Anyone else go through WAAAYY too much milk each week?! Well, if so, start saving your empty jugs to make these fun Halloween decorations! Best part!? They wont rot!! :)

Step 1. Using a Sharpie, draw some spooky/silly faces on clean milk jugs.
Step 2. Color in the faces, or let your kids do it (if they are old enough to color in the lines AND use a sharpie.)
Step 3.  Cut a hole in the lower backside of the jug, about the size of an Oreo.
Step 4.  Line your jugs up along your walkway and use a string of white Christmas lights to illuminate your jugs.

Thanks for this great idea, Eighteen 25! 

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23 thoughts on “Repurposeful Play: Make Spooky Halloween Ghosts with Old Milk Jugs!”

It’d be a good idea to put some sand in the bottom of each, in case of wind.

Love this!

yea use white lights for ghosts, orange lights for pumpkins, and since purple lights are out during halloween I am thinking of maybe cutting out the face and using the purple lights inside. OH use the gallon and 1/2 gallon sizes to make different sizes, this is gonna be cool. My mom used to do something like this for halloween and christmas using white bags, sand in the bottom and little candles. Cut outs were used on the outside of the bags. Memories….

LOVE THIS!!! Will start saving jugs now. Ask your neighbors to save theirs as well!!! I want to try painting the whole jug a color and leaving the eyes and mouth open for a different effect!

Orange lights would work or i was thinking fill with orange water made with food coloring might work too….

My son gave me a good suggestion. You can use mulit colored lights green for witches and frankenstein, red for a devil, and orange for pumpkins.

Love this! Thanks so much for sharing, my kids are gonna have a blast making them.

nice idea….i luv it!!!

I can do this!

i love this! definitely going to do this for halloween :)

You could also sue the orange Halloween lights!!! Hopefully I can get enough milk Jugs.

I saw this done last Christmas in a neighborhood I delivered papers in. I was totally going to try it this year. Now I can just do it earlier. :)

What did they do to decorate them for Christmas?

They just had green christmas lights in the jugs. They lined the lawn & the sidewalks. I thought it was a neat idea. I’m sure if you wanted to decorate the jugs with christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread people and such that would probably be pretty cute too.

I am so doing this! Do not want to attract anymore bugs near the house with rotting pumpkins so thank you so much for the idea!!

I LOVE this idea!! I can’t wait to do it with my kids!

i will be able to tell who exactly in my area is a couponer, lol, but i love this idea and will also try

How do you get the labels off? LOVE it!

Try soaking the label side in warm water and soap. If that doesnt work – try Goo Gone

the best way to stuck on labels or that extra stick film thats left over is nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol

this is so cute, we do a thing called Take back the night instead of halloween. always looking for a way to light up the yard. we could write short scriptures on them. :)

This is just so awesome!! I am gonna do this.. Might try painting them orange to lol

no need for paint, they are white ghosts!