$0.35/1 – Nestle Crunch Bar, single – (coupons.com)
B2G1 Free – Nestle Crunch Bar, single – (coupons.com)
Available  under zip code 77477

Woo Hoo! This week you can get Nestle Crunch bars at Rite Aid for $0.10 each!  Get ready by printing the new Nestle Crunch coupons on coupons.com!  If you want to hold on to these coupons, Walgreens has Crunch Bars priced at $0.39 each starting the week of June 12th. Which means you can get them for only $0.04!

Rite Aid

Buy 3 Nestle Crunch Bar $0.50, On Sale 6/5 – 6/11
Use 2 $0.35/1 – Nestle Crunch Bar, single – (coupons.com)
And use B2G1 Free – Nestle Crunch Bar, single – (coupons.com)
Final Price $0.10 each when you buy 3


Nestle Crunch Bar $0.39, On Sale 6/12 – 6/17
$0.35/1 – Nestle Crunch bar, single – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.04

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures

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114 thoughts on “2 HOT Nestle Crunch Coupons! Plus Rite Aid & Walgreens Scenarios!”

So, let’s say your printer and computer are acting up and then you attempted to print, but never got any coupons. Are you just SOL then or is there a way to fix this?

i went to walgreens and the cashier said i could only use 1 coupon for the 3 items and also they didnt have them for 39 cent they were 2 for 159 and she also said i couldnt get them 2 for 1.59 that i had to pay 99 cents each for them because i had the coupon i told her no thanks….

i went to walgreens and the cashier said i could only use 1 coupon for the 3 items and also they didnt have them for 39 cent they were 2 for 159 and she also said i couldnt get them 2 for 1.59 that i had to pay 99 cents each for them because i had the coupon i told her no thanks….

The Walgreens Sale for the Crunch doesnt start until Sunday June 12th, 2011.

I am in Georgia and they were not on sale at our Rite Aid.

I am in Georgia and they were not on sale at our Rite Aid.

I am in Georgia and they were not on sale at our Rite Aid.

Help I cant locate the .35 coupon

Hi I just wanted to chime on the Walgreen’s issue of rude employees. I had a manager at a store that I usually don’t stop in be incredibly rude to me so I CALLED corporate and complained. The next day another manager of the store called and apologized and gave me a $20 gift card. So now I will get even more stuff free or next to free from them. But I will do it at the store I am comfortable with. I do not take BS from anyone and am quick to complain. Call corporate with your issues and get the respect you deserve. It is not like the store is not getting their money back for the coupons they take in. I will not be treated like a thief or a second class citizen by anybody.

I had to stop shopping at my walgreens and switch to CVS. They just are not coupon friendly. When they have a b1g1 1/2 off and I had a b1g1 free they would only ever give the 1/2 off amount towards the free coupon. Doesnt make since, I could be wrong but CVS never has a problem giving up to the full price. Very disappointed, I used to love my Walgreens..until I started couponing.

I do not see the .35/1 Nestle coupon; I only see the Buy two get one free coupon.

I can’t find the .35 coupon for the life of me. I’ve found the B2G1 coupon LOTS of times. Any advice?

I can’t find the .35 coupon for the life of me. I’ve found the B2G1 coupon LOTS of times. Any advice?

I have a coupon question I have some printed coupons that say do not copy and then i have some that dont does that mean i can copy them?

I dont see the $0.35/1 nestle coupon only the buy2get1 free. Where is it?

So, if you can use 1 coupon per item, would you be able to do this? :
BUY 6 Yoplait yogurts…
Use 1 coupon for 40cents off 6 Yopliat yogurts
Use 1 coupon for 60cents off 6 Yoplait yogurts

As long as the coupon didn’t say anything like “can not be combined with other offers” that would work right? I’m new to couponing, and a little confused with the whole “1 coupon per item.”

Hope someone can help me out. :)

You can use one or the other but not both. If you wanted to use both, you would have to buy 12 yogurts.

You can use one or the other but not both. If you wanted to use both, you would have to buy 12 yogurts.

I am not able to find the coupon for the 0.35 cents off one, only the the buy 2 get one free….help!!

Boo, the .35 coupon isn’t anywhere to be found. :(
The B2G1 Free one is, so maybe…..I will print some of those off and wait for the Wallgreens sale. Not as great of a deal…but..it is a pretty good discount I guess.

Boo, the .35 coupon isn’t anywhere to be found. :(
The B2G1 Free one is, so maybe…..I will print some of those off and wait for the Wallgreens sale. Not as great of a deal…but..it is a pretty good discount I guess.

I when to the Walgreens in Salinas Ca and they did not have this sale going on?
They are not in the ad and the price of $1.09 each? HELP!

It says the walgreens sale starts on the 12th : )

I can’t find the $0.35/1 coupon

I cant find the $0.35/1 coupon. I put in the 77477 zip.

if store managers/employees are not following policy, call the 1-800 #. i have simply told them, “give me a sec while i call corporate” and that usually will get their attention and they will actually take the time to read the policy which i help them understand.
call the # if neccessary and they should b able to resolve it for u, u’ll just hafta deal w/ the frowns on their faces when u get ur way! lol

Our Sunmart in Fergus Falls, MN refused to let me use 3 coupons for these. The check out was very rude, just like she always is when I am checking out. They also double coupons there, the bars were .73 cents a peice to start with. It sucks living in a small town we have only two grocery stores to choose from! :(

What do you mean when you say “Plus a Rite Aid and Walgreens Scenario?”

She means, a good way to use the coupons at Rite Aid and/or Walgreens when the candy is on sale there.

None of the Rite Aides in my area even carried the Nestle Crunch Bar. : (

I went to three Rite Aids in my area and they were all out – so I tried our Tops Supermarket where they double coupons. Ended up getting 6 of these for a total of $0.15!

good idea Kit! I think I am going to be getting mine from Tops as well..

I wasn’t able to find the .35/1 either….

whats the zip code for the .35 coupon? Im not seeing it either!

my guess is the .35¢/1 coupon is gone. zip was 99019, only shows the B2G1 Free

i cant seem to find the 35 cent coupon any help???

i cant seem to find the 35 cent coupon any help???

i cant seem to find the 35 cent coupon any help???

what zipcode are you using for .35/1 coupon?

Same here. There was only the B1G1.

There are commercials for Wal-Mart that says they match prices so I’d think that is a national thing. I don’t know policy for doubling coupons. Would they match if you could get it cheaper at another store with a coupon? Hmmmmm

Walmart really doesn’t double unless they are a .25 or .50 coupon. You cannot price match and .25 cent up at the same time. You have to choose one of the other.

Walmart really doesn’t double unless they are a .25 or .50 coupon. You cannot price match and .25 cent up at the same time. You have to choose one of the other.

Walmart price matching is a corporate thing. You can find the policy on their website, along with their corporate coupon policy. You can price match an item and then use a coupon. But their policy says they don’t accept double coupons. Maybe certain Walmarts double certain coupons on certain days (or maybe even every day) but mine doesn’t!

Our rite aid doesn’t sell nestle crunch bars as I was going to use these as a filler.

I went to a new Walgreens with a larger selection of stock than my nearby Walgreens. I attempted to use the above 3 Nestle coupons and complete the above deal as described at my Walgreens. After speaking with two unfriendly clerks, the manager refused to allow me to use the coupons, saying that I could only use 2 since I got one item free.

I tried to explain to him that because I had 3 items I could use 3 coupons and that the two cents off coupons could be used on the items for which I was paying. I also offered to show him Walgreens coupon policy. He refused and proceeded to spy on me while my husband and I voided the transaction and left the line to restrategize and get items in an aisle.

What should I do? I plan to try shopping at different hours since the store is a 24 hour store. Should I contact corporate or will this further impair my relationship with this location?

As far as i’m concerned, stacking the coupons shouldn’t be allowed. The coupon actually states, “Limit 1 coupon per items purchased”, so you shouldn’t be allowed to put the $0.35/1 coupons on top of the B2G1 coupons. It’s saying you can only use 1 coupon for those 3 candy bars. Gotta read the fine print, even if it is disappointing!

Walmart in Utah county does double coupons on tuesdays, so use the .35 off making it .70 off each candy bar, normal cost .50, making it a .20 moneymaker for each!

Is there a limit to the number of coupons walmart in utah county will double? do they still do the price matching?

Is this all walmarts? I haven’t ever been able to confirm that they do this. And do you have to tell the clerk to double?

Is this all walmarts? I haven’t ever been able to confirm that they do this. And do you have to tell the clerk to double?

It’s only Utah County in Utah because one of our local grocery stores, Ridley’s, doubles coupons up to $1.00 every Tuesday. The rules are: coupons double up to $1.00 ($.25=$.50, $.75=$1.00 and anything $1.00 or more doesn’t double), you cannot ad match and double a coupon on the same item unless you’re ad matching from Ridley’s (though you can ad match and use the coupon without doubling it), and you need to tell the cashier for each item you plan to double before they ring it through because they actually have to put it in as an ad match lowering the price by the amount of the double. There is no limit to the number of coupons they will double.

The coupon actually read “Limit one coupon per items purchased” meaning you wouldn’t be able to stack a $0.35/1 on top of the B1B1. Only 1 coupon for those 3. But you could sure use the $0.35/1 on the 4th candy bar.

I can’t find the $.35 coupon??

Hooray for chocolate!

we can also use both coupons by buying 2, then use 1 b1g1 coupon plus 1 .35
coupon plus in ad at walgreens and we`ll only spend 0.04 for 2 bars of chocos…

Also works at Krogers stores in Houston! Nestle bars are 2/ $1.00 right now! :)

This is a great deal!

I can’t find the $.35/1 either. I tried zip 70461. The B2G1 is there, but not the $.35/1!! Help!?

They may have none left, they only allow for so many to be printed for a certain amount of time :(

is it the $.35/1 or the Buy 2 get 1 free

mine worked, zip 70461

I can’t find the $.35/1 either! Does anyone have a copy?

My question is this. If the Crunch bar coupons say “per purchase” and they do. Can’t I use this set of coupons, just the 3 stated, several times in 1 “purchase”? How many can I get? Not sure if I’m understanding this right. Am new to the coupon life.

I am unable to fine.35/1 also. Have tried several times in different zips and nothing.

I am unable to find the .35 off one as well. :(

I cannot locate the .35 cent coupon. I tried 90210, my local zip and the 77477. Anyone know of a workable zip? My daughter LOVES Crunch bars and I’d like to stock up.

my walgreens doesnt have them on sale. is it in the circular and i am just missing it? also my rite aid doesn’t carry them anymore. i’m bumbed because this is my hubbys favorite candy.

Walgreens sale starts next week not this week.

Were is your store!!!! I want to come there!!

I was able to do this deal at my Smiths (Krogers). Check your grocery store for the $.50 Nestle.

=( Not on sale here in California!! Oh well, got other good deals. =)

I live in North East Oregon and right now our Safeway has the Nestle Crunch bars $0.99 each and buy 2 get 2 free. Would this deal be better at Safeway? If so, how would I use my coupons for the best deal at Safeway? I have 7 Buy 2 Get 1 Free and 10 $0.35 off. Our Safeway also doubles up to $0.50 4 coupons per transaction, as many transactions as you need. Can someone help me with this… I feel overwhelmed on how many to pick up before I get to the checkout line. THANK YOU ALL!!! :)

So if I have (for example) a 50 cent off 2 items Q. Can I buy the two items and use two of those coupons? Not just at Rite Aid but anywhere.

No, you cannot use two mfg coupons for those 2 items. You would have to buy 4 items to use two of the .50/2 coupons.

.50/2 = save .50 wyb 2 items

Hope this helps you, Jessica!

I live in Maine and couldn’t find the Nestle bars in my Rite Aid this morning – it looks like they don’t even carry them. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.

I tried to get the Crunch bars at Rite Aid too and the cashier told me they haven’t had any for a few months now. They have other Nestles, but not the Crunch bars. Now I see they have them on sale at Walgreens too, guess I’ll try there.

Im in ME too and couldnt find them or WONKA bars :(

I have shopped at my walgreens and most of the girls are incredibly helpful. If I get one that isn’t I ignore her and keep going with my money saving. I think the people that are rude are jealous bc they dont get stuff for free like us…. keep couponing and keep smiling! :)

I’ve had a bad experience with coupons and doing two transactions at a 24hr Wags at 4am, when there were no other customers in the store. Both the cashier and manager were RUDE. I took the survey that was on the receipt and emailed through walgreens.com.

Do they normally email you back? It’s been two weeks since I emailed Walgreens and haven’t gotten a reply nor a confirmation that they got the email.

KCL thanks for the heads up on some cheap chocolate.

I quit Walgreens after they quit accepting printable coupons in my area. They also refuse to adjust coupons down. Both of these are a clear violation of their corporate policy, and they don’t even care. As if that wasn’t bad enough, they only have two shopping carts for the entire store, and every time I’ve been, it’s been a hassle to find one, if I can at all. That’s a big pain, especially since I have two little kids that always come shopping with me. My register rewards rarely print correctly, and I can never seem to use them. The register just beeps, and the manager gives me some bs about RRs being a manufacture’s coupon and having to be tied to a specific item. Plus, the manager has never been anything but rude to me. The local Walgreens here is anything but coupon friendly. The most messed up part about all of this is that they say that it’s what the district manager told them to do. I have complained to corporate, but I doubt anything is going to really change, especially if this really is a district thing. I’m glad that the rest of you are managing to get good deals at Walgreens, but I just don’t seem to be that lucky. :-(

My Walgreens in Lufkin TX. is awesome. They have been very hopeful and kind every time I have been there even as a newbie some of the cashier were learning the ropes along with me. I have always been very nice as well. I love Walgreens.


Katie: Thanks for the explanation! I would’ve shorted myself a coupon thinking I couldn’t stack the B2/1F with the 2 singles!
Wow! I’ve been shorting myself for a long time!!!

Great to be here and have such awesome help!
Mucho hugs!

Thank you so much to everyone for your advice. I really really appreciate it. I will email the corporate office and see what happens from there. I wish so bad that store did not treat me like this, but hopefully once I email corporate they will realize how that store is being and maybe then they will be nicer.. Thanks again to everyone… Ya’ll are so sweet :) :) :) :)

Nikkii – I wish I did live near your store, I would definitely shop there :) :) :) :) Thanks….

I get dirty looks from the cashier’s at Walgreen’s too and go to CVS and get compliments on the ECB’s that print out at the end of the transaction and how little I spent. I still go to Walgreen’s and they still take them, but my heart sinks a little when I look and see the normal cashier working. She’s not friendly at all.

could we use the 3 coupons at Wags, as well? that would be 3 Q’s for 3 items….. woul we need to use a filler since the B2G1 Q is wanting to attach to the 2 that already have a Q?

How do you know what is going to be on sale already at walgreens from 6-12? that is still a whole week away yet.

I LOVE my Walgreens, I choose them over CVS all the time. They never give me a hard time, and if they don’t have something in their store, they will call another for me without me even asking. They will check the coupon book for me without me asking. I have NO idea why they are so nice lol, but they are. I hope it stays that way!

First of all I would like to apologize to you or anyone else that has been mistreated by their local walgreens. Im a manager for walgreens and have been with the company for over 10 years. I can’t believe you were treated in such a rude manner. If by chance you live in the Las Vegas area, please feel free to shop at my store hassle free we are coupon friendly. :) in fact I probably spend most of my day helping coupon newbies understand how set up their transaction for the most savings. (having to use fillers confuses most of them.) Lol I think the problem you are having is that they are jealous because you got your merchandise for next to nothing and they(cashiers) can’t figure out how to do it for themselves so since they don’t understand how you got so cheap you must be using your coupons fraudulently. Which is not the case. Unfortunately that word, coupon fraud gets thrown around way to easily. If only they were educated about using !coupons. If I were you, I would complete the a receipt survey regarding the store. Those surveys are important to the company. Next I would either call corporate or better yet email them regarding what happened there the past few visits. I would put everything you mentioned above. That email will get sent to the store manager so they can take care of this urgent matter. Sending an email will be better in the long run because of the simple fact its you telling what happened vs. when you call you explain to the customer service rep. what has been going on and then they will send an email to the store manager, Problem is that your story will be summed up in their (the rep.) Own Words and may not convey your feelings properly. Atleast by you sending your own email, your point will get across properly. I hope this helps you on what to do. I sure hope the store manager handles this asap for you. Good luck. 😉

Nikki…..I just want to say Thank You for being so nice. I travel through Las Vegas on my way to visit family in Southern Utah and would love to shop at your store. I believe the way you treat others can come back tenfold and I would love to support your store for being nice and assisting your customers!! Thanks for all you do!! Please leave a comment on your address or store number :-)

How do you know what the sale is for the week of 6/12 already??


I havent tried this whole coupon thing yet but it sounds so good I have to try it! I think starting small with the crunch bars might be a good idea. I’m just trying to get my mind around the using multiple coupons. But I have a question…if the bars at Walgreens are $0.35/1 – Nestle Crunch bar, single – (coupons.com, if the coupon says ‘Limit one coupon per specified item.’ Could you buy three bars at $0.35/1, use two save $0.35 and B2G1 free? That would make it $0.08/3?

Ooops. (sorry, I’m already confused!) I mean, if they are on sale for $0.39 at walgreens. Can I use 2-$0.35/1 – Nestle Crunch bar, single and 1- B2G1 Free – Nestle Crunch Bar, single. Leaving me with $0.08/3 bars? Similar to the approach used at Rite Aid?

Yes…. u are actually using 1 coupon per item..

Hi, I could really use some advice. I hope it is okay to post this here…. I shop at this one Walgreens almost each week.. It’s close to a family members house so it is great to just stop there when items are out of stock at the once closer to me and see if they have them or if I have not made it to the one closer to me and just stop by that one instead if I’m on that side of town…. The first week there I had a problem with a coupon – they did not want to take it, after I called corporate and ask them if they should they said yes and they called the store and explained it to them.. Well the day I had the problem the manager that was there I ask her to call the DM and ask it was okay since the store manager was not there and she said she would and went in the back and never came back out. I was super nice to her and the other person that was ringing me up.. Well then the next week the lady at the register got really smart with me about me asking if she could do a price check for me. she told me how she knew her items and she knew how to do her job and that she did not need to scan it – it was not on sale. Well to come to find out it was on sale… But I just said thank you and tried to be nice… Well then this week she was working again and rung me up and this person behind me ask how did I save so much. Well I started to tell him about the KCL site and the lady at the register said you need to move and get your bags. I was not in the way – he had put his stuff up to be rung up – I moved and she said you can tell him when I’m done and said something like you can only stay here if you are going to buy something else.. I have never been rude to them. I have always been friendly.. The day I called the corporate office about the coupon I told them I would call and ask about the coupon policy they emailed me, since they said it had changed – I told them I would request to get the new one.. And I said it super nice. I just don’t know why some of the people there feel they have to be rude to me. The store manager has been nice to me, but it is like some of the other employees are just rude.. I would love some advice.. I wondering if I should just shop at another store or call and complain or just leave it alone. Thank you so much to everyone… I love this site so much – it is so great to get help with couponing…..

Hey Victoria I can’t believe that, the people at my walgreens are the same way, the last time i went in there, the cashier tried to scan my register rewards and it wouldnt work and she said i must not be able to use it for my items..? what? I feel so uncomfortable in there that i told my husband that im not going in there anymore. Its sad. I better not even look at the ad…lol. On the other hand, CVS is the most helpful and friendly, they’ve even offered coupons. Shop CVS!!

You probably just needed a filler item for item to coupon ratio. It can be quite intimidating shopping at Walgreens. I find that the people at the cosmetics counter are usually easier to work with than the people at the main register. Plus then you’re not holding up the main line with all the transactions.

Andrea, I agree totally. As soon as you indicate you are using coupons at Walgreen’s they get all funny, on the other hand the lady I had at CVS was extremely helpful regarding the coupon policy and getting the most out of my coupons.

hi vicky, i know how u feel when some employee is rude. I shop at a walgreens near my home and everyone is always friendly except one lady who embarrassed me in front of a long line of customers. I was doing several transactions and i had a rain check for an item and i got the wrong one so my boyfriend went to get the right one so i told her to just charge me and i’d pay for the other items when he returned and when she was done he came back and she told me she had already put the rain check in the drawer and couln’t get it out anymore she rang me up and wanted me to pay the full price and i refused, i told her she didn’t need the rain check she had already seen it, she said no she needed a customer paying cash to open the register so i let the lady behind me pay for her purchase and the customer said she was paying with credit card also, for her to just open the register and ring me up cause the line was longer already. the cashier said it was not her fault that it was me and my boyfriend holding up the line with our coupons and laughing at the same time. the customer asked where she could get coupons like mine and the lady said i don’t know where they get them they just bring them in i don’t know anything about that i think it was so rude of her but i just blew it off and continued with my transactions, we left and i have never felt so embarrassed in my life.

That’s such a bummer for you!! My Walgreens people LOVE gathering around to see how much I am about to save!! Just ignore them and keep shopping there until you find a nice cashier, and then stick with them!!

My Walgreens is great too, the Cosmetics lady cuts soupons to give customers. BUT I have been to other stores that “judge” and it makes me so mad. I am a hard working mother, my husband is a hard working dad. We are just trying to be smart and frugal in this bad economy! The stores get paid the face amount of the coupon plus a handling fee, it isn’t like we are taking away from the store and it probably helps keep these nasty people in jobs themselves!

Better business complaint line in your area…there’s no need for that treatment! And I would AGAIN get in touch with corp office and let them know your starting to feel down right bullied!

you can use all 3 coupons if you are getting 3 crunch bars (1 coupon per item) you are using coupons to buy the 2 that you have to buy (in order to qualify to use the B2G1 coupon) and the 3rd is free
so pay .50-.35=.15 (for the 1st)
.50-.35=.15 (for the 2nd)
B2G1= FREE (for the 3rd)
total transaction cost is .30+tax for all 3
hope this explination helps

Also I use my candy coupons at my local Food Giant that doubles up to .60 and they often have nestle on sale for 2/$1 so if you have a food giant near you this could turn into a .20 Money Maker

You can use ONE manufacturer coupon PER ITEM (unless otherwise stated on the coupon). Therefore, in the Riteaid scenario KCL is using ONE coupon PER ITEM.

It is otherwise stated on the crunch coupons. The B2G1 free says “limit one coupons per items purchased” meaning you can’t stack the $0.35/1 coupons on top of it. Only 1 coupon for those 3 items purchased. It’s still a good deal at walgreens though.

I purchased the Crunch bars today at Walgreens and was not allowed to even use 1 of the $.35 coupons.

Hi! I’m curious about the stacking of manufacturers coupons in the Rite Aid scenario also. Would love to do that at Vons… wouldn’t they all be free with doubling?!

Hello, I’m a college student that recently began coupons, and I wanted to know if it is possible to print as many coupons as I want to on coupon.com for each bar I buy.

You are only allowed to print 2 coupons per computer. Unless its a PDF file..then you can print as many as you want. HTH

You can only print 2 per ip address (or computer). Until they reset usually at the beginning of the month.

I don’t understand how you can use both manufacturer’s coupons in the Rite Aid scenario.

you can have one manufacturer’s coupon for every item, she is buying 3 crunch bars and using 3 coupons.

My Rite Aid here in Oregon stopped carrying many Nestle products including the Crunch bar about a year ago! Rude! Guess I go to Walgreens…