I did some price checking on the Hawaiian Tropic & Banana Boat, Buy One Get One Free deals.  There are a lot of different Sun Care varieties you can choose from.  Plus, when you purchase 2 Hawaiian Tropic or Banana Boat products, you will get a Free Walgreens Aloe Vera Gel.  Prices start at $9.99.  This is what I found:

Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Dry Oil or Creme Lotion $9.99, On Sale thru 6/4
Buy One Get One Free
Use 2 $2.00/1 Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care product, any 4 oz or larger excluding lip balm from SS 5/22
And Use $2.00/1 Hawaiian Tropic Lotion or Cream SPF 15+, 4 oz or larger from Walgreens Summer Beauty Guide (will take off $4.00)
$1.00/1 Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care product, any 4 oz. or larger excluding lip balm from SS 5/22
$1.00/1 – Hawaiian Tropic Product, Any 3 Oz. Or Larger – (hawaiiantropic.com)
Final Price:  As low as $0.99 each when you buy 2 + Free Walgreens Aloe Vera Gel, 6 oz

Banana Boat Sport Performance Active Dry Protect $9.99, On Sale thru 6/4
Buy One Get One Free
Use 2 $1.00/1 Banana Boat Sun Care product, any 4 oz. or larger excluding lip balm from SS 5/22
And Use $1.00/1 Banana Boat Lotion SPF 15+, 4 oz or larger from Walgreens Summer Beauty Guide (will take off $2.00)
Final Price:  $2.99 each when you buy 2 + Free Walgreens Aloe Vera Gel, 6 oz

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102 thoughts on “Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil at Walgreens, Only $0.99!”

Just got back from Walgreens. The lowest you will get these for is $1.99 each. 2 sunscreens at 9.99 each – $4 from the Walgreens beauty guide – $4 from 2 manufacturer coupons and then the register only took off 7.99 for the free item. Making it $1.99 each bottle plus tax. Target is a better deal.

I went to Walgreens two days ago, and tried this sunscreen deal with the 2 MFQs and what I thought would be “2” scans of the WAGS coupon booklet, making my purchase .99 cents each as advertised on this site. I did not get the free Walgreens aloe product, but was told by a manager that it was an online special ONLY, for purchasing sunscreen through their website. I later looked at my receipt and found that I did not get the second $2 off WAGS coupon. I wish I would have know their CONSISTENT policy before made the trip and purchased the product. Their store clerks, managers and even corporate give different answers to people on a daily basis. We should all write them, to get a more clear policy so that there isn’t any more arguing with managers or made to feel like thieves because we use coupons. Publix and Target both allow the use of 1 MFQ and 1 store coupon per item, regardless of whether its a BOGO or not. WAGS coupon booklet is misleading the public, on the face of the coupon it says “Instant Value Coupon Only Good At Walgreens”…how can a coupon be a store coupon and and MFQ? I’m starting to agree with all those people who hate shopping at Walgreens.

My store would not let me use the Walgreens coupon at all. “It won’t ring so we can’t use it.” First bad experience ever. I will be sticking to my local Wags.

It was explained to me today that the coupons in the summer book are manufacture coupons (we looked at the back) that is why you can not use it for 2 and 2 manufacture coupons from the newspaper. I am beoming increasingly frustrated with Walgreens!!!!








I just did this deal this am…got the $2/1 peelies and used two of those, and THEN presented the Beauty book which automatically came up $4 off. So I got the full deal. Good luck!

Kaylee, you may want to add up the numbers on your receipt. I too thought I got this deal, until my friend called me up (she went and purchased the same thing) and told me they took the $2 WAGS coupon off both items, making them $7.99, and then took off the $7.99 as the BOGO price off.

$9.99 + $9.99 (2 sunscreens)
– 7.99 (bogo sunscreen price) – 2.00 (WAGS coupon for non-free item)
– 4.00 (2 MFQ coupon)

Again, I thought I got the full $8 off because the coupons looked like they all scanned, but it only took off $6 when you add it all up. If you really did get the full deal then congratulations because most of us haven’t had the same experience.

Just left Walgreens….first bad experience. Tried to get the Purina cat food that was $1.99 and used a $2 off coupon. Cashier said I couldn’t use it cause it was more than the selling price. I asked if she could adjust it down and she said no……funny thing cause I also bought the .99 Icy Hot using a $1 off and that went through. So I inquired as to if the Icy hot one worked and she said she put it through. Ummmm, okay…it’s the exact same circumstance.
Bought the sunscreen which came up B1G1 but not free aloe. She needed the manager to fix it. Handed her the beauty book coupon which she tried to scan a few times and then finally seemed satisfied (I was trying to deal with my tantruming 3 year old, wasnt paying attention to the total) I paid for my stuff and left. Get to the car and realize that the beauty book coupon NEVER went through……I feel tricked into believing that the coupon worked. I might go back later when I don’t have to bring my kids with me and just return it. It’s frustrating that nothing was working right in the store today.

I found that catfood at Petsupermarket for .39 cents each…I can’t believe WAGS is charging $1.99? Petsupermarket accepted my coupons, and actually let me get 5 bags with 1 coupon and adjusted the price down for the coupon as $1.95. Try a pets store and you’ll no doubt have better luck!

I just left Walgreens & it was a nightmare. The ones that were B1G1 would not allow you to get the Gel. The store I went to was SOOOO funny about it that I said forget it. They didn’t even have any Hawaaiian Tropic that was $9.99! I called corporate cause the lady was just rude but the manager was trying to help. Either way it was not a deal to me so I just got the Orbits gum on sale & left.

Tthat’s exactly how mine rang up yesterday, but I insisted that if shoulbe take off the $9.99. The manager was hesitant and took a while to figure out how to re-ring everything, but she did it. I also had plastic spoons and forks as my fillers and she would not let me use my $2.00 RR because they only totalled $.98 cents. I asked if I got another set and she said no, as it still will only total $1.98 (under the $2.00 RR amount). She said store is getting strict with RR and will not be allowed to use it on items less than the value of each. So everyone that has been using RR on their fillers for .10 cent pencills and .39 cent candies will no longer be accepted.

I just want to post this after talking with a Walgreens manager!
I purchased 2 HT sunscreens for $9.99 each. I had (2) $2 off 1 and I used the Walgreens beauty book that had $2/l. My free one was taken off at $7.99. I originally thought it would be $9.99. She explained that since you only paid $7.99 for it (using the wags coupon) they can’t give you back $9.99. That would be giving you an extra $2. If you are just using the manufacturers coupons then you would get the full amount before coupons since they get reimbursed from the company. Hope this makes sense.

Ok, I looked on Walgreen’s website http://www.walgreens.com/store/store/specialoffer_bagb.jsp?dsnt=9999.99&pluCode=4041&secPluCode=3041&prdID=prod389535
and it say:

“Combine and Save OfferCombine and Save Offer

Purchase one Banana Boat Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Baby Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Sport Performance Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Kids Max Protect & Play Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Banana Boat Ultra Defense Max Skin Protect Continuous Spray Sunscreen or Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Creme Lotion Sunscreen or Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Creme Lotion and get FREE one of the eligible items below.”

The free items are:
Walgreens Aloe Vera After Sun Body Lotion
Walgreens Aloe Vera Sensitive Skin After Sun Body Gel
Walgreens Aloe Vera Gel and
Walgreens Aloe Vera Cooling Gel

All of these are the 6oz size

So you should be able to get 2 free Aloe Vera products if you are doing the BOGO promotion

Hope this helps!

I think you should have been able to use it. I would call corporate and ask them.

my walgreens would not let me use the coupon from the beauty book (the $2 off) because they said it could not be used with a bogo offer..they only allowed me to use my printable coupon. were they wrong to not allow me to use both of my coupons on a bogo offer?

You should of been able to use the Walgreens coupons, BUT The free one will be priced down to $7.99 because that is what you paid.

Ughhh, ok…so I went back today to get my $6 from the store coupons in the beauty book, and yesterday’s fiasco got even crazier. The manager made me do a complete refund/re-ring. She also told me that she was incorrect yesterday, that I could go back and get the bonus sized bottles after all. So I did. Then, she hands me my change. I’m expecting $6, but she hands me over $13! Thinking I was doing the right thing, I told her I should have only gotten back $6. Then she got upset and said “don’t ask me what just happened, just take it and be happy.” I have to say with all the hassle I’ve been through the last 2 days with this, in a small way I don’t feel bad about it, lol! But I’m also thinking of trying a new walgreens, the problems I’ve encountered here are just too much to deal with.

I have a question for the KCL. I did the banana boat transaction above, except on the two products there was a $2/1 manufacturer peelie on each so I used that instead of the $1/1 from the newspaper. When I brought the summer beauty book up as well to have them scan that they tried to scan it and it wouldn’t work, and then they said it was because the Q in the beauty book is also a manufacturer coupon. The cashier then said that I couldn’t use more coupons than items…So is this true that the Q in the beauty book is a manufacturer Q? Or if I would have bought say 2 caramels with this transaction would it have worked?

I also had a bad exprience with this.I grabbed the bottles with 25% bonus, duh… who wouldnt?!? Well they dont ring up B1G1… so the manager was called to void them. Then I was told I could only use the beauty book coupons 1 per each bottle I was paying for. Meaning I could not use them on the free item I was getting, BUT the manager did let me use a MQ on the bottles I was getting for free. Then he ended up charging me $10 more than he should have, somehow… who knows. I went to my car after paying $26.60 and did the math on my calculator and realized he messed up. I went back in and he fixed it, gave me back $10, so I guess all is good!!

Also, I contacted my store manager and corporate to verify you can use 2 coupons on a B1G1 sale because I had trouble with the scotch tape a while back that was buy 1 get 2 free…corporate confirmed to my store manager I could use 3 mfc for that deal plus I used the store coupon. My store gave me a hassle and I was only trying to use the 1 store coupon and 2 mfc but it was a specific cashier that I always avoid…

If the computers won’t accept them, keep in mind you MUST ring up MFC BEFORE STORE COUPONS. I have had the registers beep and say too many coupons or coupon exceeds item value…but if you do the Mfc before the Store coupons it works just fine.

Also, where does it state anything about the free aloe? I can’t find it on their site or sales flyers or anywhere and my stor has nothing posted.

Reading all these comments there is one huge thing in common- “YMMV” (Your Mileage May Vary) because depending on which store, which manager, which clerk, if the moon is full or whatever- you’re going to get a different experience.

My closest store would not allow the sprays because the ad states “oil and lotion”. The manager (miss sunshine) was also disgusted with the free aloe ad and ripped the tag off the shelf!
I gladly walked out since I had the free beauty guide in my purse.

The store next to my grocery store allowed me to get the sprays at bogo, but not use the $1 beauty guide coupon since it said lotion, nor did they advertise the free aloe. Whatever, I walked out with 4 products for $12 total. Walgreens and I… it’s a love/hate relationship!

WHERE DO I FIND THE $2.00/1 Hawaiian Tropic Lotion or Cream SPF 15+, 4 oz or larger??? it says that they have it in the Walgreens Summer Beauty Guide, is that the summer savings book??? i can’t find it anywhere….thanks

I went to walgreens yesterday to get this deal. I had a bad experience! First they didn’t have the $2 OFF coupon in the June coupon book at my walgreens! :( Then when I tried to check out they didn’t ring up B1G1. So they had to void that transaction and start over. Then the aloe vera that is suppose to be FREE didn’t ring up FREE so they had to call the manager back up and he fixed it and then walked away and came back and told me that they shouldn’t be free but that I could keep them. I told him I would be glad to give them back. But anyway first bad experience couponing. So I still ended up getting the sunscreen for $4 a piece and the 2 free aloe veras so I’ll take that. A good deal but could have been better!!

I just went to Walgreens and did the b1g1 for the hawaiian tropic this is a great deal but there not $.99 ea they are $1.99 ea because the beauty book is taking the $2 off the orignal price of the free item making them $7.99. FYI. Atleast that is what my store is doing, it’s on my receipt that way.

I went and got this deal today and I had the same thing happen. My receipt shows that it only took off $7.99 for the free item. I didn’t ask about it because I had already bothered the manager about the aloe that I got charged for. But that makes sense if the coupon is taking $2 off the price before the computer makes it free.

That is exactly what happened to me.. My receipt showed it took off $7.99.. not the $9.99. Went back in and the manager wasn’t really sure why… She thought it was because of the $2 coupon. I didn’t want to argue to much because I still got a good deal on them.. Just not as good as I thought.

I did this deal today on two Hawaiian Tropics. I used the $2 store coupon and (2) $1/1 Manufacturer coupons. I was expecting my total to be $3.99, but like others my free item came up as $7.99. So the total for the two was $5.99. It was still a good deal.

The Aloe Vera Gel was not ringing up free. The manager did a price adjust to .01 and then pulled the ad/tag off of the shelf.

I seem to have the most problems when shopping at Walgreens. I guess it is all a learning process with them. The biggest advice I’ve learned is to give the Manufacturer’s Coupon first before the store coupon(s).

I tried this at two different WAGS yesterday. The BOGO was not loaded in either register – no matter which product. First store didn’t have the free aloe vera sign up so I didn’t know about it. Had new cashier who couldn’t ring it up at all. MAnager came back and let me use 2 of the $2 off from the beauty book and my MQ but he had to override it and manually enter it. Complete hassle. Second store told me I could not get sprays as it said lotion or oil. (but when I swapped them out for lotions they didnt ring up in the register either so I don’t see why it mattered – but they wouldnt do it). Also wouldn’t let me use the Wags as it said manufacturer Q on back. But I did get my free aloe. I really wanted the spray but cheap lotion is better than no lotion.

Just had a late shopping trip to the Brady St Milwaukee Walgreens to use up the last of my BOGO Right Guard or Dry Idea coupons. And thanks to the ‘Pon Fairy who left one at the deodorants! I was able to get 2 more body washes with it than I was planning, and these expired tonight so that was a good find! Also, I went for the Hawaiian Tropic deal with the free Walgreens Aloe Gel. I found the ‘tanning’ items near the cosmetics, then found more like the Sheer something-or-other and Shimmer ones in the seasonal aisle with the smaller 6 or 8oz bottles having the $2 peelies (yay, bc I only had the $1/1). I also had the coupon from the Beauty Guide I’d gotten from another nearby Walgreens (my store doesn’t have them yet apparently). It wouldn’t take the coupon.. I told my cashier (older guy, Bob) that it was from the new summer beauty guide, he tried to scan it again, it wouldn’t take, and he wouldn’t adjust it. Which sucks but I’m still actually really happy with how my purchases turned out (well, after using $15 RR anyway :p)!

I did the H.T deal today and they didn’t know of a free aloe deal. Where can i tell them to look. Who is supposed to let them know?

I didn’t see this deal in the ad, only in the store. Maybe some stores aren’t participating.

I went to walgreens today to do this deal and the manager ony let me use one beauty coupon from the book because it states on the coupon: one coupon per customer per offer so he said he could only let me use one. Also there was no aloe vera included free at my store. That manager I have dealt with before and he acts as if I should not be able to use my coupon. Just like when I went to get the icy hot on sunday I wanted to buy two of them and he sid I could only buy one. He said first of all I can only get one register reward per offer. I said well I want two so I will buy them same transaction so one register reward will only print he said I couldnt do that either. That I could only get one offer of each that offered any register reward whether it was in same trans action or not.

I went to my local Walgreens today and bought 2 bottles of lotions and had 2/$2 coupons plus the Summer Beauty Guide book that had the $2 off coupon in it. The manager couldnt figure out how to use both my coupons and the book coupons and said she simply couldnt do it so I ended up buying two bottles and paying around $7 dollars total for both which is #3.50 a bottle which is a pretty good deal since both bottle are a bonus size. I even pulled out the coupon policy showing them that it should work but the manager simply said the computer just wont let her do it she had know idea why.

So i tried this one walgreens while in town today and they told that the summer beauty guide wasn’t even out yet! So I tried again at the one near my home and turns out they do have the summer beauty guide out…. But the cashier wouldnt let me use the walgreens coupon for the spray or oil bc it said lotion and cream…. And they also tried to tell me that they never heard of the free aloe vera gel of purchase of two products! But yet the first walgreens I went to had the sticky signs out for the free gel! So i give up on the deal would have been great if the cashiers knew what the heck they were doing! Im tired of getting the run around while having to drag two little kids along with me!

Same thing happened to me!!!! I just walked out. They didnt even know what the beauty book was. I spoke to the manager same thing. Walgreens is getting a little frustrating. I also tried the ritz cracker substitution and it did ring up at $2 but it did not give me a register reward…..so I returned it.

I did the Hawaiian Tropic BOGO twice and went to two different Walgreens. Neither of them had the Wags Beauty Guide coupons in the system, so they had to manually override. They wouldn’t do $2 off each product. Is it in the Walgreens coupon policy that their coupons should be taken off each item?

I don’t see it in the coupon policy. It always takes off automatically for me. I haven’t used the new Summer Beauty Guide book yet. This one could be different.

Would anyone who has summer saving scan it and send it to me please? My walgreens gets like a few books and they are gone in the day. However, our manager said they will gladly take copies of “walgreens” coupons and has photocopies at the store of infant care book.

How do we get the free Walgreens Aloe vera gel? Does a coupon print out after you buy two of the Sunscreen products?

They have a deal going on right now for the Hawaiian Tropic creme lotions and sprays – when you buy two you get a free walgreens aloe. These HT cremes/sprays also work for the BOGO :)

I believe you take the aloe vera up with you when you checkout and it should be free.

I bought 2 Banana Boat sunblock at Rite Aid. It was B1G1 plus I used 2/$2.00/1 Banana Boat peelies from the store, used $1.00/1 adperk, and used $1 wellness Q discount. I also bought Lady’s Speed Stick deodorant $2.99, used $0.50/1 Q and I was given $2 back because the Up reward didn’t print. So, my total for the whole transaction was $0.06 since they had to give me $2 cash back. Woo hoo!!

I tried posting this in the Summer Beauty Guide post, but i guess it’s better here. I just tried to stack 2 of the $2/1 Hawaiian Tropic manufacturer’s SS 5/22 with 2 of the $2/1 Hawaiian Tropic from the Walgreens Summer Beauty Guide for the BOGO deal this week and the store wouldn’t accept them. All of the coupons in the book clearly say manufacturer’s coupon on the back in the fine print, except the Softsoap is different, and both the cashier and the manager said the machine just could not accept them since all 4 are manufacturer’s coupons. Has anyone else even tried using the coupons from Summer Beauty Guide book as WAGS coupons yet, because it doesn’t seem to be working at all. Also, I tried to do the same thing with Banana Boat and it happened again, no deal.

Never had problems with the coupons in the beauty book. They are NOT MQ but Walgreens store coupons. If they were truely MQ try taking them to another retailer and see if they work. All MQ start with a 5 in their UPC code. I don’t even have to clip out the beauty book coupons, they will just scan it right from the book and will take off $$$ amount x how many beauty items I have automatically just with the 1 scan. The register is already set up to deduct them. The same thing with the IVC from the June booklet. They all MQ. HTH

I cannot even find this coupon in the beauty guide! HELP!

Are you looking in the Summer Beauty Guide?

where did you get the coupon for the Free Walgreens Aloe Vera Gel?

There is no coupon for this deal. It is posted by the Sun Care products. Just take one with you to the cashier, they should know it will be free.

Do U think U can get the Hawian Tropic spray cans? I tried today, but I think it was more of the beauty book coupon not working yet?? anyone know??

Brenda I tried buying the Banana boat oil and the spray can and the manager told me the special is only for oil and lotion

I’m still a lil lost on the BoGo thing.. you buy one and get one free.. (from inside the store sale) can I use a buy 1 get one free coupon on this? making that two items total free?

Deidra – YES! :)

there is also a 1.00/1 hawaiian tropic product coupon in the may issue of all you magazine =)

I took advantage of the Target deal. My daughter is an active soccer player and we live in Florida, where the beaches are always inviting us. I found Banana Boat coupons 2/1 attached to the bottles. I got 3 30 spf banana boat $5.49, 2 30 spf Hawaiian tropic sunscreen 10.8 oz 7.99, 1 banana boat tanning 5.49, 6 spf 50 lip balm 1.79. Used 3 2/1 banana boat coupon, 1 1/1 banana boat coupon, 2 2/1 Hawaiian tropic coupon, 1 4/1 zyrtec. OOP $37.02, received $30 target gift cards, final price $7.02 best of all I didn’t have to worry about any Walgreen hassles!

Can someone help me with this????? So you can only use 2 coupons for the item you are buying or 2 coupons per item???? I am really confused. I got this off their walgreens site.

Buy One, Get One Free Coupons
When items are featured in a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the items being purchased.
Sales tax must be paid for any Buy One, Get One Free coupon offers, if required by applicable state laws.

You can use 2 coupons for the item you are paying and 2 for the one that is free, as long as the coupons are 1MFR and 1Walgreens per item.Because even when it’s a OGO, you are purchasing the free item since at the register it rings at regular price and then gets adjusted as a promotion or special deal…
Does that make sense?

Thanks Jen!!! Yes that makes sense to me, I just hope it makes sense to the cashiers at Walgreens. I always have problems when I go in there. Sometimes I think it is more of a headache to deal with them then dealing with the coupons there..lol

My ss 5/22 only has $1/1 4 oz or larger

Ok. So yesterday, I bought two of the Banana Boat products, which had a bonus amount in them. They rang up $9.99 each. So today, I take them back, and they said the bonus bottles weren’t included in the BOGO sale. Though I’m pretty sure they were wrong, I got a refund for those and bought two of the regular sized ones, as well as two Hawaiian Tropics. AGAIN, the Banana Boat did not ring at BOGO, so I guess out of frustration the cashier rang up one @9.99 and the other at .01 THEN, the coupons from the beauty book wouldn’t ring up for either the Banana Boat OR the Hawaiian Tropic. SOOO,manager informs me the coupons in the beauty book don’t work until tomorrow, June 1st….Even though they already have them sitting on the counter. So, cashier tells me to bring back the receipt tomorrow and the coupons and she will refund me. I love the deals there, but boy they have some confusing issues!

I have the new Summer Beauty Guide and the 4 digit codes are not on them…the girl at te register said that they didn’t put them on so we would physically have to have the coupon to scan.

@Jessica (p.s. great name!)
I have the store coupon and there is no code on it, just a barcode. :(

On another note, my coupons from the Sunday paper are on $1/1 and I’m in Western Washington. Still an awesome deal, though.

Has this deal worked for anybody? My Wags is like 15 minutes away, so I just want to know if any of you have had success before I drive out there.

I asked the manager at my store about being able to use 2 man coupons on a BOGO sale and she said I could. I never did a BOGO at walgreens before so I didn’t want to look silly if I went up there not knowing and it didn’t work.

I am also figuring out that most of the people at Walgreens are not even sure how things work, they just assume and try to pass it off for fact. That is why one Manager told me, if the register accepts it, it works, no matter what the cashier says. Also told me to politely ask them to scan something just in case just to make sure if what the cashier tells me is true or not. Because, if the register takes it, it works! The registers will NOT take something that isn’t allowed!

And as far as the BOGO deal, I would look at walgreens coupon policy which states that you ARE able to use a coupon for each item. I HIGHLY suggest you print that out, highlight the part and bring it with you next time you go to Walgreens!

Where can I get the walgreens coupon at? So far the cheapest ive found this deal is Publix, but I havent bought them yet!

@Betty – You can use 1 manufacturer plus there is no limit on how many Walgreens coupons can be used. Say you have an in ad coupon for $2.00 off Huggies diapers, you can combine this with a manufacturer and a coupon from the Walgreens June booklet or the Infant Care Booklet.

@Courtney – The Walgreens coupon used in this scenario is from the Walgreens Summer Beauty Guide. You should see these in stores in the next few weeks.

i thoght that you can’t use any coupons on the item that you are getting free! so you would only be able to use one manufacturer $2 off and one $2 walgreens coupon, so you’ll pay $6 plus tax for two = 2.99 each plus the free aloe gel…right????

According to Walgreens Coupon Policy, you can use up to 2 coupons on a Buy 1 Get 1 Free promotion. Here is a copy of their policy.


That two coupons, do they include a store coupon. Mine said I could not us 2 mfc and a store coupon. I bought 2 items using a BOGO mfc, 2.00 mfc and a store coupon and they refused very hard that they would not allow me to do that.

Ok, I see a lot of people talking about the RRs. I use to be so confused about this. First, if the register takes it, it IS ok to use it. The register isn’t going to take something that it is not allowed to take. I have used so many coupons in one transaction before… walgreens coupon, man. coupon and RRs all in one transaction.

When I first go into Walgreens, I will get fillers before I get anything else. I like going to the Walgreens a little farther from my house because they have 5cent fillers there and the one by me has 33cent fillers. I buy a BOGO toothpaste and I use 2 man coupons AND 2 Walgreens coupons. With that, I also use 3 RRs to bring the total down even more so I put 3 fillers in there and I am able to use those RRs. For the Arm&Hammer BOGO toothpaste I only had less then 50 cent OOP. I was confused with Walgreens at first and I am still getting the hang of making the most out of the RRs and my OOP, but I really do believe I am starting to get the hang of it.

And can someone post the codes for this coupon deal from the beauty book? I have a really good feeling my store is NOT going to have these books and I would really like to take advantage of this deal considering I have 4 little ones and we live right by a beach. As long as I have the code, I can use it even without the actual coupon.

Hi Jessica
what is the filler that you find for 5 cents. I been using the carmel candy for 33 cents. I am so tired of those candy now.

My store does not have the beauty book or the infant care book. Can someone that has the beauty book post the code on the coupons so we can all use them? The code is the last four numbers on the coupon barcode.

Please and Thanks!

My stand at my walgreens has only the flyers and the June Savings book.. where do I go to get the summer beauty savings book and where is the infant care book? these boggle my mind.. also the coupon for the hawaiian tropic sun care where you listed 2.00/1 mine is only 1/1 … so would like to know which news paper you got lol. Makes me sad when I read the sites I like such as this one to see where the hot deals are to use my coupons and sometimes I either don’t have them.. or your coupons are more higher in value. I have been getting the News Tribune myself.. stopped getting the Olympian.

The Summer Beauty Guide and the Infant Care Booklet are usually found at the cosmetic counter. Although some stores didn’t get the Infanct Care Booklet and we should see the Summer Beauty Guide arriving in stores soon.

Coupons are regional so you won’t always have the same one we list. I try to list all that are available.

I called my local WG and ask if they had the Infant care booklet….they said come get it, so I went and what they had wasn’t really a booklet, the manager had made copies of it because they ran out so I use my copy instead. Love the people that work there, nicest people ever!

Kathy– RR are manufacturer coupons. They should let you use a manufacturer coupon and a walgreens coupon on the same item.

My store will not adjust down the coupon price if it is over the price of the item I’m buying. Walgreens is my least favorite of the drug stores.

Mollie~On Sunday I purchased crackers which gave me a 2.00 reg reward. I then purchased 3 packs of scott paper towels. I had 3 $1.50 cpns for scotts paper towels and 1 rr. They told me that the new policy was that the number of cpns could not exceed the number of items being purchased! IDK?

I think that’s when you’re suppose to use a “filler” item.


How can the Walgreens in WI not allow you to use a manufacturer coupon on the free item since Walgreen’s official coupon policy allows it?

I tried this yesterday and the beauty book coupon wasn’t in the system yet and the cashier changed the price to reflect the coupon which she did it wrong, but it’s all good!
@Toni check your walgreen I found some peelies on hawaiian tropic $2/1!!!

They do not allow more then one coupon per item also they consider it fraud to use a coupon on a item that is BOGO free.

Print out their coupon policy. It specifically states that you CAN use 2 coupons on a B1G1 Free sale.

On Sunday I tried to buy a BOGO item with 2 mfc and a wags coupon. I was told by cashier and management that I could not. They were very upset that I would actually get the item that cheap. I did print out policy and contacted corp. Waiting to here from them. My local Walgreens treats couponers like they are frauding the system.

It’s not considered Fraud using a coupon on the free item on a B1G1 deal at Walgreens. They get their money from the manufacturer and it’s in Walgreens coupon policy and I even spoke with corporate. I don’t know where you got your information that it’s fraud.

Were do u get the walgreen beauty book from?

Usually on a stand with the store paper when you walk in.

These are not at my ‘home’ store yet. We visited another nearby (and nicer) store today (that actually has one of those Beauty Advisors :p), and they had the booklets sitting on top of the cosmetic checkout counter, not at the front of the store with the other ads & monthly booklets.

here in brookfield WI area, we cannot use coupons on a free item in a b1g1 free deal. just a heads up.

I live in West Bend, WI and both our Walgreens allows us to use a coupon on the free item…

my walgreens won’t allow more coupons than items. Period! they wouldn’t allow me to use a manufacture coupon and a rr on the same item.

The RR is considered a manufacturer’s coupon…therefore,they are right in not letting you use both of those on one item. You can, however,use 1 manufacturers coupon and 1 store coupon on the same item.

You need to have an item for every manufacturer coupon. A register reward is considered a manufacturer. The RR can be used on anything in the store. This is when we would use a filler item. Find something that is really cheap. I usually like to use the $0.39 caramels found at the registers.

Is the Summer Beauty Guide still available and where do you get it?

It is still available but most stores have not yet received it. These are usually located at the cosmetic counter. We should see these instores really soon.

Good luck getting them to let you use the 2.00/1 from Summer Beauty guide twice. They said it is one per transaction and since I argued it, they did it. But refused to to it again. I tried and another store and they would not let me use it twice. Wags is getting a little uptight. I was not doing anything that shouldn’t be allowed. Oh well, At least I got the free Aloe Vera. Thanks Wags!!

I figured it would take off 4$ total like the other booklets do , does it not ? I will have to check that out today !

With a Walgreens coupon, it’s already coded to take off $2 PER ITEM, so you don’t need to “use it twice”. One scan will take off $4 total.

My walgreens only let me use the coupon from the book on one of my products not on both. Also I didnt get no aloe vera free with my purchase


I had a similar issue at my Walgreens, I tried using two manufacture coupons one per item and said I was not allowed to per their coupon policy. I showed the cashier the policy and she said it means up to two coupons one manufacture and one store coupon. She got a little testy with me and told me “your already getting one free and you still want another dollar off.” I emailed corporate that evening to let them know. First thing Tuesday morning I got a call from the store manager apologizing for her behavior. The store manager said he spoke with corporate and its only one manufacture coupon and one store coupon for the B1G1 free items.

Anyone else heard of this?

I guess I did not get the suncare items in the ss on 5/22. Does anyone have any extras?? I am willing to make a trade! We have 4 kids and we have a pool and go thru a TON of sunscreen. Let me know! Thanks!

Looking at the first deal, I don’t understand how you are able to use 6 coupons on only two products. I know you can use 2 manufacturers and 2 WG coupouns, but how can you use two more after that?

NM, I realized you were actually only using the first four coupons, not the last two to get your total. I guess you were just listing other available coupons?