Woot, woot!  Here is an even better Bayer Aspirin deal at Walgreens than we posted earlier this week!

Buy 1 Bayer Aspirin Advance, 500 mg, 20 ct $3.99
Buy 1 Bayer Aspirin Chewable 81 mg, 36 ct $3.19
Use $1.50/1 – Bayer Advanced Aspirin Product – (coupons.com)
And Use $1.00/1 Bayer Aspirin Product, any 81mg or 325mg from SS 5/1
And Use $2.00/1 Bayer Aspirin from Walgreens in ad coupon (will take off $4.00)
And Use $1.00/1 Bayer Aspirin 24-36 ct from Walgreens May Booklet (will need to be adjusted down)
Final Price:  Free for both!

Thanks, Wild for Wags

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65 thoughts on “Free Bayer Aspirin at Walgreens!”

WHERE is this weekly ad coupon? I”ve been through my Walgreens circular 6 times and I don’t see it.

Just came back from Walgreens…..

My walgreens is usually really good with coupons…but the May Coupon from the coupon book didn’t want to scan on the Bayer Advance so the manager told me its for the type of Bayer only in the pic. Lamest excuse ever! It says ANY. So I was a little frustrated.

Hmmm…I got 2 boxes of the Bayer Advanced 20 count tonight for $0.24 a box before taxes. On sale for $3.99. $2 off weekly ad coupon x 2. 2 $1.75 off manufacturer coupons from target.com. I was happy with that. However, I did have quite the trouble with the Renu contact solution deal. But in the end, I ended up getting it for $3.99 before taxes.

I purchased 3 bayer advanced at $3.99 each, used 1 of the Walgreens in at coupon which took $6.00 off and then used 3 $2/1 from the allyou.com site. I had no issues and I got 2 of them for free. I also did a separate transaction with the chewable and used 2 $2/1 and 1 1$/1 from the Walgreens booklet and the same thing happened.

This was the best deal I have found!! I kind of winged it to be honest, I had 9 coupons of $1.75,$1.50 & 2.00 off coupons that I accumulated. I started of with two boxes in one transaction just to test the waters and I made sure the clerk scanned the Walgreens add first. for two boxes it was 98cents! Then she said she could just scan the remainder of the 7 boxes together which was actually better to do it all together! I threw in all my coupons and it ended up being $1.98 so a total of $2.96! for 9 boxes of BAYER extra strength. The lady I checked out with, Gave me the coupons despite all the beeps! she just adjusted and punched in the coupons numbers. ITS all about who you go to check out with. I had no hassle! Also Walgreens was having some make-up discounts and I got Rimmell Foundation with my 2- $2.00 off coupons for $1.98 for TWO!


The Bayer was 6.99 at my Walgreens in VA

My Walgreens advertises the Bayer at $4 but it is actually $3.99. This is why my coupons didnt work yesterday. Went back and luckily they had 3 boxes left and the manager adjusted the price of the aspirin to $4 so my coupons worked today. Paid $.41 tax..which is actually better than the $.54 tax I would’ve paid yesterday had the coupons worked.

Oops I meant it shows they are over charging customers for products.

I went and purchased the Bayer today and the last of my manufacture coupons would not scan and we could not figure out why so the lady just typed them in manually. After reading this I realize it’s because the Walgreens May Booklet Coupon was a manufacturer Coupon. I got all mine for free but I will know for the future to look and see if it’s a Walgreens coupon or not!

Also, the manager said they just got a memo yesterday and they are not allowed to adjust the price of the coupons because they are not getting the full reimbursement of the coupons and that they are not allowed to change the price of the item any longer because it shows up on a report and it looks like they are over charging coupons for products. Not sure how any of this makes sense because if they adjust the price of the coupon it only covers the price of the product and changing the price of the product balances itself out with the coupon…

My walgreenshad them for$2.19. I bought 3 all for free!

I have the same problem as some of the other people on here at 2 different locations here in northeast FL. Both stores have said the same thing to me:
All of the coupons in the May coupon booklet say “Manufacturer coupon, good only at Walgreens”. So you can NOT use the booklet coupon plus any other manufacturer coupon.
Also at both of these locations, the ad flyer “coupons” are the “sale” on the item. For ex: if the bayer was, say 3.99 reg, and the ad flyer “coupon” says $2 off, there is a “sale” sign on them saying they are “on sale” for 1.99. So for me, I can not use the $2 off ad flyer coupon on the 1.99 sale price because Walgreens already took it off. Its like they trick you.
Its so frustrating to shop at Walgreens because I have to read and think about each item I want to purchase…making sure which of the 3 coupons I actually can use. UGH. I may quit shopping at Walgreens all together!

HOWEVER, this may only be in FL or just in my city…..who knows!

Went to Walgreens yesterday and bought the Bayer and Purina one cat food. The cashier had to change each of the prices of the products so the coupons would work. So the Purina that was $1.99….she had to adjust it to $2.00 and the $2.00 coupon worked. Also the Bayer Adv. which was $3.99 she adjusted the price to $4.00 and both used both the weedkly $2 add coupon and the All You $2 coupon. Had no trouble once she adjusted the price. Maybe this will help some of you. Just had to pay taxes on 3boxes of Bayer and 4 bags of Purina One!

I went to Walgreens yesterday, and I didn’t get the Bayer Asprin for free, I did get it for $.54 for the both of them, which isn’t to shabby!!!

I just got home from doing this deal! I got two boxes of the Bayer Aspirin Advance, 500 mg, 20 ct for $3.99. I used two $2 manuf coupons in addition to the in ad coupon which gave me an additional $2 off each box.

$7.98 total for both boxes
-$4 manuf coupons
-$4 in ad coupons
$.02 cent moneymaker.

my walgreen is giving me such a hard time with all my coupons… i followed every single steps posted and i always have a hard time getting the deal always mention here. they said that they have issue with coupons so if it doesnt scan they cant take it…

I would try asking them to type the code in for the coupon. My walgreens scanners don’t scan the coupons very well either (not even the Register Rewards Coupons). They don’t like to type in the bar code, but they can.

i was able 2 use the ad coupon 4 the adv, got 4 boxes of avd bayer free w/ the ad coupon and the all you coupon and got 6 boxes of baby bayer 19 cents a piece using ad coupon and may booklet coupon.

The in ad coupon and may booklet will not work with the advance. You need to get the chewable for it to work. Thats why the coupon is kicking out.

I stacked my coupons for the very first time. It was a nightmare. It took 20 minutes at the register because each of my coupons kept kicking out. The would not let me stack the Advanced Bayer Coupons. She had to call the manager up there for a few more coupons that kicked out and I decided that I will NOT do that again. Since so many coupons kicked out, I only saved $11.00 after 20 minutes at the register.

My Walgreens in Central Oregon won’t let me use two Walgreens coupons on the same item, so wasn’t able to use the May booklet Q. Also, the Bayer Advanced was marked $4.49/box, even though it rang up $3.99. Was able to use two $1.50 MQ and the in-add Q which took off $4.00. Got two boxes (one 24 ct, one 20 ct) for $0.98! Not free, but a great deal!

I got 3 boxes of chewable aspirin for a total of 1.14. I did not use any manufacturer coupons. I used the ad coupon and may booklet. Does this work itself out correctly?

Coupon Newbie but this deal has me hooked!

Store 1
2 Bayer Advanced + 2 Bayer Chewable Baby Aspirin
Paid= $0.96

Store 2
3 Bayer Chewable Baby Aspirin
Paid= $0.16

Wags has a card?

So, how was Kim able to use 2 manufacturer coupons on one order? I was under the impression that we are not able to do this. Plus, most store policies say “only one manufacturer coupon per item.” I use the coupons in that Walgreen’s May booklet and they also say Manufacturer Coupon on the front. I am now confused again…

Don’t know where to post this but on Monday I put my e-mail address in the box at the checkout and today received my $5 off coupon toward my next purchase of $25 dollars so just wanted everyone to be aware that they respond and do so quickly.

My Walgreens had baby aspirin for free w/o any coupons. It was on sale for $1.49 or $1 with card, plus in-ad coupon made it free. They have quite a few that way, or only $1 after in-ad coupon. I went back today and bought regular bayer and used the $1.50 Q off for all 3. I’m glad they are just right up the street, cause I see they have the listerine in stock, time to make another run. :)

Please helpppppppppp
When I go to coupons.com I get a blank page can some one explain in a simple way how to do this ????? I’m very new at this

I went to Walgreens and used the $5 off coupon for the bayer and advil from their website…the RR didn’t print, but the manager was very nice and just gave me five dollars cash!!!!!

Just did this deal: 2 boxes bayer low dose 36 ct, 3.19 ea(6.38)

Used in ad coupon 2.00 off x 2
May booklet 1.00 off x 2
plus manuf. coupon 1.00 x 2

I thought the manuf. coupons would beep and have to be adjusted down, but they didn’t so I got $1.62 overage. Of course I had to buy filler items, but happy it worked that way!

does walgreens double coupons? I am a newbie. :)

Walgreen don’t double Qs. You may stack them though.

So can we use the walgreens book coupons at other stores?

Stephanie, I have had the same problem just in the last few weeks. I called corporate and they too said that the coupons in the book are now manuf. coupons so you cannot use them both. I think it is new and has put a damper on my walgreen’s deals!!

My local walgreens is stating that the coupons in the monthly booklet are manufacturers coupons, which they do say that on the back of the coupon….Therefore they can not be combined with another manufacturers coupon…I was not able to do this deal.

My Walgreens wouldn’t let me use the May Booklet coupon because she said it was just for regular Bayer and not the Advanced. The machine kicked it back and I tried to persuade her if was ok but she just plain refused. :(

I just did this deal. It worked pretty well I was able to use two 1.75 q’s from the target website and the 1.00 q’s from SS 5/1 . I used the man. coupons first then the ad coupon. When the cashier scanned the may coupon book it would not scan (Ithink because it was less than $1 . I ended up paying .46 cents for 4 boxes of aspirin.

I can use this Bayer Aspirin because trying to figure out the scenario gave me a headache!

My Walgreens would not take both of the Walgreen coupons, only one. The register would only take one, not both (add & coupon book)

You weren’t able to use the May booklet one because you are not supposed to! It says “$1 off Bayer Aspirin, 24 to 36 ct” This package is 20 count!

you can use the $1 may coupon because you are using it on the 36 count 81mg bottle.

I did this yesterday. I got 4 boxes of Bayer Advanced 24-ct

4 @ $3.99

coupons used
4-$2/1 from Allyou.com
1-$2/1 from Weekly Ad (this took off $8 total)

I did it in two transactions 2 boxes each time!


Manufacturer coupons have a upc that starts with 5, the walgreens instant value coupons start with a 0. They are store coupons. Walgreens coupon policy states, “Walgreens accepts one manufacturer coupon and applicable Walgreens coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item…” So, you can stack multiple coupons.


I went to Walgreens yesterday and tried to get both the Bayer deal and Advil plus the 4 Revlon eye shadows and none of these deals would work out so I just left. I kept eliminating each one with the cashier to see what the problem was. She first said the Revlon shadows were already priced at $4.99 with the 40% discount and that she would have to ring them up separately..huh? Ok forget that, next the Advil…and the free Bayer after coupons. Gave her all my coupons and the oop was over $8..thats not right…so now just take the Advil off, next the “free Bayer” It exceeds it by a penney so no she didn’t know anything about adjusting it down..says she can’t do that. Forget it..might go to another Walgreens today or tomorrow.

I’m brand spanking new to this couponing world, what if I don’t have access to SS 5/1? Or is this for experienced folks who’ve been saving their inserts?

I am confused as well, do you use 2 of the $2.00 off??? Thanks.


Yes, but once the register scans the $2 off coupon, it will automatically deduct 2x$2=$4 if you are purchasing 2 items. You don’t need to cut 2 coupons.

Thanks Stacy,
I am new to couponing! Cant wait to try it!!

it should read use 2 $2/1 coupons..

I didn’t do this deal, but without other printing, got the bayer that is on sale for $2.99 for free and one of the bottles had 64 instead of 32!

Targets website has a NEW $1.75/1 Manufacturer coupon for Bayer Advanced which makes this deal even better! :)

sorry, i dont get it. items costs $7.18 and coupons are worth $5.50, what did i miss? how are they both free?

The coupons total $7.50….the Walgreens $2 off doubles to $4 for both of them!

This is a great deal I’ve been doing this week, limit is 3 per transaction I believe. I have gone back twice as my grandparents use these every day.

I used the Walgreen’s in-ad coupon and the coupon located in the May coupon book.

There is also a $2 off coupon available on allyou.com

thanks :)

Can you use all of those coupons towards only the two items purchased? How does that work?

I bought the advil/thermocare today. The buy 2 and $5 in register rewards. I used my $4 off coupon. I did Not receive a RR, the cashier told me it was b/c I used a coupon?????? I used other coupons on other reward items and they worked just fine.

I had the same problem on Monday with the Thermacare and Advil. Which Thermacare did you purchase? The ad says 2 or 3 count and I purchased 2 + 1 so it didn’t print off the RR. My cashier was awesome and tried it using the Thermacare 2 count and it printed the RR. Hope this helps!

If you used a RR to pay for the items you wont get one back, but if you used regular coupons then you should have.

because you are buying two asprin and using two coupons and then the coupons from walgreens coupon book you are able to use as well with them. The store manager explained this to me on Monday. They don’t count as a coupon they will just lower the price. Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, that was not the case at my Walgreen’s. I even got into an argument with the store manager (did not know she was a manager at the time). The register (at my store) will take only 1 Walgreen’s coupon and 1 mfr coupon per item. You cannot combine 2 store coupons or 2 mfr coupons to one item. So, I got my Bayer 32 count for $0.99. Not free, but not bad.