$2.00/1 – Nivea for Men Skin Care – (redplum.com)


Woot!  There is a new $2.00 off Nivea for Men coupon available on redplum.com.  Combine it with the Register Rewards promotion at Walgreens this week thru 6/11, and pick up a bottle for only $0.50!  Here is how:

Nivea For Men Skin Care $3.50
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Nivea for Men Skin Care – (redplum.com) GONE
Pay $3.00, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 2

This sale includes the shaving gel, face scrub, and after shave balm.  Be sure to print this coupon fast!  It is sure to go quickly!

Thanks, Koupon Karen

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64 thoughts on “Nivea For Men Skin Care at Walgreens, Only $0.50!”

Do you know if the RR are running this week also? I missed it last week… :(

My daughter and I went to a local Walgreens and the manager talked to us like we were ignorant. She couldn’t explain why we were not getting the $5.00 register rewards for the Gillette razor. I kept explaining to her what the Walgreens flier advertised and she told the clerk, just give it to her, evidentally she knows more than me very sarcastic. She kept huffing and puffing, because my daughter went back inside due to them not giving her all of her register rewards. She kept asking her what is your next issue. My daughter explained to her that she is on a budget and she wants to get the best deals available that are ADVERTISED.

You should of reminded her that becauce people like you shopping at her store keeps her a job. Sounds like you might need to write the General Manager, and the main office. Just to let them know what kind of person they have as a rep., for them to the public. You have to be a people person to work in the public, and like meeting people. I tell you, you were alot nicer than I would of been to her, cause the first time she got snoddy with me. I would of stepped closer and whisppered that the who store is fixing to find out what kind of person is and not. Then I would of starting talking louder and louder til every costumer in the store knew how she treated me and ask which one of you all are next.

so can you use this coupon on nivea for women?

It is for Nivea Men only!

It is for Nivea Men only!

Is there a limit? Can I buy 4 in the same transaction and get $4.00 RR?

In my Sunday coupons ( not sure which one) there is a Nivea for Men $2.00 off one face care product or 2 shave gels.

Its in the RP coupons. thinking that i might just use them. was thinking that as long as i am buying three to start off i can use all my coupons cause the store (cvs) gets their money back from manufacturer. that will be one coupon for each item

Not on sale at my Walgreens- full price :(

if you have B2G1 coupon and three $1 for this item. could you do this. use the B2G1 plus the three $1 off and a $2 RR from prev., trip and make it free, well pay tax.

I went to WAGS today and the 1st one did not have any sales posted. I asked the cashier if they had the same sales that were in the paper and she said yes. I looked around for the products that I was getting and started getting disgusted so I left empty handed. I went to my usual WAGS and they didn’t let me down. I saved 70%. Thanks KCL!! Without you I’d be paying more.

I’ve tried to find the coupon but can’t. Is there a certain zip code yall are finding it under?

There was no register reward available at my store so I ended up paying $1.50 each

I can’t find it in any of the zip codes I’ve entered either. Can someone share what zip they used? Please?

this coupon is not in my area code. which one are you using?

I cannot find the coupon in my zip code either. I live near Cincinnati and it is not listed for my area. Which one are you using?

BUMMER! The coupon is no longer available to print.

I just wanted to say that the KCL is awesome! She does not promote coupon fraud. In fact if you have been on here for awhile you would notice that if any mistakes have been made she corrects them. I make mistakes everybody does. If you have never made a mistake in your life I bet you can walk on water too!

I can’t tell you how much money you have saved our family over the last 5 months since I have been couponing! Thank you for showing us all that it is possible to save $$$ with coupons.

Thank you very much for posting this deal, if not I would of totally missed it!!

I am new to this whole coupon thing. I tried to print the Nivea Men coupon but my printer was not on. Now, when I go to redplum to re-print, it won’t let me. Does anyone know how I can get my coupon? Thanks!

Try using a different browser (Fire Fox, Internet Explorer, ect)

If I buy four Nivea skin care products and use three $2.00/1 coupons, can I use my $5 RR that I got from buying a P&G product? In other words, I’d be paying $8 for Nivea products, and then with my RR, I’d pay $3? I’m so confused.

You can use a Register Reward from the prior transaction. But you will need a filler item (piece of candy or something). At Walgreens you need the same amount of items as coupons.

But where you are only using 3 coupons on the 4 items you should be ok to use the rewards.

Also, remember these ladies are human therefore not perfect, but I have known them to make a mistake in the past and correct it. I’ve made mistakes before mis-reading a coupon one way or another and then re-read it and stand corrected. i do my best not to do coupon fraud snd so do these ladies. I’ve been following their site for about a year. I like them better than any other bloggers and I’ve been couponing for several years.

Last words, to the one who keeps saying couon fraud, if you have never made a mistake then by all means shout from the mountain top, other wise if you have, be thankful that someone forgave you and forgive these ladies. They do their best to help others.

Sorry misspell.

Were is Ramon. He need to get online and tell thid CABS GUY OFFFF. Ramon were are you love.

Ok, everyone, this is in answer to the “ONE” who keeps posting KCL as promoting coupon fraud, THEY are NOT promoting fraud. If you have followed their site for a while then you will see the pattern that they BOLD print exactly what the ad says along with price. If you READ, and once again follow their site you will see that the coupons they suggest you use is for what it is intended for. They do NOT tell you to buy 2 bodywashes and use the Skincare coupon. READ READ and READ. This is very self explantory.

Nivea For Men Skin Care and Body Wash $3.50
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Nivea for Men Skin Care – (redplum.com)
Pay $3.00, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 2

To the person who keeps writing in caps, stop being the coupon righteous police, I can;t believe you ahve time to come to this site and vent your frustration. Seriously, no one needs Nivea BodyWash soooobad that they bash everybody with their nonsense over a mistake, a mishap etc.
I went to Wags today fro my very first coupon trip (ever) I was trying to get the body wash buy 2 get one free and also tried to add the $1 off from insert with the other $2 off. Well anyway, they only ahd two left of the same (platinum) and when I asked if it would be ok to substitute a different one as the thrid for free, they said ok, but then at the coupons did not work and I ended up apying more OOP than originally planned. Still it was less than the actual on sale purchase price so guess what? I am not mad, I am just learning. So please, get over yourself and stop your nonsense. Don’t like this site? Guess what! there is a small X in a red box on the far top right of your screen, give it a try!

karnisha, you should have bought a filler – a candy or something.

I went to Walgreens today and left very frustrated. I tried doing the G. Fushion Razor and they would not let me use back a Walgreens Catalina ($5) with my $4 off manufacture coupon, because the RR says “Manufacture coupon” on it!!!

They are right. The RR’s are Manufacturer’s Coupons. You Can not use 2 manufacturers coupons on 1 item. If you wanted to use your 2 MQ then you need to buy one more item. I usually can find a cheap filler item. EX: Pencil, piece candy, or check clearance shelf. They have some items their for under .50 cents.
Just Remember you can not have more MQ that you have prouducts for. Walgreens coupons do not count. I suggest you check out KCL link on how to shop at Walgreens. She explains everything very easy for you to understand.

The Nivea men body wash is $5.99 here in NYC, so this deal would really not be great for me. It’s so unfortunate

can i use 2 printed coupons??? this walgreens paper say: Limit 1 coupon printed per offer….. help me…





Wow, get over yourself. If it was on purpose do you think they would have changed it? Stop trolling KCL and get on with your life. It was an honest mistake. There are two deals going on now for BOTH the bodywash and face scrub, shave, wash etc.

Wow I guess THEM LISTING BODYWASH WAS NOT A MISTAKE – IT WAS ON PURPOSE has nothing else better to do with ITS life than to site on coupon sites and troll and la dee da through troll town. GET A LIFE!

You need to go get a life. They are in no way promoting coupon fraud.

wow I can not belive you are saying this after you have been told several times. Get a life, or are you the one that was busted on the TLC extrem couponing show for the fraud. Mistakes happen but trying to create a problem when there is not one is a joke. Ha Ha.

So the Nivea body wash AND the face wash etc are on sale. Here is how to do BOTH. I am using the face scrub as an example.

Nivea For Men body wash 16 oz $3.50 each (2 for $7)
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Nivea for Men body wash – redplum 6/5
And use Buy 2 Get 1 Free – All You magazine
Pay $3.00 + tax, receive $2.00 Register Rewards

Nivea for Men Energizing Face Scrub 4.4 oz $3.50 (2 for $7)
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Nivea for Men Skin Care – redplum 6/5
OR Use 2 $2.00/1 – Nivea for Men Skin Care – (redplum.com)
Pay $3.00 + tax, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards

It is not fraud. The coupon is for Nivea men skin care products which includes face care products. They were not saying use it on the bodywash. Somebody else commented that. Stay off the site if you don’t agree with what they do. Personally I think they are amazing. They’ve helped me save tons of money. I really don’t understand why people get on here and bash KCL. If you’re on here you are on here for a reason. So if you don’t like what they do keep your nose out of it.


The scenario did read “bodywash” earlier this afternoon. I guess the ladies caught their mistake and fixed it. It reads correctly now.

I just got back from Wags. I got 3 bodywashes. I did not use the printed coupons from Redplum because it does not work for the body washes (And if you do use those, it would be considered coupon fraud). I used a Buy 2 Get One coupon from AllYou. I also used (2) $2.00 coupons from today’s Redplum insert from the newspaper that specifically said it was intended for bodywash.

I think it is sickening if you type in all caps



If you have a problem with what she is saying to do, then take it up with her, don’t keep repeating yourself over and over. If evidently does work as people have done it and gotten the deals. You made your point once, to keep repeating it only makes you look silly, especially when you put it all in caps.

This is such a good deal! If you buy more than 2 make sure that you do seperate transactions… At least they made me do it because then my RR wouldnt print! You can use the B2G1 free coupon with the other 2 because at walgreens you can only use one coupon per item!! I bought 6 got 2 for free and got $6 in RR back and only paid $3 pre-tax!
Making them $0.50 just like you said!!!

Thanks for giving us such good tips!!! I love all the deals! I def. get more more for my money!!! I <3 krazy coupon lady!!
You make shopping fun!!!!

I was only allowed to print the coupon one time. Darn! That make the stuff $1.50 plus tax each. Still a fairly good deal.

same coupon was in today’s PG insert. So, you could combine 1 from insert+ 1 printable. Or buy 1 Body wash and 1 face care item for $7 and use $2/1 body wash + $2/1 face care, pay $3 and get $2 RR= .50 each

how does it come out to .50 each? 2/$7…-$2 for RR and another-$2 for the coupon that comes to $1.50 per item, right? am I missing something?

NEvermind…just answered my own question. Use 2 coupons.


THAT IS FRAUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is what KCL posted:
Nivea For Men Skin Care $3.50
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Use 2 $2.00/1 – Nivea for Men Skin Care – (redplum.com)
Pay $3.00, Receive $2.00 Register Rewards
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 2


Can I use my buy2get1free coupon along with the 2 dollars off?

Did this deal this morning! Got my husband 4 bodywashes! I had some coupons from an insert! I also got the shavers again! He’s stocked for awhile! They let me use the $4.00/1 Proglide shaver that came with a small bottle of shaving cream, face cream and some cooling gel! I was so excited to get my deals this week! I haven’t had much success finding them in my WAGS lately :)

When I went to print this out my printer left a white line through the long bar code! Does anyone know why this happened? I know I’m not out of ink! HELP!

Clean your printer head. it just may be a little clogged.

But the size does not match

Face Care (.5oz-7oz) and Body Wash from All You (8.4 oz-16.9 oz) do the coupons ring through even if the description do not match your items

awesome! thanks alot =)

It will work because it’s body wash and it says body, hair and shave at the bottom of the bottle… I already did this deal but combined it with the coupon from the all you magazine where you buy 2 get 1 free…so i got three for $1.00…. : )

can i use both coupons $2 off + buy 2 get one free?

the coupon says its good for any FACE CARE PRODUCT, will this coupon still work with the Nivea bodywash?

IN redplum booklet theres two coupons. One for $2 off body wash and another for $2 off of face care.

Well ladies I used that $2.00 off coupon @ Target! Got 2 free Nivea face cream for $1.99 trial size! the coupon does match the size requirements! (Blue bottle for men) And also scored on the gillette for men body wash. Had 10 $2.00 off coupons then combined it with 10 BOGO body wash gillette coupons so I paid $20.00 for 40 of the twin packs @ Target instead of $80.00…!!! He won’t need any more for a while!