Extreme Couponing Tip: Doubling Cost?

“Who covers the cost when a store “doubles” a coupon? The store or the manufacturer?”

When a store runs a promotion where they will “double” or “triple” the value of manufacturer coupons, the store covers the cost of doubling. For example, if your local store will double a $0.50/1 manufacturer coupon (so the value off your bill is $1.00), the manufacturer reimburses the store the coupon’s face value, $0.50, and the store covers the other $0.50.

Doubling coupons is a similar concept to store coupons or sales, where the store eats the cost in hopes of getting you inside their doors to buy other products at full retail price. They keep their price of doubling promotions down by limiting the maximum value of coupons or number of coupons that can be doubled per customer.

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4 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Doubling Cost?”

Luckily, here in South Jersey the stores I most often shop at have been offering Double Coupons up to $.50(=$1.00) for many, many years. Most of the stores have a limit of 4 of the same coupon and if you have more they only come off at face value. I found that out because I couldn’t understand why one of the coupons I redeemed hadn’t doubled. If I had realized it before I shopped, I would have saved it and gone back in again.


Hello my name is Tamaro,
I’m just wondering if Albertson’s in the Florida area doubles coupon’s because I swear this is the dead zone the only store we have would be Kmart that doubles coupon occassionaly.I will change my store is Albertson’s doubles coupon’s in Florida.


I know some Albertson in the northwest doublers on occasion. You could probably call customer service at your local store and ask if they ever have the twice your value coupons.


I wonder why some coupons are marked “do not double” even though the store covers the cost of the doubling. Perhaps just to keep the store from attempting to collect the additional cost from the manufacturer? I’ve noticed most of those coupons are doubled automatically anyway.