. sarah says:

    I will drink your nectar like a hummingbird yum yum

  4. Newbie says:

    Can I stack this with a manufacturer coupon for bacon? :)

  5. Elizabeth says:

    My boyfriend and I got a good laugh out of this when I got it in my email. We go to Denny’s because we like their pancakes, but we always joke about how you could read a newspaper through their bacon! The 2 free pieces would almost make a real piece of bacon!

  6. sarah says:

    RAMON!!! we are of like minds. this is pathetic