Extreme Couponing Tip: Store Loyalty Cards

One of the first steps to shopping at many stores is to sign up for their store loyalty card.

Enroll:  Loyalty cards are almost always free. Sign up in-store at most locations–simply ask a cashier or go to the customer service desk. Begin using your card immediately to receive store’s discounts. Register your card online to access other benefits and promotions.

Advertised deals: To get the prices in their weekly ads, you’ll need to use the store’s loyalty card. Also, be on the lookout for stores that offer fuel discounts when you spend a set amount–you’ll swipe your card at the pump.

Phone Number = Savings: Most cards are linked to your phone number, so in case you forget your card, simply enter the phone number you used when registering.

eCoupons: Many grocery stores offer electronic coupons that you can load to your store loyalty card. To read more about downloading and using eCoupons, check out this post.


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6 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Store Loyalty Cards”

For DC/MD/VA peeps…Giant not only has gas rewards (which most grocery stores have now anyways) but if you use their card to shop via the Self Scanner, you are offered exclusive deals throughout the store – sometimes even savings on top of items that are already on sale at the store. They try to make it so the specific deals pop up on your scanner when you are in that section of the grocery store, but I find that barely works. You can check out the deals online beforehand, too.


Is there document or reference we can look at that tells us what specifc stores offer the loyalty cards? In my area we do not have any of the stores listed above and was just curious if there are stores out there that I’m not aware that they have those cards.


I love my Kroger card, but here in TN you aren’t allowed to stack a paper Q with an e-Q, and e-coupons won’t double, either.


It is a great idea to sign up for a loyalty card even if you are only shopping there one time. 1) You get the advertised deals and 2) You may get free perks. At Wegman’s you receive a bottle of basting oil, a reusable bag & coupons (which can be used on your first transaction). Just think, I would have missed all that if I hadn’t asked for a store card.


I’m new to couponing and I can’t find Ralphs market on this website. Anyone know where I should look?


If you’re looking for a store that we don’t currently do cover our site, one of the best ways to find local match-ups is by Googling your location and that store and keywords like “match ups”, “deals”, “coupons.” You should come across several blogs/ sites similar to ours that do the match-ups of sales & coupons for you!