Do you have a baby at your house?  If you do, then you probably have baby food jars.  Wash them out and use them for this super-cute Halloween craft.  (If there is no baby at your house, ask to borrow some jars from a friend, sister, etc.  These little pumpkin jars are worth the extra effort!)


Step 1:  Make sure your jar is clean and dry.
Step 2:  Mix orange acrylic paint with some mod podge and paint the jar inside and out.
Step 3:  Once it’s dry, use black paint to create a face for your “pumpkin”.  Remember, you want it to look like a little jack o’lantern
Step 4:  Place a candle inside the jar and let it shine.
Optional:  You can tie raffia around the neck of the jar if you’d like.

Thanks, Increasingly Domestic 

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9 thoughts on “Repurposeful Play: Make Jack O’Lantern from Baby Food Jars!”

so you paint inside and outside – when we light the candle it should be fine correct? i dont want it to go in flames because of the paint.

The original instructions said to paint inside & out, but I might just paint the outside when I make mine : )

this is so cute I wish I had some jars…

Love this. I have so many of these jars laying around

Too cute!!! You can also wrap some rusty wire around where the screw edge and jar part meet and make them into little hanging lanterns. The wire can be found at craft stores.

I make these but instead of painting I mod podge tissue paper on the out side.

P.S. mod podge is a type of glue. You can find it at walmart and’s a bit expensive but not so bad with a michaels coupon at michaels.

Tissue paper is a great idea since I always seem to have extra around!

You don’t have to buy it… you can make it by watering down elmers glue!

What is mod podge?