Since Purina no longer makes the 1 lb size that would make this coupon a moneymaker, here is a fabulous alternative!

Purina One Beyond Dog Food, 3.5 lb. $6.99, Price Cut through 10/15
Use $4.00/1 Purina One Beyond Dry Dog Food from SS 10/9 (exp 12/31)
And Use $1.00/1 – Purina One Dry Cat or Dog Food, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $1.99

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43 thoughts on “Purina One Beyond Dog Food at Target, Only $1.99!”

I just tried this and my checker at Target would not let me use both coupons together because of the wording on the Target coupn. It says “limit one coupon or offer per transaction”. Doesn’t seem like anyone else had that problem. I guess my checker profiling was off today! Can anyone tell me if he translated that correctly or does it mean something else? I ended up just using the manufacturer coupons.

He translated that right and wrong : The Target printable coupons ALL say this, but what that means is only one LIKE Target coupon per transaction. So if you get a cashier who follows this to the letter, just split your transactions (if you have multiples). But you can ALWAYS use a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon. He was wrong about that. Their policy says so! Take your receipts and Target coupons back to customer service and get your money back! :)

Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it. I will go get my money back!!

And my 3.5 lb bag had a $2 off coupon inside. I question whether you should use the $1 off coupon from Target, it’s for Purina One which is a different product.

Hi Cyndi,
I addressed this in another response too, but if you’re still concerned, please visit Purina ONE’s website here:, and you will see that “Beyond” is one of many varieties of products under the Purina ONE brand, specifically under the “total nutrition formulas” :) HTH.

“Purina ONE offers a variety of formulas to meet the needs of different dogs at every stage of their lives, including Total Nutrition, Targeted Nutrition and the Purina ONE Wholesome Entrées, a complete, balanced meal in a juicy canned food. You’ll find the formula that brings out the best in your dog. For good health others can recognize, and you can be proud of.” –

Even though it is listed at $6.99 on the shelf and everywhere, when i brought it to the register, it rang up as $6.49 and then i got to use the $4 off coupon and the $1 off target coupon. Pretty nice deal!

I love those kind of surprises!! :)

ok im new to this what is the codes ex: 4.00/1 purina….from ss 10/9 its that a place where I can get an extra coupon? help…lol

Of course! Be sure to click on “beginners” in our menu bar at the top of any KCL (krazycouponlady) page! There is a lot of info there including all the lingo 😉 $4.00/1 means $4.00 off 1 item. SS = Smart Source, a coupon insert that comes in the Sunday paper. And 10/9 is the date the insert came out, which you can find on the “spine” of the insert. HTH!! :)

Got the last two “little” bags at my Target yesterday. It’s crazy how much groceries and even dog food prices keep going up! Hard to believe that these little bags were on SALE for 6$ and change. So glad I snagged the deal for $1.99!

Yay! I’m going to try to grab mine today. Hope I’m not too late to the picnic 😉

got mine today,
2 bags for 3.75 (with tax)
used 2-$4.00 off and
2-$1.00 off target coupon
my dogs will be so happy!

This is one of my favorite things to stock up on. And it just so happens that we are on our last bag of our last stock up stash!! :)

Very sad I cant get the Walmart deal. I was really looking forward to trying this food.

Me too :(

I got five coupons ready to stock up on this today!

Purina “One” and Purina “One Beyond” are two different products! You can not use the Target “One’ coupon with the “One Beyond! In fact, in the picture posted above, it appears that the “One Beyond” is right next to “One”.

I did this deal last night and it worked. You can still use these coupons on the one beyond, it is just an extension of the purina one brand. They both are still purina “one”.

The “Beyond” is one variety of the “Purina One Brand.” If you look at the packaging, or at their website here:, you can see the wording is as follows:

“Purina ONE Brand Beyond Pet Food”

Purina One also makes other varieties, such as “smartblend.”

HTH!! :)

The “Beyond” is one variety of the “Purina One Brand.” If you look at the packaging, or at their website here:, you can see the wording is as follows:

“Purina ONE Brand Beyond Pet Food.” To me, it’s clear that Purina One is the brand, “beyond” is the variety.

Purina One also makes other varieties, such as “smartblend.”

HTH!! :)

so sad :( i wasn’t able to get the newspaper today. i read its not such a good week, though. still sad. bummer

Hi Stephany, I don’t know about your city, but in mine they often have stands that carry teh daily papers and “Sunday Only” Bins. I know that if I miss getting my papers on Sunday, I can drive by the newspaper machines and still grab some :) HTH!

that was painful. i was so excited for this deal. none in my SS insert :( New York here.

Didn’t get this great Purina coupon in The Tennessean.

Edie you can always go on ebay and bid or buy it now these coupons. They are listed for not that much. If you get 20 of them then it will prob save you more in the end…there is a buy it now for 20 coupons for $9.95. I’m sure would save you alot even if you can only print 2 of the target ones per computer but if you have multiple computers or access to one that would help.

I thought coupons couldnt be sold and wouldn’t bidding mean they are selling the coupons?

9.95 for 20 of them…. looks like its time to hit up ebay again.. but not to buy

I saw a bunch of the 1-lb. boxes at Wal-mart today for $2.57 each, which made for a nice overage!

For Dogs?????

i went to target used my coupons with target and got it for $1.49 on the 3.5 pound bag good deal. Couldn’t find the 1 pound bag only for cats

Safeway carries the 1lb box for kitties;=)

this is only good for dog food though =(

My insert didn’t come with this coupon, wtf. Would’ve been useful with the amount of dogs I have, but whatever I guess. Garbage!

Thank goodness they updated this.

Mass confusion!

Strangest thing…I bought two papers. Both Smart Sources had different coupons inside. So I only got one of these coupons.

I am confused on one thing it says its a money maker at wal-mart than another says that purina no longer makes the one pound bag? which is it?

everyone just figured out that Purina does not make the 1lb size anymore so it is not a money maker. the smallest size they make now is the 3.5lb bag which you can find at almost any store. my walmart had it for $6.88 so $2.88 after coupon which isnt a bad deal. Target’s deal is better.

Ditto what Alyssa said 😉 This was going to be a moneymaker with a 1 lb. bag they used to sell at Walmart. But we have since discovered that Purina no longer makes that size bag :(

The Target coupon is no longer available to print online :(

I’m still seeing it there! Maybe refresh or check back later?

Please see my post below…don’t know why it didn’t come up as a reply to you. Purina “One” and “One Beyond ” are two different products.