$2.00/1 – Renew Life Omega Smart  Fish Oils, Any – (omegasmartfishoils.com)

WOW! Here is a HOT deal!  If you buy Omega Smart Super Critical Fish Oils at Walgreens you will receive a $10 Register Reward!  They are priced at $10.00 plus there is a $2.00 printable coupon to make this a moneymaker! Register Reward is valid thru 6/11.

Omega Smart Super Critical Ultimate Fish Oils, 30 ct. $10.00
Buy 1, Receive $10.00 Register Reward, Limit 1
Use $2.00/1 – Renew Life Omega Smart  Fish Oils, Any – (omegasmartfishoils.com)
Pay $8.00, Receive $10.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $2.00 Moneymaker!

Thanks, Dianne

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93 thoughts on “Omega Smart Fish Oil $2.00 Moneymaker at Walgreens!”

I had a hard time getting this coupon to print..finally I saved it to my documents then was able to print from there…

Question from a newbie. Can you buy another fish oil with the $10 register rewards you received from your first purchase and receive another $10 rr?

Nevermind just found the answer online.

Question from a newbie. Can you buy another fish oil with the $10 register rewards you received from your first purchase and receive another $10 rr?

I’m so sick of Walgreens. They were out, and told me that there are no rainchecks on this product. A trip for NOTHING. Ugh.

YES!!! Did this one today THREE times!! :)

At walgreens I recommend checking out at the beauty counter when you have multiple transactions. Also the RR can be used on the next purchase unless it says specifically not good on another P & G product or something like that. :)

My Walgreens didn’t even carry these!!! They had the 60ct box but didn’t even have a spot on the shelf for the 30ct box and when I asked they said no they didn’t carry those! BUMMER!

no problems seeing or printing the coupon! cant wait to use it. i printed off several going to go several times and use it to get some diapers! thank you!

I was able to turn “Page Scaling” to “None” in the Print dialogue box (the window that pops up after you hit print). This enabled me to print the coupon at about 4″ x 2″ instead of a full page.


Thanks for the info! That worked wonderfully! I plan to go back since this is such a good deal, but the cashier’s were having a very hard time scanning the huge coupon!

Im soooo very annoyed with Walgreens. For numerous weeks I have gone to 3 different Walgreens and most of the sale items are gone! I don’t know why people are being so greedy! You really can stock up on alot of items by only getting 2 at a time! Be considerate of others! Sorry I had to vent!

I agree since this weeks ad released Ive tried no less than 6 different walgreens at different times of the day and I can hardly ever find the deals I want. Makes me frustrated to even walk into a Walgreens sometimes.

I agree with Shawnalynnem and Aflmichelle. Walgreen’s hardly EVER has the sale items in stock. This week I went on Monday and they had everything. Last week I went on Saturday and they had nothing, but yes I did buy the 2 last tubes of toothpaste with the dented box! I think the key is to go as early in the week as possible. Also, maybe we could get a post on the main page to remind everyone that clearing shelves is sooooo not the KCL way!

The Walgreens near my work ran out of the Omega Smart Fish Oil ONLY… By the looks of it, they had very few.. the rest of the shelf was stocked well (meaning only a small space was used for this promo). EVERYTHING else I wanted/ needed was there and plenty of it. Yes, I did make 4 individual transactions in 3 trips, but I actually use everything I got. I told them ahead of my transaction i had multiple coupons and was new to bargain shopping/ coupons.. they very politely opened a 2nd register for the other customers and helped me through it all quite patiently each of the 3 trips. I thanked them and yes, now i probably will switch my scripts to them too :)

the store where i shop it only had one, sunday when they open

Find out what day and time the truck runs and then go about 4 hours after that. That way they will have time to put the stock on the shelves. Or you could always get a rain check. I work at walgreens and we are really trying hard to order enough product for the upcoming sales. And remember the truck day will “roll” to the next day after a holiday. example: our truck day is on friday, so after July 4th. truck day will “roll” to saturday. And another hint we order 2 days before truck day so put a bug in your store manager’s ear that you noticed that a particular item will be on sale next week and there is very little on the shelf.

What great advise, thanks for the insight

I am fortunate enough to live in the Los Angeles area, so there are an abundance of Walgreen’s. A lot of times I will go to one by work in the morning and after work, then the one by my house once I get near home. They get so busy sometimes and I don’t like the hateful glances I get from people behind me when I ask to do two separate transactions. They are just jealous! :)


If you cant beat ’em, join ’em and do was I did, get in the store damned early on a Sunday morning. This and another website give advanced warning of the Sunday deals, so use those to plan Friday/Saturday for your Sunday shopping trip.

i do the same

They only consolation is that they will at least give you a raincheck…but not for items that end up being free with the Register Rewards…

it’s real. i printed 3 times, used on 3 separate transactions, it paid for two thirds of my chex mix! My 1st Crazy Coupon week w/Walgreens.. they frowned on my 3 sep. transactions, said it was against store policy. i’ll be more considerate next time, but this weeks coupons were too good to pass up! after 2 trips I now have $112 in register rewards… i’ve already started my 6mos vitamin list at B1G1 with coupons… lots to learn, but the savings are a real motivator. :)

Do you know that walgreens will NOT let you use more RR than you have items for?? IE you have four items use four manufacture coupons then they will NOT let you use your RR!! I went in bought 2 Nivea for men, 1 razor and one other item they all had coupons so they would NOT let me use my RR????

In that case, you need to pick up some ‘filler’ items – just something inexpensive (sometimes they even have 33 cent caramels near the register – each of those count as one item!). You need to have at least an equal number of items to coupons. And in this case, they count the RR as a coupon. So if you have 6 items you’re buying, and you’re using 6 manufacturer’s coupons on those items, and planning to pay with 2 RRs, just find 2 small filler items to round it out. I’m totally new at this, but my cashier clued me in on this yesterday! She also said that the Walgreens coupons (like in the monthly booklets) don’t count towards your coupon count – just the RRs and manufacturer’s coupons.

If you are buying Nature Made brand be sure to register the codes on the bottle at their website for great prizes and a huge coupon. we got the coupon then got a free yoga mat my teen needed for a summer program-we priced them starting at $25 online without the carrying case!

I worry it’s not real.. It’s a pdf and you can print it as many times as you want???

I worry it’s not real.. It’s a pdf and you can print it as many times as you want???

It’s the real deal – I used three of them yesterday. May try to visit another store tomorrow and pick up a few more, I didn’t want to clear out the shelf stock at the first store!

I have a question. I have gotten conflicting answers. If I buy the Fish Oil with the $2 coupon I will get a $10 RR. Can I complete that transaction and then use another $2 coupon and the $10 RR I just got as long as the total is more than $10?

yes , but i don’t believe you will get another $10.00 RR.

walgreens coupon policy clearly states ” customers redeeming a RR against the same offer may not receive another RR. personally I tried to buy the fishoil in 1 transaction and everything else in a 2nd tr…and the clerk said i cant use the RRthe same day to help pay for the 2nd tr.. However the RR says u can use on your next purchase…..i think the clerk was upset that customers were lining up and they had to open a 2nd register….i called walgreens and awaiting response from upper management soon on the correct policy so i can stand my ground next time

Donald that cashier is totally bogus. I would take it back and go to a different Walgreen’s. I just did it yesterday. I got my $10RR and used that towards the Downey/Tide/Febreeze offer which is $3RR when you spend $10. I threw a bottle of Dawn in there which was on sale for $.99. It worked awesome!

I was able to print the coupon but it is 8.5 x 11!

I can’t see the comments either. I also couldn’t get the coupon. my computer said the file was damaged and couldn’t be repaired. Did this happen to you too?

I can’t see the comments either. I also couldn’t get the coupon. my computer said the file was damaged and couldn’t be repaired. Did this happen to you too?

I can’t see the comments either. I also couldn’t get the coupon. my computer said the file was damaged and couldn’t be repaired. Did this happen to you too?

Why cant I see the comments??

Why cant I see the comments??

The policy did not change. This is something their managers are doing. Complain to corporate and see the answers change. Their ads clear state “per offer” not “per transaction” or “max 1 transaction or household”. I can go to the 3 stores near me and get 3 different answers.

I went to two Walgreens this weekend. I walked into the first store when they opened on Sunday morning. They had a grand total of two bottles of this fish oil. The second store had about 100 bottles on their clearance endcap. They had it marked down to $11.29, but no indication of the sale. It still rang up at $10 and printed the $10 RR.

I tried the supplement yesterday and wrote up a short “review” on my blog. Might make you chuckle…

you guys are lucky….I can never find any of the good deals at any of the walgreen’s by me. I even went out 1st thing sunday morning hoping to get the vitamins, everything was empty :(

My Walgreen’s did not have the RR reward or sale sign on the fish oil pills but I went up to the front and they WERE $10! And I got the RR reward too…just check;) You never know…everyone makes mistakes.

Make sure you look at the packaging when getting this deal. My Walgreens had the 60 count in front of the 30’s so when it rang up $24.99, I had to run back and get the right one. Bought the fish oil with coupon and sobe water with no problems. Received $10RR and $0.99RR — happy with purchase!

I printed off the coupon with no problem! When I checked out everything went as planned (everything scanned, I got the last bottle on the shelf) and the cashier even went “Wow!”…it was fun :-)

I got three of these this morning – did three separate transactions, no issues at all. The cashier was EXTREMELY helpful, and gave me some tips! As a newbie couponer, I was very grateful for her help!

My husband and I did the vitamin deal 2 times at a few different walgreens in ou area. It was a great deal. However, if you are new to walgreens register rewards…you cannot use the vitamin register rewards on another vitamin! You must use it on something else. We went ahead and used the vitamin rewards on the gillete deal they have right now. You buy $30 in participating gillete products and you get $10 rewards back, plus combine that deal with gillete coupons from the new P and G insert and you save even more!

Coupon scanned no problem, had a bit of trouble locating it but the employee’s were quite helpful and friendly

is there a limit to the amount of this coupon you can print? i sent my hubby to the store earlier and he got this one because i thought they would be out and he said they had a ton of them so i printed another coupon and thought let me print another and it seemed like i could print as many as i wanted.

My Walgrens would not let me use the 2.00 coupon. I didn’t argue with the manager because it was late at night and I just ran out to get some sinus medicine and thought to pick up these deal. I am going to call back in the morning to get them to tell me why.

We ended up with $35.00 RR plus $5.00 more from the Pro Fusion Deal :)

We bought 5 smart waters today, 3 Omega smart critical fish oils which were not marked on the shelf as $10.00, we ended up getting many of there other sale items as well. The cashiers were awesome and always let us do multiple transactions and even try to help you come out with a better deal. I am going back tomorrow for more Omegas with the $2.00 coupon that I just found here. I printed 5 so I am crossing my fingers…. thanks for the tips.

One of the Walgreens in my town refused to accept this coupon. They claimed it was a photocopied coupon. I tried to educate them about where the coupon came from and that it was legitimate but they would not accept it (despite the fact that another store in the same town accepted it fine no problems earlier in the day). I will be writing to Walgreens corporate about this as they need to make sure the stores are educated on all the different kinds of legitimate coupons.

I got this deal today and plan on going back to get another one. (as well as more nivea body wash/face scrub stuff). They had them set on a little table with signs, so they are probably going FAST. I don’t usually shop on Sunday’s but the deals were too good to pass up.

Did the fish oil deal this afternoon, unfortunely before I saw the $2. off coupon but still got them free! They were not marked on the shelf but neither were the Reach products or razors. Quess they were just busy and didn’t get them done. Cashier said they were not going to be carrying this brand anymore, anyone else hear this?

Ok, here’s a cool deal I just got. Publix has Suave body wash on sale for $1.49 and if you use the Suave B1G1 coupon, they are free as the coupon rings up at $3.00 off. I used 4 coupons and got 8 of them and it took 0.80 cents off my bill :-)

My store in sacramento ” never received the sobe.”

does this includes krill oil, that would be an absurd awesome deal! they are so expensive and so good for Us Women helping protect Our hearts very important, if this is included that would be a great deal!

My coupon didn’t scanned too but the nice cashier manually entered it without me even asking!!!

the funny thing is that it took me quite a while to find it. There are none on the shelf (plus there is NO tag for this item). my mom spotted a few ‘hidden’ on the top shelf above bathroom tissues and again there is no price tag for them.

Dang! My store is out of the fish oil :-( I was told that they restock on Tuesday though, hopefully I can still get the deal then.

Mine also had none. Zero. It wasn’t that the shelves were bare, they just didn’t have any to begin with. I was also told a truck is coming on Tuesday.

I was able to do this deal as well. The coupon scanned for me at 2 different Walgreens without any issues. Wow, Heather, that stinks about not being able to use a coupon with a RR. That doesn’t make sense! If you look at this week’s Walgreens ad, they actually show you that the Gillette Fusion Proglide razor is $0.89 after the $4 manufacturer coupon and $5 RR. You should show your store that and ask them what’s up!!

Thank you, Krazy Coupon Lady, for posting the coupon link!! :)

My walgreens won’t let you add on coupons with the RR is the same as the purchase price. So no money makers for me. Does anyone else have this problem?

One cashier I had when I first starting couponing there thought the same. Try adding filler items to attach to the RR and see if it will work.

You can use register rewards when paying for an item. Print the Walgreens coupon policy and also bring the phone number to their corporate office and if they give you a hard time, call right at the store. A lot of managers and cashiers want to bring their own prejudices about couponing to work and make up their own rules. To be a coupon shopper, you have to be polite, rational but most of all assertive. I called corporate offices so many times and every single time, I get a call from the manager apologizing for his ignorant behavior. At one Walgreens, two managers were absolutely horrible, rude and basically didn’t want me to shop there. Now every time, I go in there, I get great service due to the numerous emails I sent to their corporate office about that particular store. I was a secret shoppers for Walgreens for two years so I know that the manager’s behavior goes against Walgreens customer service policy, they are very serious about it.

I’m in the middle of a battle right now! The manager refused to honor a BOGO manufacturer’s coupon with an instore BOGO promotion (resulting in two free items), insisting I HAD to buy something. I went home, printed out the Walgreen’s coupon policy, brought it back to the store, and he STILL refused. I’m working through Customer Service right now to get him educated! Wish me luck!

I would take a copy of Walgreen’s coupon policy with you next time.

Came home frustrated, watched the Walgreens 101 video, seperated my transactions and went in to do some shopping. This is my 1st trip ever into a Walgreens… the cashier was very impatient with me, gave me hassels about every coupon used with a RR. She would not allow me to use the $2 off the vitamins b/c “I would be making $” even though I had fillers to offset it. Said it was their new policy. Is this a new policy, or did I get a bad cashier?

I did this deal also, and it scanned with no problems!!! Sobe water and Omega Smart also wasn’t mark that it gives you RR. But got them!

I did this deal also, and it scanned just fine..weird that it didn’t scan for others.

I used the $2 coupon and received the $10 RR..I will go back or to another Walgreens to use the other $2 coupon ! I also got the Sobe water and Healthy Woman Soy supplement for Free using the Rapid Rewards Yay a great money making day !


My store actally had the pills at $24.99.. so at first I was confused, but if you look in the weekly circular you can see that they should have it on sale for $10.

Even if you dont get the $10 RR.. you can at least get 30 fish oil pills for $8.. ya know!!

Allie & Adi,

I did like 7 seperate transactions b/c I had 5 waters and 2 of the fish oil, plus I did the almond and the chex mix… so yeah… my cashier gave me NO ISSUES.. i was super thankful.

Also, this coupon didnt scan for me either.. he manually entered it :)

woot woot

I was able to print many coupons but the price on this item at Walgreens is $21.99 and there are no RR’s at any of our Walgreens.


I did this amazing deal this morning. Its GREAT. Its so crazy though b/c my Walgreens did NOT have the SOBE water OR the Fish Oil marked as “on sale” or “with register rewards”

I guess since their both FREE and such good deals they didnt want to really show it off.

I also found a great deal on the Chex Mix. It is on sale for $1 plus I had a .50 off coupon in my book.. so I got a large bad (33% more) for .50… AWESOME!!!

if you are using Firefox the coupon won’t show you need to do it in internet explorer

You can get as many as you want there but you have to seperate your transactions or you won’t get another R.R. Just gotta be creative and buy another item that gives you a R.R. also and keep rolling them.

Limit one per transaction and for any Walgreens store you stop by!

Just bought 2 of these. Did 2 separate transactions so i would get a RR for each purchase. The coupon did not scan in but the cashier manually entered it.

The RRs normally don’t scan in and they have to do manual input.

This coupon will not print. It loads but won’t show and won’t print. I’ve tried several times.

Got it.

It needs to upload at a .pdf file to print. Try a different browser to open (such as FireFox).

Liberty-The limit is 1. :)

Do I understand Ashley to say she bought 75 vitamins? Seems a bit selfish.

Is there a limit on how many we can get?

I was able to print two…

Hi, WARNING !! Massive Coupon Change at Walgreens. Stores now going to a Limit of One Item per Household…..Only One Transaction of any kind Per Household. Corporate decision just came down today! No Multiple Transactions allowed.
My husband was with me this morning before church, and they actually
“Allowed” him to be a customer and do the Second transaction.

What a deal on this Vitamins though! Good Luck to you all!

I just did about 75 transactions this afternoon! They did not say anything.. Maybe it is just your store.. Fingers Crossed!

how do they know how many transactions you have done..there is no card that keeps track, like rite aid and you can go to many walgreens as you want to do transactions..you can do more than one a day!!

I was able to do six transactions last nnigh sepperately, but there is a one per transaction on each offer now. It states one coupon per house hold. Some people at the stores are misunderstanding this completely

Just wanted everyone to know that I was told today that the register rewards program at Walgreen’s will not work if a coupon is entered for the product. I’m a newbie, and didn’t know how to contact the krazycouponlady to let her know. Perhaps you would be kind enough to pass it on to her? Thanks.