I like to keep bottled water at my house and stashed in my car.  It’s easy for my family to grab on the way out the door, and it really helps me drink as much water as I’m supposed to each day.  Right now at Target, some flavors of Vitamin Water are on clearance.  (Clearance items may not be available at all stores.)  You may remember that there was a deal this week through 10/22, about buying ten Vitamin Waters and receiving a $5 Target Gift Card.  Well, at clearance prices your savings will be even better!  Just remember, you have to spend at least $5 to get the Gift Card.

Vitamin Water, 20 oz $0.51, On Clearance
Buy 10, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Pay $5.10, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $0.01 each when you buy 10

Thanks, Totally Target

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72 thoughts on “Vitamin Water Only $0.01 at Target!”

  1. Snow Lee says:

    is this deal still good?

  2. They were on clearance for .53 each at my Target. I rang up 10, and the gift card did not generate. They told me that clearance ones did not count :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not on Clearance at all Targets.

  4. Holly Keney says:

    The Sobe was on clearance not the Vitamin Water but I bought the VWater anyway since we are going to a volleyball tournament in the morning. To my surprise not only did I get the 5.00 giftcard, but I received a catalina for 2.50 off Almond Breeze milk and a coupon for a 3 pack of Gatorade gum. The milk was 3.05. I paid for it with the giftcard, bought a set of gelpens for my daughter, a pack of UptoU gum with 1.00 coupon. I ended up getting change back from the giftcard. Entertaining to say the least!

  5. Lauren Youmara says:

    went BACK to my target today to see if this deal was going on… they have SO MANY of the 10 for $10 with 5gc… but no clearance bottles :(

    atleast not yet… I will def keep my eyes peeled…

  6. I went to my Target in Central Cali & they were not on Sale. :( I still got 30 for $20 plus I still have a$5 gift card! Pretty good deal still.

  7. Tara Walker says:

    I’m in Ohio and our K-Mart had the $2 off of 10 mfr coupons! They had them on display with the vitamin water, just waiting for ppl to come by and grab them :-)

    • Tara Walker says:

      Just called both Targets in my area and no such luck with the clearance, but I at least I got the 10/$10 +$5 GC earlier this week :-)

  8. my target in atlanta did not have clearance, but by chance i sat with someone different at work yesterday and after commenting on his vitamin water, he gave me some $0.55 coupons so I only paid $0.45 for them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I never seem to find these same deals at my local Target. Several times, when someone here posts a great Target deal, I go to my local Target and can’t seem to find the same deals :( I am in San Diego. Where are you finding these deals?

  10. M says:

    Anybody know what flavors seem to be ringing up on clearance ?
    Thanks !

  11. Lisa Torres says:

    when does this promo end

  12. Anonymous says:

    i live in danville va, and i can only find a few deals that are the same, i am starting to do the extreme couponing, but it is discouraging to not have the same deals in my city that are posted here. noone here doubles coupons, and alot of the stores dont have the same prices, like walmart, target, etc. :-(

    • Fatmae says:

      i just started to and dont sweat if u cant get certain deals because when u do find the deal in ur area the feeling is impowering lol

    • Anonymous says:

      same here-the offers vary so much from all different parts of the country. I don’t have any luck at Target-the water was $1 each. I’m more frustrated by wasting ink and gas only to find the deals aren’t there. This is a great site and they try to keep everyone posted if they know it may be a regional deal. Don’t get discouraged!

  13. Fatmae says:

    There’s another similar beverage for $0.51 but there is no $5 gift card that comes with it and they expire Nov.11.2011

    • Anonymous says:

      The Sobe water? My Super Target had them for .51 cents. No Vitamin waters on clearance. The way my Target has been acting lately, they would probably say the clearance waters are not part of the deal or withold the 5.00 gift card.

  14. Fatmae says:

    Just went RAN to 2 Targets around my house and none of them had that deal :( I asked the manager if they would be lowering prices and he said no…They are still 10for$10 then you get a $5 Target gift card…Oh well still a good deal

  15. Anyone in the Evansville, IN checked your Target yet? I would love to know for sure before I drag my 2 kids out and end up with nothing :)

  16. Lizrox! says:

    No vitamin water on clearance in Dallas… :(

  17. Hannah says:

    :(((( HELP! Was the 10$/10 deal 5$ Giftcard a good deal? I got 30! :S Is that ok! I thought 0.50$ was ok? each!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s still at least half off normal retail…so yes!

      • cayle ngo says:

        THat is fine it is the person who is buying it to decide if it was a good enough price! I did the same thing because they were not .51 cents a piece where I live. I still think it is an amazing deal!

  18. I went to my target and only found 1 at $0.51 :( But I plan on hitting a couple other targets in town to see if they have any. But I did already get 30 of the vitamin waters with the deal they got going on :)

  19. Anonymous says:

    can i use the gift card that came from that promotuon to get another 10??? an still get another $5 gift card???

  20. FYI—I bought 15 of these clearance bottles (enough to = $10+) of Vitamin Water last week hoping to get the $5 gift card, but I didn’t. I still bought the water because my family drinks it, but the gift card offer did not work in my store on the clearance bottles. I hope it works for others.

  21. Anonymous says:

    When you get the target gift card you can use it with that same transaction? Thought you had to use it for your next shopping trip. I thought they gave you the gift card after you already paid.

  22. Javagirl says:

    Your just drinking sugar! Vitamin water is really just sugarwater – Its first two ingredients are sugar and water (the sugar coming in the form of crystalline fructose, a processed sweetener that has been linked to health problems) – 32 grams of liquid sugars and some synthetic vitamin chemicals in your diet…no thanks!

  23. Noboby has answered the question of where do you find these coupons at? I have never been able to get vitamin water coupons before???

  24. i know the manager at ours and he knows i like pineapple which is on cleareance and with coupons and the 5 bucks i made money when i bought 300 of that flavor. yes we will use it. plus i didnt clear the shelves they had this is back extra i think he was happy to just get rid of it

  25. I’m in the DFW area, going to check today at lunch, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

  26. Dawn Wagner says:

    I tried doing this deal a couple of weeks ago with the sobe clearance and they said the clearance bottles were not part of the deal, which in the end was ridiculous because after the deal the clearance bottles ended up being more expensive then the regular sale bottles. I am very disappointed with my Target, they almost never have any of the food items I see on here or sale food items, for instance they don’t carry the Bertolli sauce at all and I was hoping to get them for .89 a jar w/the coupon. Oh well, guess the other stores will get my business most of the time.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Anyone live in NH who did this?

    • Sarah says:

      The store in Greenland had some today. Although, as I was walking away there was a lady pretty much clearing the shelves. :( I got 6 Vitamin Waters for 62 cents each and 4 Skinny Waters for 74 cents each. They did give me some trouble at the check out because of the Skinny Water, but there was signage that said it was included. Good luck!
      The clearance bottles are in the refrigerated section!

  28. Anyone in Texas know if Target’s around here are doing this amazing deal??

  29. but if they’re 10/10 receive a 5 gift card then if I buy 10 @ 45 cents each that’s 4.50 and I would get a 5 gift card so they would still be free??
    When does this promo end?

    • Dawn M Boyd says:

      I think you have to spend more than $5 for the gift card- that’s why her example says $5.10

    • Anonymous says:

      If they’re less than 50 cents each, you’ll have to buy an extra or a non-clearanced bottle to meet the $5 requirement for the giftcard.

      • Anonymous says:

        is it $5.00 before coupons because I have the .55 cent coupons also

        • Okay ended up going out of town last night for halloween costume since they were sold out of my kids’ size here in town.. stopped by the target… no clearance vitaminwater at my store.. but the display for the vitaminwater gift card didn’t say anything about having to spend 5.00 (didn’t specify dollar amount) it just said when you buy 10 vitaminwater (which yeah they were a dollar each so obviously you’re spending more than 5 at that point) but I bought 20 and used 20 .55 off coupons… so that’s only 9.00 total and still got 2 of the gift cards..

  30. Fiza says:

    Wow! I don’t recall the giftcard promotion still up but I did notice them being around 68 cents for one. I’m a teenage couponer, people must think I’m crazy or somethin!

    • Anonymous says:

      Not crazy — smart!! :-D i bet your mom adores the fact you coupon! haha

    • Anonymous says:

      Not crazy at all! You are learning the value of money something a lot of teenagers dont understand quite yet! Good for you :)

      • cayle ngo says:

        haha I am 19 so technically a teenage couponer too. I am a live at home college student so basically I pay my rent by creating a stockpile for my family.

        • Kay says:

          I’m in the same situation! I’m 22 and a recent college grad, and to thank my dad for letting me live with him rent-free while I work and save money for grad school, I pay for a lot of our groceries by couponing. :) It’s nice to hear that other people are doing that too!

  31. aww wish we had a target near me… I have 55 cent off coupons that expire on the 31st.. ugh… but driving 30 mins just to see if I can score this deal is no deal with gas the way it is *sigh*

  32. Anonymous says:

    What Target???…..I scored 50 of these waters a few days ago, but I had $1 off 2 coupons and just kept rolling my giftcards……If they are that cheep I will go back and get more!

  33. I’ve already scored the 10/$10 + receive $5 giftcard twice this week hahahaha.

    I’m gonna go check to see if I can find any on clearance today because I could use one of the $5 giftcards I already got.

    So I would spend $5.10, use the $5 giftcard I already have, pay $.10 and get another one?! THRILLED! Hope I can find some, thanks!

  34. Kelsey House says:

    i got 20 two days ago at my target, but none were on clearence. Maybe ill go back today and find out if they are!

  35. I found this at my Target yesterday! I scored 20 bottles for .20 OOP :)