There is an unadvertised Register Reward deal for Listerine at Walgreens that runs thru 6/12.  When you buy 1 Listerine Whitening Rinse, you will receive a $2.00 Register Reward or buy 2 and receive a $4.00 Register Reward.  You can get Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring FREE this week thru 5/28.

Buy 2 Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring, 16 oz $5.99
Buy 2, Receive $4.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
$3.00 off with in ad coupon, Limit 3
Use 2 $1.00/1 Listerine Whitening Rinse Product, any 16 fl. oz. or larger from SS 1/9
Pay $3.98, Receive $4.00 Register Reward
Final Price:  $0.02 Moneymaker

Thanks, Wild for Wags

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108 thoughts on “Free Listerine Rinse at Walgreens!”

This was my second frustration of the day.
The tag said $2.99 with card. Bought 2…it ran up $6.49 each – $3.00 so $3.49 each
I had a $1 off coupon. $2.49. No rewards….nothing.

Not a good week for Walgreens. I usually never have this kind of troubles. Anyone else run into this?

i got one bottle couple days ago for free, used coupon from their website.
today i went to get 2 more, tried to use the Qs from for the whitening, no size restrictions and i wouldn’t scan, they tried to type in the code and still no go.
anybody had the same problem?

After searchging all week I finally found 2 listerines…then the RR didnt print. Paid $2 each and kept them but dont know why the RR didnt print.

@jojo…dont feel bad but learn with every transaction…usually i do small transactions even if that means i have to do multiple trips to different stores or different days. I also try to go during slow hours and if i know theres a line behind me i do 1 transaction at a time and get back in line….i know its something dumb to do but at least ur courteous to others..u should contact corporate and let them know the situation with the RR. Yesterday i had several transactions that included several manufacturer coupons and walgreens coupons and my Register Rewards printed without a problem….read the coupon policy for your Walgreens store and call and ask any changes in the coupon policy, this way you know beforehand if you will have any problems…hope it helps!!

im in florida, im a newbie, and my walgreens arent that great. i spent so much time planning and organizing and NONE of my RR’S printed!! for the hairbands, listerine or caress bodywash..and i got all the right products/sizes.. the mgr said it was bc i used mfg coupons thats prob why the RR didnt print? i have a problem with something everytime i go. Some cashiers/ mngrs get annoyed & ppl behind you get an attitude & it makes me nervous. i’m trying to make sure the coupon is scanning & its ringing up the right price and then i leave and look @ the recepit and see something didnt go the way it was supposed to .. then i feel so bad :(

Yeah this didnt work for me ended up paying like 6 bucks and then no reward boooooo so I returned them and will be back to buy another day!!

so i was planning my next trip to walgreens and i was thinking of doing the following:

buy 2 listerine whitening/restore for $12
then use walgreen coupon $3 off 1 -$6
i have a RR from the Pure silk -$1.50
and the last coupon is from -$1

total will be $3.50
and Register Rewards will be $4.00

Now the question is will the listerine be in stock…i guess ill find out tomorrow

Just walked 2 miles to walgreens but they were sold out. gonna try another store tomorrow. But i did get the hair bands

I tried this on the listerine whitening original and the walgreens ad didn’t allow me to take $3 off. Did I choose the wrong one?

I tried to get the orginial one to because it was priced at 4.49 or 4.99 and the $3 wouldn’t work so the manager went over and came back with a bottle of Listerine Whitening Vibrant White and a bottle of Listerine Whitening Restoring they were 6.49 each and then the $3 coupon worked. Plus my 2x $1/1 and I got a $4RR making them .49 each.

I got two of the Listerine Whitening plus Restoring this morning at my Walgreens. Priced at $6.99/each, less $3 Walgreens coupon, less $1 MFG coupon. I did get the $2 Register Rewards for each. It appears that it is key that you buy the Listerine Whitening plus Restoring.

I did this tonight….

I got 2 of the listerine whitening for 4.49, got $6 off with walgreens coupon and use 2 of the $1 off whitening listerine coupons from and got the $4RR!!!

3.02 money maker!! I was waiting for register beeps because I always seem to have the wrong listerine in my cart LOL

6.99 at the Walgreens here, got the $3.00 off each and $1.00 manf off each but RR was only $2 for two!

There was no RR! But I still got 4/.50 each and 2/.75 each…YAY

Not sure if this has been posted, but some of the Walgreens (I live in the St. Louis area) have $1.50 off coupons attached to the Listerine Whitening Restore mouthwash which made mine .50 cents each. Retail $14.98 (6.99 ea) – $6 WAG Q – $3.00 attached Q’s – $5 RR = .98 cents for 2.

Went to Walgreens today and finally got the Tylenol Precise patches!!! Whoot Whoot. Got 2 Listerine washes, but ended up purchasing the wrong ones they were 16 fl oz of the purple bottle. My transaction was:
1 Tylenol Precise Patch 7.99
2 Listerine btl 16 flz (Purchased the wrong one) 6.79
1 Sunday newspaper (left over from sunday) 1.50

I used 2 $1 off coupons from Listerine
1 5.00 Tylenol Precise from website plus 3 off in ad May booklet
and 1 RR for $4.00 off purchase

I forgot to use the in ad Walgreens coupon for $3 off. Anyways the RR didn’t print out. I checked my receipt and headed back in to the store. Manager told me that since my I paid out of pocket about 9.79, he couldn’t return the Listerine washes because that would technically be “making profit off walgreens” and the net price would be lower. He said that he would be paying me to return items which was illegal. I told him that I had used a dollar off coupon for each one & realized that I forgot the in ad coupon. I know the walgreens coupon lingo 1 coupon per 1 item but I didn’t expect to pay almost $14 in mouthwashes. The manager said that since
extreme couponers” show came out they weren’t allowed to do that. I was extremely upset and now stuck with mouthwashes that weren’t even a good deal. Help please!

Hey Lauren,

I had the same experience…..I got the wrong Listerine but I can’t return it now because the total price I paid (for everything) would be less than the total price of the 2 bottles. I did not get the $4 RR very very PO’ed about it. I am actually going to try a different Wags tom. to see if they have the right one in stock. So pretty much I feel your pain LOL

Bought 2 bottles of the Listerine whitening plus restoring and received my $4 RR. It wasn’t free but .50 cents per bottle is great! I’m very happy 😉

Has anyone in NYC bought these and received the RR.. NYC always has higher prices listed so how much was the mouthwash for.

I purchase 1 Listerine Total Care and 1 Listerine Whitening and got $4 RR

They were at my Walgreens for $6.49. My RR printed and that made me really happy! I got the $1.00 off coupon from

I tried it out yesterday at my walgreens and both 2 bottle. It did print out a $4.00 RR for me. You have to buy Listerine Whitening plus restoring. My walgreens sold it for $6.99 instead of $5.99 but its still a good deal. So I end up paying $1.00 each bottle after walgreens coupon and Manuefactor coupon.

@Sabrina you can only get the RR with the listerine whitening plus restoring.. not the total care. So your cashier grabbed the wrong bottle sounds like.

The $4.00 is actually a catalina coupon, can’t you use one for each and actually end up at plus $1.01?

Go to and click on yourbucks offers(catalina), top right corner.
then click on the listerine and it will tell you the participating products.
hope this helps.


You don’t get RR by purchasing the hawaiian punch and you got the wrong Listerine. You get $3 off of ANY Listerine, but you only get RR from the Listerine whitening plus restoring, not Total.

What is SS 1/9?

Vince – SS 1/19 means where the coupons came from. SS stands for SMARTSOURCE and then 1/19 is the date of which that coupon and/or insert was published.

I went to Walgreens today and I didn’t get any RR. Not certain what I did wrong. I got 6 boxes of the hawaiian punch/ wyler’s singles for .59 cents each. I also got 3 1 liters of the Listerine Total & used three Manufactor’s for an additiona $1 off. Each bottle was 6.49-9.00 WAGC- 3.00 MC. I cked at Walmart for the total listerine and it was $5.32 & CVS was on sell for 3.89 with 1 extra buck.

I must say I wasn’t impressed with our Walgreens. I went there right after getting my daughter to school and the special/sell items were hidden/hard to find or completely sold out.

Is there a way to check if it is a RR product. Some people are not getting the RR

@Sabrina which listerine did you get? Because I think it only print off for the listerine whitening plus restoring

I purchased the total care plus whitening in the 16 oz its in a purple bottle. We were having a hard time getting the register to take of the $3.00 coupon, but then the manager came over and said it was only on this one and she actually went and got it off the shelf??

Wow, the prices are varying in areas. I also purchased this product for $4.49 16oz but got the “Whitening Original.” I used the $3.00 wags coup, the $1 MFG coup, and received the $2RR. Money maker! But, I was not trying to get over, I only glanced at it before using it. I didn’t realize how big of an issue it became. My friends had problems using the wags coupon or didn’t get the RR, plus the prices varied from $5.99 to $6.49 at certain Walgreens. Overall, everyone got a good deal anyway.

I just purchased the listerine total care but did not get the rr. Can anything be done about that? I ended up paying $2.49 from $6.49?

You MUST buy the Listerine Whitening Plus RESTORING (very specific item pictured above). RR will NOT print if you buy any other Listerin products.

So I just went to Walgreens tonight and bought 2 for 5.99 used the $3 coupon in the flyer but did not get the RR :(

@Erica.. My cashier told me the same thing about the listerine that it had to be for 1L, but I informed her that it was for the listerine total care, advanced or zero that had to be the 1L. Not the listerine total care plus whitening or whitening plus restoring that one is 16oz. And she then apologized and said she didn’t realize it because other people tried doing it but were getting the other bottles (listerine total care, advanced or zero) too small.

purchased 2 Listerine Whitening at $6.49 – the in store $3.00 coupon and – $1.00 coupon on each. Total $4.98 and received $4.00 RR!

I just got it! I didn’t get it free because it is $6.99 at my walgreens, but I did only pay .99 cents which is still a good deal!

Yay!! Just worked for me. Luckily I found the bottles that had the $1.50 coupon on them b/c at my Walgreens the price was $6.49. With the $1.50 coupon, the $3.00 WG coupon, and the $2.00 register reward I got it for free!!!

Chicago area $6.49. No complaints…$.50/unit is a good deal.

Can you use the $1.00 off coupon for Listerine Whitening Rinse Product if you can’t print a coupon?

where is the $3.00 off with in ad coupon

Monica, the coupon is in their circular. Most stores have stacks of circulars in the front when you walk in. Our store (Louisiana) also has their coupon book located in the same area. If I recall correctly, the Listerine coupon was at least 3 pages into the circular.

I’m a newbie as of last week and I believe I’m really starting to get the hang of Walgreens. However, I have a lot of coupons to use b/w in-ad, last week’s RR, and sunday’s qs. I realize I must do separate transactions, but I want to avoid too many. What are some good fillers y’all are using? I could only find $.50 energy candy and to me those are a waste in our household. Writing out my game plan for each transaction is starting to give me a headache, while consuming too much time before the baby wakes.

I usually get plastic forks & knives (clearance item) for $.25, Chips Ahoy (clearance item) for $.25 or a piece of caramel for $.33 by the register. Some locations have mexican candies for $.39. Someone mentioned here that her location carries pencils for $.19 but mine doesn’t.

Stacy, thank you! I will check the clearance for fillers. I just read in a forum that in-ad qs are not included when trying to balance the # of upc to # of qs. This makes things so much easier :)

I love reading this you are all so helpful. Will you please explain the need for “fillers” ?Iam just not getting t? thank you so much:)

Because they only take one manufacturer’s coupon per item and Register Rewards are counted as manufacturer’s coupons.
For example, I’m purchasing a $10 item with $3 Walgreens coupon & $2 manufacturer’s coupon. I also have $1.5 Register Reward from previous week. I can either purchase this item for
$10-$3-$2 = $5
$10+$.25(filler item)-$3-$2-$1.5 = $3.75

@Hollie, Our store has laffy taffy 10/$1.00 which is an awesome filler. They were in little tubs as we walked up to the register.

Can you use more than one RR in a single transaction, provided you have the correct number of fillers?

if it is a sunday i will get the newspaper, something i am going to buy anyway. if any other day clearance item

i used hunts, drink mix on sale and scunci as my filler.
i noticed, when you by something with in ad Q it doesn’t count as coupon.

The is a $1.00 coupon for it at

Ok I am so new to this and tryin to learn so there isnt a coupon to print???

I used the $3 off coupon in their circular to purchase Listerine Zero. I also found 3 bottles tucked in the back with $1.50 off coupon on the neck of the bottle. $6.49 – $3.00 Walgreen’s coupon – $1.50 manufacture coupon = $1.99 for one. Not bad!

SOOOO BUMMED! Just got back from my first Walgreens shopping trip! Spent $89.00, but not that impressed with my 3 bags of goods. My receipt said I saved $2.60 in WAG coupon savings: $37.51 WAG advertised savings and $19.60 in MFG savings. For a total of $59.71 in savings. I think i really screwed up on some of the register rewards and some of the items marked discounted in the add were not discounted at the register. Like the 3 cans of tomato sauce for .99 cents. Mine were .99 cents each :( And.. lot’s of the items I had on my list to grab were completely gone! Wish I would have known about the free Listerine! That one was completely out… so i settled for the 8.5 oz for $4.49. I guess overall it’s a learning lesson! ! Any suggestions or advice would be awesome! Please tell me im not the only one! lol..
Thank You!
Rookie! !

Jamie- I am new to this too but as far as the tomato sauce goes , was there an in ad coupon that the cashier didn’t scan? Also to avoid items being out of stock, I buy the early edition of the Sunday paper on saturday (I live near Houston TX) and I cut my coupons Saturday and get the wags first thing Sunday morning! I am usually the first person to take any of he items off of the shelf

Thanks Heather!

I checked and the cashier did not get my 3/1 on the tomato sauce! And I never heard of the early Sunday paper! I will definitely check that out! I’m in Utah.. hope they have it! Thank you for the tips! !

Sadly not all newspapers have an early edition of the Sunday paper. Chicago does have an early Sunday edition which comes out Saturday, but in South Bend, IN, where I live, we do not have an early edition. I think early editions may only happen in large metro areas.

@ Jamie.. the thing is to do multiple transactions to use register rewards on each transaction getting the total as low as possible. You cannot use the same register reward on the same item it is from though. If you use register rewards from your previous transaction(s) you could get most things for free with register rewards.

Thanks Jasmine! It sounds like a lot of work, but worth it im sure! I kinda was hoping the cashier would walk me through the register rewards part.. but I did walk away with $12.00 worth of register rewards! So I need to go back before the expire and use them towards my next trip! Thank you for the tips! !

so i went to my wags in vifor texas! and NO GO for me she said i could not use the 3$ one bottle was 16 oz and had to be a liter.. and she was VERY rude!! and they have signs EVERYWHERE saying only 2 of any sale item no matter what the ad says or something I will go by there and take a picture of the sign and post it for u guys!

i meant vidor texas

My store didn’t have the whitening in the big size and when I bought something else I didn’t get any register rewards. The cashier said the store coupon only worked on one that was $6.99 a bottle so I ended up paying $3 per bottle….. To be honest, I hate using mouthwash so that $3 a bottle is going to taste extra bad! What is walgreens return policy? Is it ever possible to take things back because you changed your mind? 😕 I’m sure it’s super tacky…..

@KimC it will work so long as it doesn’t specify a certain one. If it just says $1.00/1 Listerine then it will work!

I have a question about the Walgreen’s RR. I know if you use a RR for the same product it won’t print a new RR, but can you use a RR you got for another product?

@Lynda, Yes. Except for those that are in the same family such as the proctor and gamble family. You can not do it say if you have a RR from tide and plan to use it on say head and shoulders and get the RR for head and shoulders. If there was not a RR for head and shoulders, you can use the RR from Tide (because there was not a RR to print.) Does that make sense?


Will the printable $1/1 work for this as well?

You get $3.00 off X2. So 2 at $5.99 is $11.98. Minus $3 for in-ad coupon X2 is $5.98. Minus two $1 coupons is $3.98. minus $4 register rewards is $.02 “Moneymaker”

If it is unadvertised, what do you do if it doesn’t print? I’ve had ones not print before and they verified it with the ad, but if isn’t in the ad, how can they verify it?

Hi can somebody tell me if its for any Listerine rinse? I get confuse because theres some many different Listerine.

Does the Portland area get this reward too? So many times I have purchased things expecting the RR and do not get it because Portland is no included in the rr.

I was going to ask if anyone has tried it. My guess is since it is a catalina promotion and not a Walgreens one that it will work, but I haven’t tried it yet.

For Portland, you always need to check your store’s circular, because they are running tests in our market right now with giving points instead of RRs for some items that everyone else gets RRs for. Frustrating, but sometimes we still get them.

incorrect Victor. You subtract TWO $3 in ad coupons because youre purchasing two products. The end result then makes it free.

I bought some yesterday and it had a coupon on it for 1.50 off. However, our store’s price was 6.49- still worked out to be free.

wrong! 2 at 5.98 is 11.98. minus 3 dollars for in-ad coupon is 8.98. minus two 1 dollar coupons is 6.98. minus 4 dollar register rewards is 2.98. right?

The in-ad coupon for $3 off will deduct $6 if you buy 2. HTH!

Transaction would look like this:
2 listerines @ $5.99 = $11.98
2 $1/1 MQ = $9.98
In ad Q @ $3 off (will take off $6) = $3.98

Pay $3.98 out of pocket, Get back $4 RR!
$.02 Money Maker!!!

@Victor…you would use (2) in ad coupons of $3 each

Nope, because you can use the $3 WAGS one on each bottle. It’s good for up to 3 bottles so $5.99 x 2 = $11.98- $6 WAGS – $2 MFG = $3.98 OOP + $4 Register Reward = $0.02 Money Maker. 😀

Looks like I’m going to WAGS!


no you only took 1 $3 off and there is 2 products so it’s $6 off they are right on the math!

No, you can deduct the $3 store coupon for each one. Total of $6off.

I think the $3 off Walgreens coupon comes off twice because you are buying 2. So then you spend $3.98 and get back $4.

The one’s they are referring to are $4.99 and they are a very specific kind. I did it today in Eagle Idaho and it worked for me!! There are some that are 5.99 and 6.49 so really watch the tags!

These had a $1.50 off coup. attached to the neck of the bottle – I bought 1, would have bought 2 but was the only one they had in store. Ended up being a 51 cent MM! :)

At my store, I also found a bottle with the 1.50 manf. coupon. Was a nice little surprise

I have bought 4 listerines at Walgreens this week and never got any register rewards. Maybe it is only on the whitening one that is the only one I didn’t buy.

Same here i bought 2 of them yesterday and didn’t get any RR

Actually i take that back i bought the Listerine Total Care. Sorry

Hi, take them back with the receipt and get two whitening plus restoring rinse and $4.00 will print out! I just did this this morning! Make sure you have two more coupons! Hope this works…it did for me!

Whay I don’t have this kind of sale here with reward this week?!:(

@Elma – this is an unadvertised RR. It is a catalina promotion from the Manufacturer so it will print at other stores also. But with WAGS sale and coupons this week it’s an even better deal.

I scored yesterday. They had the total care for $6.49, I had a walgreens $3.00 off and a manufacture for $1.50 off. Paid only $1.99 and got RR :)

I’ve been to three Walgreens in my area (Westminster/Garden Grove, CA – Southern) and this product is selling for $6.99. Not free, but .99 is still a pretty good deal.

Hi, mary ann i got mine in Fullerton and they where 6.49, I guess even if the stores aren’t far they are still different prices.

store prices are deifinitely walgreens had them for $4.49

They were $6.99 at my Walgreens as well. $.99 per bottle is still not too bad!

I got it $5.99 in Walgreens on Glenwood St, Boise, ID today. I had two transactions and got 4. I paid $4.34 each transaction and got $4 RR. It means 4 for $0.68 only. Yeah!!!

I went to a Walgreens here in Aurora, CO and the Listerine was listed at $6.99. At the register I used my $1 off coupons, but the register rewards did not print out. I’m a neebie so I felt a little frustrated when a line started building up behind me. I’m going to keep on trying though!

Hi, I went today and didn’t get register reward as well! Sucks! I paid $3.98 for 2!

What is a register reward? Is this something you can use immediately or on your next purchase?

I am from the same area and one of the walgreens near me had it priced at 7.99 :O( ohh well glad to see another area shopper though!!

where can i find this coupon? i live in the zip code 53549 jefferson,wisconsin..and i cant find the coupon :( help plssss!

Same here! In Lake Forest, CA, it was $6.99 but I agree, $.99 cents each was a great deal. My husband goes through these crazy fast.