Today’s SmartSource had a great seafood coupon!  $5.00 off Seapak Popcorn Fish when you buy the Seapak Popcorn Shrimp!  Popcorn anything is just so much fun to eat, and it’s a tricky way to get your kids to try seafood.  Here’s a deal to try at Walmart:

Buy 1 SeaPak Popcorn Shrimp $5.92, Regular Price
Buy 1 SeaPak Popcorn Fish $5.92, Regular Price
Use $5.00/1 SeaPak Popcorn Fish when you buy SeaPak Popcorn Shrimp from SS 10/9
Final Price:  $3.42 each when you buy both

Thanks, I Heart the Mart

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13 thoughts on “SeaPak Popcorn Fish Only $3.42 at Walmart!”

Is this a regional coupon? I didn’t receive it in any of my papers.

I tried to use the $5 coupon and it would not scan. They would not honor it cause they were told that if a coupon will not scan or they can not enter the number there is nothing they can do about it. So I told them to put the items back. This was at Walmart in Austin Texas.

I live in Austin too, what walmart did you go to? its sad they gave you poor customer service because they can make exceptions in entering modern bar codes. My best advice is to do what I do: ask to speak to store managers rather than CSM to resolve coupon issues and if the issue is not resolved contact customer service and ask for the number of the District manager of the store you went to. I had to do that with my walmart frequently when I started couponing and now its pretty much stress free at checkout with my stacks of coupons:)

I found a $1/1 any seapak item printable coupon. I went to winco and tried to use the $1/1 coupon on the purchase of the shrimp along with the $5 coupon for the fish, but I was told by the manager that I could not use both of the coupons because it was stacking. The $5 coupon states that you get $5 off of the fish when you also buy the shrimp. Since the savings is taken off of the price of the fish item and not the shrimp, wouldn’t the verbage suggest that I can still use the $1 coupon on the shrimp as well as the $5 for the fish. Sorry if this sounds confusing. Any thoughts?

I also tried the scenario or using 1 $5 off coupon and 1 $1 off coupon, but at Safeway as Walmart was sold out of the product…it worked for me…guess it depends on the stores policies and also who the checkout is, but the coupons scanned just fine! Good luck!

Meijer has both on sale for $4.99 so with the coupon, that would be only $2.49 each!

Weis has both of these products on sale for 4.99. Making it 2.50 each. Came home with 4 of each today!

Meijer has SeaPak breaded shrimp or fish on sale for $4.99 this week making these $2.49 for us! :)

Haggen has the popcorn shrimp and fish $5ea, so it would be $5 for both.

Keep in mind if you are near Harris Teeter, they have the large sea packs on BOGO this week; two for 8.99; so use your $5.00 coupon and you pay around $2.00 per pack.

isn’t $1.84 for the 2 of them? regular price is $5.92 – $5.00/1 = .92?

coupon states “buy one popcorn shrimp, get $5 off popcorn fish” so the shrimp is full price and the fish is only .92

You still have to buy the shrimp at full price, so the $5 only comes off of the fish, not the shrimp.