Extreme Couponing Tip: Embarrassed by Coupons?

“I feel so self conscious using coupons, but I want to save money. Help!”

Coupons are for anyone willing to put in a little effort to save money. Couponers come from every background and budget, and you should always be proud to use them because coupons are your currency. Remember that the manufacturer reimburses the store for every cent of each coupon, so use them without shame.

If you’re new, if you’re apprehensive about redeeming coupons, or if you’re worried about how they’ll be accepted, start slowly.  Opt for eCoupons and newspaper manufacturer coupons for the most stress-free options, and sort out which coupons you’ll be using before you get to the checkout lane.  Always carry stores’ coupon policies with you every time you shop; those policies should do the talking for you when you run into snags.

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