I love these little kits. They are so handy to have in your car!  The Johnson and Johnson Red Cross First Aid To Go kits are only $0.97 at Walmart and Target in the travel section.  If you use the $1.00 off 2 Johnson and Johnson Red Cross coupon in the 5/15 Red Plum you can pick them up for only $0.49 each!

Johnson & Johnson Red Cross First Aid To Go $0.97
$1.00/2 Johnson and Johnson Red Cross Brand products from RP 5/15
Final Price: $0.49 when you 2

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26 thoughts on “Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kits Only $0.49 at Target & Walmart!”

These are .99cents at CVS located in their ‘travel size’ and I had a $3.00 off 2 products – so I got 3 free!!

I finally made it to walmart, had my 3.00/2 j and j first aid kits, and they gave me a very hard time up at the register, i eventually gave up and just asked them to take it off. the cashier and manager both gave me attitude, the coupon does not state any size exclusion, I only had two, and they kept telling me that i couldn’t use the coupon on a .97 cent item (x2) that i had to buy the larger items. I exlpained that they get the money back and they could price adjust the coupon for whatever reason. the managers response was “we can not price adjust anything” which was just insane. long story short i told them to take them off my purchase and that i was going to call corporate about them being so rude and telling me i couldn’t use the product on an item that i clearly could.

The coupon waa not in my insert, live in South Mississippi.

I found $3.00/2 any johnson and johnson red cross blinkies at my local ralphs (H.B.) paired with this is would be an MM coupon does not exclude travel size items. I got four of the coupons and plan on going to walmart to use them. my daughter loves the little cases they come in.

Where in the Walmart world are these things??? I need them for VBS, and I can’t find them!!

I tried to do this at my local target and the manager would not allow me to. She said because it was a trial size or travel size I was not able to do that. I explained to her that it didn’t say exclude sizes and she still refused.

i went to target to do this deal and bought 8 of these…but the cashier gave me a rough time and actually told me i couldnt do this deal because the picture on the coupon was not the first aid kits!! I told her that the pic does not always match the product when it says “any” or one product, but she insisted so i let it go and decided i would just go to walmart. then when i was buying the clean and clear face oil wipes she did the same thing so i asked for the manager. The manager said it was right and let me buy them but i had to do 4 different transactions of .94 for the kits…it was an interesting shopping trip. 😛

not in my insert… i hate that. Louisiana. i do not get most of the inserts everyone else gets. And a lot of things are not on the website either. I’m getting very discouraged! RP is the worst.

Here is a suggested scenerio for Target:
Buy 2 J&J first aid kits $0.97 each
Buy 1 Travel size Band Aids (8 ct) $0.97
Use $1/2 any J&J RP 5/15
Use $0.50/1 any band aid product SS 4/17
Total: $1.41 + tax
Save the receipt and mail in all three UPC’s with receipt for a free first aid kit:
Here is the rebate form: http://www.bandaid.com/sites/all/themes/bandaid/microsite/pdf/Rebate%20Form.pdf


Thanks for the link! Rebate form says excludes trial sizes though? Am I reading it right?

Mandi, the rebate offer that came in last Sunday’s paper reads: “BUY 3 Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS Brand, BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages, CORTAID, NEOSPORIN, or BENADRYL Topical Products.” No exclusion in the small print either.

the 1.50$/2 were from walgreens near the J&J products

This also was not in my insert…. Reno,Nevada

Does anyone ever have these coupons to were I can print them out? My circulars never have them in my area. Southern Indiana..any ideas?

They were buy one get one 50% off yesterday at Walgreens.

$1.50+$.75 – $2= $.25 for 2!

Actually the coupon is 1.00 off 2. So if you only bought two you would only be able to use 1 coupon. 1.50 + .75 – 1.00 = 1.25 for two or .63 cents each.

I have these J&J Coupons I won’t be using and can swap for other coupons. I’m looking for baby food coupons for my daughter or any other coupons that you may have that don’t come in the paper. I have a lot of inserts. Email me at Shelly.Nabb@gmail.com

I bought 4 of these a few weeks ago and I still have the receipts. Can I but the UPC off and still send in for a bag?? Do all the items need to be on one reciept? Thanks!

I didn’t get that coupon last week ;o(

I just bought some off ebay pretty cheap

Is there a way to go back and print coupons from RP 5/15?

I don’t think so but there are a few listings still available on ebay if you want to buy them

CVS also sells these in their travel section for 99 cents.

1. Buy 4 J&J Red Cross First-Aid Kits To Go and use 2 coupons
2. Pay $1.88 plus tax.
2. Mail receipt and 3 UPCs for a FREE J&J First-Aid Kit (Mail in offer came in last Sunday’s paper)

I had some $1.50/2 coupons I used on these. $0.97 each at Wal-Mart x2 = $1.94 – $1.50 = $0.44 for 2, so $0.22 each. :)
So far I’ve gotten 6. I still have a few more coupons. I can’t remember where I got these coupons at but they don’t expire til 6/30/11. They might have been in a Walgreens I was at.

I just started this couponing thing recently and I was wondering if i missed some coupons from 5/15 or previous…where could I find them? or is it to late just keep searching.I get the sunday papers and any sales papers I see in the stores and of course print from the computer…Ideas?? Thanks