A little birdie told me that come November or December Toluna, a survey and product testing company, is going to be sending out Hello Kitty products for people to try for free!  All they have to do is complete a survey about those items!  I don’t know all of the details about what will be sent and when but if you want to be considered to test these products, sign up for Toluna now to get on their list.

You can learn more about Toluna on this previous post.

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5 thoughts on “Free Hello Kitty Products to Test! Sign up now!”

Don’t bother. Toluna NEVER pays for the survey that you complete even after obtaining incrementally whatever information they want from you. They always say that you do not qualify after you have answered several questions following the initial demographics questions. It is my guess that the Hello Kitty incentive is to get you to give them information and they will not send out the product. Toluna is a scam.

I love Hello Kitty! my friend gave her lil girl a Hello Kitty party!

My goddaughter loves Hello Kitty! She has to be wearing something Hello Kitty everyday!

It appears to be a toothbrush! :)

😀 ZOMG i love hello kitty but im always afraid of viruses from those survey places :(