Here are a few of the sweet deals this week at CVS! Pricing is valid through 5/28.

Biore Cleansers or Strips $7.99
Buy 2, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
FREE Biore Cleanser wyb Biore Pore Strip from SS 3/6
Pay $7.99, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.50 each when you buy 2

Spend $10, Receive $3 Extra bucks when you buy these Suave products, Limit 1

Buy 4 Suave Body Wash $2.00
Buy 2 Suave Invisible Solid $1.00
Use 2 B1G1 Suave Body Wash or Lotion from RP 5/22
And use 2 $0.50/1 Suave Deodorant Product from RP 5/22
Pay $5.00, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.33 each when you buy 6

Purex Ultra Concentrate Liquid Laundry Detergent, 24-33 loads $1.98
Limit 4
$1.00/1 Purex Laundry Detergent from RP 5/1
Final Price: $0.98

Purchase 2 Thermacare or Advil Products, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2

Buy 2 Thermacare $6.79
Use 2 $3.00/1 – Thermacare – (
Pay $7.58, Receive $5.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.29 each when you buy 2

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69 thoughts on “Biore Cleanser and Strips Only $1.50 at CVS!”

Used 6 Suave Soap Coupons Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Spent $7.44 on 12 Bottles. The coupons ring up as $3.00 and the product is only $2.00 . For my first month of couponing this has been great!

Purchased 2 thermacare at cvs. Used 2 $3/1 printable and scanned fine

Purchased 1 thermacare and 1 advil at walgreens. Used $5 off wyb both printable coupon and it would not scan at all. I read that walgreens are strict and if it doesnt scan then they wont type it in. Well, the manager at my walgreens typed it in along with my $8 rr that wouldnt scan. He saved me $13 off my entire purchase. (: so far walgreens isnt as bad as what everyone else has been saying.

Hi, I’m really confused about the biore offer? Do you have to buy 2 at 7.99 each? I went to CVS’s website to try and figure it out.. still confused. Maybe I’m just not ‘getting’ how to do this coupon thing…

I got a coupon in my mailbox news 89406 that says buy any biore pore strips and recieve a free cleanser up to $9.00. add this to the other biore deals for a awsome deal.

I didn’t have the Biore deal in my ad, but there were signs in the store. I found some make-up removing towelettes that were 2.99 and bought 2 of them. The ECB didn’t print, but the cashier printed one for me since the sign said buy ANY 2 Biore. So, YMMV, but that’s like paying $1 for both packs. :)

Walgreens has ThermaCare Heat Wraps on sale for $5.99. So I used my (2)$4 coupons from 5/22 and I think 5/8. Then I received my $5 register reward and paid $4.25 for 2 boxes that contained 3 heat wraps (2 + 1 free). After the $5 register rewards, I actually got paid $.75. Whoa! I am loving it!

Has anyone confirmed the Biore buy 2 get $5 EB? It is not in my flyer or on the CVS website for Phx, AZ. Thx!

eBay price for the suave coupons is ridiculous. Also I checked 3 coupon clippers sights and none had the b1g1 coupons. Bummer.

Anyone willing to trade coupons. I need a minimum of 4 Suave BOGO coupons. Email me at hsantos01(at)hotmail(dot)com.

I’m in SoCal and didn’t get the Suave B1G1. Just wondering if this is regional?

I’ve seen a lot of comments about people not receive this coupon…so it must be regional.

I didn’t get the Suave B1G1 in my ad’s today. Does anyone know where they’re printable. Or where I should look to get them? Thanks a bunch!

Don’t forget to scan your card at the coupon machine! I got a coupon for a free GreenBag Tag, which you scan at each checkout when you use a reusable bag. On your 4th visit, a $1 ECB prints out.

Kmart also has the Biore Pore Strips deal, but you will pay $1 more. They are on sale 2/$10, using the BOGO would make them $2.50 each, still not a bad deal for a great product. This sale is not in the weekly sales ad, but another ad that is posted on the Kmart site.

Biore heads up! If you have bought Biore strips lately, check inside the box
for a $1 off any Biore product coupon (except trial sizes) good until 12/2012!!!!

I got it in a box of nose strips, and also in a box and nose and forehead strips.

i never seem to get purex laundry q’s in chattanooga nd everytime i look for a printable i get the run around without finding it! any suggestions where i can get these?

Ebay is a great place to look for coupons. You can also look at websites like and Good Luck!

Hello I’m just starting out with coupons just lost my job can anyone please let me know if there are any good coupon sites that i can print off of for grocery/beverages/laundry soap

Mary Ellen

Welcome Mary Ellen. is a good printable website. Red Plum and Smart Source also have printable sites. Do you have a FaceBook? Some of the best printable coupons are given to “fans” of company pages. Hope this helps you out and good luck couponing!

yes this will help a bunch thank you

mimib – what zip code are you in? My store should price match, but I’ll need to take in a copy of the ad.


I use zip code 42445.

So when it says “Spend $10 to get $3 XCB” that means $10 before you use any manufacturer’s coupons? Or the total AFTER your coupons?

It goes by precoupon total. So if you hit $X before coupons, it doesn’t matter how much you knock off with coupons. You should still get the ECB.

I just start using coupons. What does RP stand for? What does SS stand for? Where can I find these coupons? Thank you

RP= Red Plum
SS= Smart Source

These are both inserts. You would find them in your Sunday paper, and they also have websites for printable coupons. I would suggest reading the “beginners” section on this site. It is a great resource for new couponers and breaks down the steps of getting into couponing. Good luck!

I don’t know what does that mean RP 5/ is just 20th May?

RP 5/22 refers to a coupon that will be coming out in the Red Plum insert in the 5/22 paper. So you will have to buy a paper this Sunday to get those coupons.

HELP! Anyone know…is the Biore deal a non-advertised special or am I blind? I looked in the ad for 5/22, but don’t see it. I’m really new to shopping at CVS.

On my ad it is on page 7 in the bottom right corner, but the ads vary. Hope that helps!

I’m looking at the online flyer, page 7, bottom right corner. No can’t find Biore still.

I find it weird if the promotions, even flyers, differ depend on your region, how come don’t ask for my zip code before presenting the online flyer to me?

Love Drew Barrymore on flyer page 6. Finally a Covergirl ad of her that look like the real Drew! All previous ones are all so fake, even TV commercials. Cosmetics should enhance, not to turn you into a totally different person!

I think this deal is regional? I live in So. Calif and it wasn’t marked as such in the store 5/22 morning.

This week the scanner kiosk was printing a $3 off healthcare Q. If you print this Q on Saturday, you can use it on Sunday to turn the Therma Care wraps into a MM! Don’t forget to try to get the scanner Q tomorrow!

ok so the one on sale is the smaller bottle of purex right ? cause the coupon i have for a $1 is the 83oz or larger that one came n the sunday insert …could some one clear it up for me would really like to add this to my starter stock pile

The $1.00/1 Purex coupon I have listed is for 50 oz and up. I researched how many loads 50 oz is and it’s the 32 loads. So this would be alright to use in this scenario!

I could not see the B1G1 suave deal in the RP were can I get this coupon.

The coupon is coming this Sunday in the Red Plum coupon insert. If your insert doesn’t have it check ebay!

The purex also has a 35 cent off coupon from the 5/1 coupons, I used those since the $1 off were no longer available. It’s still a good deal if you think about it. I also got a rain check from rite aid for the rest of my coupons which it seems I need to do often there. I like the Purex natural essentials so I try to hold out for that kind when I can. The Purex at both places is for the 50 oz bottle so it must just be a matter of opinion on how much you should get. Rite Aid also had their 100 oz purex fabric softener on sale for the same price $1.97. Rain checks on that too. The per household really depends on your store.

is the limit 4 on the the purex per transaction or per house hold?

Per extracare card!

Honestly….does anyone even still have the coupons from March for the Biore Strips? Mine were used up a LONG time ago.

I still have mine. Was waiting for a good sale to come along. I have a $3 off any $15 skin care purchase so I think it’s worth it for me!

The Purex Coupon is for a largger bottle than what they are having on sale on Sunday.

For Rite Aid this week its $.97 for a bottle with a 3 month stock up symbol. On Sunday at CVS its $.98 with a 6 month symbol. Is the bottle bigger at CVS Sunday then?

the 5/1 RP had 2 Purex coupons, one $3/1 for 100 oz or larger and one $1/1 for 50 oz (which is roughly 25-33 loads, depending on the scent)

I didnt recieve the purex coupon in my 5/1 insert :( does anyone know if it is printable or still available anywhere??

I got the $1 off coupon from ebay.

I’m a little confused on the purex, it has a stock up symbol of 6 months for cvs however its one penny cheaper this week at rite aid but that only had a 3 month stock up symbol.

I was thinking the same thing Kendall! I sadly only have 1 purex coupon and I’m wondering which deal I should use it on.

It might be because it is a limit of 4.

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, last time cvs had a good deal on the thermacare. I used 2 of those $3 coupons and when I went to check out, both of the 2 coupons wouldn’t scan at all and the cashier tried typing the numbers in and it still wouldn’t work. So I ended up paying $6 more than I expected, but at least I got the ecb, better than nothing right?

Diane I had the same issue. I could not get it to print. It said the same thing.

What are extra bucks? I can never figure out how that works. Do they “give you the money” off at the register or what?

ECB are like CVS dollars. You get them for buying certain things, they print on your receipt, and you can spend them like cash on anything in the store (except cigarettes, beer, and prescriptions).

This same deal is going on at Walgreens too, but instead of $6.79 each they are $5.99 each so after the 2/$3 coupons and $5 RR they will be $.98 cents for 2 or .49 cents each box. I also think $4/2 coupons will be coming out on Sunday. :)

For the Suave Body Wash, Let’s say I do the deal and pay $5 OOP plus $3 Extra Bucks.

Can I do the deal again, and use my $3 Extra bucks from the previous trasaction to pay for some of my next out of pocket expense?

Or do I have to use these Extra Bucks on other items and switch back and forth between different items?


You can use the EB on whatever you want. They are not like Walgreens RR. EB act just like cash and can be used on any future purchase.

Yeah but you won’t get ECB again because it says limit 1 per house so you can only get 1 $3 ECB even if you didn’t roll your ECBs

I thought the Purex was for larger bottles

The $3 is for the larger bottles, the $1 is for the smaller ones! :)

Couldn’t find the purex coupon :(

I was able to print 2 coupons, I just put one in my name and one in my daughter’s name. Worked fine for me!

There is another coupon for $5 off when you buy one advil and one thermacare together. I’ll see if I can find the link again!

Ok…not happy. I submit all my info and then it has a button to click to print coupon. Click it and it tells me the page I am looking for does not exist…wth? That is so annoying!! I feel like they got my info and I got nada! Thanks anyway though KCL!

No luck on the Thermacare for me. You’ll need two computers to get two coupons.

I was able to use my hubby as an entry to get 2 coupons.

Success! I just had to give a different postal address. If the rumor of $4/2 is true that means both transactions from Walgreens would be free. Goodbye back pain!

The suave B1G1 rings up as 3.00 so using my 2.77 extra buck for the suave deal I paid .83 cents and recieved 3.00 extra bucks back.