$2.00/1 – DiGiorno Pizza Product, any – (facebook.com)
Thanks, Chi-Town Cheapskate

Looks like the DiGiorno Pizza coupon on Facebook has reset!  :) Just “Like’ DiGiorno on Facebook and take the DiGiorno Ditch Delivery Pledge to receive a $2.00 off any DiGiorno product.  You’ll then need to enter your name, type of pizza you prefer and what you spend your extra delivery money on.  Even better, the coupon doesn’t expire until 1/31/2012!!!

Use it at Walmart and get the following deal:

DiGiorno Pizza, 12.6 – 34.2 oz $5.27
Use $2.00/1 – DiGiorno Pizza Product, any – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $3.27



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42 thoughts on “Save $2.00 on DiGiorno Pizza, Only $3.27 at Walmart!”

Shoprite (upstate NY) has DiGiorno Pizza for $4.47! Buy 2 and get a $1 Catalina. You can get each for $1.97. Stock worthy!!! :)

It says you can only print one but I was able to print as many as I wanted by click on the coupon button after the pledge.

My local target ( Southern California) had them for $2.99 each, after coupon .99ç each !

The pizza’s are on sale at meijer for 3.99 with 2.00 dollar coupon only 1.99..hurry only til Saturday at midnight

Digiorno Pizza @ target is only $5.00 used $2.00 coupon get it for $3.00 … one of the manager in target didn’t rang of our 1 coupon but he took it :( still pay $8.00 for 2 pizza…

I can’t get it to print again. it trys but nothing!! I don’t know what to do.

I just noticed that this pizza is on sale at Albertsons in my area for 3.99 with an in ad coupon…will I be able to combine this coupon with the Albertsons coupon? The in ad Albertsons coupon states “may not be used in combination with any other offer”.

Hi everyone,

I found this on sale at Fry’s with a side of chicken wings in the box also. Regularly $9.99 on sale for $5.99. With the coupon…down to $3.99. Little extra!


You can use these for ANY size! I used all four of mine to get my kids personal size pizza’s each. I shop at our commissary, so before coupon they are $2.40 each, after coupoon..well you do the math! Good deal!!!

Got 2 today yay! Love digiorno!

at my dollar general market they are on sale for $4.50 with this coupon they are only $2.50 GREAT DEAL!

Foods Co (part of Kroger but am not sure if they are the same pricing) sell these for $4.98 after buy 10 save $5 Mix and Match promo. If you buy two, Catalina will print out $1 as well. So, each would cost only $2.48 after deducting $2 coupon and $1 catalina printout. Best deal I saw so far tbh.

This is what I saw in Sacramento only, so if you live in Sac, it will be a better deal.

DiGiorno is on sale this week at Meijer for only $3.99. After this coupon it makes it only $1.99 a pizza! Can’t beat it!

meijer has digiorno pizzas for 3.99 this week .so after the coupon the are 1.99!!! we got 5 :) im in dayton ohio

Cool, it did reset!! Thanks!

hey don’t know about your guys Albertsons but here in Colorado there’s an in ad coupon for 3.99 for the DiGiorno pizzas with the coupon it’ll be 1.99 each limit 2.

Make sure you hit the back button, it let me print 2!

Thanks KCL!

can u use a printable coupon and a manufacturer coupon combined?

The printable is a manufacturer coupon, so you can only use one or the other– stores will only accept up to one manufacturer coupon per item.
If however it was a Target Store printable coupon on Target.com and you had another manufacturer coupon, you could stack them (use them in conjunction) on one pizza.

that manager in target last night didnt want to accept some of our coupon he said he gave him too much coupon and my husband said to him thats a mfr coupon and target coupon and we can combine it together then he try to rang it and went ok … the other one is about clothes , he didnt accept the target coupon for the clothes but thats thier store coupon the store coupon said on any apparel $3.00 off so we trying to used the store coupon and he said doesnt want to accept it LOL… i think he doesnt like people who use coupon doesnt want to deal it …

but still get free stuff in thier store RENU 118 mL $2.84 each used (4) $3.00 mfr.Q overage for .64 ( free for 4 ) , LISTER

Thanks! I love Digorno pizza, but not the price!

looks like diGiorno will be 2/$9 at Walgreens the week of October 23rd too! so they would be $2.50 each after RR!!

KRAZY! Thank you for sharing!

They are on sale this week at Meijer for $3.99.

SWEET! Thank you for sharing!

Anyone interested in how to save the $3.27 and lose weight at the same time? EAT A SALAD!!! :-)

LOL That takes all of the fun out of it! :)

Great idea! Wait. . . where do you get free salads?

Two for $10 at Target! Even cheaper.

Mine wouldn’t print, it goes to the print window and says thank you but no coupon!
oh well I have a few from before, we love DiGiorno pizza!

Mine did the exact same thing! :(

me too! Wondering where in space it printed to!~

Bummer! :(

same here

Bummer for me all the really good coupons seem to be facebook these days. I can’t use facebook cause I’ve been victim of ID theft and have to be really careful where I put in my info. So I can’t have a facebook account. Oh well I have 3 of these in my freezer anyway 😉

So set up and account with fake info. You can set up an email account used just for facebook on yahoo.

My facebook account is STRICTLY for couponing, it is all fictitous info, I do not use a social account at all…this works for and I allow them to access any info they want….Only bummer is I have no friends, and like the Coke deal a while back you had to refer a friend….

My local target (Las Vegas, NV) has a sale on DiGiorno Pizza 2 for $10, use 2/$2.00 manufacturer coupons and they’ll be $3 each. I’m going to try DiGiorno for the first time with this deal.

AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!

At walmart in cape coral Florida has the single size pizzas for $2.98. Sooo with the $2.00 off coupon on any digiorno pizza you can get it for .98… Me likey !!!

Target in NY (Saratoga Springs) also had these 2/$10…used my coupons there last night and got them for $3 a piece.