UPDATE: Bummer, the coupon is no longer available to print. :(

WooHoo! We have another potential moneymaker at Walgreens this week! Dentek has just released a new printable coupon available on their website. The coupon states that it is for “$1.20 off Any Dentek Floss Pick, $2.00 or more” BUT when it prints it is actually for “$1.50 off Any Dentek Floss Pick, $2.00 or more” – yay! You can print 2 of these coupons and use them to score this deal at Walgreens through 10/29:

Dentek Floss Picks, 75 or 90 pack $2.00
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 Register Reward, On Sale through 10/29
Use 2 $1.50/1 – Dentek Floss Picks, any $2.00 or more – (dentek.com)
Pay $1.00, Receive $2.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.00 Moneymaker

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146 thoughts on “Gone Dentek Coupon, Moneymaker at Walgreens!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I just printed one of the $1.25 ones. Glad I got it but it printed quite fuzzy, is anyone else’s fuzzy or is my printer or ink messed up??

  2. Charity Name says:

    I was really bummed out when I went down to Walgreens to snag this deal only to find out that is was not going on in my area. After doing some research, this promotion was only available to some areas and Hawaii was not included. I guess I will have to hold on to them until next time :(

  3. Anonymous says:

    The coupon is back! It printed out for me today =) But it’s printing as $1.25/1 instead of $1.5/1

  4. Anonymous says:

    you can print them again but there 1.25 coupons now not 1.50

  5. Billy Shafer says:

    Wow….. really disapointed in some of the couponers on this post. I know saving is a awesome thing but they limited you to one print for a reason and if they wanted everyone to print it 10 or so times then they would and if they wanted a million people to get the coupon they would still have them available. My family is involved in my couponing and I try to teach them to be honest, not to cheat and be kind and fair to others. Manufacturers put out a number of coupons as a part of their budget which they have to pay back to the store that the customer purchases it from, I live on a budget and it only goes so far. When I see the coupon is gone I say oh well maybe next time. just like when I get to the store and they don’t have that one item I have a awesome coupon for. KCL frowns on shelf clearers and I as well frown on coupon misbehavior.

    • Anonymous says:

      While responsible couponing is extremely important, I didn’t get my ONE print that you refer to. Who says I plan to copy it a thousand times & clear all the shelves? From the sound of your indignation, you must have gotten it…just sayin

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,some of us on this site are new to the coupon world and are unaware of all the pitfalls.I, for one,wasn’t aware that printing a coupon from someone else’s pdf file was unethical.I am trying to learn and obey all the rules of couponing.Needless to say I won’t be asking again.I don’t know about the rest of the people responding to this post,but I feel very offended by your comments suggesting all of us are unethical and greedy.Shame on you for judging others without full knowledge of all the facts.I will not be posting on this site again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could someone e-mail me the pdf please.Thanks.jenelson51@frontiernet.net

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hate to be a pain, but would one of you email me the PDF as well? Thank you!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    anyone confirmed that these coupons work it looks kinda weird

  9. Anonymous says:

    Used mine today at Walgreens no beeps although I could not use my other 1.00 of any dentek floss because even though they were on sale 2/$4 one rang up 2.79 and the other 1.21 and the coupon said over 2.00! Why does walgreens do this!

    • Michelle Martinez says:

      I am surprised I had no issues using mine, they went through just fine. Did you speak with a manager or did the cashier tell you you couldn’t use it?

  10. geekily says:

    If you don’t want to print more than one, you can do what I’m doing: Pair the $1.50 off with the $0.75/1 mq from last week’s SS. It’s still a $0.25 moneymaker.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hurm, I will trade a $2 palmer’s Pdf for a $1.50 dentek Pdf.

    I bought 2 cocoa butter stick at walmart yesterday, only paid tax. So I suppose it is an even exchange if you need some moisture for this dry season. lol

  12. Kathy Nguyen says:

    can someone please send me the pdf, thanks for your time. katcoupon55@yahoo.com

  13. Anonymous says:

    I missed it the last time it was posted and I missed it again today.
    can someone please send me one:
    thanks in advance.

  14. Anonymous says:

    can someone please email me the pdf, msshav@gmail.com

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please send me the PDF also sasha.1254@hotmail.com thank you for your time:)

  16. Kelly R says:

    would love the pdf also, please. kmcnally99@yahoo.com

  17. Anonymous says:

    can someone please send me the pdf also! jblankets@live.com
    thanks so much!

  18. Tonya Coburn says:

    Can someone pleaseeee send me the PDF as well. I really appreciate it! Thanks in advance!


  19. Sharee Pickup says:

    I would LOVE a copy of the pdf please! I registered for an account yesterday, confirmed my email address and saw the coupon there. Then I thought “I can print it tomorrow, its late” WHY DIDN’T I PRINT IT YESTERDAY!?!?
    If anyone has it that they could email it to me, I’d greatly appreciate it!!!

  20. Alayne Thomas says:

    After I set up an accounbt at Dentek it said that no coupons were currently available :(

  21. I would also like this coupon if someone could send it to me!! Thanks kaylawins@hotmail.com.

  22. Hoping someone can send me the PDF as well…. limismith@gmail.com

  23. Could someone send me the coupon please … ktfreeman1981@yahoo.com … thanks I can’t get it to come up on my computer for some reason.

  24. Anonymous says:

    could someone email me this please and thank u….jssccoopr6@aol.com thank you

  25. Could somone e-mail one to me as well??? Thank you so much!

  26. divya shetty says:

    Will you please send this to me by email in PDF? My ID:diya.shetty@gmail.com

  27. coupon no longer available

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hoping that someone can email me the pdf as well please. sfbrewers@yahoo.com
    Thank you

  29. Can someone send me the PDF? There are no more on the website. Thank you! I LOVE these things!! maryjane37@yahoo.com

  30. raemcp@yahoo.com if any kind soul has time it would be much appreciated!

  31. Roger says:

    Can someone please email one to me. Thanks! soylilly@yahoo.com

  32. Kyla Hines says:

    If anybody has time to email me this coupon I would greatly appreciate it! My email is Sadlerbaby38@aol.com…thanks in advance!

  33. Anonymous says:

    can someone send me the coupons as well…brooksbabies08@gmail.com

  34. I just tried the dentek link to the coupon and it says no coupons available. I haven’t been able to print any, so if someone could please email me the pdf form I would greatly appreciate it, l_lyn01@yahoo.com . Thank you so much in advance!

  35. Anonymous says:

    If there’s someone that could send it to me in pdf i’d really appreciate it.

  36. Courtney Coleman says:

    If somebody could send me the pdf that would be wonderful… courtneycoleman52@gmail.com

  37. Crystal Coon says:

    I would also LOVE if someone would send me a copy! crycry04@aol.com.

    THANKS! :)

  38. Anonymous says:

    If anyone would be able to I would love to have this coupon as well.
    muffin2811@gmail.com Thanks a bunch!

  39. Lynn Davis says:

    It’s telling me there are no coupons at this time to print

  40. i just try to print a coupon but it’s saying that are not offering any coupon right now

  41. Site states there are no coupons/ offers available :(

  42. Kristina says:

    Can someone please send me the pdf version f the coupon.. I would really appreciate it!…


    Thank you

  43. The site says they do not have any coupons. Can someone send me the pdf to juscoupon@gmail.com

  44. Anonymous says:

    I would realllllllllly appriciate being sent the coupon! I’m a single mom and these flossers are the only way to floss my kids teeth. TIA butterhead16@yahoo.com

  45. Diana Tsiro says:

    can someone send me the coupon Diana_9179@hotmail.com thank you


  47. Ashley Bell says:

    couponbells@yahoo.com would love a copy! :)

  48. Can I also get a copy? My email is jenns98@hotmail.com. Thanks I would be a big help

  49. Ashley Bell says:

    Boo, i just tried to get and it was gone,,, :(

  50. Please i would like to receive the pdf version of this coupon.. pokerboypr@gmail.com
    thanks a lot

  51. Kevin says:

    I’d also like a PDF version of this coupon. waverida1@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

  52. I would love the coupon too!! email it to sarahrn18@yahoo.com thanks :)

  53. Erica Zepeda says:

    I would appreciate too if someone can send it to me too

  54. Anonymous says:

    It won’t print for me. If someone wouldn’t mind sending me the PDF as well, it would be greatly appreciated! Please and Thank you!!!


  55. Niggita Keep says:

    If someone could send one to me, I might love you forever.


  56. Amanda Dong says:

    i dont see one for $1.50 off i only see $1.00 off can someone send me the one w/ $1.50 off, oregon dont have RR for this instead we get it back in points so i would like to pay up front as less as possible! thanks

  57. Adam Stevenson says:

    Someone please send it to me also. I would really love this coupon. britters13@msn.com

  58. JonD says:

    I would really appreciate it if someone is sending the PDF can possible send me one too at miscnetmail@gmail.com. I thank you.

  59. Can someone please email me the coupon jenrosas2004@yhoo.com
    thanks :)

  60. Surema Serra says:

    Send it to me too??? pinkyt082@hotmail.com
    Thanks a bunch!

  61. Jennifer says:

    I would love to have a copy mrsjgorman@gmail.com

  62. i hope someone can sent me one 2 please truelizeth@sbcglobal.net thank you

  63. Jo Coupon says:

    I wouldn’t mind getting the pdf :D deals4jo@gmail.com

  64. It is saying that there are no current offers? Could someone please send me the pdf file? My husband loves these and I put them in his packages when I ship them to him overseas. Thank you!



  65. If there is someone emailing the pdf coupon, can you pls send to thenenet42@yahoo.com. I thank you in advance.

  66. I would like to get the coupon too… please??? cathyrepil@yahoo.com
    Thanks much.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Me too Me too!!! I’d love the Q in PDF format as well… I too got the no more coupons available sign at Dentex website. This is a great product and the only one we use in the house. Pretty please can someone pass me the Q at: kooponwise@yahoo.com.
    Thanks so much in advance!~

  68. Anonymous says:

    Argh, no coupons at this time. Can someone send me a coupon Pretty PULEEZZZEEE????

  69. Coupon Email says:

    It says no coupons available…can someone please email me the link as well. My email is couponemailforme123@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!

  70. It says on the website that there are no coupons to print. Please let me know if I could get it somewhere else, thanks. luvdesilu@yahoo.com

  71. If you are emailing it out, I would love it too!! jonibarnwell@gmail.com

  72. Rachel Smith says:

    Would anyone mind sending me one as well? three.of.heartsx@gmail.com

  73. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone send me the PDF?? Thanks… I only printed 1.


    • Anonymous says:

      if u only printed 1 u can just use ur printer copier and keep printing more. the barcode is all the same

  74. Colby Jones says:

    they wont print for me can someone send it to me… andrewandcolby@yahoo.com thank you

  75. Helen says:

    can anyone send me the PDF as well, greatly appreciate it! nascar2724@aol.com

  76. Anonymous says:

    They must not have made very many Qs available because it is already saying No coupons available. Maybe they are fixing any glitches that are allowing people to print more than once??? Hopefully they put some back up soon.

  77. There are no coupons currently available.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Dentek website says “No Coupons Currently Available”!!! They must be correcting the coupon. Shoot!! It’s just not my night, lol.

  79. Junebug says:

    I tried using the coupons today and they wouldn’t scan. the cashier said it wasn’t a USA coupon. don’t make sense

  80. It only allows one coupon per person for me too

  81. Anonymous says:

    hopefully it scans at walgreens I always have problems with these pdf coupons and the barcode is long lol

  82. You can save this coupon as a pdf if you are using google chrome… don’t know about other browsers.

  83. Christal Slaughter says:

    did anyone else get 1 barcode (the long one) on their q?

  84. Hannah says:

    can you print itas many times as you want?????!!!:)))

  85. Wow this coupon is great not only is it pdf but it doesn’t expire til 4/26/2013!

  86. Kime' Braden says:

    You can have it print as many as you want by changing the amount.

  87. Flor Tamse says:

    You buy 2 get $2 RR so your total will be $4.00 minus 2 $1.50= total will be $1.00 after RR and coupon? am I not reading this post right?

  88. Adam Fowler says:

    I did and they have the same barcode you just have to save it then print.

  89. Anonymous says:

    yay thank you glad I waited!

  90. Adam Fowler says:

    Well if you use google chrome and you have a windows computer you can actually select the XPS Document writer as your printer and save it you your documents and print as many as you would like.

  91. Candra Long says:

    Actually you can only print one. It states on their website, “One coupon per person” and when I tried to print it again, it said it had already been printed.

    • Anonymous says:

      you can make another account and print out one!

      • Anonymous says:

        that’s just wrong

        • Anonymous says:

          It’s only wrong if I made 10 + accounts to get my 10 coupons to buy 10 packs of floss to use only for myself. I don’t see nothing wrong in making 2 accounts just to get the deal.

    • Anonymous says:

      mine said that to but when i went to print my printer has a printer prewiew window that asks how many copies i like to print got my two last nite used them today..