Do you have a baby at your house?  If you do, then you probably have baby food jars.  Wash them out and use them for this super-cute Halloween craft.  (If there is no baby at your house, ask to borrow some jars from a friend, sister, etc.  These little pumpkin jars are worth the extra effort!)


Step 1:  Make sure your jar is clean and dry.
Step 2:  Mix orange acrylic paint with some mod podge and paint the jar inside and out.
Step 3:  Once it’s dry, use black paint to create a face for your “pumpkin”.  Remember, you want it to look like a little jack o’lantern
Step 4:  Place a candle inside the jar and let it shine.
Optional:  You can tie raffia around the neck of the jar if you’d like.

Thanks, Increasingly Domestic