*It looks like this coupon is gone again. We will be sure to let you know if it comes back!

$1.00/1 – Arrid Antiperspirant Deodorant – (arrid.com)

The Arrid deodorant coupon is printing again!  I missed it last time around and was just able to print TWO! Pick it up at Walgreens this week for FREE!

Arrid Antiperspirant/Deodorant $0.99, On Sale through 10/15
With in ad coupon, Limit 4
Use $1.00/1 – Arrid Antiperspirant Deodorant – (arrid.com)
Final Price: Free

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77 thoughts on “GONE! It’s Back! Save $1.00 on Arrid Deodorant, Free at Walgreens!”

gone again,unless it sends it to your email… lol wish id had this last night when i went shopping!

I had a bad experience @ Walgreens so I just price matched @ Wal-Mart.

Tried Saturday to print, but not available anymore.

Thanks to everyone for their help. I’m off to Walgreens today. I’ll let you know how it all works out. Wish me luck!!

Just got back from Walgreens. Brought 6 arrids. Gave them the manufacture coupons first and then the in store coupon. And I brought Halls to cover the overage. I paid $1.55 for all 6 and got $1 in RR.

Just wanted to let everyone know if you are having issues with using your coupons at Walgreens, or like me found no stock. Safeway has Arrid 10/$10 until 10/25. So free with coupon!

That’s awesome, if only that coupon comes back again… I missed it both times!

Is it gone? I can not print it? Huge sad face…..I missed it last time too.

I just got the email that the coupon was available, signed up but no coupon to print….discouraging…….

well i signed up but there is no coupon to print……:( i just got this email about it, can they be gone that fast????

My Walgreens wouldn’t let me do it either. They said it was because the coupon was more than the item and would not adjust it.

Just got back from Walgreen’s and picking up two of the Arrid’s deodorants. I ended up paying $2.33 total. The store here in Tennessee will not allow you to purchase this for free. Their policy is: Must have an item for every coupon. I submitted the manufactors coupon first , then the store coupon to get the deodorants free. I would have been better off just using the store coupon to get the items for $1.00 each and saving my coupons. Because of this policy, I am not a
big fan of Walgreens.

All you need to do is pick up a “filler” item, like a piece of Laffy Taffy (usually by the registers) for .15 or .10.

My walgreens here in NC did the same thing. I wish I would have known, bc just like you I would have just saved the coupons.

once again the coupon will not print….ggrrrr

It seems that this coupon may be gone again. We will let you know if it comes back!

Just noticed this post.. But sadly, it is gone again. :(

I went to my Walgreens today and they did not have them on sale they are $2.99.

it’s .99 cents with the in ad coupon

There is an in ad coupon you have to have them scan as well as this one. HTH!

What is the limit on how many you can buy?

The Walgreens coupon says limit (6) in one purchase, but I don’t know if they’ll be willing to take six manufacture’s coupons on top of that. They gave me a hard time for one.

Florida couponer here. The Walgreens cashier gave me a hard time with this one. I went into Walgreens and picked up various items, including one (1) Arrid deodorant. The total was over $35.00. But when I pulled out the $1.00 coupon, the cashier voided the ENTIRE transaction because the coupon was a Penny more than the sale price. She then called her supervisor and told her that my $1.00 coupon was more than the $.99 deodorant, so the supervisor re-rang my entire purchase and instead of applying the $1.00 manufacture’s coupon, she typed in $.99. At that point, I just wanted to get out of there and I would have gladly given them the Penny to prevent all the hassle.

I could not access the coupon.

The coupon is printing again…just an FYI!

Wasn’t working earlier but it’s working now. I printed my two!

I apologize in advance for this dumb question :-) To print two coupons you’re suppose to hit the back button right?? Ok is my back button on my keypad or am I suppose to click the arrow on my screen? Thanks

i haven’t used the back button/arrow. i just go back to the same window and click on the coupon again. most of the time you can print 2 sometimes only 1, you just have to be careful there is paper/ink and the printer hasn’t been turned off because i have lost coupons :o(

The Arrid site isn’t working.

I cant seem to get to the link… Its saying Error!!

I couldn’t get on this website to get the coupon!

Say’s link is bad..

its not working for me either

i have tried the site numerous times and it’s not working…please help!!! I could really use these deodorants to send to troops

the site is not working…help. it keeps saying error!

this site is not working

it did work…at first not, because in wallgreens you have to spend the same quantity than the coupons..so, I did not say anything about it, so, I bought a halloween thing that cost 34 cents, so plus taxes, my total was 54 cents plus two free deodorants…pretty good…original price of deodorant $3.50 each 😀

i tried to grab a filler to cover the price of the coupon but before i even got my had close to the filler item the cashier was like: um that’s not gonna work.. and i said: then i don’t want it.

Will walgreens give rain checks?? Will they for example give two rain checks for one item? Every time i go to get an item someone has already cleared the shelf! Come on people, don’t be stingy! let other people get deals too!

Thats why i get up early on sunday, i am the first customer there! and i dont clear shelfs, thats just wrong!

thanks for the tip! my walgreens actually had some left this morning!

I noticed on my shopping to Albertsons yesterday that they had their Arrid 10 for $10 (can’t remember if it was a 10 for $10 mix, match & save item) either way, there are a few stores you can pick this up for free!!!

Safeway has it on sale for $1. I got two for free yesterday.

I just started couponing about a month ago, and have a question. I missed printing this coupon the first time, and when I just now tried to print the coupon it says that I already printed the coupon.

I got this free at the Family Dollar…It was $1.00 and the coupon was for $1.00 off.

Has anyone found any good clearance deals of toys lately??

YaY thanks for sharing!

I know this is not about arrid but my husband and i would like to know how the ladies get so many sport drinks for free? its amazing to watch the shows but we still have not picked up on how they do it..any tips

sorry but i have found out that the show is rigged. the producers go to the stores ahead of time and get the stores to allow more than their usual alotment of coupons per item. read about lowes apology for allowing it for a show and than having to turn down regular customers for trying it too.

that does suck but ppl can still pull it off if they get the sale priced items or even on everyday low priced items… i’ve only been doing this since july but I LOVE IT!!!! I’m hooked i cant believe all the money i spent even on cheap stuff and now i get name brands for dirt cheap or FREEE which is MY favorite (siiiigh) =)

idk either… but today i went to my target and they had sobe water on clearance for $0.71 and a .50 off target coupon making them .21 cents a bottle i bought 60 bottles. i ddnt clear any shelves there were PLENTY they even had a whole wall with clearanced bottles… i have 4 teenagers at home that are going to be very happy =)

so in this deal is there anyway to price match at walmart?

Of course! Just price match the sale price of 99 cents and use the coupon!

I got jipped!! It only printed one… I HATE that.

I was not able to print any additional ones at all — I don’t think this was a coupon reset.

It may not be a reset but back for those that missed it the first time.

2 coupon limit! man I need more computers

me too XXD

I tried this at my walgreens today, and they wouldn’t accept the coupon because it was for more than the item. They wouldn’t adjust the coupon to meet the cost of the arrid.
I was surprised, because none of the other stores have had a problem. Good luck in using your coupons!

It works when you give them the manufacturer coupon before the store coupon and also make sure you have bought something for the overage to get applied to.

I did give them the manufacturer coupon first, plus I had other items, but it didn’t matter. We even tried it as a transaction by itself along with a filler and it still wouldn’t take it. Then the manager said it was because the coupon was for more than the item. So I asked them to please adjust the coupon to match item, and they declined to do so. Too bad theres not another walgreens within 50 mile.
Thanks for the input though. I appreciate it.

Safeway and Fred Meyer also had it on sale for the same price, you could try one of them, plus my Safeway doubles coupons, so it’s a money maker!

if you call 1-800 walgreens and give the store number and manager name they will fix your problem. Had same problem in Alabama (where I Live) and they refused to adjust the coupon and i made the call. within an hour the manger called me and said to come back and apologized for his asst mgrs lack of knowledge about coupon policy.

Used mine with no problem, the 1 cent overage went onto my other items with no problem, no beeping.

same here!

i was at walgreens as well today…had super nice cashier today……..
a lot depends on a right cashier really….walgreens also is one of the most difficult place to coupon…..i am always nervous there at cash register…. …
.u never know how it ll go………..
she told me to get additional item…i got these nice dry cranberries /love to put those on my salad/and all worked out great i ve got 6 arrid deodorants….paid tax on these only….. yippee …..thank U KCL…awesome…..these will be christmas gifts…..

the fillers help. You need as many items as you have coupons or more than the amount minus tax to use a RR.

Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow and see if I can’t get another cashier. Thanks

if there is a limit of 4. how did you get 6?

It is in the store’s coupon policy that they are supposed to adjust down the value of the coupon to meet the price of the item…..

Thanks. I printed out the coupon policy. Now I’m armed with ammo when I return. And I shall return!!

If it still doesn’t work, you could go to Walmart and price match and they allow overages. Just an idea!

Call corporate, they take their calls very seriously and are very familiar with their coupon policy. They will have the manager call you back and apologize. This happened to my sister and I told her to call. The manager apologized and she came back and they took her coupons.

Thanks for the help. I’ll try this.

Oh god! I go through this all the time. I went over the store coupon policy online and printed it and show it to them everytime i use my coupon there. It says it on their policy that they’re suppose to mark down the coupon to match that price.

i was just going to say the same thing =(

print out the Walgreens coupon policy.they are supposed to adjust down the price of the coupon when its over the price of the item. call the store,talk to the manager – i bet u they will have u come back,do a refund and accept your coupons. I absolutely love my Wags!