Extreme Couponing Tip: Stockpiling in Small Spaces

If you’re low on extra space, don’t wait until you have enough room for a one-year supply of food and personal items. Below are some possible solutions of where to store your extra items. 

  • Location ideas
    • Under beds & cribs (in locking totes for the latter)
    • Below sinks
    • Shelving above the washer & dryer
    • Under tables & desks
    • Storage cubes in tall bookshelves
    • Porch or balcony
    • Garage
    • In suitcases
    • Tall dressers
    • Over-the-Door hanging shoe organizers, great for small items like:
      •  hair ties
      • unopened razors
      • trial size items
      • fingernail polish
    • Small set of drawers for couch or bedside table
    • Peg board w/hooks, great for anything that hangs:
      • packages of batteries
      • razors
      • cough drops
      • pens
      • cotton swabs, etc.
    • Hang a chain from the ceiling and clip on bagged products (chips, dry soup mixes, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, cookies, etc).
    • Linen, coat, and bedroom closets
  • Build Your Ownwith these materials that work well:
    • PVC tubing
    • wood
    • milk crates
    • even cardboard (see this post for how one of our readers, Meghan, did hers)
  • Purchasing
    • Second hand: Craigslist, garage/moving sales, thrift stores
    • Home improvement stores: pair with coupons found in change of address packs at the Post Office.
    • Online: sites, like RetailMeNot.com, have a lot of current Internet codes for coupons and promos, which you can apply to online orders from thousands of sites.

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19 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Ideas for Stockpiling in Small Spaces”

My husband turned our hall way coat closet into a storage area for my DRY GOODS.
8ft tall x 6ft wide 2 ft deep 6 shelfs total of 6 feet wide so much room. Its just the 2 of use. I cant imagine having to buy for more than 2 for a year.. Also I do use under the bathroom sinks space. I think if I put anything in a suit case I might forget about it. ;(.
I use the top shelf of my closet in each room that is so much space. Also I have clean out my linen closet and donated alot of the old sheets and blankets that we were not useing so I use 2 of my shelfs in my linen closet for the toilet tissue and paper towels. Living in Nevada putting any fabric softners,Tide,can good, in my garage it gets gloppy and the liquides separate and the cans swell….Its too hot in the garage. But for paper and dry goods I do have some stuff on shelfs that I bought at Yard Sale . Thats were my stock pile is.

This comment is a “little” gross, so beware. The problem for me putting cereal in the closet to ceiling is that we have mice problems. No matter how many times we have tried and tried to plug every hole coming into our house, is an older house built in 1938, we just can’t seem to get away from finding where they have “visited”. Otherwise is a good idea. I have to go through cabinets after my husband has put away some things. He just sort of “throws” stuff in them to get them off counters or out of sight. So even though he likes things “organized”, he doesn’t do it himself he has to go back over things and do it later, not very organized himsef to start with.

I love the chain & clip idea for bagged items…nice way to prevent smashing chips! Thanks for sharing!

I actually built a whole shelving containment unit into the wall under the stairs going to the second floor. I saw it on DIY network once and found ionstructions there. They are no longer online anymore, but I could email anyone who wants them. The wasted space is now where I put the tv, accessories and books (it’s in the family room) and I took the tv armoire to the basement, added some more shelves and use that for another storage unti. Must say, it looks really nice in both rooms.

me and my boyfriend live in a small space, 1 room because we still live with his parents. over the past year we’ve installed stuff to make space for our stock piles because stock piling is the only way for us to survive as we don’t mooch off his mom or dad for anything extra. we pay for our food, our soap, our toothpaste, our laundry detergent. Other than bills(no phones for us) they don’t pay for anything for us. We also help buy ink for the printer. But over the last year we’ve installed :
Drawers under the bed.
2 small drawer systems(2 drawers in each ones medium sized ones large)
a microwave cabinet with 2 shelves, and a cabinet attached(this is stacked on top of the large drawer system It won’t fall if it would i wouldn’t have put it up there.
3 dressers in the walk in closet(3 drawer plastic system for our clothes bottom drawers for extra’s)
2 bookshelves for personal belongings, using tops for stock piles in boxes/crates also bottom shelves because i hate using bottom shelves for anything person due to dirt and dogs and cats from feet on our personal belongings(books/games/jewelery figurines)
and we use our car trunk for cat liter, because we own 2 cats. and we’re allowed to use the laundry room shelve for their food.
We also have a bathroom cabinet we can expand to if i have to.
and i have 2 storage footstools that we use as chairs for guests or for our feet if we’re sitting down playing on our computers.

Our bed room in no way looks like a hording zoned, just a lot of stuff that is organized, if i ever had to climb over stuff to get in and out or into bed, or even sleep by something i would never buy it. 90% of the stuff i store you can’t even see it. its behind doors or drawers.

We have a shelving unit built on one side under our split level stairs. I only started a few months ago and am starting to outgrow the space. Next move is to the laundry room!

Watch how much you load on the shelves in the laundry room. I had store extra cleaning products on the shelf above and washer and dryer and it fell down while I was trying to pull detergent down one night. Check for stability and security before loading up your shelves.

I use my son’s closet. It’s the only space we’ve got in out townhome. Luckily he’s a baby and doesn’t care 😉

I use my son’s closet. It’s the only space we’ve got in out townhome. Luckily he’s a baby and doesn’t care 😉

we recently moved from one small apartment to another one (its a bit bigger) but we bought 2 plastic pantries and used that… we placed it behind the kitchen table…. they have cheap o ones at wally world that look like wood…. we also bought some plastic drawers and put all hygeine products in there (its in the bathroom). but in small spaces its hard to stockpile for more than about 3 months (i usually do about 2 months, as we are a big family) i had a friend who found a free dresser on craiglist, put it in her closet and put hygiene stuff in there

I use the space I have, IF I start making more room, I will buy more I DONT need and thats to me hording, especially if you start putting things under your children’s beds…I think you got a problem 😉

I agree only buy what you have room for…. i would never put stuff under the kids bed!

I’ve been using the extra space in our laundry room, I installed a utility shelf and went from there. Our sink and bathroom cabinet space is huge, so they take up the medicines and the soaps. And as a professional psychologist I must say that typically hoarders are not organized and they live in unsanitary conditions, and cannot even throw away things that should be garbage. So, I really wish that people would not refer to these tips as a way to hoard, its just good organization. Like Freud once said, “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.” Please don’t over analyze things.

We have tons of storage. Unfortunately it is an attached room that is not climate controlled. I keep our paper products out there but I’m scared to keep anything else. We deal with heat and not the cold. Any suggestions as to things that can stay in the heat…cleaning supplies, cracker or snack type items, etc.?

I live in Florida and I keep liquid laundry soap in the garage with no problems.

Our family of 5 shares a 1200sq. ft. home. My husband has been removing half of the closet rods in our closets and installing shelves from the bottom all the way to the top. He makes them out of unfinished wood and then we paint them the same color as the trim. It’s added a tremendous amount of storage for everything from toiletries, books and toys.

oooohhh my all these things would make me feel like a hoarder instead of a couponer!

We are not recommending that you use ALL of these places. If you have a small space, pick a few of the above suggestions to store your stockpile.

We are not recommending that you use ALL of these places. If you have a small space, pick a few of the above suggestions to store your stockpile.