$2.00/1 – Revlon Lip Item – (facebook.com)

The Rite Aid Facebook page currently has a $2.00 off coupon for a Revlon Lip item!  Revlon makeup is 40% off this week through 10/22 at Rite Aid, and you get a $2.00 off +Up reward when you purchase one item.  When you combine that with the $2.00 off coupon, PLUS the $1.00 off Revlon coupon from the 10/9 Walmart insert you will make $0.81!

Revlon Lip Item $6.99 ($4.19 after 40% off), Regular Price
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Use $2.00/1 – Revlon Lip Item – (facebook.com)
And use $1.00/1 Revlon, Any Color Cosmetic Product from Walmart Ad Insert 10/9 (exp 12/31)
Pay  $1.19, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward
Final Price:  $0.81 Moneymaker!

Thanks, My Frugal Adventures

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44 thoughts on “GONE! Hot! $2.00 Revlon Lip Coupon at Rite Aid!”

I didnt receive the $2up and it didnt show up with the $40% discount.

ok, I went to the facebook page and cannot find the coupon…what am I doing wrong?

I can’t find the coupon either =(

i cant find the $2 coupon anywhere on their facebook ?!?

I haven’t seen anyone mention the five day sale. The shaving cream edge I think it is , is on sale for .99 . With the rite aid coupon and the man. Coupon it was a money maker.

where is the coupon? i filled out the form but nothing comes up after

i cant find the coupon……help

there was nothing to click for the coupon on facebook!

I think there all gone

Tina thank you very much.

I have a question…Not about this deal in particular, but about a possible deal at rite aid. Can I use 2 different RA coupons plus a manufacturer coupon on an item? It’s for Loreal Eyeshadow. I have a RA coupon for 1/1 eyeshadow (video value coupon). Then I have a RA coupon for 2/1 Loreal eyeshadow (flu coupon booklet). And then i have a 1/1 manufacturer coupon from the paper. I remember a while back KCL posted a deal for childrens triaminic and i used 2 RA coupons…Just wanted to clarify this…Someone please answer it…

You can only use 1 “49” and 1 “48” RA coupon. I don’t have a Flu Book yet so I don’t know what the codes for those coupons start with so I’m not sure if you can combine them or not. You will have to check out both coupons bar codes to determine whether you can use them both. If they both start with “48” or “49” you can only use one. There should be no problem using one of them with the MQ though, and if they are different RA codes you could use both with your MQ.

I can’t find it either

Didn’t see any revlon coupon on facebook. Some kind of breast cancer awareness promo comes up.

the math doesn’t add up, 6.99 minus $2 and minus $1 would be paying 3.99??

Revlon is 40% off. So $6.99-$2.80=$4.19

no more q’s


Oh man, I already bought nailclippers and there is a limit one for this up. so REMINDER: if you bought something else related already this week, you won’t get the up for this.

I cannot seem to find the facebook coupon…. help!

Just click the link and the coupon is right on the front of the page. Be sure to like them first! I just saw it. So it’s still there!

UGH! I can’t find it either. I clicked the link, but I am not seeing it. Any idea about what I am doing wrong?

I just tried to print a coupon and the website froze on my computer. I entered my email address and after I hit print coupon the page just locked up and I couldn’t print it. I went back to Revlon’s facebook page and entered a differen’t email address and it said I had already reached the total number I could print from my computer! Totally bummed because I was looking forward to this deal! ):

Update! I was able to print the coupon! Since the website froze I used the task manager to end it and when I restarted the internet I chose to restore my last session. When I put my email address back in the coupon page popped back up but didn’t freeze that time and it let me print it! YAY! (: Hope this helps if it happens to anyone else!

Everybody is going to look gorgeous with these makeup deals at rite aid …LOL Thanks !

Great! thank you for sharing!

thanks for reminding me. darn! but even without the $2+up it’s $1.19 which isn’t too bad. …i’ll have to think about this one.

So wait. If i have two facebook accounts and print 2 coupons for this deal. I can just stop at rite aid, pick up my favorite 2 lipsticks of that deal and head to checkout? I don’t really understand what the up reward program is at rite aid. Can you give me an example of what might happen at checkout?

Thanks !

the lipstick is $4.19 after the 40% off promo this week. If you use the $2 coupon it brings it down to $2.19. When you purchase this item with your wellness card you will get $2.00 +Up Reward which you can use to buy anything in the store on your next trip. So you are paying $2.19 out of pocket but you then have $2.00 +Up Reward for next time. Also, you can only do this once because there is a limit that is kept track on the card. hope that wasn’t too confusing!

You can do this in combination with the 1.00/1 revlon from the walmart insert right? Cause in that case, it’s only 1.19 OOP but then you’re also up by one because of the up rewards… this is possible right?

Get 1 Revlon Lipstick (original price $6.99) on sale for $4.19
Have your printed $2 off coupon from facebook
Plus use the $1 off coupon from the walmart coupon page
(at any time have them scan your wellness+ card, or use your phone number tied to that card)
PAY $1.19 (+tax)
When it prints your recipt, on the end of it, therell be a $2 off your next purchase “coupon” or +UP reward! Which can be used on most anything in the store on your next transaction of at least $2! Its a really awesome system they have!

for this deal there is a limit of ONE +UP reward, which means if you purchase another one, youll pay $1.19 for it (with both of the same coupons) but will Not receive another +UP reward.

Thanks for reminding us about that coupon! I meant to add into the deal and forgot! :)

You can only do this once because there is a limit of 1 that is tracked by your card.

just my luck! i printed this and noticed i’m out of black ink :( the barcode printed, but not the numbers :

I’ve had that issue before, but if it scans they should take it. At least mine used to :)

Got it!!! Added it to my Rite Aid pile for tomorrow morning’s trip :) I’m new to couponing and this site is so helpful. Thank you!

Thank you!!

I don’t are the coupon?

yay! Just printed out my coupon, thanks!

I was just thinking that, too! So, with that $1.00/1 Revlon color cosmetic coupon from the Walmart beauty insert, it’s a moneymaker, right? I guess I’m going back to Rite Aid tomorrow!! :) A girl can always use better-than-free lipstick!

Where can i find that $1 coupon? Thanks so much

Ha Nguyen, the 1.00/1 mfr coupon is from the insert we got from the Walmart insert from last week.

Yes from the Walmart ad in last weeks paper.